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The following is the discography of Lamb of God. Originally known under the moniker "Burn the Priest", the band was founded in 1990 by Chris Adler, John Campbell and Mark Morton. In 1999, Burn the Priest released their self-titled full-length debut, released through Legion Records, shortly after the release, the band changed its name to "Lamb of God" and signed a record deal with Prosthetic Records. The group's next album, New American Gospel, was released in 2000. Produced by Devin Townsend, 2003's As the Palaces Burn was critically acclaimed, with Revolver magazine awarding it "Album of the Year." In 2004, Ashes of the Wake was released through the band's major label debut—through Epic Records—Ashes of the Wake, that sold 35,000 copies in its first week of release and peak at #27 on the Billboard 200. Lamb of God's second video album, titled Killadelphia in reference to the location where it was filmed, at Trocadero Theatre in Philadelphia during October 2004, was released in...
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11th hour btab500.00
11th hour tab610.00
11th hour ver2 tab480.00
11th hour ver3 tab410.00
11th hour ver4 tab470.00
11th hour ver5 tab490.00
11th hour ver6 tab560.00
11th hour ver7 tab480.00


a devil in gods country btab570.00
a devil in gods country tab520.00
a warning btab530.00
a warning tab500.00
again we rise btab580.00
again we rise intro tab510.00
again we rise tab450.00
again we rise ver2 btab510.00
again we rise ver2 tab480.00
again we rise ver3 tab560.00
an extra nail for your coffin btab440.00
an extra nail for your coffin tab410.00
another nail for your coffin tab470.00
as the palaces burn btab470.00
as the palaces burn tab460.00
as the palaces burn ver2 tab550.00
ashes of the wake album tab440.00
ashes of the wake btab470.00
ashes of the wake intro tab510.00
ashes of the wake solo tab460.00
ashes of the wake solo ver2 tab460.00
ashes of the wake tab440.00
ashes of the wake ver2 btab520.00
ashes of the wake ver2 tab470.00
ashes of the wake ver3 btab440.00
ashes of the wake ver3 tab420.00


barbarosa tab510.00
beating on deaths door tab480.00
beating on deaths door ver2 tab440.00
black dahlia btab360.00
black dahlia tab510.00
black dahlia ver2 tab460.00
black label btab470.00
black label tab510.00
black label ver2 btab600.00
black label ver2 tab470.00
black label ver3 btab530.00
black label ver3 tab560.00
black label ver4 tab540.00
black label ver5 tab540.00
blacken the cursed sun btab430.00
blacken the cursed sun intro tab480.00
blacken the cursed sun tab490.00
blacken the cursed sun ver2 tab580.00
blacken the cursed sun ver3 tab460.00
blood junkie tab490.00
blood of the scribe btab420.00
blood of the scribe intro tab470.00
blood of the scribe tab450.00
blood of the scribe ver2 btab430.00
blood of the scribe ver2 tab490.00
bloodletting intro tab540.00
boot scraper tab450.00
boot scraper ver2 tab590.00
break you btab560.00
break you tab470.00
break you ver2 btab450.00
break you ver2 tab500.00
break you ver3 tab500.00
break you ver4 tab450.00
broken hands btab540.00
broken hands tab500.00
broken hands ver2 tab450.00
broken hands ver3 tab470.00
broken hands ver4 tab510.00


cheated tab470.00
choke sermon btab460.00
choke sermon tab430.00
choke sermon ver2 tab470.00
confessional btab590.00
confessional tab610.00
confessional ver2 btab650.00
contractor btab520.00
contractor tab490.00
contractor ver2 btab530.00
contractor ver2 tab480.00


dead seeds btab590.00
dead seeds intro tab460.00
dead seeds tab520.00
dead seeds ver2 btab600.00
dead seeds ver2 tab520.00
dead seeds ver3 btab410.00
dead seeds ver3 tab470.00
descending btab620.00
descending tab440.00
descending ver2 tab470.00
descending ver3 tab460.00
desolation tab460.00


everything to nothing btab400.00
everything to nothing tab410.00


faded line btab580.00
faded line tab600.00
faded line ver2 btab600.00
faded line ver2 tab550.00
faded line ver3 btab640.00
faded line ver3 tab530.00
faded line ver4 tab530.00
faded line ver5 tab500.00
fake messiah btab470.00
fake messiah tab410.00
foot to the throat btab480.00
foot to the throat tab510.00
foot to the throat ver2 tab450.00
for your malice btab460.00
for your malice tab500.00
for your malice ver2 tab470.00
forgotten lost angels btab430.00
forgotten lost angels tab470.00
forgotten lost angels ver2 tab390.00
forgotten lost angels ver3 tab410.00
forgottenlost angels solo tab390.00
forgottenlost angels solo ver2 tab530.00


