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The Kinks were an English rock band formed in Muswell Hill, North London, in 1963 by brothers Dave and Ray Davies. They are regarded as one of the most important and influential rock groups of the era. The band emerged in 1964 during the height of British rhythm and blues and Merseybeat, and were briefly part of the British Invasion of the US until their touring ban in 1965. Their third single, the Ray Davies penned "You Really Got Me", became an international hit, topping the charts in the United Kingdom and reaching the Top 10 in the United States. Between the mid-1960s and early 1970s, the group released a string of hit singles; studio albums drew good reviews but sold less than compilations of their singles. They gained a reputation for reflecting English culture and lifestyle, fuelled by Ray Davies' observational writing style. Albums such as Something Else (1967), The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society (1968), Arthur (1969), Lola Versus Powerman (1970), along with...
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20th century man crd532.10
20th century man tab403.60


a house in the country crd472.70
a little bit of emotion crd473.40
a rock roll fantasy crd513.90
a well respected man btab413.10
a well respected man crd434.00
a well respected man ver2 crd403.90
a well respected man ver3 crd362.80
a well respected man ver4 crd352.60
afternoon tea crd512.60
all day and all of the night btab422.40
all day and all of the night crd402.30
all day and all of the night intro tab442.70
all day and all of the night solo tab413.40
all day and all of the night tab502.50
all day and all of the night ver2 btab482.50
all day and all of the night ver2 crd373.00
all day and all of the night ver2 tab442.30
all day and all of the night ver3 btab423.70
all day and all of the night ver3 crd462.30
all day and all of the night ver3 tab432.70
all day and all of the night ver4 crd473.30
all day and all of the night ver4 tab422.00
all day and all of the night ver5 crd413.60
all day and all of the night ver6 crd312.70
all of my friends were there crd352.40
all of the day and all of the night crd442.40
animal farm crd593.80
animal farm tab442.60
apeman crd602.90
apeman tab592.70
arthur album crd543.30
attitude crd562.70
australia crd572.00
autumn almanac crd613.90
autumn almanac tab533.10


better things crd642.60
big black smoke crd513.20
big sky btab552.30
big sky crd663.30
black messiah crd373.00
brainwashed tab502.20


catch me now im falling crd482.60
celluloid heroes crd492.60
celluloid heroes ver2 crd443.10
celluloid heroes ver3 crd522.30
come dancing crd432.90
complicated life crd523.50
contenders crd593.30


dandy crd604.00
david watts crd543.90
daylight crd563.80
days crd533.30
days ver2 crd433.10
days ver3 crd483.80
dead end street btab452.70
dead end street crd452.20
dead end street ver2 crd492.20
death of a clown crd512.90
death of a clown intro tab514.00
death of a clown intro ver2 tab482.30
death of a clown intro ver3 tab373.80
death of a clown tab442.00
death of a clown ver2 crd502.80
death of a clown ver3 crd432.70
dedicated follower of fashion crd482.50
dedicated follower of fashion ver2 crd543.80
dedicated follower of fashion ver3 crd463.00
dedicated follower of fashion ver4 crd423.30
dedicated follower of fashion ver5 crd412.60
destroyer intro btab522.60
destroyer tab563.90
destroyer ver2 tab432.20
do you remember walter crd363.70
dont ever change crd532.90
drivin crd603.10


education crd462.00
end of the season crd452.40
evrybodys gonna be happy crd414.00


fancy crd663.40
father christmas btab554.00
father christmas crd393.20
first time we fall in love crd442.10


gods children crd652.70


hard way crd592.40
hard way tab542.40
harry rag crd512.70
harry rag ver2 crd503.90
harry rag ver3 crd372.30
have a cuppa tea crd492.10
headmaster crd493.20
holiday crd432.30
holiday in waikiki crd452.00
holloway jail crd493.30


i am free tab552.00
i cant go to sleep tab572.60
i go to sleep crd552.50
i go to sleep ver2 crd483.70
i gotta move tab422.00
i need you btab562.00
i need you crd523.70
i need you tab493.50
i need you ver2 crd402.70
i need you ver3 crd423.40
i took my baby home crd462.80
i wish i could fly like superman crd482.10
i wish i could fly like superman tab452.80
ill remember crd573.30
im in disgrace crd593.30
im not like everybody else crd462.70
im on an island crd453.10
in the summertime tab473.30
its all right crd453.20


jack the idiot dunce crd452.20
johnny thunder crd623.30
juke box music tab473.70
just cant go to sleep crd452.80


