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The Muses are the inspirational goddesses of literature, science, and the arts in Greek mythology. They were considered the source of the knowledge embodied in the poetry, lyric songs, and myths that were related orally for centuries in these ancient cultures. They were later adopted by the Romans as a part of their pantheon. In current English usage, "muse" can refer in general to a person who inspires an artist, writer, or musician. Etymology The Muses /ˈmjuːzᵻz/ (Ancient Greek: Μοῦσαι, Moũsai; perhaps from the o-grade of the Proto-Indo-European root *men- "to think" or from root *men- "to tower, mountain", since all the most important cult-centres of the Muses were on mountains or hills. Number and names The earliest known records of the Nine Muses are from Boeotia, the homeland of Hesiod. Some ancient authorities thought that the Nine Muses were of Thracian origin. There, a tradition persisted that the Muses had once been three in number. In the first century BC,...
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a crying shame btab460.00
a crying shame intro tab430.00
a crying shame intro ver2 tab480.00
a crying shame tab440.00
a crying shame ver2 btab380.00
a crying shame ver2 tab350.00
action faust tab500.00
agitated acoustic tab410.00
agitated btab550.00
agitated tab510.00
animals btab560.00
animals crd450.00
animals tab360.00
animals ver2 btab410.00
animals ver2 crd500.00
animals ver2 tab510.00
apocalypse please btab500.00
apocalypse please crd470.00
apocalypse please tab450.00
apocalypse please ver2 btab410.00
apocalypse please ver2 crd370.00
apocalypse please ver2 tab410.00
apocalypse please ver3 btab330.00
apocalypse please ver3 crd300.00
apocalypse please ver3 tab390.00
ashamed btab470.00
ashamed tab670.00
ashamed ver2 btab450.00
assassin btab460.00
assassin crd550.00
assassin drum tab410.00
assassin tab510.00
assassin ver2 btab390.00
assassin ver2 drum tab360.00
assassin ver2 tab500.00
assassin ver3 btab480.00
assassin ver3 tab510.00
assassin ver4 btab470.00
assassin ver4 tab450.00


balloonatic tab430.00
bedroom acoustics tab420.00
big freeze btab490.00
big freeze crd400.00
big freeze tab420.00
big freeze ver2 btab420.00
big freeze ver2 crd360.00
blackout btab670.00
blackout crd490.00
blackout live tab430.00
blackout tab570.00
blackout ver2 crd490.00
blackout ver2 tab640.00
blackout ver3 crd560.00
blackout ver3 tab500.00
blackout ver4 tab530.00
bliss acoustic crd360.00
bliss acoustic ver2 crd400.00
bliss acoustic ver3 crd610.00
bliss btab530.00
bliss crd560.00
bliss drum tab410.00
bliss live tab520.00
bliss tab650.00
bliss ver2 btab460.00
bliss ver2 tab480.00
bliss ver3 btab450.00
bliss ver3 tab510.00
bliss ver4 btab600.00
bliss ver4 tab530.00
bliss ver5 btab400.00
burning bandits btab500.00
burning bridges tab410.00
burning bridges ver2 tab460.00
butterfiles and hurricanes live tab360.00
butterflies and hurricanes btab370.00
butterflies and hurricanes drum tab290.00
butterflies and hurricanes live btab370.00
butterflies and hurricanes live tab370.00
butterflies and hurricanes live ver2 btab450.00
butterflies and hurricanes tab440.00
butterflies and hurricanes ver2 btab350.00
butterflies and hurricanes ver2 tab400.00
butterflies and hurricanes ver3 btab330.00


