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Nine Inch Nails (abbreviated NIN; stylized as NIИ) is an American industrial rock band, founded in 1988 by Trent Reznor in Cleveland, Ohio. As its main producer, singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist, Reznor is the only official member of the group and remains solely responsible for its direction. Nine Inch Nails' music straddles a wide range of genres. After recording a new album, Reznor usually assembles a live band to perform with him. The touring band features a revolving lineup that often rearranges songs to fit a live setting. On stage, Nine Inch Nails often employs visual elements to accompany performances, which frequently include light shows. Underground music audiences warmly received Nine Inch Nails in its early years. Reznor produced several highly influential records in the 1990s that achieved widespread popularity: many Nine Inch Nails songs became radio hits; and their entire catalog has reached record sales exceeding over 20 million albums worldwide, with...
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1000000 btab552.20
1000000 tab452.80
1000000 ver2 tab572.80
1000000 ver3 tab532.40
1000000 ver4 tab613.90
1000000 ver5 tab503.70
10 miles high tab583.30
11 ghosts ii tab663.90
12 ghosts ii btab623.60
13 ghosts ii crd623.40
13 ghosts ii tab603.10
13 ghosts ii ver2 tab543.00
13 ghosts ii ver3 tab562.70
14 ghosts ii btab604.00
17 ghosts ii tab513.90
17 ghosts intro tab522.70
1 ghosts i tab402.00


21 ghosts iii tab642.40
26 ghosts btab602.20
28 ghosts iv tab562.90


31 ghosts iv tab522.30
31 ghosts iv ver2 tab572.00
34 ghosts iv btab562.50
34 ghosts iv tab612.60
34 ghosts iv ver2 btab473.20


4 ghosts i btab534.00
4 ghosts i tab543.20


999999 btab582.80
999999 tab552.60
9 ghosts i tab483.00


a warm place tab543.30
a warm place ver2 tab452.70
adrift and at peace tab583.10
all the love in the world btab472.30
all the love in the world tab452.00
all the love in the world ver2 btab413.50
all the love in the world ver2 tab563.90
and all that could have been album tab502.00
and all that could have been btab503.50
another version of the truth tab492.40


becoming tab502.60
beside you in time btab373.00
beside you in time tab543.30
beside you in time ver2 tab613.70
big man with a gun btab482.60
big man with a gun tab422.40
broken album tab502.30
broken album ver2 tab573.40
broken tab462.30
burn btab532.80
burn live tab562.90
burn tab712.80
burn ver2 btab633.80
burn ver2 tab513.20
burn ver3 tab623.50


capital g btab413.90
capital g tab532.00
capital g ver2 tab523.90
capital g ver3 tab492.70
capital g ver4 tab733.20
chaos btab682.30
closer btab623.30
closer drum tab432.80
closer tab802.00
closer to god tab552.30
closer ver2 btab423.50
closer ver2 tab553.10
closer ver3 btab542.10
closer ver4 btab493.10
collector btab572.00
collector tab623.00
collector ver2 btab552.70
collector ver2 tab352.80
collector ver3 btab502.30
collector ver4 btab432.20
complication btab662.90


dead souls btab433.30
dead souls tab513.10
dead souls ver2 tab642.90
deep btab503.20
demon seed tab522.00
discipline btab502.50
discipline live tab503.00
discipline tab554.00
discipline ver2 btab542.00
discipline ver3 btab512.70
down in it btab654.00
down in it tab632.10
downward spiral btab534.00


echoplex intro tab532.30
echoplex tab692.10
eraser btab522.70
eraser tab543.50
eraser ver2 tab593.50
eraser ver3 tab462.90
even deeper tab673.70
every day is exactly the same btab423.40
every day is exactly the same crd422.00
every day is exactly the same tab502.90
every day is exactly the same ver2 btab582.40
everyday is exactly the same tab542.00


gave up tab642.00
gave up ver2 tab552.50
getting smaller btab432.80
getting smaller tab472.70
getting smaller ver2 tab482.70
getting smaller ver3 tab492.40
god given crd662.20
god given tab503.20
good soldier tab642.30
good soldier ver2 tab532.30
got addiction tab443.00
great below crd532.10
great below tab544.00
great belowbeyond tab453.00
great destroyer crd474.00
great destroyer tab453.50


