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Radiohead are an English rock band from Abingdon, Oxfordshire, formed in 1985. The band consists of Thom Yorke (lead vocals, guitar, piano, keyboards), Jonny Greenwood (lead guitar, keyboards, other instruments), Ed O'Brien (guitar, backing vocals), Colin Greenwood (bass), and Phil Selway (drums, percussion, backing vocals). They have worked with producer Nigel Godrich and cover artist Stanley Donwood since 1994. After signing to EMI in 1991, Radiohead released their debut single "Creep" in 1992. It became a worldwide hit after the release of their debut album, Pablo Honey (1993). Their popularity and critical standing rose in the United Kingdom with the release of their second album, The Bends (1995). Radiohead's third album, OK Computer (1997), propelled them to international fame; with an expansive sound and themes of modern alienation, it is often acclaimed as a landmark record of the 1990s and one of the best albums of all time. The group's next albums Kid A (2000) and Amnesiac...
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15 step btab790.00
15 step crd640.00
15 step tab700.00
15 step ver2 btab640.00
15 step ver2 crd620.00
15 step ver2 tab690.00
15 step ver3 btab680.00
15 step ver3 tab690.00
15 step ver4 tab630.00
15 step ver5 tab570.00


2 2 5 btab640.00
2 2 5 tab730.00
2 2 5 ver2 btab520.00
2 2 5 ver2 tab530.00
2 2 5 ver3 tab780.00
2 2 5 ver4 tab670.00


4 minute warning crd620.00


a punchup at a wedding btab520.00
a punchup at a wedding tab590.00
a punchup at a wedding ver2 btab490.00
a wolf at the door crd550.00
a wolf at the door tab510.00
after the gold rush crd610.00
airbag btab700.00
airbag crd730.00
airbag drum tab550.00
airbag tab590.00
airbag ver2 drum tab520.00
airbag ver2 tab610.00
airbag ver3 tab610.00
all i need btab610.00
all i need crd530.00
all i need intro btab640.00
all i need intro tab550.00
all i need tab600.00
all i need ver2 btab660.00
analyse tab630.00
anyone can play guitar btab620.00
anyone can play guitar crd570.00
anyone can play guitar tab570.00
arpeggi tab540.00
arpeggi ver2 tab570.00
arpeggi ver3 tab700.00


backdrifts btab560.00
backdrifts crd600.00
banana co crd640.00
banana co tab510.00
bangers n mash btab700.00
bangers n mash live tab540.00
bangers n mash tab610.00
bangers n mash ver2 tab590.00
bangers n mash ver3 tab660.00
been thinking about you tab650.00
been thinking bout you crd620.00
big boots man o war tab700.00
big ideas nude crd610.00
bishops robes tab560.00
black star btab660.00
black star crd580.00
black star drum tab750.00
black star ver2 crd670.00
bloom btab720.00
bloom intro tab760.00
bloom tab700.00
blow out acoustic crd660.00
blow out acoustic tab570.00
blow out btab610.00
blow out crd610.00
blow out tab620.00
blow out ver2 tab620.00
bodysnatchers btab590.00
bodysnatchers intro tab630.00
bodysnatchers intro ver2 tab570.00
bodysnatchers tab610.00
bodysnatchers ver2 tab570.00
bones btab640.00
bones crd630.00
bones tab630.00
bones ver2 btab700.00
bones ver3 btab690.00
bullet proof crd800.00
bullet proofi wish i was tab600.00
bulletproff i wish i was tab600.00
bulletproof i wish i was crd640.00
bulletproof i wish i was tab680.00
bulletproof i wish i was ver2 crd590.00


ceremony tab720.00
climbing up the walls btab720.00
climbing up the walls crd670.00
climbing up the walls tab630.00
climbing up the walls ver2 btab780.00
climbing up the walls ver2 crd620.00
climbing up the walls ver2 tab850.00
codex btab760.00
codex crd790.00
codex tab630.00
codex ver2 crd850.00
codex ver3 crd650.00
codex ver4 crd540.00
codex ver5 crd620.00
creep acoustic crd720.00
creep acoustic tab730.00
creep acoustic ver2 crd570.00
creep acoustic ver2 tab650.00
creep acoustic ver3 crd660.00
creep acoustic ver3 tab650.00
creep acoustic ver4 crd550.00
creep acoustic ver5 crd660.00
creep acoustic ver6 crd640.00
creep acoustic ver7 crd700.00
creep btab720.00
creep crd640.00
creep drum tab600.00
creep tab570.00
creep ver2 btab660.00
creep ver2 crd720.00
creep ver2 tab600.00
creep ver3 btab640.00
creep ver3 crd810.00
creep video lesson630.00
cut a hole tab570.00


