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Linkin Park is an American rock band from Agoura Hills, California. Formed in 1996, the band rose to international fame with their debut album Hybrid Theory (2000), which was certified diamond by the RIAA in 2005 and multi-platinum in several other countries. Their following studio album Meteora continued the band's success, topping the Billboard 200 album chart in 2003, and was followed by extensive touring and charity work around the world. In 2003, MTV2 named Linkin Park the sixth-greatest band of the music video era and the third-best of the new millennium. Billboard ranked Linkin Park No. 19 on the Best Artists of the Decade chart. In 2012, the band was voted as the greatest artist of the 2000s in a Bracket Madness poll on VH1. In 2014, the band was declared as the Biggest Rock Band in the World Right Now by Kerrang!. Having adapted nu metal and rap metal to a radio-friendly yet densely layered style in Hybrid Theory and Meteora, the band explored other genres in their next...
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a six tab634.00
a06 btab773.00
a06 tab713.60
a06 ver2 btab643.30
a06 ver2 tab513.00
a06 ver3 tab593.50
a06 ver4 tab592.70
a06 ver5 tab633.50
a place for my head btab612.30
a place for my head crd573.10
a place for my head intro btab633.20
a place for my head intro tab513.60
a place for my head solo tab542.70
a place for my head tab473.60
a place for my head ver2 btab612.50
a place for my head ver2 crd522.70
a place for my head ver2 tab503.60
a place for my head ver3 tab592.50
a place for my head ver4 tab542.30
a place for my head ver5 tab533.00
a place for my head ver6 tab562.10
a place for my head ver7 tab663.80
a place for my head ver8 tab603.10
a place for my head ver9 tab492.40
across the line tab522.50
all tabs of linkin park album tab494.00
and one btab622.90
and one tab523.70
and one ver2 btab542.20
and one ver2 tab602.30
announcement service public btab652.60
announcement service public tab663.30
announcement service public ver2 tab642.70
asbestos tab553.40


blackbirds btab653.70
blackbirds crd632.30
blackbirds tab542.70
blackbirds ver2 crd662.60
blackbirds ver2 tab613.30
blackout crd553.20
blackout tab612.60
blackout ver2 crd523.60
bleed it out btab422.70
bleed it out crd523.10
bleed it out drum tab512.60
bleed it out intro tab623.70
bleed it out tab592.40
bleed it out ver2 btab603.50
bleed it out ver2 crd562.70
bleed it out ver2 tab622.10
bleed it out ver3 btab493.10
bleed it out ver3 crd482.10
bleed it out ver3 tab592.50
bleed it out ver4 btab653.60
bleed it out ver4 tab523.80
bleed it out ver5 tab563.80
bleed it out ver6 tab574.00
breaking the habbit crd533.80
breaking the habit acoustic crd542.60
breaking the habit btab623.60
breaking the habit crd542.20
breaking the habit drum tab542.50
breaking the habit tab572.20
breaking the habit ver2 btab593.70
breaking the habit ver2 crd652.70
breaking the habit ver2 tab683.30
breaking the habit ver3 btab652.30
breaking the habit ver3 crd663.60
breaking the habit ver3 tab652.10
breaking the habit ver4 btab502.80
breaking the habit ver4 crd524.00
breaking the habit ver4 tab592.20
breaking the habit ver5 crd514.00
breaking the habit ver5 tab642.60
breaking the habit ver6 tab592.80
bubbles crd643.90
bubbles video lesson623.40
burn it down btab683.70
burn it down crd592.20
burn it down intro tab652.50
burn it down tab523.20
burn it down ver2 crd482.80
burn it down ver2 tab513.30
burn it down ver3 crd572.50
burn it down ver3 tab623.50
burn it down ver4 crd623.40
burn it down ver4 tab603.90
burn it down ver5 crd643.50
burn it down ver5 tab483.60
burn it down ver6 tab562.40
burn it down video lesson632.20
burning in the skies acoustic video lesson773.50
burning in the skies btab522.60
burning in the skies crd673.20
burning in the skies intro tab612.50
burning in the skies intro ver2 tab613.90
burning in the skies solo tab543.70
burning in the skies solo ver2 tab563.40
burning in the skies tab523.00
burning in the skies ver2 btab692.40
burning in the skies ver2 tab613.20
burning in the skies ver3 tab582.00
by myself btab513.40
by myself live tab572.80
by myself live ver2 tab603.50
by myself remix tab603.40
by myself tab883.50
by myself ver2 btab623.30
by myself ver2 tab662.00
by myself ver3 tab583.00


