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Nickelback is a Canadian rock band formed in 1995 in Hanna, Alberta, Canada. The band is composed of guitarist and lead vocalist Chad Kroeger, guitarist, keyboardist and backing vocalist Ryan Peake, bassist Mike Kroeger, and drummer Daniel Adair. The band went through a few drummer changes between 1995 and 2005, achieving its current form when Adair replaced drummer Ryan Vikedal. Nickelback is one of the most commercially successful Canadian groups, having sold more than 50 million albums worldwide and ranking as the eleventh best-selling music act, and the second best-selling foreign act in the U.S. of the 2000s, behind The Beatles. Billboard ranks them the most successful rock group of the decade; their song "How You Remind Me" was listed as the best-selling rock song of the decade and the fourth best-selling of the decade. They were listed number seven on the Billboard top artist of the decade, with four albums listed on the Billboard top albums of the decade. The band signed with...
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all the right reasons album btab543.30
all the right reasons album tab523.20
all the right reasons album ver2 tab482.00
animals btab542.50
animals crd454.00
animals drum tab512.20
animals tab693.40
animals ver2 btab533.50
animals ver2 tab423.00
animals ver3 btab482.00
animals ver3 tab462.30
animals ver4 btab593.80
animals ver4 tab463.30
animals ver5 btab553.00
animals ver5 tab722.10
animals ver6 tab512.60
animals ver7 tab472.90
another hole in the head btab482.70
another hole in the head tab402.50
another hole in the head ver2 btab413.00
another hole in the head ver2 tab512.30
another hole in the head ver3 tab472.40


because of you btab503.60
because of you tab472.80
because of you ver2 btab483.60
because of you ver2 tab473.90
because of you ver3 tab423.70
because of you ver4 tab473.40
because of you ver5 tab463.80
believe it or not btab573.10
believe it or not tab412.60
believe it or not ver2 btab433.30
believe it or not ver2 tab513.60
bottoms up intro tab422.50
bottoms up tab553.30
bottoms up ver2 tab482.50
bottoms up ver3 tab562.70
breathe btab493.40
breathe tab462.80
burn it to the ground tab512.80
burn it to the ground ver2 tab393.00
burn it to the ground ver3 tab452.40
burn it to the ground ver4 tab402.30
burning to the ground tab513.70


cowboy hat tab392.10
cowboy hat ver2 tab512.00
curb album btab432.40
curb tab482.30


dark horse album tab443.30
dc tab692.00
deep tab522.30
detangler btab522.20
detangler tab453.60
diggin this tab573.30
do this anymore btab523.90
do this anymore crd442.90
do this anymore tab412.90
do this anymore ver2 btab553.60
do this anymore ver2 tab513.10
do this anymore ver3 btab453.30
dont ever let it end crd474.00
dont ever let it end ver2 crd392.00


everything i wanna do tab442.60


falls back on btab352.30
falls back on tab543.20
far away btab462.40
far away crd453.00
far away tab332.60
far away ver2 btab382.30
far away ver2 crd383.00
far away ver2 tab602.10
far away ver2 video lesson473.00
far away ver3 btab513.20
far away ver3 crd442.10
far away ver3 tab493.90
far away ver4 crd453.60
far away ver4 tab592.80
far away ver5 tab592.20
far away ver6 tab514.00
far away ver7 tab433.30
far away ver8 tab493.00
far away video lesson512.70
feelin way too damn good btab492.40
feelin way too damn good tab512.50
feelin way too damn good ver2 tab593.30
feelin way too damn good ver3 tab472.80
feelin way too damn good ver4 tab493.50
feelin way too damn good ver5 tab562.40
feeling way too damn good crd542.50
fight for all the wrong reasons btab503.00
fight for all the wrong reasons intro tab442.10
fight for all the wrong reasons tab572.20
fight for all the wrong reasons ver2 tab512.10
fight for all the wrong reasons ver3 tab752.40
fight for all the wrong reasons ver4 tab563.10
fight for all the wrong reasons ver5 tab503.30
fight for all the wrong reasons ver6 tab503.50
figured you out btab442.00
figured you out crd673.40
figured you out tab592.50
figured you out ver2 btab462.10
figured you out ver2 crd512.10
figured you out ver2 tab643.20
figured you out ver3 tab402.20
figured you out ver4 tab943.30
figured you out ver5 tab452.10
flat on the floor btab543.80
flat on the floor tab542.30
flat on the floor ver2 btab532.90
flat on the floor ver2 tab512.00
flat on the floor ver3 tab462.40
flat on the floor ver4 tab452.00
flat on the floor ver5 tab443.40
fly btab483.80
fly crd652.70
fly tab833.50
follow you home btab463.70
follow you home crd442.40
follow you home intro tab512.30
follow you home tab492.60
follow you home ver2 btab424.00
follow you home ver2 crd492.90
follow you home ver2 tab463.20
follow you home ver3 tab503.80
follow you home ver4 tab434.00
follow you home ver5 tab512.00
follow you home ver6 tab433.20
four horsemen tab682.30


