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Paramore is the self-titled fourth studio album by the American rock band Paramore. It was released on April 5, 2013, through Fueled by Ramen as a follow-up to Brand New Eyes (2009). It is their first full-length album released after the departure of co-founders Josh and Zac Farro in 2010. Recorded between April and November 1, 2012, the album was described by the band as being a "statement" and a reintroduction of the band to the world and to themselves. The album was the final one recorded with bassist Jeremy Davis before departing the band in 2015. The album was produced by Justin Meldal-Johnsen, with lead guitarist Taylor York co-producing on four tracks. In contrast to band's previous work, the production of Paramore contains the band's experimentation with new musical genres, such as new wave and funk rock, and features three acoustic interludes. Paramore received acclaim from music critics, who praised the band's maturity and experimentation in terms of musicianship as well as...
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adore crd630.00
adore tab600.00
adore ver2 crd530.00
adore ver3 crd520.00
adore ver4 crd620.00
all i wanted btab620.00
all i wanted crd620.00
all i wanted live crd650.00
all i wanted tab610.00
all i wanted ver2 crd550.00
all i wanted ver2 tab500.00
all i wanted ver3 crd580.00
all i wanted ver3 tab530.00
all i wanted ver4 tab630.00
all we know btab600.00
all we know crd620.00
all we know drum tab560.00
all we know is falling album btab520.00
all we know is falling album crd650.00
all we know is falling album tab550.00
all we know solo tab600.00
all we know solo ver2 tab580.00
all we know tab530.00
all we know ver2 btab520.00
all we know ver2 tab450.00
all we know ver3 tab560.00
all we know ver4 tab520.00
another day crd540.00
another day ver2 crd550.00
another day ver3 crd450.00


bne tour intro btab570.00
born for this btab640.00
born for this crd610.00
born for this live btab580.00
born for this live intro tab580.00
born for this live tab500.00
born for this live ver2 tab620.00
born for this tab540.00
born for this ver2 btab620.00
born for this ver2 crd530.00
born for this ver2 tab540.00
born for this ver3 btab450.00
born for this ver3 crd520.00
born for this ver3 tab480.00
born for this ver4 crd530.00
born for this ver4 tab550.00
born for this ver5 tab610.00
born for this ver6 tab580.00
brand new eyes album btab600.00
brand new eyes album crd480.00
brand new eyes album tab520.00
brand new eyes album ver2 tab570.00
brand new eyes intro tab550.00
breathe crd560.00
breathe solo tab540.00
breathe tab540.00
breathe ver2 crd550.00
brick by boring brick acoustic crd470.00
brick by boring brick acoustic tab590.00
brick by boring brick acoustic ver2 crd620.00
brick by boring brick btab560.00
brick by boring brick crd610.00
brick by boring brick tab500.00
brick by boring brick ver2 btab540.00
brick by boring brick ver2 crd520.00
brick by boring brick ver2 tab650.00
brick by boring brick ver3 btab550.00
brick by boring brick ver3 crd550.00
brick by boring brick ver3 tab600.00
brick by boring brick ver4 btab530.00
brick by boring brick ver4 crd600.00
brick by boring brick ver5 btab700.00
brick by boring brick ver5 crd490.00
brick by boring brick ver5 tab550.00
brick by boring brick ver6 btab670.00
brick by boring brick ver6 crd530.00
brick by boring brick ver6 tab570.00
brick by boring brick ver7 crd540.00
brick by boring brick ver7 tab590.00
brick by boring brick ver8 crd500.00
brick by boring brick ver8 tab540.00
brighter btab720.00
brighter crd590.00
brighter drum tab560.00
brighter tab590.00
brighter ver2 btab550.00
brighter ver2 crd580.00
brighter ver2 tab600.00
brighter ver3 btab570.00
brighter ver3 tab670.00
brighter ver4 btab560.00
brighter ver4 tab500.00
brighter ver5 btab590.00
brighter ver5 tab580.00
brighter ver6 tab520.00
broken wings crd480.00


