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Merry Hell is an English folk rock band from Wigan, Greater Manchester, formed in 2010. The core members of the band include the three Kettle brothers, who were previously members of The Tansads. History Guitarist and songwriter John Kettle and his brothers, mandolin player Bob and vocalist Andrew were members of the 1990s folk rock band The Tansads. In 2010, over a decade since they last performed together, former members of the band reunited for a series of concerts in St Helens. Following the successful gigs, some of the musicians involved, including the three brothers, decided to continue as a band, but rather than use the Tansads name chose to adopt the new name Merry Hell. In addition to the former Tansads, other members of the new band included John Kettle's wife Virginia. Merry Hell were signed to the Mrs Casey Records legend on the basis of a demo recording, and in October 2011 released their debut album BLINK.. and you miss it. In 2012, Merry Hell performed at Folk on the...
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