good times gone btab452.10
good times gone tab563.40
good times gone ver2 tab662.40
good times gone ver3 tab493.70
gotta be somebody btab472.50
gotta be somebody crd422.90
gotta be somebody drum tab552.90
gotta be somebody tab552.30
gotta be somebody ver2 btab442.30
gotta be somebody ver2 crd462.60
gotta be somebody ver2 tab482.50
gotta be somebody ver3 btab493.50
gotta be somebody ver3 crd452.20
gotta be somebody ver3 tab612.90
gotta be somebody ver4 tab543.60
gotta be somebody ver5 tab464.00


hangnail btab573.40
hangnail intro tab582.40
hangnail tab442.10
hangnail ver2 tab483.90
hangnail ver3 tab692.20
hero acoustic crd723.50
hero btab632.30
hero crd564.00
hero solo tab603.10
hero tab472.10
hero ver2 crd473.00
hero ver2 tab562.10
hero ver3 crd693.20
hero ver3 tab562.50
hero ver4 crd552.30
hero ver4 tab502.40
hero ver5 tab513.80
hero ver6 tab603.50
hero ver7 tab663.00
hero ver8 tab602.50
hold out your hand tab462.10
hold out your hand ver2 tab562.30
hollywood btab553.80
hollywood intro crd663.10
hollywood intro tab602.90
hollywood tab502.60
hollywood ver2 btab532.80
hollywood ver2 tab593.10
hollywood ver3 btab473.80
hollywood ver3 tab532.70
hollywood ver4 tab432.10
hollywood ver5 tab553.90
hollywood ver6 tab544.00
hollywood ver7 tab553.80
how you remind me acoustic crd552.60
how you remind me acoustic tab492.10
how you remind me acoustic ver2 crd572.10
how you remind me btab483.20
how you remind me crd592.70
how you remind me tab522.90
how you remind me ver10 tab483.60
how you remind me ver2 btab453.60
how you remind me ver2 crd452.10
how you remind me ver2 tab542.40
how you remind me ver3 btab492.30
how you remind me ver3 crd542.10
how you remind me ver3 tab582.20
how you remind me ver4 btab582.40
how you remind me ver4 crd443.30
how you remind me ver4 tab523.20
how you remind me ver5 crd482.30
how you remind me ver5 tab552.70
how you remind me ver6 tab603.80
how you remind me ver7 tab542.40
how you remind me ver8 tab482.30
how you remind me ver9 tab532.00


i dont have btab452.80
i dont have tab552.20
id come for you btab592.20
id come for you crd693.00
id come for you tab603.80
id come for you ver2 crd483.10
id come for you ver2 tab463.10
id come for you ver3 tab482.10
if everyone cared btab573.70
if everyone cared crd482.30
if everyone cared solo tab522.60
if everyone cared tab542.50
if everyone cared ver2 btab523.10
if everyone cared ver2 crd502.80
if everyone cared ver2 tab392.30
if everyone cared ver3 crd533.20
if everyone cared ver3 tab452.50
if everyone cared ver4 crd612.10
if everyone cared ver4 tab492.00
if everyone cared ver5 crd513.40
if everyone cared ver5 tab462.30
if everyone cared ver6 crd533.80
if today was your last day btab524.00
if today was your last day crd613.80
if today was your last day tab473.30
if today was your last day ver2 btab483.60
if today was your last day ver2 crd433.30
if today was your last day ver2 tab662.20
if today was your last day ver3 btab543.00
if today was your last day ver3 crd443.80
if today was your last day ver3 tab623.90
if today was your last day ver4 crd462.50
if today was your last day ver5 crd612.40
if today was your last day ver6 crd553.10
in front of me tab493.90
into the night intro tab552.30
its over btab542.80


