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Nightwish is a symphonic metal band from Kitee, Finland. The band was formed in 1996 by lead songwriter and keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen, guitarist Emppu Vuorinen, and lead singer Tarja Turunen. The band soon picked up drummer Jukka Nevalainen, and then bassist Sami Vänskä after the release of their debut album, Angels Fall First (1997). In 2002, Vänskä was replaced by Marco Hietala, who also took over the male vocalist role previously filled by Holopainen or guest singers. Although Nightwish have been prominent in their home country since Angels Fall First, they did not achieve worldwide fame until the release of the albums Oceanborn (1998), Wishmaster (2000) and Century Child (2002). Their 2004 album, Once, has sold more than one million copies and was the band's breakthrough in the United States. Their biggest US hit single, "Wish I Had an Angel" (2004), received MTV airplay and was included on three US film soundtracks to promote their North American tour. The band produced...
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10th man down btab250.00
10th man down tab300.00
10th man down ver2 tab340.00


7 days of the wolves tab270.00


a return to the sea tab380.00
amaranth acoustic crd290.00
amaranth btab270.00
amaranth crd330.00
amaranth intro tab300.00
amaranth tab310.00
amaranth ver2 btab270.00
amaranth ver2 crd230.00
amaranth ver2 tab240.00
amaranth ver3 btab310.00
angels fall first tab420.00
angels fall first ver2 tab300.00
astral romance crd330.00
astral romance tab280.00
astral romance ver2 tab270.00
away tab340.00


bare grace misery btab230.00
bare grace misery tab260.00
bare grace misery ver2 tab320.00
beauty and the beast btab240.00
beauty and the beast tab210.00
beauty and the beast ver2 tab280.00
beauty and the beast ver3 tab310.00
beauty of the beast btab350.00
bless the child btab230.00
bless the child live tab360.00
bless the child tab260.00
bless the child ver2 tab250.00
bye bye beautiful btab310.00
bye bye beautiful drum tab290.00
bye bye beautiful tab250.00
bye bye beautiful ver2 tab260.00


come cover me tab330.00
come cover me ver2 tab290.00
come cover me ver3 tab320.00
creek marys blood crd240.00
creek marys blood solo tab330.00
creek marys blood tab280.00
crimson tide deep blue sea btab270.00
crimson tide deep blue sea tab230.00
crimson tide tab280.00
crimson tide ver2 tab250.00
crownless tab270.00
crownless ver2 tab260.00


dark chest of wonders btab270.00
dark chest of wonders live btab290.00
dark chest of wonders live tab280.00
dark chest of wonders tab230.00
dark chest of wonders ver2 btab200.00
dark chest of wonders ver2 tab280.00
dark chest of wonders ver3 tab290.00
dark chest of wonders ver4 tab240.00
dead boys poem btab270.00
dead boys poem crd320.00
dead boys poem tab320.00
dead boys poem ver2 crd260.00
dead boys poem ver2 tab260.00
dead gardens intro tab410.00
dead gardens tab280.00
dead gardens ver2 tab360.00
dead to the world btab220.00
dead to the world crd260.00
dead to the world tab350.00
dead to the world ver2 tab290.00
deep silent complete btab240.00
deep silent complete crd240.00
deep silent complete tab300.00
deep silent complete ver2 tab280.00
devil and the deep dark ocean tab220.00


elvenpath btab230.00
elvenpath tab330.00
elvenpath ver2 tab250.00
elvenpath ver3 tab230.00
end of all hope btab380.00
end of all hope tab230.00
eva crd320.00
eva solo tab350.00
eva solo ver2 tab310.00
eva solo ver3 tab380.00
eva solo ver4 tab330.00
eva ver2 crd300.00
ever dream btab230.00
ever dream crd270.00
ever dream intro crd320.00
ever dream live tab270.00
ever dream tab280.00


fantasmic btab340.00
fantasmic tab300.00
feel for you tab240.00
for the heart i once had crd290.00
for the heart i once had tab180.00
for the heart i once had ver2 tab250.00
forever yours crd390.00
forever yours tab300.00


gethsemane btab280.00
gethsemane tab310.00
gethsemane ver2 tab240.00
ghost love score btab260.00
ghost love score crd350.00
ghost love score solo tab320.00
ghost love score tab220.00
gothic santuary tab270.00


high hopes live btab300.00
high hopes live tab230.00
higher than hope intro tab310.00
higher than hope tab310.00


i want my tears back crd260.00
i want my tears back ver2 crd350.00


kiteen pallo kipa tab320.00
know why the nightingale sings tab250.00
kuolema tekee taiteilijan crd270.00


lappi iv etiinen tab210.00
lappi tab340.00
lappi ver2 tab290.00
lappi ver3 tab260.00
last of the wilds intro tab200.00
last of the wilds solo tab290.00
last of the wilds tab220.00
last of the wilds ver2 tab300.00
last ride of the day btab240.00
live to tell the tale intro tab270.00