carousel btab602.30
carousel tab592.30
castle of glass btab603.50
castle of glass crd853.00
castle of glass intro tab713.60
castle of glass intro ver2 tab773.00
castle of glass tab623.30
castle of glass ver2 crd553.70
castle of glass ver2 tab662.40
castle of glass ver3 crd623.70
castle of glass ver3 tab663.80
castle of glass ver4 crd643.70
castle of glass ver4 tab704.00
clarity intro tab573.40
collision course album tab553.60
crawling acousitc crd552.50
crawling acoustic crd733.20
crawling btab653.90
crawling crd532.60
crawling tab673.20
crawling ver2 btab732.30
crawling ver2 crd632.80
crawling ver2 tab693.20
crawling ver3 btab642.40
crawling ver3 crd523.10
crawling ver3 tab703.60
crawling ver4 btab563.20
crawling ver4 tab632.10
crawling ver5 btab602.20
crawling ver5 tab673.10
crawling ver6 btab693.90
crawling ver6 tab593.70
crawling ver7 tab852.60
crawling ver8 tab703.90
crawling ver9 tab532.40
cure for the itch tab533.40


dirt off your shoulder lying from you tab513.20
dont stay btab522.50
dont stay crd582.70
dont stay tab554.00
dont stay ver2 btab513.00
dont stay ver2 tab452.60
dont stay ver3 btab612.70
dont stay ver3 tab563.30
dont stay ver4 btab612.20
dont stay ver4 tab642.70
dont stay ver5 btab642.10
dont stay ver5 tab513.20
dont stay ver6 tab554.00
dont stay ver7 tab584.00
down syndrome tab572.00


easier to run btab533.20
easier to run crd523.50
easier to run intro tab663.60
easier to run tab592.60
easier to run ver2 btab604.00
easier to run ver2 crd563.10
easier to run ver2 tab583.80
easier to run ver3 btab573.30
easier to run ver3 tab552.80
easier to run ver4 btab543.50
easier to run ver4 tab453.60
easier to run ver5 tab553.90
easier to run ver6 tab752.30
easier to run ver7 tab553.80
easier to run ver8 tab552.10
easier to run ver9 tab443.70
enth e nd s1 intro tab583.00
enth e nd btab563.00


faint btab653.40
faint crd622.00
faint drum tab563.20
faint live tab542.00
faint tab612.90
faint ver10 tab604.00
faint ver2 btab652.80
faint ver2 tab623.20
faint ver3 btab652.90
faint ver3 tab523.10
faint ver4 btab522.80
faint ver4 tab563.60
faint ver5 btab612.60
faint ver5 tab542.20
faint ver6 tab662.40
faint ver7 tab662.10
faint ver8 tab572.90
faint ver9 tab683.30
figure 09 btab533.30
figure 09 tab553.00
figure 09 ver2 btab582.60
figure 09 ver2 tab494.00
figure 09 ver3 tab522.20
figure 09 ver4 tab573.80
figure 09 ver5 tab472.10
foreword tab652.40
forgotten btab593.80
forgotten crd494.00
forgotten live tab543.30
forgotten tab552.00
forgotten ver2 btab643.50
forgotten ver2 tab463.60
forgotten ver3 btab602.30
forgotten ver3 tab502.40
forgotten ver4 btab592.10
forgotten ver4 tab483.90
forgotten ver5 btab612.30
forgotten ver5 tab592.10
forgotten ver6 btab632.90
forgotten ver6 tab513.70
forgotten ver7 tab552.80
forword tab562.00
frgt 10 crd602.10
from the inside acoustic tab483.00
from the inside btab552.20
from the inside crd543.10
from the inside intro tab593.20
from the inside tab622.10
from the inside ver2 btab563.60
from the inside ver2 crd553.20
from the inside ver2 tab552.00
from the inside ver3 btab552.50
from the inside ver3 tab532.90
from the inside ver4 tab492.90
from the inside ver5 tab532.50
from the inside ver6 tab522.90
from the inside ver7 tab522.70
fuse intro tab543.90
fuse tab523.00