dollars and cents btab610.00
dowen is the new up tab560.00
down is the new up crd510.00
down is the new up tab540.00
down is the new up ver2 tab600.00


egyptian song crd510.00
electioneering btab630.00
electioneering tab500.00
electioneering ver2 btab670.00
electioneering ver2 tab550.00
electioneering ver3 tab580.00
everyone needs someone to hate btab530.00
everything in its right place acoustic crd600.00
everything in its right place btab740.00
everything in its right place crd550.00
everything in its right place tab690.00
everything in its right place ver2 tab640.00
everything in its right place ver3 tab620.00
exit music for a film btab540.00
exit music for a film crd570.00
exit music for a film drum tab660.00
exit music for a film tab610.00
exit music for a film ver2 btab620.00
exit music for a film ver2 crd620.00
exit music for a film ver3 crd560.00
exit music for a film ver4 crd440.00


fade out street spirit tab660.00
faithless the wonder boy crd550.00
fake plastic trees btab670.00
fake plastic trees crd590.00
fake plastic trees drum tab570.00
fake plastic trees tab600.00
fake plastic trees ver2 btab600.00
fake plastic trees ver2 crd610.00
fake plastic trees ver2 tab680.00
fake plastic trees ver3 btab580.00
fake plastic trees ver3 crd590.00
fake plastic trees ver3 tab610.00
fake plastic trees ver4 btab650.00
fake plastic trees ver4 crd760.00
fake plastic trees ver5 crd610.00
fake plastic trees ver6 crd510.00
fake plastic trees ver7 crd490.00
fake plastic trees ver8 crd560.00
faust arp crd650.00
faust arp tab620.00
faust arp ver2 crd610.00
faust arp ver2 tab630.00
faust arp ver3 crd630.00
faust arp ver3 tab680.00
feral btab660.00
feral ver2 btab620.00
feral ver3 btab640.00
fitter happier tab630.00
fog again crd590.00
fog again intro tab550.00
fog btab750.00
follow me around tab570.00
follow me around ver2 tab490.00
forgotten crd740.00


gagging order tab640.00
gagging order ver2 tab680.00
gagging order ver3 tab540.00
give up the ghost crd590.00
give up the ghost tab520.00
give up the ghost ver2 crd730.00
go slowly acoustic tab690.00
go slowly crd640.00
go slowly tab680.00
go slowly ver2 crd720.00
go slowly ver2 tab710.00
go slowly ver3 tab640.00
go to sleep btab740.00
go to sleep tab1090.00
go to sleep ver2 tab620.00
go to sleep ver3 tab650.00
good morning mr magpie tab700.00


harry patch in memory of intro tab630.00
harry patch in memory of tab680.00
high and dry acoustic crd490.00
high and dry btab860.00
high and dry crd580.00
high and dry drum tab650.00
high and dry solo tab930.00
high and dry tab630.00
high and dry ver2 btab650.00
high and dry ver2 crd620.00
high and dry ver2 tab570.00
high and dry ver3 btab530.00
high and dry ver3 crd540.00
high and dry ver3 tab640.00
high and dry ver4 crd620.00
high and dry ver5 crd540.00
high and dry video lesson680.00
house of card crd530.00
house of cards acoustic crd510.00
house of cards chords crd540.00
house of cards crd710.00
house of cards tab630.00
house of cards ver2 crd580.00
house of cards ver2 tab680.00
house of cards ver3 tab570.00
house of cards ver4 tab560.00
how can you be sure crd550.00
how do you crd650.00
how do you tab670.00
how i made my millions tab600.00
how to disappear completely btab600.00
how to disappear completely crd600.00
how to disappear completely tab490.00
how to disappear completely ver2 btab740.00
how to disappear completely ver2 crd620.00
hungry btab630.00
hungry crd620.00
hunting bears btab720.00
hunting bears tab640.00
hunting bears ver2 tab650.00
hunting bears ver3 tab670.00