hand covers bruise tab523.10
happiness in slavery tab562.10
head down btab472.50
head down tab573.10
head down ver2 tab523.70
head like a hole btab452.60
head like a hole crd453.50
head like a hole live tab543.60
head like a hole tab553.90
head like a hole ver2 btab473.80
head like a hole ver2 tab543.50
head like a hole ver3 tab553.90
head like a hole ver4 tab513.00
help me i am in hell btab483.90
help me i am in hell tab554.00
help me i am in hell ver2 btab412.90
help me i am in hell ver2 tab583.30
help me i am in hell ver3 tab383.00
heresey btab523.90
heresey tab503.10
heresy tab593.70
home tab443.40
hurt btab563.50
hurt crd633.00
hurt live tab592.70
hurt tab612.10
hurt ver2 btab512.70
hurt ver2 crd543.70
hurt ver2 tab552.90
hurt ver3 btab542.70
hurt ver3 crd572.90
hurt ver3 tab553.90
hurt ver4 tab502.60
hurt ver5 tab472.00
hurt ver6 tab693.00
hyperpower btab483.90
hyperpower ver2 tab552.80


i do not want this tab423.90
im afraid of americans tab432.10
im looking forward to joining you finally btab493.70
im looking forward to joining you finally ver2 btab593.60
in this twilight btab413.20
in this twilight tab1483.80
in this twilight ver2 tab442.00
into the void btab582.40
into the void ver2 btab423.50


just like you imagined btab662.20
just like you imagined crd523.50
just like you imagined tab432.20
just like you imagined ver2 btab503.30
just like you imagined ver2 tab532.60
just like you imagined ver3 btab492.00
just like you imagined ver3 tab562.40
just like you imagined ver4 tab493.70


la mer btab462.70
la mer tab653.50
la mer ver2 btab513.10
la mer ver2 tab572.50
last tab463.50
last ver2 tab553.60
leaving hope tab583.30
letting you btab723.20
letting you tab552.30
lights in the sky btab542.40
lights in the sky tab472.10
line begins to blur tab583.90
love is not enough btab522.80
love is not enough tab552.10
love is not enough ver2 btab583.80
love is not enough ver2 tab493.80


march of the pigs btab493.10
march of the pigs tab522.70
march of the pigs ver2 btab573.80
march of the pigs ver2 tab573.10
march of the pigs ver3 btab463.90
march of the pigs ver3 tab633.20
me im not tab583.70
meet your master btab632.70
meet your master tab513.00
meet your master ver2 tab452.60
metal tab482.80
mr self destruct solo btab583.80
mr self destruct tab592.40
mr self destruct ver2 tab622.80
mr self destruct btab523.70
mr self destruct tab00.00
my violent heart tab543.80
my violent heart ver2 tab503.10


no you dont btab462.60
no you dont tab512.80
non entity crd652.90
non entity tab553.70
not so pretty now btab472.30
not so pretty now intro tab482.50
not so pretty now tab553.60
not so pretty now ver2 tab492.30
nothing can stop me tab543.70
nothing can stop me ver2 tab454.00


only btab484.00
only live tab502.20
only tab503.30
only ver2 btab512.50
only ver2 tab642.10
only ver3 btab562.50
only ver3 tab513.80
only ver4 tab553.30
only ver5 tab473.30


physical youre so tab473.20
physical youre so ver2 tab513.50
piggy btab502.90
piggy tab542.90
piggy ver2 btab543.40
piggy ver2 tab743.30
piggy ver3 btab462.60
piggy ver3 tab662.00
piggy ver4 btab662.90
piggy ver4 tab613.60
piggy ver5 btab442.30
piggy ver5 tab513.00
piggy ver6 btab492.50
pilgrimage intro tab452.20
pilgrimage tab623.40
pinion tab612.90
please btab523.20
purest feeling btab612.30
purest feeling tab423.40
purest feeling ver2 tab553.20


reptile btab583.90
reptile live tab452.00
reptile tab503.80
right where it belnogs btab573.20
right where it belnogs ver2 btab623.60
right where it belongs btab622.00
right where it belongs crd462.60
right where it belongs live tab422.80
right where it belongs live ver2 tab483.80
right where it belongs tab453.00
right where it belongs ver2 btab522.50
right where it belongs ver2 crd533.80
right where it belongs ver2 tab532.20
right where it belongs ver3 crd543.80
right where it belongs ver3 tab623.40
right where it belongs ver4 crd532.30
right where it belongs ver4 tab513.50
right where it belongs ver5 tab643.70
right where it belongs ver6 tab532.60
right where it belongs ver7 tab443.90
ringfinger btab573.70
ringfinger tab462.00
ringfinger ver2 tab503.10
ruiner btab623.50
ruiner solo tab443.90
ruiner tab562.00
ruiner ver2 btab492.40