careful btab700.00
careful crd610.00
careful drum tab480.00
careful live crd550.00
careful tab540.00
careful ver2 btab590.00
careful ver2 crd590.00
careful ver2 tab520.00
careful ver3 crd580.00
careful ver3 tab1390.00
careful ver4 crd530.00
careful ver4 tab650.00
careful ver5 tab490.00
careful ver6 tab580.00
careful ver7 tab510.00
circle btab640.00
circle crd580.00
circle drum tab750.00
circle tab540.00
circle ver2 tab490.00
conspiracy btab610.00
conspiracy crd490.00
conspiracy tab570.00
conspiracy ver2 btab600.00
conspiracy ver2 crd540.00
conspiracy ver2 tab640.00
conspiracy ver3 btab610.00
conspiracy ver3 tab550.00
conspiracy ver4 tab550.00
crushcrushcrush acoustic tab590.00
crushcrushcrush btab580.00
crushcrushcrush crd620.00
crushcrushcrush drum tab730.00
crushcrushcrush live tab570.00
crushcrushcrush tab570.00
crushcrushcrush ver2 btab510.00
crushcrushcrush ver2 crd560.00
crushcrushcrush ver2 drum tab550.00
crushcrushcrush ver2 tab650.00
crushcrushcrush ver3 btab520.00
crushcrushcrush ver3 crd590.00
crushcrushcrush ver3 tab530.00
crushcrushcrush ver4 btab580.00
crushcrushcrush ver4 crd560.00
crushcrushcrush ver4 tab680.00
crushcrushcrush ver5 btab650.00
crushcrushcrush ver5 tab540.00
crushcrushcrush ver6 btab580.00
crushcrushcrush ver7 btab560.00
crushcrushcrush ver8 btab550.00


decode acoustic crd620.00
decode acoustic tab610.00
decode acoustic ver2 crd610.00
decode acoustic ver2 tab650.00
decode acoustic ver3 crd560.00
decode acoustic ver4 crd560.00
decode acoustic ver5 crd580.00
decode acoustic ver6 crd560.00
decode btab700.00
decode crd600.00
decode drum tab650.00
decode tab600.00
decode ver2 btab590.00
decode ver2 crd560.00
decode ver2 tab650.00
decode ver3 btab690.00
decode ver3 crd540.00
decode ver3 tab620.00
decode ver4 btab540.00
decode ver4 crd630.00
decode ver4 tab560.00
decode ver5 crd620.00
decode ver5 tab600.00
decode ver6 crd720.00
decode ver6 tab530.00
decode ver7 crd630.00
decode ver7 tab580.00
decode ver8 crd670.00
decoy btab660.00
decoy crd670.00
decoy drum tab660.00
decoy live tab640.00
decoy live ver2 tab680.00
decoy live ver3 tab580.00
decoy tab640.00
decoy ver2 btab520.00
decoy ver2 crd630.00
decoy ver2 tab520.00
decoy ver3 crd540.00


emergency acoustic tab600.00
emergency acoustic ver2 tab690.00
emergency acoustic ver3 tab560.00
emergency btab650.00
emergency crd610.00
emergency live tab550.00
emergency tab650.00
emergency ver2 btab620.00
emergency ver2 crd500.00
emergency ver2 tab540.00
emergency ver3 crd550.00
emergency ver3 tab500.00
emergency ver4 tab520.00
emergency ver5 tab590.00
emergency ver6 tab770.00
emergency ver7 tab590.00
emergency ver8 tab640.00
emergency ver9 tab490.00


