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Nickel Creek (formerly known as The Nickel Creek Band) is an American country music group consisting of Chris Thile (mandolin), Sara Watkins (fiddle) and Sean Watkins (guitar). Formed in 1989 in Southern California, they released six albums between 1993 and 2006. The band broke out in 2000 with a platinum-selling self-titled album produced by Alison Krauss, earning a number of Grammy and CMA nominations. Their fourth album won a 2003 Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Folk Album. Following a fifth studio album and a compilation album, the band announced an indefinite hiatus at the conclusion of their 2007 Farewell (For Now) Tour,. Following numerous solo projects from the band members, Nickel Creek reformed in 2014 with announcement of a new album and subsequent tour. History The two families, the Watkinses and the Thiles, met after Sean Watkins and Chris Thile had mandolin lessons with the same music instructor, John Moore. Sara Watkins studied with Moore's bandmate, Dennis...
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anthony tab320.00


cant complain intro tab250.00


doubting thomas crd320.00
doubting thomas tab180.00
doubting thomas ver2 tab330.00


first and last waltz crd330.00
fox crd320.00
fox ver2 crd290.00


green and gray crd250.00
green and gray ver2 crd240.00


hand song crd280.00
hand song tab400.00
helena crd240.00
house carpenter crd210.00
house carpenter intro tab270.00
house carpenter ver2 crd230.00
house of bombadil tab230.00


i shouldve known better solo tab200.00
in the house of tom bombadil solo tab180.00


jealous of the moon crd230.00
jealous of the moon intro tab190.00
jealous of the moon tab360.00
jealous of the moon ver2 tab260.00


ode to a butterfly solo tab300.00
out of the woods crd290.00
out of the woods intro tab280.00
out of the woods solo tab220.00
out of the woods ver2 crd220.00
out of the woods ver3 crd350.00


pasters new tab230.00


reasons why crd190.00
reasons why solo tab260.00


smoothie song solo tab230.00
somebody more like you crd270.00
somebody more like you intro tab280.00
somebody more like you tab210.00
somebody more like you ver2 tab250.00
somebody more like you ver3 tab170.00
speak crd370.00
spit on a stranger crd270.00
sweet afton crd270.00
sweet afton ver2 crd320.00
sweet afton ver3 crd300.00


the lighthouses tale crd260.00
the lighthouses tale tab330.00
the lighthouses tale ver2 tab240.00
this side album crd310.00
this side crd300.00
this side intro tab260.00
this side intro ver2 tab260.00
this side tab240.00
this side ver2 crd280.00
tomorrow is a long time crd230.00
tomorrow is a long time tab270.00


when in rome intro tab230.00
when in rome tab210.00
when you come back down crd200.00
when you come back down tab210.00
when you come back down ver2 crd200.00
when you come back down ver3 crd180.00
when you come back down ver4 crd220.00
when you come back down ver5 crd260.00
when you come back down ver6 crd230.00
when you come back down ver7 crd230.00
why should the fire die crd260.00
windmills crd230.00


young crd290.00