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Matchbox Twenty (currently official spelling, typeset as Matchbox 20 in their early years) is an American rock band, formed in Orlando, Florida, in 1995. The group currently comprises Rob Thomas (lead vocals, piano, rhythm guitar), Brian Yale (bass), and Paul Doucette (lead and rhythm guitar, drums, backing vocals). Matchbox Twenty rose to international fame with their debut album, Yourself or Someone Like You (1996), which was certified 12× Platinum (diamond) in the United States and multi-platinum in Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Their second album, Mad Season, released in 2000, charted in the top three on the Billboard 200 and was certified 4× Platinum in the United States. Their third album, More Than You Think You Are, released in 2002, was only certified 2x Platinum in the United States, despite its singles receiving significant airplay. Director Bill Draheim documented the band throughout the process while making More Than You Think You Are. The documentary "Theresville"...
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3 am acoustic tab210.00
3 am acoustic ver2 tab160.00
3 am acoustic video lesson200.00
3 am btab180.00
3 am crd210.00
3 am tab220.00
3 am ver2 btab190.00
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3 am video lesson330.00
3am crd210.00
3am tab180.00


all i need crd150.00
all i need solo tab170.00
all i need tab240.00
all your reasons tab200.00
argue crd180.00
argue tab230.00
argue ver2 tab200.00
argue ver3 tab130.00


back 2 good acoustic crd170.00
back 2 good crd160.00
back 2 good tab140.00
bed of lies crd190.00
bed of lies ver2 crd150.00
bent btab160.00
bent crd150.00
bent tab160.00
bent ver2 crd150.00
bent ver2 tab140.00
bent ver3 crd140.00
bent ver3 tab140.00
black and white people crd130.00
breakfast at tiffanys btab200.00
bright lights btab140.00
bright lights crd160.00
bright lights tab120.00
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burn crd180.00
busted btab150.00
busted crd170.00


cold tab200.00
could i be you crd190.00
could i be you intro tab150.00
crutch tab140.00


damn crd110.00
damn solo tab150.00
damn ver2 crd130.00
disease acoustic crd190.00
disease acoustic tab190.00
disease btab140.00
disease crd160.00
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disease tab170.00
disease ver2 btab160.00
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dizzy crd220.00
downfall btab190.00
downfall crd200.00
downfall tab200.00


english town btab180.00


feel intro tab310.00


girl like that crd170.00
girl like that tab170.00


hand me down crd150.00
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hang crd100.00
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how far weve come btab210.00
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how long crd150.00
how to save a life crd200.00


i believe in everything crd150.00
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i cant let you go crd260.00
i will crd190.00
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if your gone acousitc tab180.00
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ill believe you when btab170.00
ill believe you when crd150.00


kody btab150.00
kody crd160.00


last beautiful girl crd80.00
last beautiful girl tab110.00
leave crd110.00
long day crd110.00
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mad season crd160.00
mad season tab110.00
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our song crd150.00
overjoyed crd170.00
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parade intro tab180.00
parade tab240.00
push btab260.00
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push tab200.00
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put your hands up crd180.00


radio crd170.00
real world btab130.00
real world crd170.00
real world tab160.00
real world ver2 crd160.00
real world ver2 tab200.00
real world ver3 tab170.00
real world ver5 tab190.00
rest stop acoustic crd170.00
rest stop crd150.00
rest stop tab190.00


shame btab200.00
shame crd120.00
shame tab160.00
shame ver2 crd210.00
shame ver2 tab170.00
shes so mean btab120.00
shes so mean crd160.00
shes so mean tab210.00
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sleeping at the wheel crd160.00
sleeping at the wheel ver2 crd200.00
sleeping at the wheel ver3 crd170.00
so sad so lonely crd160.00
so sad so lonely tab160.00
soul crd200.00
soul intro tab160.00
soul tab210.00
soul ver2 crd120.00
stop intro tab190.00
straight for this life crd140.00
suffer me acoustic tab240.00
suffer me tab150.00


the difference crd180.00
the difference intro tab260.00
the difference solo tab180.00
the way crd200.00
the way ver2 crd150.00
these hard times crd200.00
these hard times intro tab170.00
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time after time acoustic crd160.00
time after time acoustic video lesson130.00
time after time crd160.00
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unwell acoustic crd160.00
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unwell btab230.00
unwell crd170.00
unwell tab180.00
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unwell ver2 tab120.00
unwell ver3 btab190.00
unwell ver3 crd180.00
unwell ver3 tab180.00
unwell ver4 btab160.00
unwell ver4 crd200.00
unwell ver5 crd170.00
unwell ver6 crd120.00
unwell ver7 crd130.00


you and i and i crd150.00
you wont be mine crd170.00
youre so real tab210.00