given up btab592.10
given up crd594.00
given up tab473.10
given up ver2 btab542.00
given up ver2 crd552.70
given up ver2 tab544.00
given up ver3 btab693.40
given up ver3 crd653.00
given up ver3 tab612.30
given up ver4 btab602.50
given up ver5 btab503.70
giving up intro tab563.90
giving up tab492.20


halo tab733.50
hand held high btab493.30
hand held high tab623.00
hands held high crd583.80
hands held high tab672.80
hands held high ver2 crd522.00
hands held high ver2 tab652.10
hands held high ver3 tab572.50
hands held high ver4 tab542.60
hands held high ver5 tab502.00
hands held high ver6 tab483.80
head strong intro tab573.40
high voltage btab663.70
high voltage live tab613.20
high voltage remix tab503.60
high voltage remix ver2 tab582.00
high voltage tab533.70
hit the floor btab673.60
hit the floor tab622.80
hit the floor ver2 btab623.70
hit the floor ver2 tab622.20
hit the floor ver3 btab682.40
hit the floor ver3 tab572.40
hit the floor ver4 btab522.30
hit the floor ver4 tab692.80
hit the floor ver5 tab592.60
hit the floor ver6 tab742.80
hit the floor ver7 tab642.80
hit the floor ver8 tab533.10
hit the floor ver9 tab634.00
hybrid theory album btab423.50
hybrid theory album tab583.70
hybrid theory album ver2 tab613.30
hybrid theory album ver3 tab443.80
hybrid theory ep album tab532.50
hybrid theory ep album ver2 tab553.80


ill be gone crd513.10
ill be gone tab563.10
ill be gone ver2 crd583.10
ill be gone ver2 tab412.60
ill be gone ver3 tab553.90
ill be gone ver4 tab432.40
ill be gone ver5 tab643.30
in between btab563.10
in between crd543.20
in between tab503.10
in between ver2 crd493.10
in between ver2 tab503.80
in between ver3 crd484.00
in between ver3 tab532.50
in between ver4 crd422.90
in my remains crd573.20
in my remains tab552.40
in pieces btab593.60
in pieces crd483.70
in pieces solo tab543.50
in pieces tab643.40
in pieces ver2 btab572.10
in pieces ver2 crd473.20
in pieces ver2 tab703.10
in pieces ver3 crd552.30
in pieces ver3 tab573.10
in pieces ver4 tab542.80
in pieces video lesson593.80
in the end acoustic tab572.50
in the end btab703.20
in the end crd562.50
in the end drum tab573.50
in the end piano intro tab702.60
in the end tab612.60
in the end ver2 btab583.20
in the end ver2 crd533.80
in the end ver2 drum tab602.00
in the end ver2 tab703.20
in the end ver3 btab673.20
in the end ver3 crd493.80
in the end ver3 drum tab442.40
in the end ver3 tab542.80
in the end ver4 crd573.80
in the end ver4 tab612.00
in the end ver5 tab472.90
in the end ver6 tab683.70
in the end ver7 tab543.60
iridescent acoustic tab502.50
iridescent acoustic ver2 tab572.10
iridescent btab772.50
iridescent crd543.20
iridescent solo tab603.90
iridescent tab502.20
iridescent ver2 btab532.60
iridescent ver2 crd553.40
iridescent ver2 tab562.80
iridescent ver3 tab573.30
its goin down btab613.10
its goin down tab542.30
its going down tab633.40
izzoin the end btab642.30


