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Christofer Drew Ingle, known professionally as Christofer Drew, an American musician best known as the lead vocalist and guitarist of indie rock band Never Shout Never, and experimental metal band Eat Me Raw (formerly Eatmewhileimhot). Early life Ingle was born in San Diego to Nancy Keifner and Edward Ingle. He was raised in Joplin, Missouri. Music career Never Shout Never (2007–present) Originally a solo project, Ingle began making music under the alias NeverShoutNever! in 2007 (age 16). His first exposure came through the internet, where he achieved success on MySpace before issuing the extended play, The Yippee EP on July 29, 2008. On July 30, 2008, he was featured on TRL, where he performed his single "Bigcitydreams." He toured with Hellogoodbye and Ace Enders in the fall of 2008. The spelling was later changed to 'Never Shout Never', and went on to form into a full band instead of a solo project exclusive to Ingle. As of October 2014, the band has gone on to release five...
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30 days crd550.00
30 days intro tab400.00
30 days tab440.00
30 days ver2 crd450.00
30 days ver2 tab270.00
30 days ver3 crd500.00
30 days ver4 crd380.00
30 days ver5 crd370.00
30 days ver6 crd420.00


between two worlds crd360.00
bigcitydreams btab410.00
bigcitydreams crd330.00
bigcitydreams solo tab420.00
bigcitydreams solo ver2 tab400.00
bigcitydreams solo ver3 tab320.00
bigcitydreams solo ver4 tab310.00
bigcitydreams tab380.00
bigcitydreams ver2 crd310.00
bigcitydreams ver2 tab390.00
bigcitydreams ver3 crd390.00
bigcitydreams ver4 crd340.00
bigcitydreams ver5 crd370.00
break up song crd430.00
break up song ver2 crd300.00


california crd310.00
california tab410.00
california ver2 crd410.00
california ver3 crd330.00
cant stand it btab300.00
cant stand it crd420.00
cant stand it solo tab290.00
cant stand it solo ver2 tab360.00
cant stand it ver2 crd360.00
cant stand it ver3 crd350.00
cant stand it ver4 crd390.00
cheatercheaterbestfriendeater crd330.00
cheatercheaterbestfriendeater tab360.00
cheatercheaterbestfriendeater ver2 crd370.00
cheatercheaterbestfriendeater ver3 crd340.00
cheatercheaterbestfriendeater ver4 crd360.00
cheatercheaterbestfriendeater ver5 crd280.00
coffee and cigarettes crd350.00
coffee and cigarettes tab490.00
coffee and cigarettes ver2 crd290.00
coffee and cigarettes ver2 tab350.00
coffee and cigarettes ver3 crd290.00
coffee and cigarettes ver4 crd390.00
coffee and cigarettes ver5 crd360.00
complex heart crd290.00
cute without the e crd250.00
cute without the e ver2 crd330.00


damn dog tab280.00
damn dog ver2 tab340.00
dare4distance crd400.00
dare4distance tab400.00
dare4distance ver2 crd320.00
dare4distance ver3 crd350.00
dare4distance ver4 crd360.00
dare4distance ver5 crd360.00
dare4distance ver6 crd360.00
dare4distance ver7 crd350.00
delirious crd340.00
did it hurt btab320.00
did it hurt crd310.00
did it hurt tab310.00
did it hurt ver2 crd360.00
did it hurt ver2 tab440.00
did it hurt ver3 crd360.00
did it hurt ver4 crd420.00
did it hurt ver5 crd430.00
did it hurt ver6 crd380.00


fifteen crd270.00
fifteen tab330.00
fifteen ver2 crd340.00
fifteen ver2 tab290.00
fifteen ver3 crd370.00
finally crd320.00
first dance lovin on you crd350.00
first dance lovin on you ver2 crd340.00
first dance lovin on you ver3 crd260.00
first dance lovin on you ver4 crd320.00


good times crd320.00
good times ver2 crd390.00
good times ver3 crd310.00
good times ver4 crd400.00


happy acoustic crd400.00
happy btab330.00
happy crd350.00
happy ver2 crd250.00
happy ver3 crd380.00
happy ver4 crd360.00
harmony crd470.00
harmony tab450.00
harmony ver2 crd350.00
harmony ver3 crd400.00
harmony ver4 crd410.00
harmony ver5 crd340.00
heregoesnothin crd340.00
heregoesnothin tab350.00
heregoesnothin ver2 crd340.00
heregoesnothin ver3 crd400.00
heregoesnothin ver4 crd290.00
honey dew crd320.00
hummingbird crd330.00
hummingbird intro tab370.00
hummingbird intro ver2 tab470.00
hummingbird tab330.00
hummingbird ver2 crd280.00
hummingbird ver3 crd300.00
hummingbird ver4 crd300.00


i just laugh crd330.00
i just laugh tab300.00
i just laugh ver2 crd330.00
i just laugh ver2 tab360.00
i just laugh ver3 tab340.00
i just laugh ver4 tab300.00
i love you 5 tab460.00
i love you 5 ver2 tab400.00
i love you more than you will ever know crd410.00
i love you more than you will ever know ver2 crd560.00
if you go leave your key in the mailbox crd410.00


