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LP1 (i.e. "long-player" 1) was the title of the first album (2007) by the French female band, the Plastiscines. LP1 was issued on 12 February 2007. It contains thirteen tracks, all under three minutes in length. These included "Loser", which was the Plastiscines' first single release, and "Shake (Twist Around the Fire)" and "Rake" which had appeared in 2006 on a compilation of young Parisian bands entitled Paris Calling. It began in 61st place in the French Charts where it remained until the 9th of April 2007, exiting at 197th. Track listing "Alchemie" "Loser" "Shake (Twist Around the Fire)" "Mister Driver" "La règle du jeu" "Zazie fait de la bicyclette" "No Way" "Pop In, Pop Out!" "Rake" "Tu as tout prévu" "Human Rights" "Lost in Translation" "Under Control"
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