just for btab683.60
just for tab502.10
just for ver2 tab562.30
just for ver3 tab543.50
just to get high btab423.30
just to get high crd444.00
just to get high solo tab623.20
just to get high tab452.40
just to get high ver2 btab482.40


kiss it goodbye tab484.00
kiss it goodbye ver2 tab512.70


leader of men btab553.70
leader of men crd492.90
leader of men tab522.10
leader of men ver2 tab463.70
leader of men ver3 tab483.40
leader of men ver4 tab443.90
leader of men ver5 tab522.50
learn the hard way btab552.90
learn the hard way tab492.00
leather of man drum tab442.80
left tab633.60
little friend btab543.10
little friend tab502.90
long road album btab462.30
long road album tab532.40
love will keep us together tab483.20
lullaby btab532.80
lullaby crd463.60
lullaby tab493.30
lullaby ver2 crd564.00
lullaby ver3 crd612.40
lullaby ver4 crd712.20
lullaby ver5 crd564.00


midnight queen intro tab583.10
mistake crd523.20
mistake tab752.00
mistake ver2 tab493.90
money bought intro tab602.80
money bought tab802.60
money bought ver2 tab513.50
money bought ver3 tab442.10


never again btab543.10
never again drum tab732.70
never again intro tab513.90
never again tab514.00
never again ver2 btab512.80
never again ver2 tab693.60
never again ver3 btab553.40
never again ver3 tab602.00
never again ver4 tab543.60
never again ver5 tab532.30
never again ver6 tab564.00
never gonna be alone crd582.80
never gonna be alone tab492.90
never gonna be alone ver2 crd524.00
never gonna be alone ver3 crd462.50
never gonna be alone ver4 crd583.10
never gonna be alone ver5 crd493.00
never gonna be alone ver6 crd492.30
next contestant btab503.90
next contestant crd452.70
next contestant tab432.60
next contestant ver2 tab433.60
next go round tab493.90
next go round ver2 tab642.40
next go round ver3 tab532.90
not leavin yet intro tab573.10
not leavin yet tab592.90
not yet levin tab463.70


old enough crd483.50
old enough tab592.20
old enough ver2 tab503.70
one last run btab573.70
one last run tab563.20


photograph acoustic crd573.60
photograph acoustic ver2 crd572.20
photograph acoustic ver3 crd413.70
photograph btab452.50
photograph crd472.80
photograph tab632.90
photograph ver2 crd573.90
photograph ver2 tab684.00
photograph ver3 crd552.70
photograph ver3 tab583.00
photograph ver4 crd652.70
photograph ver4 tab612.00
photograph ver5 crd512.40
photograph ver6 crd582.20
pusher tab522.30


rockstar btab612.00
rockstar crd632.40
rockstar tab702.10
rockstar ver2 btab623.10
rockstar ver2 crd623.50
rockstar ver2 tab573.10
rockstar ver3 crd593.10
rockstar ver4 crd662.20
rockstar ver5 crd614.00
rockstar ver6 crd434.00
rockstar ver7 crd503.40
rockstar ver8 crd573.40


