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Kurban is a Turkish heavy metal band formed in 1995. The members are Kerem Tüzün, Burak Gürpınar, Deniz Yılmaz and Özgür Kankaynar. The band opened for Metallica in 1999 at the Ali Sami Yen Stadium, and opened for Megadeth in ROCKISTANBUL 2005. The band reunited in late December 2006. In 2010, Kurban released an album titled "Sahip". Career Kurban founded in the year 1995, under the name of Outside. Under this name, band played foreign rock songs. In 1997, they changed the band's name to Kurban. Same year, the band contested at Roxy Music Awards and become third. In January 1999, the band released their first album Kurban. After opening Metallica in 1999, guitarist Umut Gökçen went to America to live with his fiance, so the band started to look for a new guitarist. They found Özgür Kankaynar. In 2004, Kurban released the album Sert. In 2005, Kurban continued with a new album, İnsanlar. Kurban opened Megadeth in Rockİstanbul 2005. The band broke up in June, 2005. Deniz...
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