jane doe crd440.00
jane doe tab320.00
jane doe ver2 crd360.00
jane doe ver3 crd410.00
jane doe ver4 crd370.00


ladybug crd380.00
ladybug tab420.00
liar liar acoustic tab370.00
liar liar crd370.00
liar liar tab320.00
liar liar ver2 crd340.00
liar liar ver3 crd410.00
liar liar ver4 crd430.00
liar liar ver5 crd440.00
losing it crd410.00
losing it tab550.00
losing it ver2 crd420.00
losing it ver2 tab400.00
losing it ver3 crd370.00
losing it ver4 crd350.00
losing it ver5 crd330.00
losing it ver6 crd380.00
lousy truth crd320.00
lousy truth tab270.00
lousy truth ver2 tab270.00
love is our weapon crd510.00
love is our weapon tab390.00
love is our weapon ver2 crd390.00
lovesick crd370.00
lovesick ver2 crd420.00
lovesick ver3 crd530.00


magic crd470.00
magic ver2 crd330.00
making love crd360.00
making love tab360.00
making love ver2 crd380.00
mr funny man crd350.00
myfriendjane crd330.00
myfriendjane ver2 crd600.00


on the brightside crd420.00
on the brightside tab370.00
on the brightside ver2 crd350.00
on the brightside ver2 tab260.00
on the brightside ver3 crd340.00
on the brightside ver3 tab290.00
on the brightside ver4 tab320.00
on the brightside ver5 tab310.00
on the brightside ver6 tab270.00
overtheyears crd320.00
overtheyears ver2 crd410.00


piggy bank crd370.00


robot crd480.00


sacrilegious crd420.00
sacrilegious ver2 crd290.00
seawhatweseas crd310.00
seewhatweseas crd280.00
seewhatweseas ver2 crd420.00
sell out crd320.00
sell out ver2 crd340.00
sell out ver3 crd420.00
sellout crd310.00
shes got style btab430.00
shes got style crd290.00
shes got style ver2 crd420.00
shes got style ver3 crd430.00
shes got style ver4 crd450.00
shes got style ver5 crd340.00
shes got style ver6 crd340.00
silent night crd320.00
silver ecstacy crd350.00
silver ecstasy crd320.00
silver ecstasy ver2 crd320.00
silver ecstasy ver3 crd340.00
simple enough crd380.00
simple enough tab340.00
simple enough ver2 crd340.00
simple enough ver3 crd290.00
simplistic trance like getaway crd320.00
simplistic trance like getaway ver2 crd370.00
simplistic trance like getaway crd00.00
skyhighstandard crd350.00
small town girl crd330.00
small town girl ver2 crd380.00
smelyalata crd420.00
smelyalata ver2 crd370.00
smelyalata ver3 crd400.00
smelyalata ver4 crd330.00
smelyalata ver5 crd360.00
smelyalata ver6 crd330.00
smelyalata ver7 crd360.00
smelyalata ver8 crd350.00
stuck on you crd340.00
stuck on you tab320.00
subliminal messages tab290.00
sweet perfection crd390.00
sweet perfection ver2 crd340.00


talk is cheap crd310.00
talk is cheap ver2 crd430.00
the day that music died crd320.00
the duet crd480.00
the duet tab350.00
the duet ver2 tab470.00
the passing time crd360.00
the past crd360.00
the past tab370.00
the past ver2 crd380.00
the past ver3 crd430.00
the past ver4 crd320.00
the summer ep album crd310.00
the yippee album crd360.00
this shit getz old crd380.00
this shit getz old ver2 crd280.00
this shit getz old ver3 crd390.00
till the sun comes up crd330.00
time travel btab380.00
time travel crd400.00
time travel ver2 crd270.00
time travel ver3 crd370.00
time travel ver4 crd340.00
time travel ver5 crd310.00
time travel ver6 crd350.00
trampoline crd430.00
trampoline tab430.00
trampoline ver2 crd450.00
trampoline ver3 crd410.00
trampoline ver4 crd310.00
trouble crd420.00
trouble tab420.00
trouble ver10 crd320.00
trouble ver11 crd330.00
trouble ver2 crd420.00
trouble ver2 tab340.00
trouble ver3 crd470.00
trouble ver4 crd390.00
trouble ver5 crd390.00
trouble ver6 crd430.00
trouble ver7 crd370.00
trouble ver8 crd320.00
trouble ver9 crd390.00


upside down kisses crd280.00
uraltalk crd320.00
uraltalk ver2 crd300.00
uraltalk ver3 crd370.00


what is love crd370.00
what is love ver2 crd420.00
what is love ver3 crd340.00
what is love ver4 crd430.00
what is love ver5 crd300.00
what is love ver6 crd520.00
what is love ver7 crd430.00


yesterday crd310.00
your biggest fan crd370.00
yourbiggestfan crd410.00
yourbiggestfan tab330.00
yourbiggestfan ver2 crd370.00
yourbiggestfan ver3 crd370.00
yourbiggestfan ver4 crd390.00
yourbiggestfan ver5 crd350.00
yourbiggestfan ver6 crd370.00