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Lady Antebellum is an American country music group formed in Nashville, Tennessee in 2006. The group is composed of Hillary Scott (lead and background vocals), Charles Kelley (lead and background vocals, guitar), and Dave Haywood (background vocals, guitar, piano, mandolin). Scott is the daughter of country music singer Linda Davis, and Kelley is the brother of pop singer Josh Kelley. The group made its debut in 2007 as guest vocalists on Jim Brickman's single "Never Alone", before signing to Capitol Nashville. Lady Antebellum has released five albums for Capitol: Lady Antebellum, Need You Now, Own the Night, Golden, and 747, plus one Christmas album (On This Winter's Night). Their first three albums are certified platinum or higher by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). The albums have produced sixteen singles on the Hot Country Songs and Country Airplay charts, of which nine have reached number one. Their longest-lasting number one single is "Need You Now", which...
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a woman scorned crd470.00
all wed ever need crd550.00
all wed ever need ver2 crd610.00
american honey crd550.00
american honey solo tab550.00
american honey tab490.00
american honey ver2 crd560.00
american honey ver3 crd570.00
american honey ver4 crd410.00
american honey ver5 crd500.00
american honey ver6 crd500.00
american honey ver7 crd520.00
american honey ver8 crd540.00
american honey video lesson450.00
as you turn away crd480.00


cant take my eyes off you crd630.00
cant take my eyes off you intro tab610.00
cant take my eyes off you tab670.00
cant take my eyes off you ver2 crd710.00
cold as stone crd530.00
cold as stone ver2 crd400.00


dancin away with my heart intro tab510.00
dancing away with my heart crd580.00
dancing away with my heart live crd600.00
dancing away with my heart ver2 crd430.00
dancing away with my heart ver3 crd720.00


friday night crd550.00


heart of the world crd570.00
heart of the world ver2 crd490.00
hello world crd520.00
hello world tab520.00
hello world ver2 crd570.00
home is where the heart is crd830.00


i run to you btab490.00
i run to you crd650.00
i run to you ver2 btab630.00
i run to you ver2 crd500.00
i run to you ver3 crd610.00
i run to you ver4 crd580.00
i was here crd580.00
if i knew then crd580.00


just a kiss crd630.00
just a kiss intro tab740.00
just a kiss intro ver2 tab620.00
just a kiss tab580.00
just a kiss ver2 crd550.00
just a kiss ver3 crd700.00
just a kiss ver4 crd470.00
just a kiss ver5 crd770.00
just a kiss ver6 crd620.00
just a kiss ver7 crd790.00
just a kiss ver8 crd620.00
just a kiss ver9 crd640.00


long gone crd790.00
long gone ver2 crd550.00
looking for a good time crd570.00
looking for a good time intro tab610.00
looking for a good time ver2 crd560.00
looking for a good time ver3 crd570.00
looking for a good time ver4 crd600.00
love dont live here crd620.00
love dont live here intro tab680.00
love dont live here intro ver2 tab650.00
love dont live here ver2 crd690.00
love dont live here ver3 crd740.00
love ive found in you crd550.00
love this pain crd570.00
love this pain intro tab650.00
love this pain ver2 crd620.00
loves lookin good on you crd550.00
loves lookin good on you ver2 crd600.00
loves lookin good on you ver3 crd920.00


need y crd620.00
need you know btab550.00
need you now btab610.00
need you now crd630.00
need you now solo tab710.00
need you now solo ver2 tab660.00
need you now solo ver3 tab640.00
need you now solo ver4 tab630.00
need you now tab700.00
need you now ver2 btab640.00
need you now ver2 crd630.00
need you now ver2 tab560.00
need you now ver2 video lesson580.00
need you now ver3 crd770.00
need you now ver3 tab700.00
need you now ver3 video lesson790.00
need you now ver4 crd850.00
need you now ver5 crd630.00
need you now ver6 crd660.00
need you now ver7 crd580.00
need you now ver8 crd710.00
need you now video lesson680.00
never alone crd680.00
never alone ver2 crd540.00


on this winters night crd850.00
one day you will crd800.00
one day you will ver2 crd740.00
our kind of love crd620.00
our kind of love tab510.00
our kind of love ver2 crd580.00
own the night tab730.00


perfect day crd630.00
perfect day intro tab650.00
perfect day ver2 crd580.00


ready to love again crd670.00
ready to love again ver2 crd550.00


singing me home crd550.00
singing me home ver2 crd530.00
slow down sister crd580.00
something bout a woman crd740.00
somewhere love remains crd550.00
stars tonight crd570.00
stars tonight ver2 crd480.00
stars tonight ver3 crd500.00
stars tonight ver4 crd630.00


things people say crd590.00
things people say ver2 crd610.00


wanted you more crd660.00
wanted you more tab580.00
we owned the night crd580.00
we owned the night intro tab720.00
we owned the night intro ver2 tab720.00
we owned the night tab510.00
we owned the night ver2 crd610.00
we owned the night ver3 crd700.00
when you got a good thing crd780.00
when you got a good thing ver2 crd700.00
when you were mine crd1050.00
when you were mine ver2 crd620.00
when you were mine ver3 crd570.00