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Placebo is the eponymous debut studio album by English alternative rock band Placebo. It was released on 17 June 1996 by record label Hut. It is the only album recorded with drummer Robert Schultzberg before his departure from the group. The album was a commercial success in the UK, reaching number 5 in the UK Albums Chart. The also spawned five singles, including "Nancy Boy" and "36 Degrees". The album was remastered and reissued in 2006 for its tenth anniversary, including demos and a DVD featuring live performances and music videos from the album. Background and recording Placebo was formed in 1994 with the partnering of Brian Molko (vocals, guitar) and Stefan Olsdal (guitar, bass). At the time, Olsdal was taking guitar lessons and was on his way home when he met Molko at the South Kensington tube station. Molko, observing that Olsdal had a guitar strapped to his back, invited Olsdal to watch him perform at a local bar. On the strength of Molko's performance, Olsdal decided that...
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20 century boy tab360.00
20 years tab440.00


36 degrees btab410.00
36 degrees solo tab470.00
36 degrees tab350.00
36 degrees ver2 tab380.00


a friend in need tab360.00
allergic tab470.00
allergic to thoughts of mother earth btab340.00
allergic to thoughts of mother earth crd380.00
allergic to thoughts of mother earth tab420.00
allergic to thoughts of mother earth ver2 crd430.00
allergic to thoughts of mother earth ver2 tab400.00
ashtray heart crd440.00
ashtray heart tab390.00
ask for answers tab360.00
ask for answers ver2 tab380.00
ask for answers ver3 tab330.00


b3 tab420.00
b3 ver2 tab390.00
backstage solo tab430.00
battle for the sun btab360.00
battle for the sun crd400.00
battle for the sun intro tab460.00
battle for the sun tab440.00
battle for the sun ver2 btab350.00
battle for the sun ver2 crd380.00
battle for the sun ver2 tab360.00
battle for the sun ver3 tab430.00
because i want you acoustic tab470.00
because i want you btab430.00
because i want you crd420.00
because i want you tab380.00
because i want you ver2 crd390.00
because i want you ver2 tab390.00
because i want you ver3 tab340.00
been smokin too long tab470.00
been smoking too long tab370.00
bigmouth strikes again btab740.00
bigmouth strikes again crd420.00
bigmouth strikes again tab470.00
bigmouth strikes again ver2 btab380.00
bigmouth strikes again ver2 tab410.00
bionic btab380.00
bionic live tab370.00
bionic tab410.00
bionic ver2 btab390.00
bionic ver2 tab400.00
bitter end tab430.00
black eyed btab400.00
black eyed crd440.00
black eyed tab310.00
black eyed ver2 btab360.00
black eyed ver2 tab390.00
black eyed ver3 tab380.00
black eyed ver4 tab430.00
black market blood btab380.00
blind acoustic crd530.00
blind crd400.00
blind tab440.00
blue american crd350.00
blue american tab440.00
blue american ver2 tab380.00
breathe underwater btab360.00
breathe underwater tab400.00
breathe underwater ver2 tab410.00
brick shithouse btab350.00
brick shithouse crd510.00
brick shithouse tab380.00
brick shithouse ver2 btab400.00
brick shithouse ver2 tab350.00
brickshit house btab360.00
bright lights crd400.00
brit shit house tab380.00
broken promise tab400.00
bruise pristine btab360.00
bruise pristine tab350.00
bruise pristine ver2 tab390.00
bruise pristine ver3 tab410.00
bruise pristine ver4 tab380.00
bubblegun tab430.00
buger queen tab420.00
bulletproof cupid btab430.00
bulletproof cupid live tab410.00
bulletproof cupid tab340.00
bulletproof cupid ver2 tab440.00
burger queen btab470.00
burger queen crd280.00
burger queen tab340.00
burger queen ver2 tab400.00
burger queen ver3 tab420.00


centrefolds btab540.00
centrefolds crd350.00
centrefolds ver2 crd430.00
come home btab400.00
come home tab300.00
come home ver2 tab330.00
come undone tab290.00
commercial for levi crd330.00
commercial for levi tab300.00
commercial for levi ver2 tab330.00
crawl tab390.00


