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Nada Surf is an American alternative rock band which currently consists of Matthew Caws (guitar, vocals), Ira Elliot (drums), Doug Gillard (guitar) and Daniel Lorca (bass, backing vocals). Based in New York City and formed in the 1990s, Nada Surf continues to tour. Their eighth album, You Know Who You Are, was a featured release on NPR in February 2016. History 1990s In 1992, the band was formed by Matthew Caws and Daniel Lorca. Concerning the band's name, Matthew said, "it's actually referring to something much more existential, it's just surfing on nothing. Being lost in your head or in your imagination but you know, whenever I listen to music I always find myself off somewhere. Somewhere in space. You know, in mental space and it's a reference to that." They met in the Lycée Français de New York; both spent some of their childhood in France and Belgium, and played in many bands, including The Cost of Living and Because Because Because. Their first drummer, Dan (later alluded to...
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all is a game crd340.00
all is a game ver2 crd360.00
always love btab310.00
always love crd300.00
always love tab350.00
always love ver2 crd270.00
amateur crd340.00
are you lightning crd280.00


bacardi crd350.00
beautiful beat crd360.00
beautiful beat tab340.00
blankest year crd300.00
blizzard 77 intro tab330.00
blizzard of 77 crd230.00
blizzard of 77 tab260.00
blizzard of 77 ver2 tab350.00
blonde on blonde crd270.00
blonde on blonde tab270.00
blonde on blonde ver2 crd320.00
blue moon tab310.00


clear eye clouded mind crd400.00
comes a time tab300.00
concrete bed btab270.00
concrete bed intro tab320.00
concrete bed tab280.00
concrete bed ver2 tab290.00
concrete bed ver3 tab290.00


do it again btab270.00
do it again crd250.00
do it again intro tab470.00


electrocution crd310.00
electrocution ver2 crd390.00
enjoy the silence crd390.00
enjoy the silence ver2 crd330.00


from now on crd350.00
fruit fly crd360.00
fruit fly intro tab370.00
fruit fly tab370.00
fruit fly ver2 crd340.00


happy kid tab320.00
here goes something crd320.00
high speed soul btab320.00
hyperspace tab350.00


i like what you say btab380.00
i like what you say crd280.00
i like what you say tab420.00
i like what you say ver2 crd290.00
ice on the wing crd310.00
if you leave crd330.00
imaginary friends crd290.00
inside of love btab280.00
inside of love crd250.00
inside of love drum tab630.00
inside of love tab270.00
inside of love ver2 tab290.00


jules and jim crd380.00


killians red crd300.00
killians red tab300.00


looking through crd260.00


meow meow lullaby tab360.00


neither heaven nor space crd250.00
neither heaven nor space ver2 crd290.00
no quick fix crd320.00


paper boats tab280.00
plan tab330.00
popular btab330.00
popular drum tab360.00
popular tab320.00
popular ver2 tab270.00
popular ver3 tab280.00


river phoenix crd350.00
robot crd280.00
robot tab460.00


secret tab440.00
see these bones btab300.00
see these bones crd380.00
see these bones tab350.00
see these bones ver2 tab300.00
silent fighting crd280.00
stalemate btab400.00


telescope tab350.00
the film did not go round tab280.00
the film did not go round ver2 tab250.00
the film did not go round ver3 tab340.00
the future tab300.00
the way you wear your head crd280.00
the way you wear your head tab290.00
traffic tab330.00


weightless acoustic crd310.00
weightless crd310.00
weightless intro tab340.00
weightless tab400.00
what is your secret tab390.00
when i was young tab290.00
whose authority btab290.00
whose authority crd280.00
why are you so mean to me tab1140.00


your legs grow crd250.00


zen brain crd330.00