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Modern Love is the seventh studio album by American singer-songwriter Matt Nathanson. It was released on June 21, 2011. Modern Love was Nathanson's second album for Vanguard Records, following his 2007 album Some Mad Hope. He released the first single, "Faster", as a free download to his fan mailing list in March 2011. Modern Love debuted at number 17 on the Billboard 200 for the week of July 9, 2011. Track listing All tracks written by Matt Nathanson and Mark Weinberg except as noted.  Personnel Musicians Matt Nathanson - Lead & Background Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitar Zac Rae - Drum Programming, Keyboards, Baritone Ukulele, Glockenspiel, Guitar, Drums, Percussion Ben West - Piano, Keyboards Rainman - Drum Programming, Piano, Keyboards, Synths Brandon Bush - Piano, Keyboards, Wurlitzer Aaron Tap - Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Background Vocals Michael Chaves - Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Nylon String Guitar David Levita - Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Lap Steel...
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all we are crd260.00
all we are intro tab210.00
all we are tab200.00
all we are ver2 crd310.00
angel btab220.00
angel crd230.00
angel tab160.00
angel ver2 tab220.00
answering machine crd210.00
answering machine tab160.00


bare crd150.00
bent acoustic crd210.00
bent crd230.00
bent tab290.00
bent ver2 crd190.00
bent ver3 crd190.00
bottom of the sea crd190.00
bottom of the sea tab100.00
bottom of the sea ver2 crd180.00
bottom of the sea ver3 crd380.00
bullet proof weeks crd180.00
bullet proof weeks ver2 crd170.00


car crash acoustic crd220.00
car crash acoustic ver2 crd170.00
car crash acoustic ver3 crd200.00
car crash crd240.00
car crash tab240.00
car crash ver2 crd230.00
church clothes acoustic tab210.00
church clothes tab190.00
come on get higher acoustic crd140.00
come on get higher crd140.00
come on get higher intro tab160.00
come on get higher tab160.00
come on get higher ver2 crd170.00
come on get higher ver3 crd200.00
come on get higher video lesson240.00
continue dreaming crd110.00
continue dreaming tab240.00
curve of the earth crd150.00
curve of the earth tab200.00


detroit waves tab180.00


fall to pieces crd200.00
fall to pieces tab210.00
falling apart crd250.00
faster crd200.00
faster ver2 crd200.00
first time crd150.00


gone tab180.00


heartbreak world crd250.00
heartbreak world ver2 crd180.00


i hope that something better comes along crd290.00
i saw crd190.00
i saw live crd190.00
illusions crd200.00


kiss quick crd200.00


laid crd380.00
laid tab200.00
laid ver2 crd190.00
laid ver3 crd230.00
little victories crd210.00
little victories ver2 crd190.00
lost myself in search of you tab230.00
loud crd210.00


mercy crd210.00
modern love crd170.00
modern love tab300.00
modern love ver2 crd160.00
modern love ver3 crd200.00


nick martin tab290.00


pretty the world tab160.00


queen of knots btab240.00


romeo and juliet crd200.00
room the end of the world crd180.00
run crd210.00
run ver2 crd180.00
run ver3 crd250.00
run ver4 crd210.00


sing me sweet crd210.00
sooner surrender crd220.00
sooner surrender tab220.00
sooner surrender ver2 crd240.00
still crd220.00
still ver2 crd290.00
suspended acoustic tab330.00
suspended crd170.00


to the beat of our noisy hearts tab160.00


watching you watch him crd170.00
wedding dress crd160.00
wedding dress tab260.00
wedding dress ver2 crd200.00
wedding dress ver3 crd160.00
weight of it all crd310.00
weight of it all ver2 crd250.00
wide eyed and full tab220.00