sanctified btab432.10
sanctified ver2 btab404.00
scary monsters live tab462.30
sin acoustic crd532.80
sin btab562.60
sin tab563.10
sin ver2 tab573.50
sin ver3 tab513.10
slipping away tab373.90
something i can never have acoustic tab473.40
something i can never have crd403.10
something i can never have tab562.70
something i can never have ver2 tab533.30
somewhat damaged btab543.00
somewhat damaged tab603.00
somewhat damaged ver2 btab483.20
somewhat damaged ver2 tab472.00
star fuckers tab593.00
starfuckers inc btab662.50
starfuckers inc tab523.10
starfuckers inc ver2 tab422.00
suck btab603.40
suck tab463.90
sun spots btab492.90
sun spots tab493.30
sunspots btab433.60
sunspots ver2 btab502.80
survivalism btab492.80
survivalism tab572.80
survivalism ver2 tab473.50
survivalism ver3 tab513.20


terrible lie acoustic tab492.80
terrible lie btab463.80
terrible lie tab553.70
terrible lie ver2 btab483.60
terrible lie ver2 tab493.60
thats what i get crd712.90
the becoming btab473.20
the becoming crd453.50
the becoming tab572.50
the becoming ver2 btab602.50
the becoming ver2 tab493.10
the becoming ver3 tab402.20
the beginning of the end album btab573.40
the beginning of the end btab443.80
the beginning of the end tab512.80
the beginning of the end ver2 btab523.50
the beginning of the end ver2 tab542.30
the beginning of the end ver3 btab513.50
the beginning of the end ver3 tab633.70
the big come down tab492.80
the big come down ver2 tab612.70
the collector tab592.10
the day the whole world went away tab422.50
the day the world went away btab502.10
the day the world went away tab422.40
the day the world went away ver2 btab573.10
the day the world went away ver2 tab562.00
the day the world went away ver3 btab463.60
the day the world went away ver3 tab502.40
the day the world went away video lesson492.20
the downward spiral album tab482.30
the downward spiral album ver2 tab492.80
the downward spiral btab483.00
the downward spiral intro tab582.70
the downward spiral tab403.40
the downward spiral ver2 tab463.90
the downward spiral ver3 tab423.20
the four of us are dying btab542.10
the four of us are dying tab533.70
the four of us are dying ver2 tab492.80
the fragile album tab373.00
the fragile btab573.70
the fragile solo tab573.20
the fragile tab402.40
the fragile ver2 btab532.50
the fragile ver2 tab442.80
the fragile ver3 btab522.40
the frail tab473.60
the frail ver2 tab482.00
the frail ver3 tab552.10
the good soldier btab573.80
the good soldier tab383.60
the good soldier ver2 btab542.00
the great below tab522.70
the great destroyer crd564.00
the hand that feeds btab463.80
the hand that feeds crd443.40
the hand that feeds tab462.00
the hand that feeds ver2 btab702.60
the hand that feeds ver2 tab482.20
the hand that feeds ver3 tab533.10
the hand that feeds ver4 tab602.10
the hand that feeds ver5 tab422.80
the hand that feeds ver6 tab513.00
the hand that feeds ver7 tab474.00
the hand that feeds ver8 tab432.20
the line begins to blur btab463.20
the line begins to blur live tab432.70
the mark has been made btab503.40
the mark has been made tab472.80
the mark has been made ver2 tab503.00
the only time btab432.30
the only time crd382.00
the only time tab333.10
the only time ver2 btab542.80
the only time ver2 tab484.00
the perfect drug tab462.40
the perfect drug ver2 tab613.60
the perfect drug ver3 tab453.80
the wretched btab522.00
the wretched tab573.80
the wretched ver2 btab393.40
the wretched ver2 tab384.00


vessel tab702.00


warning btab493.60
warning tab532.70
way out is through tab473.50
were in this together btab443.00
were in this together tab473.50
were in this together ver2 btab472.20
were in this together ver3 btab413.40
wish btab492.30
wish tab552.20
wish ver2 btab543.10
wish ver2 tab482.40
wish ver3 btab503.70
wish ver3 tab573.30
wish ver4 btab413.00
with teeth btab533.20
with teeth tab422.60
with teeth ver2 tab424.00
with teeth ver3 tab503.50
with teeth ver4 tab482.40
with teeth ver5 tab432.90
with teeth ver6 tab442.60


year zero album tab692.30
year zero album ver2 tab553.40
you know what you are btab523.90


zero sum tab462.40