cant take my eyes off you btab480.00
cant take my eyes off you crd340.00
cant take my eyes off you tab390.00
cant take my eyes off you ver2 crd360.00
cant take my eyes off you ver2 tab460.00
cant take my eyes off you ver3 crd440.00
cant take my eyes off you ver3 tab500.00
cave acoustic tab530.00
cave btab620.00
cave tab510.00
cave ver2 btab490.00
cave ver2 tab540.00
cave ver3 btab650.00
cave ver4 btab500.00
citizen erased btab400.00
citizen erased crd390.00
citizen erased live tab400.00
citizen erased solo tab430.00
citizen erased tab570.00
citizen erased ver2 tab580.00
citizen erased ver3 tab550.00
citizen erased ver4 tab510.00
citizen erased ver5 tab470.00
citizen erased ver6 tab430.00
citizen erased ver7 tab450.00
city of delusion btab500.00
city of delusion drum tab310.00
city of delusion solo tab420.00
city of delusion tab340.00
city of delusion ver2 btab480.00
city of delusion ver2 tab340.00
city of delusion ver3 btab350.00
city of delusion ver3 tab350.00
city of delusion ver4 btab400.00
close encounters tab400.00
coma btab670.00
coma tab590.00
coma ver2 tab530.00
coma ver3 tab440.00
coma ver4 tab580.00
con science btab480.00
con science tab510.00
con science ver2 tab430.00
con science ver3 tab400.00
con science ver4 tab480.00
crying shame btab400.00


dark shines btab370.00
dark shines crd490.00
dark shines tab380.00
dark shines ver2 btab370.00
dark shines ver2 crd460.00
dark shines ver2 tab610.00
dark shines ver3 btab480.00
dark shines ver3 tab420.00
dark shines ver4 btab430.00
dark shines ver4 tab410.00
dead star btab400.00
dead star crd410.00
dead star live tab590.00
dead star tab450.00
dead star ver2 btab470.00
dead star ver2 tab490.00
dead star ver3 btab530.00
dead star ver3 tab390.00
dead star ver4 btab470.00
dead star ver4 tab540.00
dead star ver5 tab440.00
dead star ver6 tab500.00
debase masons grog tab320.00
debase masons grog ver2 tab450.00
des tab540.00
des ver2 tab640.00
do we need this btab600.00
do we need this tab410.00
dracula mountain btab410.00
dracula mountain tab400.00
drum and bass tab460.00
dust in the wind crd380.00


easily btab670.00
easily crd510.00
easily solo tab440.00
easily tab510.00
easily ver2 btab530.00
easily ver2 tab460.00
easily ver3 btab490.00
easily ver4 btab510.00
emergency tab440.00
endlessly btab490.00
endlessly crd520.00
endlessly tab460.00
endlessly ver2 crd470.00
endlessly ver2 tab470.00
escape btab440.00
escape crd450.00
escape tab720.00
escape ver2 tab560.00
eternally missed btab420.00
eternally missed crd420.00
eternally missed tab370.00
eternally missed ver2 btab410.00
execution commentary btab360.00
execution commentary tab450.00
exo politics btab620.00
exo politics crd440.00
exo politics solo tab500.00
exo politics tab610.00
exo politics ver2 btab410.00
exo politics ver2 tab510.00
exo politics ver3 btab400.00
exo politics ver3 tab380.00
exo politics ver4 btab370.00
exo politics ver4 tab460.00
exo politics ver5 tab390.00
exo politics ver6 tab390.00
exo politics ver7 tab350.00
exogenesis part 2 cross pollination tab420.00
exogenesis symphony part 1 overture btab480.00
exogenesis symphony part 1 overture crd530.00
exogenesis symphony part 1 overture solo tab480.00
exogenesis symphony part 1 overture solo ver2 tab310.00
exogenesis symphony part 1 overture tab350.00
exogenesis symphony part 2 cross pollination btab370.00
exogenesis symphony part 2 cross pollination crd440.00
exogenesis symphony part 3 redemption btab440.00
exogenesis symphony part 3 redemption tab420.00
exogenesis symphony part 3 redemption ver2 btab430.00
exogenesis symphony part 3 redemption ver2 tab420.00
explorers btab470.00
explorers crd570.00
explorers ver2 btab360.00
explorers ver2 crd370.00


falling away with you btab490.00
falling away with you crd350.00
falling away with you tab340.00
falling away with you ver2 btab420.00
falling away with you ver2 tab410.00
falling away with you ver3 tab520.00
falling down btab470.00
falling down crd430.00
falling down tab500.00
falling down ver2 tab460.00
falling with the crowd tab420.00
feeling good drum tab380.00
feeling good tab350.00
futurism video lesson440.00


hysteria video lesson370.00


knights of cydonia video lesson490.00


plug in baby video lesson340.00


unnatural selection video lesson470.00