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American entertainer Michael Jackson (1958–2009) debuted on the professional music scene at age 5 as a member of The Jackson 5 and began a solo career in 1971 while still part of the group. Referred to as the "King of Pop" in subsequent years, Jackson had seven of his solo albums promoted with music videos, or as he would refer them as "short films". In the early 1980s, Jackson became a dominant figure in popular culture and the first African American entertainer to have a strong crossover fanbase on Music Television (MTV). The popularity of his music videos that aired on MTV, such as "Beat It", "Billie Jean" and "Thriller"—credited for transforming the music video from a promotional tool and into an art form—helped bring the relatively new channel to fame. Videos such as "Black or White" and "Scream" made Jackson an enduring staple on MTV into the 1990s. Some of his short films drew criticism for their violent and sexual elements; others were lauded by critics and awarded...
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another part of me crd370.00
another part of me ver2 crd510.00


bad album crd350.00
bad btab600.00
bad crd560.00
bad tab500.00
bad ver2 btab460.00
bad ver3 btab440.00
bad video lesson480.00
beat it btab440.00
beat it crd400.00
beat it drum tab430.00
beat it solo tab470.00
beat it solo ver2 tab520.00
beat it tab400.00
beat it ver2 btab440.00
beat it ver2 tab350.00
beat it ver2 video lesson520.00
beat it ver3 btab380.00
beat it ver3 tab360.00
beat it ver3 video lesson530.00
beat it ver4 btab500.00
beat it ver4 tab790.00
beat it ver5 btab460.00
beat it ver5 tab280.00
beat it ver6 tab600.00
beat it ver7 tab480.00
beat it ver8 tab540.00
beat it video lesson400.00
behind the mask crd400.00
ben btab440.00
ben crd460.00
ben tab450.00
ben ver2 crd350.00
ben ver3 crd360.00
best of joy crd540.00
best of joy ver2 crd440.00
billie jean acoustic crd460.00
billie jean acoustic intro tab470.00
billie jean acoustic tab480.00
billie jean acoustic ver2 tab370.00
billie jean btab500.00
billie jean crd440.00
billie jean intro tab470.00
billie jean intro ver2 tab460.00
billie jean intro video lesson550.00
billie jean tab330.00
billie jean ver2 btab420.00
billie jean ver2 crd510.00
billie jean ver2 tab420.00
billie jean ver2 video lesson510.00
billie jean ver3 btab480.00
billie jean ver3 crd410.00
billie jean ver3 tab460.00
billie jean ver4 btab480.00
billie jean ver4 crd480.00
billie jean ver5 btab480.00
billie jean ver5 crd490.00
billie jean ver6 btab430.00
billie jean ver6 crd330.00
billie jean video lesson460.00
black or whit easy way intro tab470.00
black or white crd410.00
black or white intro tab520.00
black or white intro ver2 tab470.00
black or white intro video lesson440.00
black or white parody tab470.00
black or white tab400.00
black or white ver2 crd430.00
black or white ver2 tab520.00
black or white ver3 crd390.00
black or white ver3 tab370.00
black or white ver4 tab530.00
blood on the dance floor crd360.00
blood on the dance floor intro tab410.00
butterflies acoustic crd310.00


childhood crd330.00
come together tab380.00
cry crd410.00


dangerous album crd270.00
dirty diana btab440.00
dirty diana crd410.00
dirty diana solo tab470.00
dirty diana tab410.00
dirty diana ver2 btab380.00
dirty diana ver2 tab400.00
dont stop till you get enough btab370.00
dont stop till you get enough crd320.00


earth song btab380.00
earth song crd290.00
earth song ver2 btab500.00
earth song ver2 crd420.00
earth song ver3 crd360.00


farewell my summer love crd420.00


get on the floor btab400.00
get on the floor ver2 btab360.00
get on the floor ver3 btab440.00
ghosts crd400.00
girl is mine crd370.00
give in to me btab400.00
give in to me crd350.00
give in to me solo tab470.00
give in to me tab350.00
give in to me ver2 tab360.00
give into me tab390.00
gone too soon crd420.00
got to be there crd390.00


happy birthday lisa crd410.00
happy crd410.00
heal the world btab430.00
heal the world crd360.00
heal the world tab410.00
heal the world ver2 crd440.00
heal the world ver2 tab330.00
heal the world ver3 crd330.00
heal the world ver3 tab570.00
heal the world ver4 crd410.00
heal the world ver5 crd500.00
heal the world ver6 crd370.00
heartbreaker crd390.00
hold my hand crd670.00
hold my hand ver2 crd520.00
hold my hand ver3 crd430.00
human nature btab390.00
human nature crd480.00
human nature part 2 video lesson490.00
human nature tab570.00
human nature ver2 tab580.00
human nature video lesson470.00


