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FLACC is an implementation of the ALGOL 68 programming language. Chris Thomson and Colin Broughton founded Chion Corporation which developed and marketed FLACC (Full Language Algol 68 Checkout Compiler). This compiler and run-time system conformed exactly to the Revised Report, ran on IBM 370 and compatible mainframes, and included debugging features derived from WATFIV. It was released in 1977. Chris was a student of Barry J. Mailloux. Barry studied at Amsterdam's Mathematisch Centrum from 1966 under Adriaan van Wijngaarden. Barry's work on the Algol 68 language established the University of Alberta as a center for Algol 68-related activity. According to Thomson decade later: You know, we only ever got 22 copies installed, and less than 5 of those in North America. Even though it ran on 370's under MVS, CMS and MTS, and was cheap and reliable. Talk about a marketing disaster. References External links Barry J. Mailloux @ FLACC in a language pedigree chart (archive...
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36 normal and weird scales tab360.00


a altered scale btab380.00
a dimished scale btab370.00
a harmonic minor btab390.00
a major and minor scales btab250.00
a major pentatonic scale tab300.00
a major pentatonic tab270.00
a major scale btab450.00
a major tab320.00
a melodic minor scale btab380.00
a minor blues btab280.00
a minor pentatonic tab330.00
a minor pentatonic ver2 tab400.00
a minor scale btab330.00
a minor scale tab300.00
a whole tone scale btab430.00


b flat chromatic scale tab260.00
b flat scale tab270.00
b minor pantonic scale tab450.00
basic blues scale in a tab370.00
basic blues scale in g tab290.00
basic blues scale in g ver2 tab410.00
basic sweep solo tab270.00
blues scale tab410.00
blues scale ver2 tab330.00
blues scale ver3 tab450.00
blues scales tab430.00


c dorian tab290.00
c major arpeggio tab260.00
c major scale patterns tab260.00
c major scale tab380.00
c major tab310.00
chromatic scale tab320.00


d major scale tab300.00
d major scale ver2 tab410.00
d minor scale tab430.00


e balinese tab260.00
e chinese scale tab360.00
e enigmatic scale tab400.00
e gypsy scale tab320.00
e hungarian minor scale tab350.00
e iwato scale tab340.00
e japanese scale tab350.00
e javanese tab320.00
e major scale tab330.00
e minor bass scale btab390.00
e minor pentatonic scale tab320.00
e minor rock lick scale tab360.00
e mohammedan tab420.00
e mongolian tab260.00
e neapolitan tab390.00
essential scales tab320.00
essential scales ver2 tab380.00


five minor pentatonic positions tab360.00


g major scale btab330.00
g major scales and licks tab440.00
g minor btab400.00
g minor pentatonic tab360.00


harmonic minor tab250.00
hijaz scale tab340.00
hungarian gypsy scale tab330.00
hungarian major scale tab270.00


jazz scale tab310.00


kumio scale tab200.00


lydian mode tab240.00


major and minor blues scales btab260.00
major and minor scale patterns btab330.00
major and minor scales btab340.00
major scales tab340.00
major scales ver2 tab290.00
major scales ver3 tab340.00
major scales ver4 tab350.00
mellow part tab330.00
metal scale tab420.00
modes of the harmonic minor scale tab290.00


natural scales and c arpeggios tab260.00


odd scales tab290.00


pelog scale tab360.00
pentatonic scale tab430.00
pentatonic tab250.00
pentatonic ver2 tab280.00


ritsu scale c tab480.00


shreddin scales tab350.00
sweep excersice solo tab410.00
sweep picking arpeggios excercises tab310.00
sweep picking excercise tab330.00
sweep picking them tab350.00
sweep scales tab340.00