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Maroon 5 is an American pop rock band that originated in Los Angeles, California. It currently consists of lead vocalist Adam Levine, lead guitarist James Valentine, keyboardist and rhythm guitarist Jesse Carmichael, bassist Mickey Madden, drummer Matt Flynn, and keyboardist PJ Morton. Before the current group was established, the original four members, Adam Levine (lead vocals, lead guitar), Jesse Carmichael (rhythm guitar, backing vocals), Mickey Madden (bass guitar) and Ryan Dusick (drums), formed a band known as Kara's Flowers in 1994, while they were still in high school. The band, which self-released an album called We Like Digging?, then signed to Reprise Records and released the album The Fourth World in 1997. After the album garnered a tepid response, the band parted ways with the record label and the members attended college. In 2001, the band changed its image by adding guitarist James Valentine and pursuing a new direction under the name Maroon 5. At this point, Carmichael...
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as things collide crd370.00
as things collide tab400.00


back at your door crd290.00
back at your door ver2 crd290.00
beautiful goodbye btab370.00
beautiful goodbye crd340.00
beautiful goodbye tab310.00
beautiful goodbye ver2 crd360.00
beautiful goodbye ver2 tab390.00
beautiful goodbye ver3 crd440.00
beautiful goodbye ver3 tab440.00
better that we break crd290.00
better that we break ver2 crd350.00
better that we break ver3 crd350.00
better that we break ver4 crd320.00


cant stop intro tab340.00
cant stop tab340.00
christmas cheer crd330.00
closer tab320.00
come away to the water crd380.00
come away to the water video lesson290.00
control myself solo tab390.00
control myself tab400.00
control myself ver2 tab330.00


daylight crd360.00
daylight tab420.00
daylight ver2 crd310.00
daylight ver3 crd350.00
dont know nothing crd330.00


figure it out tab370.00


get back in my life crd280.00
give a little more acoustic tab380.00
give a little more btab410.00
give a little more crd360.00
give a little more intro tab290.00
give a little more tab400.00
give a little more ver2 tab360.00
goodnight godnight intro tab290.00
goodnight goodnight btab350.00
goodnight goodnight crd330.00
goodnight goodnight tab310.00


harder to breathe acoustic tab350.00
harder to breathe btab350.00
harder to breathe crd370.00
harder to breathe drum tab430.00
harder to breathe tab350.00
harder to breathe ver2 btab330.00
harder to breathe ver2 crd330.00
harder to breathe ver2 tab410.00
harder to breathe ver3 btab310.00
harder to breathe ver3 crd380.00
harder to breathe ver3 tab350.00
harder to breathe ver4 btab380.00
harder to breathe ver4 tab370.00
harder to breathe ver5 tab390.00
harder to breathe ver6 tab370.00
harder to breathe ver7 tab350.00
how crd560.00
how ver2 crd410.00
how ver3 crd450.00
how ver4 crd350.00


i cant lie btab380.00
i cant lie crd320.00
i wont go home without you crd360.00
i wont go home without you intro tab310.00
i wont go home without you tab320.00
i wont go home without you ver2 crd360.00
i wont go home without you ver3 crd510.00
i wont go home without you ver4 crd390.00
if i aint got crd470.00
if i aint got you btab340.00
if i aint got you crd410.00
if i aint got you ver2 crd310.00
if i aint got you ver3 crd390.00
if i fell acoustic crd260.00
if i fell acoustic ver2 crd270.00
if i never see your face again tab470.00
if you only knew crd330.00
infatuation crd330.00
infatuation ver2 crd320.00


july crd520.00
just a feeling crd300.00
just a feeling ver2 crd380.00
just a feeling ver3 crd350.00
just a feeling ver4 crd300.00
just a feeling ver5 crd410.00


kiwi btab300.00
kiwi tab340.00
kiwi ver2 btab330.00
kiwi ver2 tab400.00


little of your time crd320.00
little of your time tab330.00
losing my mind crd340.00
losing my mind ver2 crd420.00
love somebody crd440.00
love somebody tab510.00
lucky strike crd450.00
lucky strike ver2 crd410.00