daddy cool btab330.00
daddy cool tab570.00
daddy cool ver2 btab560.00
dairy queen tab380.00
dark globe crd610.00
days before you came tab480.00
days before you came ver2 tab470.00
days before you came ver3 tab430.00
days before you came ver4 tab400.00
days before you came ver5 tab410.00
detox five tab390.00
devil in the details crd310.00
drag btab610.00
drag tab490.00
drag ver2 tab400.00
drink you pretty tab320.00
drowning by numbers btab370.00
drowning by numbers tab390.00


english summer rain btab390.00
english summer rain tab430.00
english summer rain ver2 btab490.00
english summer rain ver2 tab440.00
every me and every you btab330.00
every me and every you crd330.00
every me and every you tab360.00
every me and every you ver2 crd310.00
every you every me btab450.00
every you every me crd370.00
every you every me tab370.00
every you every me ver2 crd330.00
every you every me ver2 tab300.00
every you every me ver4 tab370.00
every you every me ver5 tab480.00
every you every me ver6 tab360.00
evil dildo tab420.00
evil dildo ver2 tab380.00
eyesight to the blind tab340.00


five years crd330.00
flesh mechanic btab440.00
flesh mechanic tab410.00
follow the cops back home crd340.00
follow the cops back home tab340.00
follow the cops back home ver2 tab400.00
follow the cops back home ver3 tab430.00
for what its worth btab530.00
for what its worth tab390.00
for what its worth ver2 tab440.00
for what its worth ver3 tab450.00
fuck u tab380.00


haemoglobin tab390.00
haemoglobin ver2 tab380.00
haemoglobin ver3 tab350.00
hang on to your iq btab430.00
hang on to your iq intro tab330.00
hang on to your iq tab380.00
hang on to your iq ver2 tab440.00
happy youre gone crd340.00
hare krishna tab390.00
hk farewell tab420.00


i know btab450.00
i know crd410.00
i know tab390.00
i know you want to stop tab400.00
ikwyl tab400.00
ill be yours tab430.00
in a funk btab400.00
in a funk tab380.00
in a funk ver2 tab360.00
infra red crd390.00
infra red live tab360.00
infra red tab370.00
infra red ver2 tab360.00
infra red ver3 tab490.00
infra red ver4 tab440.00
ion tab500.00
its too funky in here btab330.00


jackie crd410.00
johnny and mary crd360.00
johnny and mary tab380.00
julien crd490.00
julien tab390.00


king of medicine crd340.00
kings of medicine crd420.00
kings of medicine tab340.00
kings of medicine ver2 crd400.00
kitsch object tab410.00
kitsch object ver2 tab420.00
kitty litter tab330.00


lady of the flowers btab390.00
lady of the flowers tab380.00
lady of the flowers ver2 tab320.00
lady of the flowers ver3 tab340.00
lazarus crd460.00
lazarus intro crd370.00
lazarus tab360.00
leni crd680.00
long division tab410.00


mars landing party tab320.00
meds btab480.00
meds crd510.00
meds tab400.00
meds ver2 crd380.00
meds ver2 tab480.00
meds ver3 tab330.00
meds ver4 tab360.00
meds ver5 tab420.00
meds ver6 tab380.00
meds ver7 tab430.00
miss moneypenny btab350.00
miss moneypenny tab370.00
miss moneypenny ver2 tab500.00
miss moneypenny ver3 tab420.00
my sweet prince btab330.00
my sweet prince crd350.00
my sweet prince tab370.00
my sweet prince ver2 tab320.00
my sweet prince ver3 tab380.00


nancy boy btab380.00
nancy boy crd480.00
nancy boy tab710.00
nancy boy ver2 btab360.00
nancy boy ver2 crd460.00
nancy boy ver2 tab360.00
nancy boy ver3 tab390.00
nancy boy ver4 tab430.00
needledick tab370.00