feeling sorry btab520.00
feeling sorry crd560.00
feeling sorry tab510.00
feeling sorry ver2 crd640.00
feeling sorry ver2 tab480.00
feeling sorry ver3 tab540.00
fences btab570.00
fences crd600.00
fences tab550.00
fences ver2 btab560.00
fences ver2 crd510.00
fences ver3 btab570.00
fences ver3 crd560.00
fences ver4 btab530.00
fences ver4 crd590.00
for a pessimist im preety optimistic live tab510.00
for a pessimist im pretty optimistic btab650.00
for a pessimist im pretty optimistic crd570.00
for a pessimist im pretty optimistic tab510.00
for a pessimist im pretty optimistic ver2 btab570.00
for a pessimist im pretty optimistic ver2 crd550.00
for a pessimist im pretty optimistic ver2 tab600.00
for a pessimist im pretty optimistic ver3 btab600.00
for a pessimist im pretty optimistic ver3 crd530.00
for a pessimist im pretty optimistic ver3 tab640.00
for a pessimist im pretty optimistic ver4 btab590.00
for a pessimist im pretty optimistic ver4 crd540.00
for a pessimist im pretty optimistic ver4 tab580.00
for a pessimist im pretty optimistic ver5 tab460.00
for a pessimist im pretty optimistic ver6 tab510.00
for a pessimist im pretty optimistic ver7 tab530.00
franklin btab700.00
franklin crd580.00
franklin tab530.00
franklin ver2 btab570.00
franklin ver2 crd600.00
franklin ver2 tab520.00
franklin ver3 btab590.00
franklin ver3 crd580.00
franklin ver3 tab550.00


hallelujah acoustic crd580.00
hallelujah acoustic tab600.00
hallelujah btab620.00
hallelujah crd560.00
hallelujah intro tab670.00
hallelujah live tab620.00
hallelujah tab600.00
hallelujah ver2 btab490.00
hallelujah ver2 crd520.00
hallelujah ver2 tab490.00
hallelujah ver3 btab530.00
hallelujah ver3 crd610.00
hallelujah ver3 tab520.00
hallelujah ver4 btab530.00
hallelujah ver4 tab620.00
hallelujah ver5 btab530.00
hallelujah ver5 tab590.00
hallelujah ver6 tab530.00
hallelujah ver7 tab510.00
hear you me crd570.00
hear you me tab570.00
hello cold world btab580.00
hello cold world crd580.00
hello cold world tab570.00
hello cold world ver2 crd590.00
hello cold world ver2 tab620.00
hello cold world ver3 crd520.00
hello cold world ver3 tab540.00
hello cold world ver4 tab590.00
hello cold world ver5 tab490.00
hello hello crd530.00
hello hello solo tab580.00
hello hello tab600.00
hello hello ver2 tab550.00
here we go again acoustic crd510.00
here we go again acoustic tab570.00
here we go again acoustic ver2 tab610.00
here we go again btab730.00
here we go again crd520.00
here we go again live tab500.00
here we go again tab510.00
here we go again ver2 tab480.00
here we go again ver3 tab570.00
here we go again ver4 tab540.00
here we go again ver5 tab540.00
here wo go again tab480.00


i caught myself btab550.00
i caught myself crd550.00
i caught myself tab540.00
i caught myself ver2 btab570.00
i caught myself ver2 crd630.00
i caught myself ver2 tab530.00
i caught myself ver3 crd590.00
i caught myself ver3 tab590.00
i caught myself ver4 crd600.00
i caught myself ver4 tab640.00
i caught myself ver5 crd630.00
i caught myself ver5 tab610.00
i caught myself ver6 tab530.00
ignorance acoustic crd620.00
ignorance acoustic tab580.00
ignorance acoustic ver2 crd620.00
ignorance btab680.00
ignorance crd610.00
ignorance drum tab560.00
ignorance intro tab550.00
ignorance intro video lesson860.00
ignorance live crd500.00
ignorance tab600.00
ignorance ver2 btab620.00
ignorance ver2 crd560.00
ignorance ver2 drum tab620.00
ignorance ver2 tab590.00
ignorance ver3 btab610.00
ignorance ver3 crd500.00
ignorance ver3 tab550.00
ignorance ver4 btab640.00
ignorance ver4 crd520.00
ignorance ver4 tab520.00
ignorance ver5 btab590.00
ignorance ver5 crd510.00
ignorance ver5 tab710.00
ignorance ver6 btab530.00
ignorance ver6 tab520.00
ignorance ver7 btab560.00
ignorance ver7 tab550.00
in the morninglandslide crd480.00
in the mourning crd560.00
in the mourning tab590.00
in the mourning ver2 crd510.00
in the mourning ver2 tab600.00
in the mourning ver3 crd480.00
in the mourning ver3 tab590.00
in the mourning ver4 crd540.00
in the mourning ver4 tab550.00
in the mourning ver5 crd530.00
in the mourning ver6 crd660.00
in the mourning ver7 crd610.00
in the mourning ver8 crd590.00


