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Moonspell is a Portuguese gothic metal band. Formed in 1992, the group released their first EP Under the Moonspell in 1994, a year before the release of their first album Wolfheart. The band quickly gained status and became one of the most recognizable metal bands from Portugal. Moonspell reached the Portuguese top first with their album Sin/Pecado, and were, along with Metallica and Iron Maiden, the only metal band to reach the first place of the Portuguese charts after the release of their album, Memorial, in 2006. With Memorial, Moonspell also became the first Portuguese heavy metal band to have a record certified gold status. They are also popular in Germany, where their albums consistently enter the Top 100 Chart. History Early days (1992–1994) Although they had been playing since 1989 under the name of "Morbid God", the band became Moonspell in 1992, the same year they released the promo track "Serpent Angel". Breakthrough (1995–1997) After the release of mini-album Under...
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2nd skin btab470.00
2nd skin tab340.00


a poisoned gift btab330.00
a poisoned gift tab260.00
a walk on the dark side btab290.00
alma mater tab320.00
alma mater ver2 tab380.00
alma mater ver3 tab310.00
an erotic alchemy tab340.00
ancient winter goddess btab300.00
antidote btab420.00
antidote intro tab470.00
as we eternally sleep on it btab260.00
at tragic heights btab300.00
at tragic heights tab320.00
ataegina tab400.00
ataegnia tab310.00
awake btab460.00
awake tab320.00
awake ver2 btab420.00


capricorn at her feet btab340.00
capricorn at her feet intro tab310.00
capricorn at her feet intro ver2 tab350.00
capricorn at her feet tab450.00
chorai lusitnia tab320.00
crystal gazing btab300.00


darkness and hope crd270.00
dekadence btab350.00
disappear here btab300.00
dreamless btab350.00


everything invaded solo tab390.00
everything invaded tab300.00


finisterra btab380.00
finisterra intro tab360.00
finisterra tab270.00
firewalking btab270.00
for a taste of eternity btab330.00
for a taste of eternity tab240.00
from lowering skies btab310.00
full moon madness btab320.00
full moon madness tab320.00


goat on fire btab360.00


her spiegelmann tab310.00
herr spiegelmann btab360.00
hers is the twilight btab310.00
how we became fire btab390.00


i am the eternal spectator btab330.00
in and above man btab380.00
in and above men btab350.00
in and above men tab340.00
in memoriam btab310.00
in memoriam tab310.00


let the children cum to me btab210.00
love crimes btab300.00
love crimes tab260.00
lua dinverno tab440.00
luna btab390.00
luna intro tab400.00
luna tab460.00
lunar still btab450.00


made of storm btab370.00
magdalene btab340.00
memento mori btab340.00
mephisto btab390.00
mephisto tab370.00
moon in mercury btab350.00
mute tab320.00


night eternal btab320.00
night eternal tab310.00
nocturna btab410.00
nocturna tab280.00


of dream and drama btab340.00
of dream and drama tab400.00
opium tab330.00
opus diabolicum btab440.00


rapaces btab380.00
raven claws btab360.00
raven claws ver2 btab330.00
ruin and misery tab380.00


scorpion flower btab440.00
scorpion flower tab310.00
scorpion flower ver2 tab350.00
second skin btab370.00
serpent angel btab360.00
shadow sun btab400.00
soulsick btab410.00


tenebrarum oratorium btab400.00
than the serpents in my arms btab320.00
the butterfly fx btab420.00
the hanged man tab430.00
the southern deathstyle btab300.00
trebaruna btab360.00
trebraruna tab360.00


vampiria btab310.00
vampiria tab380.00
vampiria ver2 tab420.00
vampiria ver3 tab300.00
vc gloria domini btab210.00


wolfshade a werewolf masquerade btab240.00
wolfshade a werewolf masquerade tab290.00
wolfshade a werewolf masquerade ver2 tab350.00
wolves from the fog btab410.00