master passion greed btab250.00
master passion greed solo tab310.00
master passion greed tab270.00
meadows of heaven crd280.00
moondance tab340.00


nemo btab420.00
nemo crd500.00
nemo tab400.00
nemo ver2 btab290.00
nemo ver2 tab340.00
nemo ver3 btab320.00
nemo ver3 tab250.00
nemo ver4 tab370.00
nemo ver5 tab270.00
nemo ver6 tab340.00
nightquest tab290.00
nymphomaniac fantasia tab430.00


ocean soul crd420.00
oceanborn album tab250.00
once upon a troubadour crd330.00
once upon a troubadour tab270.00
over the hills and far away btab310.00
over the hills and far away crd430.00
over the hills and far away tab330.00
over the hills and far away ver2 btab270.00
over the hills and far away ver2 tab260.00
over the hills and far away ver3 tab240.00
over the hils and far away solo tab270.00


passion and the opera tab270.00
passion and the opera ver2 tab310.00
phantom of the opera btab320.00
phantom of the opera tab340.00
phantom of the opera ver2 btab320.00
phantom of the opera ver2 tab310.00
pharao sails to orion tab320.00
planet hell btab340.00
planet hell live btab320.00
planet hell tab220.00


riddler tab400.00
romanticide intro tab300.00


sacrament of wilderness tab240.00
sacrament of wilderness ver2 tab210.00
sacrament of wilderness ver3 tab390.00
sahara tab330.00
sahara ver2 tab260.00
she is my sin btab300.00
she is my sin tab340.00
she is my sin ver2 tab300.00
slaying the dreamer btab250.00
slaying the dreamer tab250.00
slaying the dreamer ver2 tab310.00
sleeping sun btab250.00
sleeping sun crd250.00
sleeping sun tab330.00
sleeping sun ver2 crd320.00
sleeping sun ver2 tab340.00
sleeping sun ver3 tab350.00
sleepwalker crd330.00
sleepwalker tab260.00
slow love slow crd400.00
slow love slow solo tab230.00
slow love slow ver2 crd320.00
stargazers btab330.00
stargazers tab240.00
stargazers ver2 tab280.00
storytime btab250.00
storytime tab300.00
storytime ver2 tab250.00
swanheart tab290.00


taikatalvi crd330.00
taikatalvi ver2 crd280.00
the carpenter tab290.00
the carpenter ver2 tab270.00
the crow the owl and the dove crd380.00
the crow the owl and the dove intro tab410.00
the crow the owl and the dove tab350.00
the escapist crd290.00
the escapist tab250.00
the islander crd320.00
the islander intro tab450.00
the islander tab1950.00
the islander ver2 crd330.00
the islander ver2 tab350.00
the islander ver3 crd290.00
the islander ver3 tab280.00
the islander ver4 crd340.00
the islander ver5 crd270.00
the islander ver6 crd350.00
the kinslayer btab280.00
the kinslayer tab330.00
the kinslayer ver2 tab280.00
the kinslayer ver3 tab360.00
the phantom of the opera tab340.00
the poet and the pendulum crd240.00
the poet and the pendulum part 2 tab370.00
the riddler btab290.00
the riddler crd330.00
the siren btab290.00
the siren tab400.00
this moment is eternity tab260.00
turn loose the mermaids crd330.00
turn loose the mermaids ver2 crd280.00
turn loose the mermaids ver3 crd270.00
tutankhamen tab320.00
two for tragedy tab300.00
two for tragedy ver2 tab340.00


walking in the air btab290.00
walking in the air crd240.00
walking in the air live solo tab380.00
walking in the air solo tab290.00
walking in the air solo ver2 tab290.00
walking in the air tab280.00
walking in the air ver2 tab320.00
walking in the air ver3 tab300.00
walking in the air ver4 tab340.00
wanderlust btab250.00
wanderlust tab360.00
wanderlust ver2 tab250.00
wanderlust ver3 tab240.00
while your lips are still red crd260.00
while your lips are still red intro tab250.00
while your lips are still red tab290.00
while your lips are still red ver2 crd270.00
while your lips are still red ver3 crd330.00
white night fantasy btab260.00
white night fantasy solo tab260.00
whoever brings the night tab230.00
wish i had an angel btab270.00
wish i had an angel crd250.00
wish i had an angel tab220.00
wish i had an angel ver2 btab260.00
wish i had an angel ver2 tab230.00
wish i had an angel ver3 btab270.00
wish i had an angel ver3 tab330.00
wish i had an angel ver4 tab280.00
wish i had an angel ver5 tab330.00
wish you were here tab290.00
wishmaster btab240.00
wishmaster tab220.00
wishmaster ver2 btab200.00
wishmaster ver2 tab280.00
wishmaster ver3 tab300.00