ghost walking intro tab550.00
ghost walking intro ver2 tab480.00
ghost walking tab520.00
ghost walking ver2 tab480.00
ghost walking ver3 tab540.00
grace btab550.00
grace drum tab550.00
grace intro tab520.00
grace intro ver2 tab660.00
grace tab580.00
grace ver2 tab470.00


hourglass btab570.00
hourglass tab570.00
hourglass ver2 btab500.00
hourglass ver2 tab600.00
hourglass ver3 tab480.00
hourglass ver4 tab800.00
hourglass ver5 tab470.00
hourglass ver6 tab410.00
hourglass ver7 tab420.00


in defense of our good name tab500.00
in defense of our good name ver2 tab460.00
in the absence of the sacred btab430.00
in the absence of the sacred tab430.00
in your words btab390.00
in your words tab470.00
in your words ver2 tab500.00


king me tab540.00


laid to rest btab600.00
laid to rest drum tab440.00
laid to rest tab470.00
laid to rest ver2 btab500.00
laid to rest ver2 tab550.00
laid to rest ver3 btab530.00
laid to rest ver3 tab500.00
laid to rest ver4 btab520.00
laid to rest ver4 tab460.00
laid to rest ver5 tab410.00
laid to rest ver6 tab610.00
letter to the unborn tab400.00
letter to the unborn ver2 tab490.00


magic tab530.00
more time to kill btab440.00
more time to kill intro tab410.00
more time to kill tab580.00


nippon btab550.00
nippon tab530.00
nippon ver2 tab480.00
now youve got something to die for btab410.00
now youve got something to die for drum tab430.00
now youve got something to die for intro tab460.00
now youve got something to die for tab370.00
now youve got something to die for ver2 tab500.00


odhgabfe btab600.00
odhgabfe tab670.00
odhgabfe ver2 tab500.00
omerrta remix tab390.00
omerta btab640.00
omerta tab550.00
omerta ver2 btab580.00
omerta ver2 tab450.00
omerta ver3 btab650.00
omerta ver3 tab450.00
omerta ver4 tab430.00
omerta ver5 tab430.00
omerta ver6 tab490.00
omerta ver7 tab540.00
one gun btab590.00
one gun drum tab550.00
one gun tab530.00
one gun ver2 tab510.00
one gun ver3 tab500.00
one gun ver4 tab460.00


pariah btab650.00
pariah tab550.00
pariah ver2 tab480.00
pariah ver3 tab560.00
pariah ver4 tab530.00
pathetic btab520.00
pathetic solo tab520.00
pathetic tab570.00
purified tab580.00
purify intro tab510.00


reclamation btab490.00
reclamation intro tab480.00
reclamation tab590.00
reclamation ver2 tab490.00
reclamation ver3 tab510.00
reclamation ver4 tab680.00
rednack btab550.00
redneck btab490.00
redneck tab700.00
redneck ver2 tab530.00
redneck ver3 tab470.00
redneck ver4 tab490.00
redneck ver5 tab440.00
redneck ver6 tab410.00
remorse is for dead btab440.00
remorse is for dead tab400.00
remorse is for the dead btab480.00
remorse is for the dead intro tab520.00
remorse is for the dead intro ver2 tab400.00
remorse is for the dead tab460.00
remorse is for the dead ver2 tab440.00
remorse is for the dead ver3 tab420.00
requiem btab600.00
requiem tab500.00
requiem ver2 tab600.00
ruin btab570.00
ruin intro tab540.00
ruin solo tab550.00
ruin solo ver2 tab520.00
ruin tab500.00
ruin ver2 tab440.00
ruin ver3 tab490.00
ruin ver4 tab560.00


sacrament album tab440.00
set to fail btab490.00
set to fail tab510.00
set to fail ver2 tab520.00
set to fail ver3 tab470.00
set to fail ver4 tab510.00
shoulder of your god btab460.00
shoulder of your god tab480.00
straight for the sun tab460.00
straight to the sun tab520.00
suffering bastard tab590.00


terminally unique tab620.00
terror and hubris in the house of frank polard tab430.00
terror and hubris in the house of frank pollard btab450.00
terror and hubris in the house of frank pollard intro tab410.00
the passing btab510.00
the passing tab430.00
the passing ver2 tab470.00
the subtle arts of murder and persuasion tab410.00
the subtle arts of murder and persusian btab350.00
the subtle arts of murder and persusian tab380.00
the undertow tab520.00


vigil btab500.00
vigil tab640.00
vigil ver2 tab570.00
vigil ver3 tab530.00


walk with me in hell btab470.00
walk with me in hell solo tab510.00
walk with me in hell tab530.00
walk with me in hell ver2 btab470.00
walk with me in hell ver2 tab440.00
walk with me in hell ver3 btab460.00
walk with me in hell ver4 btab470.00
warning tab510.00
we die alone intro tab560.00
what ive become btab520.00
what ive become solo tab530.00
what ive become tab430.00
wrath album tab430.00