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Paul Maurice Kelly (born 13 January 1955) is an Australian rock music singer-songwriter, guitarist, and harmonica player. He has performed solo, and has led numerous groups, including the Dots, the Coloured Girls, and the Messengers. He has worked with other artists and groups, including associated projects Professor Ratbaggy and Stardust Five. Kelly's music style has ranged from bluegrass to studio-oriented dub reggae, but his core output straddles folk, rock, and country. His lyrics capture the vastness of the culture and landscape of Australia by chronicling life about him for over 30 years. David Fricke from Rolling Stone calls Kelly "one of the finest songwriters I have ever heard, Australian or otherwise." Kelly has said, "Song writing is mysterious to me. I still feel like a total beginner. I don't feel like I have got it nailed yet". After growing up in Adelaide, Kelly travelled around Australia before settling in Melbourne in 1976. He became involved in the pub rock scene and...
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all the dumb things crd160.00


before too long crd360.00
beggar on the street of love crd160.00
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deeper water crd160.00
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down to my soul crd190.00
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everythings turning to white ver2 crd140.00


from little things big things grow crd210.00
from saint kilda crd230.00
from saint kilda to kings cross crd130.00
from saint kilda to kings cross ver2 crd150.00


ghost town crd200.00
give in to my love crd130.00
god told me to crd160.00
ground components crd110.00


how to make gravy crd220.00
how to make gravy tab130.00
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i dont remember a thing crd230.00
i wish i was a train crd150.00
if i could start today again crd150.00
if i could start today again ver2 crd200.00
incident on south dowling crd140.00


leaps and bounds btab160.00
leaps and bounds crd140.00
little decisions crd150.00
little kings crd160.00
look so fine feel so low crd120.00
luck crd160.00


most wanted man in the world crd120.00


one for the ages crd200.00
our sunshine crd180.00


peace tab200.00
please leave your light on live crd130.00


rally around the drum crd220.00
reckless crd140.00


somebodys forgetting somebody crd140.00
song from the sixteenth floor crd140.00
song of the old rake crd160.00
standing on the street of early sorrows crd180.00
sweet guy crd170.00
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take your time crd190.00
taught by experts crd190.00
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they thought i was asleep tab140.00
to her door crd140.00
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white train crd190.00


you can put your shoes under my bed crd140.00