kentucky moon crd483.40


last of the steam powered trains tab522.40
last of the steam powered trains ver2 tab372.40
little miss queen of darkness btab342.30
little miss queen of darkness crd443.20
living on a thin line crd513.20
living on a thin line intro btab353.90
living on a thin line intro tab393.00
living on a thin line tab413.80
lola btab564.00
lola crd843.70
lola part 1 video lesson582.00
lola part 2 video lesson602.40
lola part 3 video lesson502.20
lola tab542.20
lola ver2 btab563.20
lola ver2 crd582.50
lola ver2 tab582.30
lola ver3 crd472.70
lola ver4 crd503.60
lola ver5 crd453.70
long tall shorty crd522.40
long tall shorty tab433.20
lost and found crd382.10
louie louie tab513.50
love me till the sun shines crd422.00
low budget crd513.30


milk cow blues tab493.00
mindless child of motherhood crd483.40
misfits crd533.70
misfits intro tab562.20
missing person crd463.10
monica crd812.40
most exclusive residence for sale crd443.70
mr churchill says crd434.00
mr pleasant crd503.10


national health crd534.00
never met a girl like you before crd433.20
never met a girl like you before tab402.90
never met a girl like you before ver2 crd482.00
no more looking back crd493.40
no return crd493.50
nothin in this world can stopme worrying about the girl tab452.20
nothing in this world can stop me thinking about that girl crd402.30
nothing in this world to stop me worrying about that girl intro tab513.80
nothing last forever crd543.10
nothing to say crd552.90


party line crd402.80
people take pictures crd403.70
phenomenal cat crd632.40
picture book btab593.70
picture book crd473.30
picture book intro tab463.20
picture book tab622.70
picture book ver2 tab513.80
plastic man tab522.50
powerman tab522.80
pressure crd603.90
prince of the punks crd452.50


rainy day in june crd422.60
rats intro tab532.20
rosie wont you please come home crd502.30


schooldays crd434.00
session man crd502.40
set me free crd533.50
set me free ver2 crd583.20
set me free ver3 crd482.40
shangri la crd432.70
shes bought a hat like princess marinas crd403.00
shes got everything tab503.70
sittin on my sofa tab472.10
sitting by the riverside crd454.00
sitting on my sofa crd532.10
skin and bone intro tab512.00
so long crd572.00
some mothers son crd452.90
something better beginning crd552.40
starstruck crd533.40
stop your sobbing crd612.20
stop your sobbing ver2 crd352.00
stop your sobbing ver3 crd402.70
strange effect crd472.90
strangers crd653.80
such a shame crd542.80
sunny afternoon btab413.00
sunny afternoon crd453.50
sunny afternoon tab452.70
sunny afternoon ver2 crd612.10
sunny afternoon ver2 tab423.30
sunny afternoon ver3 crd473.50
sunny afternoon ver3 tab502.90
sunny afternoon ver4 crd383.60
sunny afternoon ver5 crd553.70
super sonic rocket ship crd483.80
sweet lady genevieve crd572.70
sweet lady genevieve ver2 crd543.70


the big black smoke crd493.10
the last assembly crd522.60
the village green preservation society album crd1022.20
the village green preservation society crd393.60
think visual tab543.90
this is where i belong crd592.40
this time tomorrow crd512.50
till the end of day crd413.40
till the end of the day crd582.80
till the end of the day tab453.20
tired of waiting for you crd483.40
tired of waiting for you tab473.10
too much on my mind crd503.80
top of the pops tab552.90
two sisters crd452.60


victoria crd714.00
victoria intro tab483.20
victoria solo tab592.50
victoria tab574.00
village green crd482.60
village green ver2 crd503.10


wait till the summer comes along crd412.30
waterloo station crd523.70
waterloo sunset acoustic tab443.60
waterloo sunset crd432.60
waterloo sunset intro tab532.20
waterloo sunset tab553.70
waterloo sunset ver2 crd622.90
waterloo sunset ver2 tab472.10
waterloo sunset ver3 crd594.00
waterloo sunset ver3 tab562.40
waterloo sunset ver4 crd562.50
waterloo sunset ver4 tab512.50
waterloo sunset ver5 crd433.00
whats in store for me crd553.10
where have all crd522.10
where have all the good times gone crd752.60
wicked annabella crd564.00
wild thing tab522.20
wild thing ver2 tab542.80
wish i could fly like superman tab442.30
wonderboy crd472.70


yes sir no sir crd592.20
you cant win crd513.40
you really got me btab413.50
you really got me crd523.20
you really got me solo tab553.30
you really got me tab503.60
you really got me ver2 btab412.70
you really got me ver2 crd572.20
you really got me ver2 tab452.10
you really got me ver3 tab584.00
you really got me ver4 tab482.90
you really got me ver5 tab443.10
you really got me video lesson573.40
young and inoccent days tab473.90
youre looking fine crd472.80