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Kisschasy are an Australian rock band formed in Victoria, Australia, in 2002. Since forming, their line-up has consisted of lead vocalist Darren Cordeux, bassist Joel Vanderuit, guitarist Sean Thomas and drummer Karl Ammitzboll. The band has released two gold certified studio albums, two extended plays, a documentary DVD and a compilation album in their 10-year career, selling in excess of 90,000 records. Band history Formation and early releases Kisschasy was formed in 2002. Three of the four members of the band grew up near the small country town of Balnarring in the Mornington Peninsula of Victoria. Darren Cordeux, the lead singer and guitarist, grew up in Cranbourne, a large town north of the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. Joel Vanderuit, Sean Thomas and Karl Ammitzboll played in a local band called Tenpin, who achieved a little local success. The formation of Kisschasy happened when Tenpin met Cordeux's band at the Arthouse in Melbourne in early 2002. A few months later Joel...
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a love affair with distance tab240.00
anger is the brand knew thing tab230.00
anger is the brand new thing btab310.00


black dress intro tab250.00
black dress tab450.00
black dress ver2 tab380.00


captain obvious tab380.00


darkside btab380.00
darkside tab350.00
dinosaur crd450.00
dinosaur tab380.00
dinosaur ver2 crd370.00
dinosaur ver2 tab440.00
dinosaur ver3 crd310.00
dinosaur ver3 tab330.00
dinosaur ver4 crd300.00
dinosaur ver5 crd330.00
dinosaur ver6 crd350.00
do dos and whoa ohs tab400.00
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do dos and whoa ohs ver3 tab300.00
do dos and whoa ohs tab00.00
do dos and woah ohs btab320.00
doomsday intro tab360.00


face without a name btab270.00
face without a name intro tab300.00
face without a name tab360.00
factory btab310.00
factory tab260.00


generation why crd320.00
generation why tab360.00


hearing voices tonight btab310.00
hey jealosy intro tab360.00


morning intro tab300.00
morning tab340.00
morning ver2 tab300.00
my bible is a scrapbook intro tab260.00
my bible is a scrapbook tab400.00


ode to the silence tab250.00
one mistake intro tab310.00
one mistake tab290.00
opinions wont keep you warm at night btab380.00
opinions wont keep you warm at night crd240.00
opinions wont keep you warm at night tab230.00
opinions wont keep you warm at night ver2 tab220.00


perfect way to meet btab360.00
perfect way to meet solo tab260.00
perfect way to meet tab280.00
perfect way to meet ver2 tab290.00
poison pen letter intro tab300.00
pray on pants intro btab260.00


real and untouched btab300.00
real and untouched ver2 btab280.00
real and untouched ver3 btab380.00
real untounched tab410.00
reminder acoustic tab290.00
resolution wednesday tab310.00


shake crd490.00
shake tab380.00
shake ver2 tab280.00
spray on pants btab300.00
spray on pants tab280.00
spray on pants ver2 btab390.00
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stay awake tab310.00
strings and drums btab500.00
strings and drums tab340.00
strings and drums ver2 btab380.00
strings and drums ver2 tab230.00


the perfect way to meet tab350.00
the shake tab360.00
this bed btab400.00
this bed tab340.00
this bed ver2 tab390.00
tiny plastic cup btab240.00
to death tab350.00
turnaround solo tab320.00
turnaround tab230.00
turnaround ver2 tab260.00


ugly birds in a beautiful cage btab320.00
ugly birds in a beautiful cage tab280.00
united paper people intro tab350.00
united paper people tab320.00


water on a stove tab370.00
way they walk tab230.00
we all need to be alone tab270.00
weekend btab380.00
weekend ver2 btab280.00
what we become btab330.00
what we become intro tab210.00
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what we become tab350.00
with friends like you who needs friends btab260.00
with friends like you who needs friends tab190.00