jigga what faint btab482.70


krawling drum tab652.20


leave out all the rest acoustic crd612.10
leave out all the rest acoustic tab502.30
leave out all the rest acoustic ver2 crd573.80
leave out all the rest btab562.90
leave out all the rest crd532.90
leave out all the rest intro tab622.80
leave out all the rest tab602.40
leave out all the rest ver2 btab663.90
leave out all the rest ver2 crd552.00
leave out all the rest ver2 tab473.00
leave out all the rest ver3 crd612.20
leave out all the rest ver3 tab572.20
leave out all the rest ver4 crd662.50
leave out all the rest ver5 crd652.60
leave out all the rest ver6 crd592.50
leave out all the rest ver7 crd682.50
leave out all the rest ver8 crd543.30
leave out all the rest ver9 crd763.40
leave out all the rest video lesson652.40
lies greed misery crd672.80
lies greed misery tab503.50
lies greed misery ver2 crd652.80
little boxes tab643.80
little boxes ver2 tab573.20
little things give you away btab523.80
little things give you away crd822.90
little things give you away tab473.60
little things give you away ver2 btab463.60
little things give you away ver2 crd613.80
little things give you away ver2 tab563.40
little things give you away ver3 btab673.10
little things give you away ver3 crd543.10
little things give you away ver3 tab482.70
little things give you away ver4 tab663.50
live in texas album tab472.80
lockjaw tab882.30
lockjaw ver2 tab613.90
lost in the echo btab532.10
lost in the echo crd643.80
lost in the echo tab523.50
lost in the echo ver2 tab493.60
lost in the echo ver3 tab563.60
lost in the echo ver4 tab633.60
lying from you btab553.20
lying from you crd453.30
lying from you dirt off your shoulder tab513.70
lying from you tab562.50
lying from you ver2 btab652.80
lying from you ver2 tab573.30
lying from you ver3 tab382.30
lying from you ver4 tab452.60
lying from you ver5 tab482.20
lying from you ver6 tab573.80
lying from you ver7 tab582.10
lying from you ver8 tab443.80


meteora album btab463.10
meteora album tab374.00
meteora album ver2 tab482.50
meteora album ver3 tab433.80
meteora album ver4 tab572.80
meteora album ver5 tab512.30
minutes to midnight album btab513.40
minutes to midnight album tab583.30
minutes to midnight album ver2 btab502.00
minutes to midnight album ver2 tab462.50
morning after tab492.50
morning after ver2 tab612.90
my december btab623.50
my december crd653.30
my december remix tab702.30
my december tab523.20
my december ver2 crd612.30
my december ver2 tab542.00
my december ver3 tab562.60
my december ver4 tab682.50
my december ver5 tab542.80
my december ver6 tab552.00
my december ver7 tab553.70
my reason tab472.40


