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Philip David "Phil" Wickham (born April 5, 1984) is a Contemporary Christian musician, singer and songwriter from San Diego, California. Wickham has released nine CDs, Give You My World in 2003, a self-titled album in 2006, Cannons in 2007, Singalong in 2008, Heaven & Earth in 2009, Response in 2011, and Singalong 2 in 2012, The Ascension in 2013, Sing-A-Long 3 in 2015, and Children of God in 2016. He has also led worship at Soul Survivor. Biography Early Years Philip was raised in a Christian home, the second of three children (brother Evan Wickham, sister Jillian Wickham), and after feeling the need to "make his faith his own" he began leading worship for his youth group at 13 years of age. He graduated from Calvary Christian School in Vista, California. Wickham's father is currently a worship leader, and both of his parents were at one time members of Jesus movement band Parable. His older brother Evan Wickham is also a musician who used to serve at Calvary Chapel in Vista, and...
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after your heart crd430.00
after your heart tab380.00
after your heart ver2 crd420.00
all i am crd430.00
all i am ver2 crd560.00
all i wanted crd440.00
always forever crd490.00
always forever ver2 crd390.00
always forever ver3 crd440.00
always forever ver4 crd530.00
always forever ver5 crd370.00
at your name yahweh yahweh btab490.00
at your name yahweh yahweh crd300.00
at your name yahweh yahweh ver2 crd500.00


beautiful crd510.00
beautiful tab410.00
beautiful ver2 crd450.00
beautiful ver3 crd390.00
beautiful ver4 crd420.00
beautiful ver5 crd430.00
beautiful ver6 crd440.00
because of your love crd550.00
because of your love ver2 crd410.00
because of your love ver3 crd380.00
because of your love ver4 crd360.00
because of your love ver5 crd490.00


cannons btab530.00
cannons crd550.00
cannons intro tab850.00
cannons tab440.00
cannons ver2 btab540.00
cannons ver2 crd430.00
cannons ver2 tab510.00
cannons ver3 crd500.00
cannons ver4 crd490.00
cannons ver5 crd430.00
cannons ver6 crd450.00
cannons ver7 crd470.00
carry my soul away crd470.00
carry my soul away ver2 crd460.00
christmas time crd480.00
cielo crd440.00
cielo ver2 crd330.00
cielo ver3 crd400.00
come near to me lord crd380.00
come thou fount crd480.00
come thou fount ver2 crd530.00
come thou fount ver3 crd420.00
coming alive acoustic crd570.00


desire crd410.00
desire ver2 crd430.00
divine romance crd390.00
divine romance intro tab370.00
divine romance intro ver2 tab400.00
divine romance tab580.00
divine romance ver2 crd420.00
divine romance ver2 tab350.00
divine romance ver3 crd500.00
divine romance ver4 crd450.00
divine romance ver5 crd560.00
divine romance ver6 crd360.00


eden crd360.00
eden ver2 crd440.00
eden ver3 crd420.00
evermore crd510.00


fall into you crd480.00
fools wisdom crd440.00
forever my heart will sing crd350.00


give you my world crd440.00
give you my world ver2 crd480.00
god of our salvation crd390.00
grace crd380.00
grace tab330.00
grace ver2 crd380.00
grace ver3 crd460.00
grace ver4 crd460.00
grace ver5 crd460.00
grace ver6 crd460.00


hallelujah crd410.00
heaven and earth crd390.00
heaven and earth tab520.00
heaven and earth ver2 tab470.00
heaven fall down crd460.00
heaven fall down tab420.00
heaven fall down ver2 crd390.00
heaven fall down ver3 crd340.00
heaven song crd420.00
high above crd440.00
high above intro tab420.00
hold on crd530.00
holy holy holy crd370.00
home crd600.00
home ver2 crd380.00


i adore you crd400.00
i adore you intro tab450.00
i adore you tab460.00
i adore you ver2 crd560.00
i see your face beautiful crd400.00
i surrender all crd450.00
i will wait for you there crd390.00
i will wait for you there intro tab390.00
i will wait for you there tab400.00
ill always love you crd490.00
in my love crd530.00
in my love ver2 crd360.00
in your city crd480.00
in your city ver2 crd370.00
in your city ver3 crd400.00


jesus lord of heaven crd410.00
jesus lord of heaven ver2 crd380.00
joy crd520.00


little drummer boy crd420.00


messiah crd460.00
messiah ver2 crd450.00
must i wait crd450.00
must i wait ver2 crd380.00
mystery crd540.00
mystery intro tab520.00
mystery ver2 crd450.00
mystery ver3 crd400.00


o come all ye faithful crd430.00
one god crd420.00
one who overcomes crd430.00
one who overcomes ver2 crd430.00


safe crd480.00
safe ver2 crd430.00
safe ver3 crd420.00
sailing on a ship crd410.00
sailing on a ship ver2 crd440.00
shining crd510.00
shining solo tab410.00
spirit fall crd510.00
spirit fall ver2 crd330.00
spirit of the living god crd390.00
spring up oh well crd500.00
still your love goes on crd540.00
sun and moon crd490.00


take my heart crd450.00
take my heart ver2 crd360.00
the first noel ver2 crd500.00
the first noel crd460.00
the light will come tab410.00
the time is now crd390.00
the time is now ver2 crd450.00
the time is now ver3 crd390.00
the victory crd470.00
this is the day crd470.00
this love will last forever crd330.00
this love will last forever ver2 crd360.00
true love crd550.00
true love live acoustic crd430.00
true love ver2 crd390.00
true love ver3 crd470.00
true love ver4 crd420.00
true love ver5 crd470.00
true love ver6 crd430.00


we give you all the glory crd470.00
wonderful crd460.00


you are everything crd400.00
your arrival crd420.00
your beautiful btab460.00
youre beautiful crd450.00
youre beautiful ver2 crd390.00
youre beautiful ver3 crd460.00
youre beautiful ver4 crd510.00
youre beautiful ver5 crd420.00
youre beautiful ver6 crd420.00
yours alone tab450.00