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Penthouse and Pavement is the debut studio album by the English synthpop band Heaven 17. It was originally released in September 1981, on the label Virgin. "(We Don't Need This) Fascist Groove Thang" was released as a single, but did not achieve chart success partly due to a ban by the BBC. The album sold reasonably well, but was not a great commercial success on release. It has since been regarded as "an important outing", is included in the book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die, and was re-released in 2010 in a three-disc special edition. The title track was included on the soundtrack of the 1993 erotic thriller film Sliver. Reception Whilst the singles charted poorly, the album charted at No. 14 and remained in the Top 100 for 77 weeks. It was certified gold (100,000 copies sold) by the BPI in October 1982. Dan LeRoy in a retrospective review for AllMusic felt that the album combined electropop with good melodies, and that Glenn Gregory was able to handle the "overtly...
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a shady lane crd413.90
ann dont cry crd342.80
at t crd382.40


baptist blacktick crd362.60
black out tab423.00
box elder crd333.10
box elder tab403.60
brinx job tab402.60


conduit for sale crd342.20
cream of gold acoustic crd342.50
cut your hair btab282.60
cut your hair crd372.60


date w ikea tab454.00
debris slide crd383.20


easily fooled crd302.90
elevate me later btab363.60
elevate me later crd353.10
elevate me later ver2 crd363.80


father to a sister of thought crd382.30
fillmore jive tab362.70
fillmore jive ver2 tab322.40
folk jam crd332.90
frontwards crd323.50


give it a day crd333.30
gold sounds crd333.50
gold soundz crd332.70
gold soundz tab492.90
gold soundz ver2 crd284.00
grave architecture btab392.80
grave architecture tab393.30
greenlander crd343.60
greenlander tab382.50
grounded btab403.30
grounded tab442.20


half a canyon tab322.80
hands off the bayou tab343.00
harness your hopes tab352.60
heaven is a truck crd363.20
here tab483.50
hexx intro tab444.00
hexx solo tab342.40
hexx tab753.10


i love perth tab363.90
in the mouth a desert tab372.10
in the mouth of a desert btab452.20
in the mouth of a desert crd332.50
in the mouth of a desert intro tab302.30
in the mouth of a desert tab412.50
in the mouth of a desert ver2 tab353.40


jackals false grails the lonesome era tab393.30


kennel district btab393.60
kennel district crd283.40
kennel district tab402.10
kris kraft tab392.40


lorettas scars tab373.10


major leagues tab382.60


no life singed her intro tab413.00
no tan lines crd452.80


our singer tab412.80


perfume v tab463.60
perfume v ver2 tab302.30
platform blues tab402.80
post paint boy intro tab393.10
purfume v btab292.20


range life crd362.00
range life tab522.50
rattled by the rush tab543.80


same way of saying crd313.90
serpentine pad crd322.50
shady lane btab363.70
shady lane crd342.70
shady lane tab343.10
shady lane ver2 crd384.00
shady lane ver2 tab422.50
shoot the singer tab352.80
silence kit tab413.80
silent kit tab322.10
sister of thought crd383.80
so stark youre a skyscraper tab363.90
spit on a stranger tab323.60
starlings of the slipstream crd323.60
stereo btab373.60
stop breathin tab502.00
stop breathing crd283.30
summer babe btab373.80
summer babe crd232.10
summer babe tab313.20


texas never whispers tab292.00
the killing moon crd473.20
transport is arranged crd384.00
trigger cut crd292.60
trigger cut tab473.20
trigger cut ver2 tab302.20
two states btab424.00
two states tab423.00
type slowly crd292.00


unfair tab293.70


we dance crd293.90
wher did all the rock go crd323.00


you are a light crd432.10
you are a light solo tab332.10
you are a light ver2 crd573.20


zurich crd363.60
zurich is stained crd372.50
zurich is stained tab403.90