just like me crd560.00
just like me live crd520.00
just like me tab480.00


let the flames begin btab620.00
let the flames begin crd560.00
let the flames begin drum tab560.00
let the flames begin live btab650.00
let the flames begin live intro tab620.00
let the flames begin live tab690.00
let the flames begin live ver2 tab640.00
let the flames begin live ver3 tab570.00
let the flames begin tab1410.00
let the flames begin ver2 btab560.00
let the flames begin ver2 crd530.00
let the flames begin ver2 tab550.00
let the flames begin ver3 btab640.00
let the flames begin ver3 crd680.00
let the flames begin ver3 tab510.00
let the flames begin ver4 btab560.00
let the flames begin ver4 tab470.00
let the flames begin ver5 tab690.00
let this go btab570.00
let this go crd510.00
let this go solo tab640.00
let this go solo ver2 tab540.00
let this go tab500.00
let this go ver2 btab600.00
let this go ver2 tab630.00
let this go ver3 tab470.00
let this go ver4 tab540.00
looking up acoustic tab530.00
looking up btab560.00
looking up crd630.00
looking up live crd530.00
looking up live tab550.00
looking up tab470.00
looking up ver2 crd480.00
looking up ver2 tab470.00
looking up ver3 tab560.00
loves not a competition but im winning crd530.00
loves not a competition but im winning intro tab560.00
loves not a competition but im winning tab560.00
loves not a competition but im winning ver2 crd570.00
loves not a competition crd500.00
loves not a competition ver2 crd400.00
lovesick melody tab570.00


miracle btab670.00
miracle crd710.00
miracle intro tab710.00
miracle tab590.00
miracle ver2 btab660.00
miracle ver2 tab1500.00
miracle ver3 btab650.00
miracle ver3 tab620.00
miracle ver4 btab660.00
miracle ver4 tab560.00
misery buisnes crd650.00
misery business acoustic crd670.00
misery business acoustic tab740.00
misery business acoustic ver2 tab520.00
misery business btab610.00
misery business crd610.00
misery business drum tab540.00
misery business live solo tab690.00
misery business live solo ver2 tab570.00
misery business live tab560.00
misery business tab620.00
misery business ver10 tab650.00
misery business ver11 tab610.00
misery business ver2 btab530.00
misery business ver2 crd560.00
misery business ver2 tab580.00
misery business ver3 btab680.00
misery business ver3 crd720.00
misery business ver3 tab510.00
misery business ver4 btab620.00
misery business ver4 crd520.00
misery business ver4 tab560.00
misery business ver5 btab500.00
misery business ver5 tab510.00
misery business ver6 btab610.00
misery business ver6 tab530.00
misery business ver7 btab640.00
misery business ver7 tab650.00
misery business ver8 tab520.00
misery business ver9 tab570.00
misery bussines btab520.00
misguided ghosts acoustic 2nd guitar intro tab560.00
misguided ghosts btab610.00
misguided ghosts crd610.00
misguided ghosts tab580.00
misguided ghosts ver2 crd650.00
misguided ghosts ver2 tab480.00
misguided ghosts ver3 crd560.00
misguided ghosts ver3 tab510.00
misguided ghosts ver4 crd620.00
misguided ghosts ver4 tab720.00
misguided ghosts ver5 crd510.00
misguided ghosts ver5 tab620.00
misguided ghosts ver6 crd580.00
misguided ghosts ver7 crd550.00
misguided ghosts ver8 crd580.00
misguided ghosts ver9 crd580.00
monster btab640.00
monster crd630.00
monster intro tab680.00
monster intro ver2 tab690.00
monster tab560.00
monster ver2 btab560.00
monster ver2 crd610.00
monster ver2 tab620.00
monster ver3 btab600.00
monster ver3 crd600.00
monster ver3 tab730.00
monster ver4 crd600.00
monster ver4 tab600.00
monster ver5 crd620.00
monster ver5 tab650.00
monster ver6 crd610.00
monster ver6 tab550.00
monster ver7 crd650.00
monster ver7 tab680.00
monster ver8 crd700.00
monster ver8 tab690.00
monster ver9 tab630.00
my heart acoustic crd670.00
my heart acoustic tab580.00
my heart acoustic ver2 crd610.00
my heart acoustic ver2 tab710.00
my heart acoustic ver3 crd740.00
my heart acoustic ver3 tab760.00
my heart acoustic ver4 crd600.00
my heart acoustic ver5 crd790.00
my heart btab660.00
my heart crd610.00
my heart live tab650.00
my heart live ver2 tab620.00
my heart tab740.00
my heart ver2 btab540.00
my heart ver2 crd700.00
my heart ver2 tab600.00
my heart ver3 btab540.00
my heart ver3 crd520.00
my heart ver3 tab610.00
my heart ver4 tab520.00
my heart ver5 tab620.00
my hero btab620.00
my hero crd560.00
my hero tab630.00
my hero ver2 crd630.00
my hero ver2 tab470.00
my hero ver3 crd570.00
my number one btab530.00
my number one crd510.00