new divide acoustic crd543.90
new divide acoustic tab774.00
new divide acoustic ver2 crd582.00
new divide btab623.20
new divide crd653.70
new divide intro tab613.10
new divide tab593.50
new divide ver10 tab563.40
new divide ver11 tab553.40
new divide ver2 btab542.70
new divide ver2 crd553.20
new divide ver2 tab533.60
new divide ver2 video lesson592.00
new divide ver3 btab572.30
new divide ver3 crd662.80
new divide ver3 tab583.50
new divide ver4 btab653.70
new divide ver4 crd683.10
new divide ver4 tab542.30
new divide ver5 btab483.20
new divide ver5 crd542.70
new divide ver5 tab484.00
new divide ver6 crd562.60
new divide ver6 tab562.00
new divide ver7 tab652.80
new divide ver8 tab532.10
new divide ver9 tab554.00
new divide video lesson562.00
no more sorrow btab623.20
no more sorrow crd593.80
no more sorrow live tab503.10
no more sorrow tab562.70
no more sorrow ver10 tab562.60
no more sorrow ver2 btab622.50
no more sorrow ver2 crd552.00
no more sorrow ver2 tab612.90
no more sorrow ver3 tab532.00
no more sorrow ver4 tab543.00
no more sorrow ver5 tab522.20
no more sorrow ver6 tab562.80
no more sorrow ver7 tab433.90
no more sorrow ver8 tab623.10
no more sorrow ver9 tab642.60
no roads left acoustic crd543.80
no roads left btab593.50
no roads left crd633.90
no roads left tab482.80
no roads left ver2 tab533.50
no roads left ver3 tab632.20
nobodys listening btab702.40
nobodys listening tab573.80
nobodys listening ver2 tab543.00
nobodys listening ver3 tab652.20
not alone crd612.60
not alone tab633.10
not alone ver2 crd633.60
not alone ver2 tab512.30
not alone ver3 crd682.70
numb acoustic crd593.80
numb acoustic tab702.70
numb acoustic ver2 crd542.00
numb acoustic ver2 tab664.00
numb acoustic ver3 crd513.10
numb btab542.30
numb crd463.40
numb drum tab543.50
numb encore btab652.10
numb encore intro tab653.00
numb encore intro ver2 tab672.50
numb encore intro ver3 tab682.90
numb encore intro ver4 tab693.00
numb encore tab612.40
numb tab533.10
numb ver2 btab662.30
numb ver2 crd563.70
numb ver2 tab522.00
numb ver3 btab673.70
numb ver3 crd612.60
numb ver3 tab613.40
numb ver4 btab644.00
numb ver4 crd543.80
numb ver4 tab502.00
numb ver5 btab604.00
numb ver5 tab462.20
numb ver6 tab562.70
numb ver7 tab542.00
numb ver8 tab553.60
numb ver9 tab533.10
numb video lesson623.70


ominous tab613.60
one step closer acoustic crd542.40
one step closer btab623.00
one step closer live tab603.70
one step closer remix btab642.80
one step closer tab502.50
one step closer ver2 btab713.90
one step closer ver2 tab492.30
one step closer ver3 btab632.00
one step closer ver3 tab452.90
one step closer ver4 btab542.70
one step closer ver4 tab543.40
one step closer ver5 btab673.30
one step closer ver5 tab503.30
one step closer ver6 btab623.80
one step closer ver6 tab593.80
one step closer ver7 tab572.20
one step closer ver8 tab472.90
one step closer ver9 tab482.30
one step closer video lesson562.80


p5hng me a wy tab493.60
p5hng me awy live tab634.00
pale tab663.60
pale ver2 tab553.40
papercut btab512.50
papercut tab714.00
papercut ver2 btab693.90
papercut ver2 tab522.00
papercut ver3 btab512.40
papercut ver3 tab533.60
papercut ver4 btab512.30
papercut ver4 tab643.40
papercut ver5 btab583.60
papercut ver5 tab503.80
papercut ver6 btab632.90
papercut ver6 tab523.10
papercut ver7 btab554.00
papercut ver7 tab464.00
papercut ver8 tab573.30
part of me btab533.10
part of me tab633.70
part of me ver2 tab573.10
part of me ver3 tab582.40
part of me ver4 tab592.70
pepper tab602.50
point of autority tab503.00
points of authority 99 problems one step closer tab463.60
points of authority 99 problems one step closer ver2 tab513.50
points of authority btab642.80
points of authority intro tab593.00
points of authority tab483.90
points of authority ver2 btab532.10
points of authority ver2 tab543.10
points of authority ver3 btab523.30
points of authority ver3 tab543.50
points of authority ver4 tab582.20
points of authority ver5 tab543.50
powerless crd662.70
powerless tab472.50
powerless ver2 crd592.80
powerless ver3 crd673.70
powerless ver4 crd744.00
program tab612.20
ptsofathrty crd602.30
pushes me away tab442.70
pushing me away btab612.70
pushing me away crd593.50
pushing me away drum tab612.40
pushing me away intro tab593.00
pushing me away live acoustic tab523.00
pushing me away tab622.00
pushing me away ver10 tab563.70
pushing me away ver2 crd562.60
pushing me away ver2 tab493.60
pushing me away ver3 crd443.80
pushing me away ver3 tab512.10
pushing me away ver4 crd512.10
pushing me away ver4 tab492.60
pushing me away ver5 tab453.50
pushing me away ver6 tab553.40
pushing me away ver7 tab532.40
pushing me away ver8 tab472.80
pushing me away ver9 tab523.00