one of a kind btab340.00
one of a kind tab380.00
one of a kind ver2 tab360.00


passive aggressive btab420.00
passive aggressive tab390.00
passive aggressive ver2 tab300.00
passive aggressive ver3 tab410.00
paycheck tab430.00
peeping tom btab440.00
peeping tom live tab390.00
peeping tom tab370.00
pierrot the clown acoustic crd340.00
pierrot the clown crd340.00
pierrot the clown tab410.00
plasticine acoustic crd390.00
plasticine tab400.00
plasticine ver2 tab370.00
plasticine ver3 tab680.00
plasticine ver4 tab350.00
post blue btab360.00
post blue crd360.00
post blue tab420.00
post blue ver2 btab420.00
post blue ver2 tab340.00
post blue ver3 tab410.00
post blue ver4 tab400.00
post blue ver5 tab330.00
post blue ver6 tab400.00
protect me from what i want crd410.00
protect me from what i want tab350.00
protect me from what i want ver2 tab400.00
protects me from what i want btab320.00
protege moi btab570.00
pure morning tab410.00
pure morning ver2 tab390.00


running up that hill crd550.00
running up that hill tab400.00
running up that hill ver2 tab450.00


scared of girls btab440.00
scared of girls live tab320.00
scared of girls tab430.00
scared of girls ver2 tab350.00
second sight btab340.00
second sight tab400.00
second sight ver2 tab460.00
slackerbitch tab410.00
slave to the age tab420.00
slave to the wage acoustic crd430.00
slave to the wage btab430.00
slave to the wage tab380.00
sleeping with ghosts btab400.00
sleeping with ghosts crd410.00
sleeping with ghosts tab350.00
sleeping with ghosts ver2 btab390.00
sleeping with ghosts ver2 crd410.00
sleeping with ghosts ver2 tab360.00
song to say goodbye acoustic crd290.00
song to say goodbye btab410.00
song to say goodbye crd400.00
song to say goodbye tab450.00
space monkey tab380.00
space monkey ver2 tab330.00
speak in tongues crd570.00
speak in tongues tab460.00
speak in tongues ver2 crd300.00
special k acoustic crd440.00
special k btab500.00
special k crd400.00
special k tab470.00
special k ver2 tab370.00
special k ver3 tab410.00
special k ver4 tab340.00
special k ver5 tab410.00
special k ver6 tab450.00
special k ver7 tab400.00
special k ver8 tab430.00
special needs btab410.00
special needs crd540.00
special needs live tab380.00
special needs tab400.00
special needs ver2 crd390.00
special needs ver2 tab460.00
special needs ver3 tab410.00
special needs ver4 tab350.00
special needs ver5 tab340.00
spite and malice btab340.00
summers gone crd380.00
summers gone tab380.00
swallow btab400.00
swallow tab510.00


taste in men btab410.00
taste in men crd360.00
taste in men tab420.00
taste in men ver2 tab410.00
teenage angst btab400.00
teenage angst crd480.00
teenage angst tab380.00
teenage angst ver2 tab350.00
teenage angst ver3 tab420.00
the bitter end btab490.00
the bitter end crd430.00
the bitter end tab340.00
the bitter end ver2 btab360.00
the bitter end ver2 crd350.00
the bitter end ver2 tab440.00
the bitter end ver3 tab340.00
the bitter end ver4 tab370.00
the bitter end ver5 tab370.00
the bitter end ver6 tab450.00
the crawl crd600.00
the crawl tab490.00
the crawl ver2 tab410.00
the crawl ver3 tab360.00
the innocence of sleep tab380.00
the never ending why acoustic crd400.00
the never ending why btab380.00
the never ending why crd390.00
the never ending why tab400.00
theme from the funky reverend btab380.00
then the clouds will open for me tab420.00
this picture acoustic crd420.00
this picture acoustic ver2 crd380.00
this picture btab380.00
this picture crd340.00
this picture drum tab430.00
this picture tab370.00
this picture ver2 tab410.00
this picture ver3 tab430.00
trigger happy hands tab380.00
twenty years crd440.00
twenty years intro tab470.00
twenty years intro ver2 tab500.00
twenty years live tab420.00
twenty years tab480.00
twenty years ver2 crd480.00
twenty years ver2 tab400.00
twenty years ver3 tab400.00
twenty years ver4 tab340.00
twenty years ver5 tab340.00


uneedmemorethanineedu tab340.00


waiting for the son of man tab360.00
where is my mind tab360.00
where is my mind ver2 tab460.00
without you im nothing album tab420.00
without you im nothing tab380.00
without you im nothing ver2 tab400.00


you dont care about us btab420.00
you dont care about us crd430.00
you dont care about us live tab380.00
you dont care about us tab460.00
you dont care about us ver2 tab350.00