never let this go btab480.00
never let this go crd550.00
never let this go tab520.00
never let this go ver2 tab610.00


oh star btab500.00
oh star crd550.00
oh star tab570.00
oh star ver2 crd560.00


plane crash dreams tab490.00
plane crash dreams ver2 tab600.00
playing god acoustic tab640.00
playing god btab620.00
playing god crd570.00
playing god tab590.00
playing god ver2 crd590.00
playing god ver2 tab580.00
playing god ver3 crd560.00
playing god ver3 tab630.00
playing god ver4 crd500.00
playing god ver4 tab600.00
playing god ver5 crd650.00
playing god ver5 tab620.00
playing god ver6 crd590.00
playing god ver6 tab590.00
playing god ver7 crd580.00
pressure acoustic tab670.00
pressure acoustic ver2 tab590.00
pressure acoustic ver3 tab590.00
pressure btab700.00
pressure crd580.00
pressure tab570.00
pressure ver2 btab580.00
pressure ver2 crd640.00
pressure ver2 tab730.00
pressure ver3 btab520.00
pressure ver3 crd530.00
pressure ver3 tab520.00
pressure ver4 btab550.00
pressure ver4 tab500.00
pressure ver5 btab590.00
pressure ver5 tab530.00
pressure ver6 tab730.00
presure tab520.00


renegade btab690.00
renegade crd700.00
renegade tab610.00
renegade ver2 crd620.00
renegade ver2 tab660.00
renegade ver3 crd570.00
renegade ver3 tab520.00
renegade ver4 crd540.00
renegade ver4 tab550.00
rewind live btab510.00
rewind live tab460.00
riot album btab570.00
riot album crd560.00
riot album tab610.00
riot album ver2 btab530.00


spring tour intro tab550.00
spring tour intro btab600.00
stay away crd620.00
stop this song acoustic tab570.00
stop this song btab610.00
stop this song crd510.00
stop this song tab530.00
stop this song ver2 crd520.00
stop this song ver2 tab540.00
stop this song ver3 tab500.00
stuck on you btab650.00
stuck on you crd550.00
stuck on you intro tab480.00
stuck on you tab500.00
stuck on you ver2 tab540.00
stuck on you ver3 tab620.00
sunday bloody sunday btab510.00
sunday bloody sunday crd490.00
sunday bloody sunday tab520.00
sunday bloody sunday ver2 crd570.00
sunday bloody sunday ver2 tab540.00
sunday bloody sunday ver3 crd550.00
sunday bloody sunday ver3 tab570.00
swim in silence crd570.00