i cant help it crd440.00
i cant help it tab370.00
i cant make it another day crd370.00
i just cant stop loving you crd490.00
i just cant stop loving you ver2 crd730.00
i just cant stop loving you ver3 crd510.00
i just cant stop loving you ver4 crd580.00
i ll be there crd390.00
i wanna be where you are crd450.00
i want you back crd380.00
ill be there crd730.00
ill be there tab500.00
im so blue crd440.00
in our small way crd360.00
in the closet crd390.00
in the closet ver2 crd370.00


keep the faith crd360.00


leave me alone crd490.00
leave me alone tab620.00
leave me alone ver2 crd500.00
liberian girl crd470.00
liberian girl tab1010.00
liberian girl ver2 crd480.00
little susie crd490.00
love site crd390.00


man in the mirror btab450.00
man in the mirror crd400.00
man in the mirror tab430.00
man in the mirror ver2 crd420.00
man in the mirror ver2 tab420.00
man in the mirror ver3 crd480.00
man in the mirror ver3 tab530.00
man in the mirror ver4 crd390.00
man in the mirror ver5 crd440.00
man in the mirror video lesson430.00
monster crd340.00
morphine tab550.00
much too soon crd400.00
much too soon ver2 crd360.00
much too soon ver3 crd410.00
music and me crd460.00
music and me tab470.00


off the wall btab430.00
off the wall crd380.00
one day in your life crd410.00
one day in your life ver2 crd330.00
one more chance crd420.00


privacy intro tab500.00
pyt pretty young thing btab510.00
pyt pretty young thing crd460.00
pyt pretty young thing tab410.00
pyt pretty young thing ver2 crd420.00


remember the time crd320.00
remember the time ver2 crd420.00
rock with you crd370.00
rock with you intro tab550.00
rock with you tab490.00
rock with you ver2 crd320.00
rock with you ver3 crd430.00
rock with you ver4 crd420.00


scared of the moon crd410.00
scream crd410.00
scream solo tab440.00
shes out of my life crd370.00
shes out of my life tab340.00
shes out of my life ver2 crd380.00
shes out of my life ver3 crd410.00
shes out of my life ver4 crd450.00
smile crd370.00
smile ver2 crd400.00
smooth criminal btab420.00
smooth criminal crd460.00
smooth criminal intro tab480.00
smooth criminal intro ver2 tab460.00
smooth criminal tab510.00
smooth criminal ver2 btab410.00
smooth criminal ver2 crd430.00
smooth criminal ver2 tab450.00
smooth criminal ver3 crd360.00
smooth criminal ver3 tab550.00
smooth criminal ver4 tab480.00
smooth criminal video lesson510.00
speechless crd360.00
speechless tab310.00
speed demon tab330.00
state of shock intro tab540.00
state of shock tab460.00
stranger in moscow crd420.00


the lady in my life crd420.00
the lady in my life ver2 crd440.00
the way you make me feel crd340.00
the way you make me feel tab660.00
the way you make me feel ver2 crd370.00
the way you make me feel ver2 tab380.00
the way you make me feel ver3 crd370.00
they dont care about us crd470.00
they dont care about us tab690.00
they dont care about us video lesson520.00
this is it acoustic crd400.00
this is it crd340.00
this is it intro tab420.00
this is it tab390.00
this is it ver2 crd440.00
this is it ver3 crd420.00
thriller album crd380.00
thriller btab470.00
thriller crd440.00
thriller tab370.00
thriller ver2 btab420.00
thriller ver2 crd500.00
thriller ver2 tab460.00
thriller ver3 btab370.00


unbreakable tab420.00


wanna be startin somethin crd390.00
wanna be startin somethin ver2 crd490.00
we are the world crd370.00
we are the world tab560.00
we are the world ver2 crd410.00
we are the world ver3 crd390.00
we are the world ver4 crd440.00
we are the world ver5 crd360.00
weve had enough crd430.00
whatever happens crd280.00
whatever happens tab390.00
who is it crd440.00
will you be there crd520.00
will you be there free willy crd380.00
will you be there intro tab440.00
will you be there ver2 crd360.00


you are not alone acoustic crd440.00
you are not alone crd480.00
you are not alone tab380.00
you are not alone ver2 crd410.00
you are not alone ver3 crd410.00
you are not alone ver4 crd420.00
you are not alone ver5 crd420.00
you are not alone ver6 crd370.00
you cant win btab480.00
you rock my world btab420.00
you rock my world crd490.00
you rock my world tab420.00
you rock my world ver2 btab430.00