makes me wonder acoustic crd470.00
makes me wonder acoustic tab290.00
makes me wonder acoustic ver2 crd400.00
makes me wonder acoustic ver3 crd350.00
makes me wonder btab390.00
makes me wonder crd290.00
makes me wonder intro tab310.00
makes me wonder tab290.00
makes me wonder ver2 btab290.00
makes me wonder ver2 crd400.00
makes me wonder ver3 crd340.00
makes me wonder ver4 crd370.00
makes me wonder ver5 crd330.00
makes me wonder ver6 crd310.00
medley crd320.00
misery acoustic tab360.00
misery btab390.00
misery crd380.00
misery tab320.00
misery ver2 btab390.00
misery ver2 crd370.00
misery ver3 crd340.00
misery ver4 crd280.00
miss you love you crd290.00
miss you love you intro tab350.00
moves like jagger btab310.00
moves like jagger crd320.00
moves like jagger tab390.00
moves like jagger ver2 crd290.00
moves like jagger ver2 tab440.00
moves like jagger ver3 crd440.00
moves like jagger ver3 tab400.00
moves like jagger ver4 crd330.00
moves like jagger ver4 tab420.00
moves like jagger ver5 crd360.00
moves like jagger ver5 tab370.00
moves like jagger ver6 crd360.00
moves like jagger ver6 tab450.00
moves like jagger ver7 crd440.00
moves like jagger ver8 crd440.00
moves like jagger ver9 crd320.00
moves like jagger video lesson450.00
must get out acoustic crd430.00
must get out btab340.00
must get out crd430.00
must get out tab300.00
must get out ver2 btab330.00
must get out ver2 crd410.00
must get out ver2 tab480.00
must get out ver3 crd370.00


never gonna leave this bed btab340.00
never gonna leave this bed crd350.00
never gonna leave this bed tab270.00
never gonna leave this bed ver2 crd370.00
never gonna leave this bed ver3 crd360.00
never gonna leave this bed ver4 crd300.00
never gonna leave this bed ver5 crd370.00
no curtain call crd390.00
no curtain call ver2 crd350.00
not coming home btab340.00
not coming home tab350.00
not coming home ver2 btab350.00
not coming home ver2 tab380.00
not falling apart crd340.00
nothing last forever crd400.00
nothing lasts forever crd350.00
nothing lasts forever intro tab330.00
nothing lasts forever tab420.00
nothing lasts forever ver2 crd410.00
nothing lasts forever ver2 tab280.00
nothing lasts forever ver3 crd410.00
nothing lasts forever ver3 tab360.00
nothing lasts forever ver4 tab390.00
nothing lasts forever ver5 tab290.00


one more night btab360.00
one more night crd310.00
one more night ver2 crd400.00
one more night ver3 crd350.00
one more night ver4 crd440.00
one more night ver5 crd390.00
one more night ver6 crd370.00
out of goodbyes btab290.00
out of goodbyes crd350.00
out of goodbyes ver2 crd360.00
out of goodbyes ver3 crd380.00
out of goodbyes ver4 crd320.00


payphone acoustic crd350.00
payphone acoustic ver2 crd350.00
payphone btab350.00
payphone crd500.00
payphone intro tab300.00
payphone tab400.00
payphone ver10 crd400.00
payphone ver11 crd460.00
payphone ver2 btab410.00
payphone ver2 crd410.00
payphone ver2 tab380.00
payphone ver3 btab380.00
payphone ver3 crd450.00
payphone ver3 tab630.00
payphone ver4 crd310.00
payphone ver5 crd380.00
payphone ver6 crd290.00
payphone ver7 crd340.00
payphone ver8 crd340.00
payphone ver9 crd490.00
payphone video lesson320.00


ragdoll acoustic crd330.00
ragdoll crd410.00
ragdoll solo tab390.00
ragdoll tab350.00
runaway crd370.00