teenagers crd560.00
teenagers ver2 crd570.00
temporary btab550.00
temporary crd640.00
temporary intro tab570.00
temporary tab680.00
temporary ver2 tab570.00
that what you get crd510.00
thats what you get acoustic crd560.00
thats what you get acoustic tab570.00
thats what you get acoustic ver2 crd580.00
thats what you get acoustic ver3 crd540.00
thats what you get btab660.00
thats what you get crd530.00
thats what you get drum tab480.00
thats what you get live tab600.00
thats what you get tab560.00
thats what you get ver2 btab600.00
thats what you get ver2 crd570.00
thats what you get ver2 tab490.00
thats what you get ver3 btab630.00
thats what you get ver3 crd540.00
thats what you get ver3 tab790.00
thats what you get ver4 btab620.00
thats what you get ver4 crd530.00
thats what you get ver4 tab500.00
thats what you get ver5 btab610.00
thats what you get ver5 crd540.00
thats what you get ver5 tab610.00
thats what you get ver6 crd550.00
thats what you get ver6 tab530.00
thats what you get ver7 crd520.00
thats what you get ver7 tab640.00
the final riot album btab500.00
the final riot album tab580.00
the only exception btab550.00
the only exception crd580.00
the only exception solo tab590.00
the only exception solo ver2 tab680.00
the only exception solo ver3 tab590.00
the only exception tab530.00
the only exception ver10 crd620.00
the only exception ver2 crd640.00
the only exception ver2 tab620.00
the only exception ver3 crd590.00
the only exception ver3 tab510.00
the only exception ver4 crd650.00
the only exception ver4 tab530.00
the only exception ver5 crd580.00
the only exception ver5 tab440.00
the only exception ver6 crd580.00
the only exception ver6 tab630.00
the only exception ver7 crd640.00
the only exception ver7 tab540.00
the only exception ver8 crd510.00
the only exception ver8 tab520.00
the only exception ver9 crd590.00
the only exception video lesson630.00
throwing punches crd520.00
throwing punches tab530.00
turn it off acoustic crd630.00
turn it off acoustic tab680.00
turn it off acoustic ver2 tab660.00
turn it off btab620.00
turn it off crd500.00
turn it off live crd540.00
turn it off tab570.00
turn it off ver2 btab540.00
turn it off ver2 crd460.00
turn it off ver2 tab540.00
turn it off ver3 crd530.00
turn it off ver3 tab630.00
turn it off ver4 crd550.00
turn it off ver4 tab560.00
turn it off ver5 crd540.00
turn it off ver6 crd630.00


until tomorrow intro tab560.00
until tomorrow tab510.00
use somebody crd540.00
use somebody tab600.00
use somebody ver2 crd460.00
use somebody ver2 tab580.00


we are borken btab490.00
we are broken btab530.00
we are broken crd590.00
we are broken live tab510.00
we are broken tab500.00
we are broken ver2 btab610.00
we are broken ver2 crd550.00
we are broken ver3 crd550.00
we are broken ver4 crd500.00
we are broken ver5 crd450.00
we are broken ver6 crd540.00
when it rains acoustic crd560.00
when it rains acoustic tab570.00
when it rains btab520.00
when it rains crd640.00
when it rains drum tab610.00
when it rains tab650.00
when it rains ver2 btab580.00
when it rains ver2 crd560.00
when it rains ver2 tab490.00
when it rains ver3 btab550.00
when it rains ver3 crd580.00
when it rains ver3 tab470.00
when it rains ver4 crd590.00
when it rains ver4 tab480.00
when it rains ver5 crd550.00
when it rains ver5 tab550.00
when it rains ver6 crd540.00
when it rains ver6 tab640.00
when it rains ver7 crd630.00
where the lines overlap acoustic tab570.00
where the lines overlap acoustic ver2 tab560.00
where the lines overlap acoustic ver3 tab600.00
where the lines overlap btab570.00
where the lines overlap crd530.00
where the lines overlap drum tab530.00
where the lines overlap tab630.00
where the lines overlap ver2 btab570.00
where the lines overlap ver2 crd540.00
where the lines overlap ver2 tab840.00
where the lines overlap ver3 btab580.00
where the lines overlap ver3 crd570.00
where the lines overlap ver3 tab510.00
where the lines overlap ver4 btab620.00
where the lines overlap ver4 tab580.00
where the lines overlap ver5 tab550.00
whoa btab690.00
whoa crd640.00
whoa tab730.00
whoa ver2 btab530.00
whoa ver2 tab610.00
whoa ver3 tab530.00


you aint woman enough crd560.00
you aint woman enough ver2 crd520.00