qwerty crd522.50
qwerty live tab532.90
qwerty live ver2 tab522.50
qwerty tab522.80
qwerty ver2 tab542.50
qwerty ver3 tab502.50
qwerty ver4 tab612.50


reading my eyes tab582.40
roads untraveled btab583.70
roads untraveled crd652.80
roads untraveled tab592.90
roads untraveled ver2 crd553.40
roads untraveled ver2 tab562.50
roads untraveled ver3 crd662.40
roads untraveled ver4 crd533.80
robot boy crd632.50
robot boy tab753.50
robot boy ver2 crd513.90
rolling in the deep crd502.40
runaway 6 string tab502.20
runaway btab642.10
runaway crd593.00
runaway tab593.00
runaway ver2 btab593.40
runaway ver2 crd514.00
runaway ver2 tab623.10
runaway ver3 btab672.40
runaway ver3 tab603.30
runaway ver4 tab652.20
runaway ver5 tab532.30
runaway ver6 tab603.20
runaway ver7 tab532.20
runaway ver8 tab562.30
runaway ver9 tab472.60


session btab612.70
session drum tab563.70
session tab553.60
session ver2 tab663.50
shadow of the day acoustic crd602.10
shadow of the day acoustic tab533.40
shadow of the day acoustic ver2 tab513.00
shadow of the day btab633.00
shadow of the day crd542.90
shadow of the day drum tab522.40
shadow of the day tab652.00
shadow of the day ver10 tab553.10
shadow of the day ver2 btab563.70
shadow of the day ver2 crd534.00
shadow of the day ver2 drum tab623.50
shadow of the day ver2 tab632.70
shadow of the day ver3 btab593.50
shadow of the day ver3 crd483.10
shadow of the day ver3 tab513.00
shadow of the day ver4 btab643.70
shadow of the day ver4 crd523.50
shadow of the day ver4 tab453.20
shadow of the day ver5 crd453.40
shadow of the day ver5 tab574.00
shadow of the day ver6 crd582.50
shadow of the day ver6 tab593.40
shadow of the day ver7 crd503.20
shadow of the day ver7 tab513.90
shadow of the day ver8 crd534.00
shadow of the day ver8 tab502.80
shadow of the day ver9 crd522.30
shadow of the day ver9 tab553.60
she couldnt tab543.80
skin to bone crd552.80
sold my soul to yo mama tab553.30
somewhere i belong btab574.00
somewhere i belong crd503.50
somewhere i belong live tab503.20
somewhere i belong tab473.30
somewhere i belong ver10 tab593.10
somewhere i belong ver11 tab463.40
somewhere i belong ver2 btab612.40
somewhere i belong ver2 crd563.10
somewhere i belong ver2 tab823.40
somewhere i belong ver3 btab614.00
somewhere i belong ver3 crd502.40
somewhere i belong ver3 tab543.70
somewhere i belong ver4 btab552.10
somewhere i belong ver4 tab612.70
somewhere i belong ver5 btab632.20
somewhere i belong ver5 tab503.40
somewhere i belong ver6 tab582.60
somewhere i belong ver7 tab513.30
somewhere i belong ver8 tab603.70
somewhere i belong ver9 tab492.80
soul song tab512.30
soundtrack tab553.30
step up btab642.90
step up drum tab493.00
step up intro tab643.30
step up tab492.40
step up ver2 btab623.30
step up ver2 tab553.80
step up ver3 tab673.60
stick n move tab592.30
system btab542.40
system tab674.00
system ver2 tab612.50
system ver3 tab642.80


