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Maxïmo Park are an English alternative rock band, formed in 2000 in Newcastle upon Tyne. The band consists of Paul Smith (vocals), Duncan Lloyd (guitar), Archis Tiku (bass guitar), Lukas Wooller (keyboard) and Tom English (drums). The band have released five studio albums: A Certain Trigger (2005); Our Earthly Pleasures (2007), Quicken the Heart (2009), The National Health (2012) and Too Much Information (2014). The first two albums went gold in the UK and their debut was nominated for the Mercury Prize. History Formation and early releases (2000–2003) The band was created by guitarist Duncan Lloyd and is named after Máximo Gómez Park (also known as Domino Park), located in Little Havana, Miami. Initially, the four founding members played several small shows including Manchester's 'In the City', which showcases unsigned bands in the UK. In 2003, the band decided they wanted a frontman as the original singers, Archis and Duncan, wanted to focus on writing the songs. The...
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a certain trigger album btab280.00
a cloud of mystery btab270.00
a cloud of mystery tab300.00
apply some pressure btab280.00
apply some pressure crd280.00
apply some pressure tab260.00
apply some pressure ver2 btab210.00
apply some pressure ver2 tab240.00
apply some pressure ver3 tab210.00


books from boxes acoustic tab220.00
books from boxes btab190.00
books from boxes crd220.00
books from boxes intro tab270.00
books from boxes tab250.00
by the monument acoustic crd310.00
by the monument crd250.00


calm crd340.00
calm ver2 crd250.00
coast is always changing btab240.00
coast is always changing intro tab230.00
coast is always changing tab240.00
coast is always changing ver2 btab200.00


girls who play guitars btab260.00
girls who play guitars tab310.00
girls who play guitars ver2 btab290.00
girls who play guitars ver2 tab240.00
going missing btab260.00
going missing intro tab260.00
going missing tab430.00
going missing ver2 tab190.00
going missing ver3 tab220.00
graffiti btab270.00
graffiti tab260.00
graffiti ver2 tab240.00


hammer horror crd270.00


i havent seen her in ages crd250.00
i want you to stay tab230.00


karaoke plays tab230.00
karaoke plays ver2 tab270.00
kiss you better crd270.00


limassol crd220.00


nosebleed acoustic tab340.00
now im all over the shop btab260.00
now im all over the shop tab210.00


once a glimpse btab260.00
once a glimpse tab270.00
our velocity btab280.00
our velocity tab240.00
our velocity ver2 tab240.00


parisian skies crd260.00
postcard of a painting btab250.00
postcard of a painting crd240.00
postcard of a painting intro tab280.00
postcard of a painting intro ver2 tab210.00
postcard of a painting tab250.00
postcard of a painting ver2 tab230.00


questing not coasting crd260.00
questing not coasting tab310.00


roller disco dreams tab200.00


shiver crd260.00
signal and sign tab250.00
signal and sing btab270.00
stray talk tab260.00
surrender acoustic crd280.00


the kids are sick again crd180.00
the kids are sick again tab240.00
the national health tab210.00
the night i lost my head crd260.00
the penultimate clinch tab280.00
the undercurrents acoustic crd270.00
the undercurrents acoustic ver2 crd220.00
the undercurrents crd250.00
the undercurrents ver2 crd220.00


unshockable tab230.00


wraithlike intro tab320.00
wraithlike tab180.00


your urge tab220.00