sad crd470.00
sad ver2 crd380.00
sad ver3 crd370.00
sad ver4 crd310.00
secret btab350.00
secret crd420.00
secret tab370.00
secret ver2 crd320.00
secret ver2 tab450.00
she will be love acoustic tab360.00
she will be loved acoustic crd330.00
she will be loved acoustic tab350.00
she will be loved btab430.00
she will be loved crd360.00
she will be loved drum tab270.00
she will be loved tab310.00
she will be loved ver2 btab410.00
she will be loved ver2 crd290.00
she will be loved ver2 tab390.00
she will be loved ver3 btab310.00
she will be loved ver3 crd340.00
she will be loved ver3 tab480.00
she will be loved ver4 btab340.00
she will be loved ver4 crd370.00
she will be loved ver4 tab350.00
she will be loved ver5 btab370.00
she will be loved ver5 crd280.00
she will be loved ver5 tab250.00
she will be loved ver6 btab350.00
she will be loved ver6 crd560.00
she will be loved ver6 tab380.00
she will be loved ver7 btab290.00
she will be loved ver7 crd310.00
she will be loved ver7 tab360.00
she will be loved ver8 crd380.00
she will be loved ver9 crd300.00
shiver crd440.00
shiver solo tab370.00
shiver tab430.00
shiver ver2 tab340.00
simple kind of lovely intro tab320.00
soap disco tab330.00
soap disco ver2 tab300.00
stereo hearts intro crd360.00
story crd400.00
story tab370.00
stutter crd350.00
stutter tab350.00
sunday morning btab420.00
sunday morning crd320.00
sunday morning drum tab320.00
sunday morning solo tab440.00
sunday morning solo ver2 tab350.00
sunday morning solo ver3 tab340.00
sunday morning tab460.00
sunday morning ver2 crd260.00
sunday morning ver2 tab570.00
sunday morning ver3 crd370.00
sunday morning ver3 tab320.00
sunday morning ver4 crd390.00
sunday morning ver4 tab290.00
sunday morning ver5 crd380.00
sweetest goodbye crd580.00
sweetest goodbye tab350.00
sweetest goodbye ver2 crd440.00
sweetest goodbye ver2 tab350.00
sweetest goodbye ver3 crd370.00
sweetest goodbye ver3 tab330.00


tangled crd320.00
tangled solo tab560.00
tangled tab370.00
the air that i breathe crd340.00
the air that i breathe ver2 crd300.00
the man who never lied crd340.00
the man who never lied ver2 crd310.00
the sun btab270.00
the sun crd330.00
the sun tab310.00
the sun ver2 btab310.00
the sun ver2 crd340.00
the sun ver3 crd310.00
thinking of love intro tab400.00
this love acoustic btab390.00
this love btab280.00
this love crd390.00
this love drum tab380.00
this love tab340.00
this love ver2 btab330.00
this love ver2 crd400.00
this love ver2 tab320.00
this love ver3 btab410.00
this love ver3 crd350.00
this love ver3 tab300.00
this love ver4 crd340.00
this love ver4 tab450.00
this love ver5 crd400.00
this love ver5 tab390.00
this love ver6 crd320.00
this love ver7 crd310.00
through with you btab350.00
through with you crd240.00
through with you tab380.00
through with you ver2 crd390.00
through with you ver2 tab290.00
tickets crd400.00


until youre over me tab290.00


wake up call crd430.00
wake up call drum tab460.00
wake up call tab320.00
wake up call ver2 tab430.00
wasted years btab440.00
wasted years crd330.00
way i was intro tab360.00
wipe your eyes crd350.00
wipe your eyes ver2 crd390.00
wipe your yes crd350.00
wont go home without you btab360.00
wont go home without you crd380.00
wont go home without you drum tab340.00
wont go home without you intro tab310.00
wont go home without you tab300.00
wont go home without you ver2 btab310.00
wont go home without you ver2 crd320.00
wont go home without you ver2 tab350.00
wont go home without you ver3 crd330.00
wont go home without you ver4 crd280.00
wont go home without you ver5 crd360.00
wont go home without you ver6 crd280.00
wont go home without you ver7 crd280.00
wont go home without you ver8 crd270.00