saturday night alright tab393.60
saturday nights alright for fighting btab593.10
saturday nights alright for fighting crd572.00
saturday nights alright for fighting tab543.30
saturday nights alright for fighting ver2 tab693.40
saturday nights alright intro tab462.40
saturday nights alright tab464.00
savin me btab522.20
savin me crd613.40
savin me live tab573.80
savin me solo tab532.30
savin me solo ver2 tab533.50
savin me tab562.90
savin me ver2 btab643.20
savin me ver2 crd514.00
savin me ver2 tab373.80
savin me ver3 crd602.50
savin me ver3 tab543.40
savin me ver4 crd512.40
savin me ver4 tab422.60
savin me ver5 crd512.50
savin me ver5 tab573.40
savin me ver6 crd482.40
savin me ver7 crd463.80
see you at the show crd443.00
see you at the show tab522.20
see you at the show ver2 crd403.50
see you at the show ver2 tab583.70
see you at the show ver3 crd493.00
sex btab522.70
sex tab533.50
sex ver2 tab452.50
shakin hands tab473.40
shouldve listened btab472.50
shouldve listened crd542.70
shouldve listened ver2 crd523.70
shouldve listened ver3 crd432.10
side of a bullet btab523.60
side of a bullet intro tab482.70
side of a bullet intro ver2 tab572.30
side of a bullet solo tab532.80
side of a bullet tab443.10
side of a bullet ver2 btab532.20
side of a bullet ver2 tab452.70
side of a bullet ver3 btab413.60
side of a bullet ver3 tab542.10
silver side up album tab504.00
silver side up album ver2 tab503.10
slow motion tab432.60
so hard to swallow tab543.20
some one that your with tab792.70
someday btab462.50
someday crd493.90
someday drum tab523.40
someday live tab643.40
someday solo tab522.30
someday solo ver2 tab552.30
someday tab612.50
someday ver10 tab522.20
someday ver2 crd453.70
someday ver2 tab562.70
someday ver3 tab582.90
someday ver4 tab502.60
someday ver5 tab532.10
someday ver6 tab503.70
someday ver7 tab642.60
someday ver8 tab702.10
someday ver9 tab423.20
someone that your with tab523.10
someone that youre with btab542.60
someone that youre with crd512.40
someone that youre with tab502.70
someone that youre with ver2 btab422.50
someone that youre with ver2 tab543.20
someone that youre with ver3 btab482.60
someone that youre with ver3 tab452.50
someone that youre with ver4 tab442.80
someone youre with tab532.00
something in your mouth btab523.60
something in your mouth tab582.60
something in your mouth ver2 tab503.50
something in your mouth ver3 tab663.60
state album tab592.30


this afternoon btab423.70
this afternoon crd473.40
this afternoon tab524.00
this afternoon ver2 btab553.40
this afternoon ver2 crd452.50
this afternoon ver2 tab562.00
this afternoon ver3 crd632.60
this means war tab542.70
throw yourself away tab574.00
throw yourself away ver2 tab562.60
throw yourself away ver3 tab552.90
throw yourself away ver4 tab552.10
today was your last day crd463.30
too bad btab502.80
too bad crd513.30
too bad live tab513.70
too bad tab482.50
too bad ver2 btab663.40
too bad ver2 tab472.90
too bad ver3 btab443.30
too bad ver3 tab512.50
too bad ver4 btab653.20
too bad ver4 tab524.00
too bad ver5 tab572.20
too bad ver6 tab433.30
trying not to love you crd393.90
trying not to love you intro tab593.00
trying not to love you tab483.80
trying not to love you ver2 crd503.70


when we stand together btab473.30
when we stand together crd503.70
when we stand together tab674.00
when we stand together ver2 crd572.00
when we stand together ver3 crd592.70
when we stand together ver4 crd462.00
when we stand together ver5 crd492.30
when we stand together ver6 crd543.30
when we stand together ver7 crd573.80
when we stand togther crd523.30
where btab813.10
where do i hide btab522.90
where do i hide drum tab422.80
where do i hide tab652.90
where do i hide ver10 tab612.30
where do i hide ver2 btab533.20
where do i hide ver2 tab533.50
where do i hide ver3 tab532.50
where do i hide ver4 tab563.00
where do i hide ver5 tab592.80
where do i hide ver6 tab583.40
where do i hide ver7 tab573.80
where do i hide ver8 tab533.50
where do i hide ver9 tab593.20
where tab502.20
where ver2 tab533.30
window shopper tab393.10
woke up this morning btab492.10
woke up this morning tab502.20
woke up this morning ver2 tab432.50
woke up this morning ver3 tab533.70
woke up this morning ver4 tab492.10
woke up this morning ver5 tab542.50
worthy to say crd442.60
worthy to say tab573.20
worthy to say ver2 tab473.30


yanking out my heart tab502.30