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Puddle of Mudd is an American rock band formed in 1991. To date, the band has sold over seven million albums and has had a string of No. 1 mainstream rock singles in the United States. Their major-label debut Come Clean has sold over five million copies. They have released two independent and four major albums, with their latest being Volume 4: Songs in the Key of Love & Hate in December 2009, and their latest compilation album being re:(disc)overed, released in August 2011. History Early years (1991–2000) Puddle of Mudd was formed on September 13, 1991, in Kansas City by Wes Scantlin (vocals/rhythm guitar), Jimmy Allen (guitar), Sean Sammon (bass), and Kenny Burkitt (drums). According to Wes Scantlin, the band name was inspired by practicing next to the Missouri river levee, which always inundated the band's practice space, but never ruined their equipment since they were on the second floor. In order to get to their practice space, the band "had to walk through a pile of...
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abrasive tab210.00
abrasive ver2 tab280.00
already gone btab430.00
away from me btab320.00
away from me tab320.00
away from me ver2 tab260.00
away from me ver3 tab310.00


basement tab300.00
better place tab240.00
bleed tab300.00
blood on the table tab240.00
blurry acoustic crd470.00
blurry acoustic tab560.00
blurry acoustic ver2 crd340.00
blurry btab300.00
blurry crd340.00
blurry drum tab330.00
blurry tab290.00
blurry ver2 btab370.00
blurry ver2 crd260.00
blurry ver2 tab370.00
blurry ver3 btab220.00
blurry ver3 crd470.00
blurry ver3 tab240.00
blurry ver4 crd340.00
blurry ver4 tab290.00
blurry ver5 tab230.00
blurry ver6 tab270.00
bottom btab310.00
bring me down btab270.00
bring me down tab310.00
bring me down ver2 btab270.00
bring me down ver2 tab240.00
bring me down ver3 btab270.00
bring me down ver3 tab290.00


change my mind intro tab380.00
change my mind tab280.00
cloud 9 btab210.00
come clean album tab260.00
control btab250.00
control crd280.00
control intro tab300.00
control tab360.00
control ver2 btab350.00
control ver2 tab250.00
control ver3 tab260.00
control ver4 tab380.00
control ver5 tab210.00


drift and die crd310.00
drift and die drum tab230.00
drift and die intro tab430.00
drift and die tab400.00
drift and die ver2 crd270.00
drift and die ver2 tab310.00
drift and die ver3 tab240.00
drift and die ver4 tab210.00
drift and die ver5 tab210.00
drift and die ver6 tab290.00
drift and die video lesson310.00


famous btab340.00
famous intro tab260.00
famous tab440.00
famous ver2 tab190.00
freak of the world tab270.00


heel over head btab190.00
heel over head crd290.00
heel over head tab320.00
heel over head ver2 crd250.00
heel over head ver2 tab350.00


if i could love you tab330.00
it was faith tab270.00


keep it together crd350.00
keep it together ver2 crd280.00
keep it together ver3 crd320.00


life on display album tab200.00
livin on borrowed time tab200.00
livin on borrowed time ver2 tab260.00
living on borrowed time tab240.00


merry go round tab250.00
migrain tab270.00


never change btab380.00
never change tab340.00
never change ver2 tab220.00
nobody told me btab330.00
nobody told me tab300.00
nobody told me ver2 tab290.00
nothing left to lose intro tab260.00
nothing left to lose tab230.00


out of my head tab250.00
out of my head ver2 tab290.00


phsycho intro tab310.00
phsyco tab400.00
piss it all away tab300.00
piss it all away ver2 tab300.00
poke out my eyes tab250.00
psycho btab430.00
psycho crd270.00
psycho drum tab300.00
psycho tab450.00
psycho ver2 btab260.00
psycho ver2 tab240.00
psycho ver3 btab260.00
psycho ver3 tab280.00
puddle of mudd tab230.00


radiate crd390.00
radiate tab260.00


said tab420.00
she hates me btab340.00
she hates me crd390.00
she hates me drum tab240.00
she hates me tab370.00
she hates me ver10 tab240.00
she hates me ver11 tab220.00
she hates me ver12 tab250.00
she hates me ver2 crd240.00
she hates me ver2 tab350.00
she hates me ver3 crd260.00
she hates me ver3 tab200.00
she hates me ver4 tab280.00
she hates me ver5 tab180.00
she hates me ver6 tab240.00
she hates me ver7 tab340.00
she hates me ver8 tab260.00
she hates me ver9 tab250.00
spaceship tab320.00
spin you around btab240.00
spin you around crd300.00
spin you around tab280.00
stoned tab330.00
stoned ver2 tab230.00
suicide crd370.00
sydney tab250.00


the only reason tab310.00
think tab250.00
thinking about you tab310.00
time flies tab370.00


uno mas intro tab330.00
uno mass tab180.00


we dont have to look back now crd250.00
we dont have to look back now tab250.00
we dont have to look back now ver2 crd220.00
we dont have to look back now ver2 tab250.00


you dont know tab230.00