technique tab743.80
the catalyst btab542.90
the catalyst crd554.00
the catalyst intro tab602.80
the catalyst tab542.40
the catalyst ver2 crd593.10
the catalyst ver2 tab672.80
the catalyst ver3 crd443.60
the catalyst ver4 crd553.60
the down syndrome intro tab693.50
the messenger crd483.70
the messenger ver2 crd502.90
the messenger ver3 crd543.60
the messenger ver4 crd533.20
the messenger ver5 crd552.00
the messenger ver6 crd662.10
the morning after tab613.70
the morning after ver2 tab523.80
two worlds tab593.20


untitled tab572.50


valentines day btab522.40
valentines day crd543.40
valentines day tab613.10
valentines day ver2 btab473.30
valentines day ver2 crd462.20
valentines day ver2 tab483.90
valentines day ver3 btab522.70
valentines day ver3 tab482.00
valentines day ver4 tab523.60
valentines day video lesson522.20
victimized tab483.10
victimized ver2 tab533.30


waiting for the end btab623.50
waiting for the end crd562.40
waiting for the end tab553.80
waiting for the end ver2 crd572.10
waiting for the end ver2 tab552.50
waiting for the end ver3 crd553.40
waiting for the end ver3 tab572.50
waiting for the end ver4 crd652.30
waiting for the end ver5 crd513.60
waiting for the end ver6 crd552.60
waiting for the end ver7 crd602.90
wake btab632.40
wake crd653.80
wake intro tab712.00
wake live tab633.10
wake tab853.80
wake ver2 btab592.40
wake ver2 tab603.20
wake ver3 tab563.20
wake ver4 tab602.30
we made it crd622.90
we made it ver2 crd503.30
what ive done acoustic tab502.40
what ive done btab732.20
what ive done crd513.80
what ive done drum tab542.20
what ive done tab573.50
what ive done ver2 btab633.20
what ive done ver2 crd543.40
what ive done ver2 drum tab652.20
what ive done ver2 tab472.50
what ive done ver3 btab603.10
what ive done ver3 crd522.20
what ive done ver3 drum tab493.10
what ive done ver3 tab573.60
what ive done ver4 btab543.00
what ive done ver4 crd603.20
what ive done ver4 tab504.00
what ive done ver5 crd504.00
what ive done ver5 tab533.70
what ive done ver6 tab493.00
what ive done ver7 tab492.40
what ive done ver8 tab512.60
what ive done ver9 tab493.80
what ive done video lesson602.80
what we dont know tab572.50
when they come for me crd494.00
when they come for me drum tab552.20
when they come for me tab543.80
when they come for me ver2 tab533.50
wisdom justice and love crd502.80
wish live tab583.90
wish tab482.90
with you btab603.80
with you remix btab623.90
with you tab582.60
with you ver2 btab603.30
with you ver2 tab573.30
with you ver3 btab672.60
with you ver3 tab563.90
with you ver4 btab553.00
with you ver4 tab512.70
with you ver5 btab564.00
with you ver5 tab543.10
with you ver6 tab562.40
with you ver7 tab573.10
wreatches and kings tab753.20
wretches and kings btab513.30
wretches and kings tab592.70


x ecutioner style btab702.90
x ecutioner style tab712.40
x ecutioner style ver2 tab613.50