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A live CD, live DVD, or live disc is a complete bootable computer installation including operating system which runs in a computer's memory, rather than loading from a hard disk drive; the CD itself is read-only. It allows users to run an operating system for any purpose without installing it or making any changes to the computer's configuration. Live CDs can run on a computer without secondary storage, such as a hard disk drive, or with a corrupted hard disk drive or file system, allowing data recovery. A live ISO is an ISO image of a Live CD which can be used in virtual machine environments, mounted as if it were a CD/DVD and used as the virtual machine's boot CD. Live CDs, ISOs, and images usually include an operating system available without charge or restrictive license such as Linux, rather than a commercial one such as Microsoft Windows, for legal rather than technical reasons. The functionality of a live CD is also available with a bootable live USB flash drive, or even an...
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10000 years tab330.00


all over you acoustic crd420.00
all over you btab400.00
all over you crd400.00
all over you tab360.00
all over you ver2 btab490.00
all over you ver2 crd290.00


beauty of gray crd340.00
birds of pray album crd370.00
bring the people together tab310.00
brothers unaware tab340.00
brothers unware crd300.00


call me a fool crd300.00
century crd390.00
cheetah crd370.00


dam at otter creek tab340.00
dance with you crd370.00
dance with you tab370.00
dance with you ver2 crd420.00
dance with you ver2 tab440.00
dance with you ver3 crd350.00
deep enough crd510.00
deep enough remix intro tab410.00
deep enough remix tab390.00
deep enough tab470.00
dolphins cry acoustic crd310.00
dolphins cry btab450.00
dolphins cry crd510.00
dolphins cry drum tab400.00
dolphins cry tab380.00
dolphins cry ver2 crd520.00
dolphins cry ver3 crd340.00
dolphins cry ver4 crd340.00


face and ghost crd370.00
feel the quiet river rage btab440.00
feel the quiet river rage crd270.00
flow btab360.00
forever may not be long enough crd340.00
freaks tab490.00


gas hed goes west btab410.00
gas hed goes west crd300.00
get ready crd380.00
get ready tab350.00
ghost btab360.00
ghost crd460.00
good pain crd450.00
grave acoustic crd440.00
graze crd470.00


heaven acoustic crd320.00
heaven btab380.00
heaven crd520.00
heaven ver2 crd430.00
heaven ver3 crd350.00
heaven ver4 crd380.00
heaven ver5 crd330.00
hero of love crd310.00
hero psycho dreamer crd350.00
heropsychodreamer btab370.00
heropsychodreamer tab370.00
heropsychodreamer ver2 tab340.00
hold me up crd370.00
home crd440.00
horse crd440.00


i alone btab370.00
i alone crd330.00
i alone tab470.00
i alone ver2 btab380.00
i alone ver2 tab320.00
i alone ver3 btab460.00
i walk the line crd350.00
i walk the line ver2 crd380.00
i wanna dance with you tab400.00
insomnia and the hole in the universe tab240.00
iris btab550.00
iris tab430.00


lakinis juice btab480.00
lakinis juice tab430.00
lakinis juice ver2 tab380.00
lakinis juice ver3 tab350.00
lay me down tab340.00
lift me up crd330.00
lift me up tab390.00
lighting crashes tab360.00
lightning crashes acoustic crd380.00
lightning crashes acoustic tab360.00
lightning crashes acoustic ver2 crd400.00
lightning crashes btab430.00
lightning crashes crd1080.00
lightning crashes tab470.00
lightning crashes ver2 crd400.00
lightning crashes ver2 tab460.00
lightning crashes ver3 crd280.00
lightning crashes ver3 tab440.00
lightning crashes ver4 crd370.00
lightning crashes ver4 tab380.00
lightning crashes ver5 crd350.00
lightning crashes ver5 tab370.00
lightning crashes ver6 tab480.00
like a soldier tab420.00
like i do tab450.00
love shines a song for my daughters about god crd250.00


mental jewelry album crd380.00
mirror song crd500.00
mirror song ver2 crd350.00
mystery crd580.00
mystery tab410.00


nagation crd400.00
negation tab410.00
night of nights tab450.00
nobody knows crd390.00


operation spirit btab310.00
operation spirit tab350.00
overcome crd350.00
overcome tab450.00
overcome ver2 crd270.00
overcome ver2 tab320.00


pain lies on the riverside btab360.00
pain lies on the riverside crd340.00
pain lies on the riverside drum tab370.00
pain lies on the riverside tab350.00
pain lies on the riverside ver2 tab380.00
pillar of davidson btab410.00
pillar of davidson crd350.00


radiant sea crd390.00
rattlesnake btab420.00
rattlesnake crd360.00
rattlesnake tab410.00
river crd430.00
river town tab460.00
river town ver2 tab330.00
river ver2 crd420.00
river ver3 crd360.00
run away crd450.00
run away ver2 crd450.00
run to the water btab370.00
run to the water crd380.00
run to the water tab440.00
run to the water ver2 crd370.00
run to the water ver3 crd280.00
run to the water ver4 crd400.00
run to the water ver5 crd410.00


secret samadhi album tab330.00
selling the drama btab360.00
selling the drama crd320.00
selling the drama tab340.00
selling the drama ver2 btab400.00
selling the drama ver2 crd380.00
shit towne btab410.00
shit towne crd440.00
shit towne ver2 crd280.00
shit towne ver3 crd350.00
simple creed acoustic tab390.00
simple creed btab440.00
simple creed tab380.00
sofia crd390.00
sofia tab430.00
sofia ver2 crd410.00
sparkle btab450.00
sparkle tab490.00
sparkle ver2 tab370.00
sparkle ver3 tab390.00
sparkle ver4 tab390.00
stage btab390.00
stage tab500.00
sun crd390.00
supernatural crd450.00
supernatural tab370.00
susque hanna crd310.00
sweet release tab390.00
sweet release ver2 tab310.00


t b d btab480.00
t b d crd460.00
t b d ver2 btab420.00
take my anthem btab380.00
the beauty of gray tab420.00
the distance btab320.00
the distance crd350.00
the distance to here album tab360.00
the distance ver2 crd340.00
the dolphins cry btab350.00
the dolphins cry crd420.00
the dolphins cry tab310.00
the dolphins cry ver2 crd300.00
the dolphins cry ver2 tab430.00
the dolphins cry ver3 crd400.00
the dolphins cry ver4 crd460.00
the dolphyns cry crd340.00
they stood up for love crd370.00
they stood up for love ver2 crd350.00
throwing copper album crd330.00
throwing copper album ver2 crd340.00
tired of me btab370.00
tired of me tab390.00
top crd410.00
transmit your love crd310.00
turn my head btab410.00
turn my head crd430.00
turn my head tab430.00
turn my head ver2 crd340.00


unsheathed tab380.00


voodoo lady btab370.00


waitress btab410.00
waitress crd360.00
waitress tab440.00
walk the line crd360.00
we deal in dreams crd320.00
we walk in the dream crd490.00
what are we fighting for tab300.00
where do we go from here crd360.00
where the fishes go tab380.00
white discussion btab370.00
white discussion crd420.00
white discussion tab400.00
white discussion ver2 tab430.00
wings crd520.00
wings tab430.00


you are not alone tab330.00