i cant crd620.00
i might be wrong acoustic solo tab670.00
i might be wrong btab520.00
i might be wrong tab550.00
i might be wrong ver2 btab600.00
i might be wrong ver2 tab530.00
i might be wrong ver3 tab550.00
i promise tab660.00
i want none of this crd580.00
i will crd720.00
i will tab590.00
i will ver2 tab780.00
idioteque acoustic crd650.00
idioteque btab710.00
idioteque crd650.00
idioteque tab740.00
idioteque ver2 crd840.00
idioteque ver2 tab660.00
idioteque ver3 crd770.00
idioteque ver3 tab890.00
idioteque ver4 crd680.00
idioteque ver4 tab720.00
idiotique crd600.00
in limbo btab640.00
in limbo tab610.00
in limbo ver2 btab660.00
in limbo ver2 tab540.00
india rubber btab700.00
india rubber crd720.00
india rubber tab600.00
innocent civilian crd490.00
inside my head btab680.00
inside my head tab670.00
inside my head ver2 btab540.00


jigsaw falling into place btab620.00
jigsaw falling into place crd450.00
jigsaw falling into place intro tab600.00
jigsaw falling into place tab570.00
jigsaw falling into place ver2 tab600.00
just acoustic tab670.00
just btab590.00
just crd720.00
just drum tab750.00
just tab590.00
just ver2 btab730.00
just ver2 crd520.00
just ver2 tab700.00
just ver3 btab580.00
just ver3 crd710.00
just ver3 tab610.00
just ver4 btab660.00
just ver5 btab650.00
just ver6 btab510.00


karma police btab610.00
karma police crd620.00
karma police drum tab620.00
karma police tab620.00
karma police ver2 btab590.00
karma police ver2 crd600.00
karma police ver2 drum tab530.00
karma police ver2 video lesson760.00
karma police ver3 btab500.00
karma police ver3 crd610.00
karma police ver3 video lesson630.00
karma police ver4 btab620.00
karma police ver4 crd630.00
karma police video lesson610.00
kid a album crd560.00
kid a album tab600.00
kid a crd590.00
kid a live btab620.00
killer cars acoustic crd690.00
killer cars crd690.00
kinetic tab720.00
knives out btab700.00
knives out crd640.00
knives out intro tab620.00
knives out tab530.00
knives out ver2 btab710.00
knives out ver2 crd620.00
knives out ver2 tab670.00


last flowers crd550.00
last flowers intro tab550.00
last flowers tab550.00
last flowers ver2 crd530.00
last flowers ver2 tab540.00
let down btab700.00
let down crd600.00
let down tab560.00
let down ver2 btab540.00
let down ver2 tab590.00
lewis mistreated tab600.00
lewis mistreated ver2 tab670.00
lewis tab660.00
life in a glass house btab620.00
life in a glass house crd610.00
life in a glasshouse crd520.00
lift tab910.00
like spinning plates btab560.00
like spinning plates crd570.00
like spinning plates live tab540.00
like spinning plates ver2 crd570.00
little by little acoustic tab550.00
little by little btab690.00
little by little tab530.00
little by little ver2 tab670.00
lotus flower acoustic tab510.00
lotus flower btab590.00
lotus flower crd660.00
lotus flower live tab510.00
lotus flower tab740.00
lotus flower ver2 btab590.00
lotus flower ver2 tab580.00
lotus flower ver3 btab580.00
lotus flower ver4 btab630.00
lozenge of love tab760.00
lucky btab690.00
lucky crd670.00
lucky tab690.00
lucky ver2 crd550.00
lucky ver2 tab650.00
lucky ver3 tab660.00
lull btab710.00
lull tab610.00
lurgee tab560.00
lurgee ver2 tab660.00


maquiladora btab630.00
maquiladora intro tab620.00
maquiladora tab730.00
meeting in the aisle btab620.00
million dollar question crd570.00
molasses tab710.00
molasses ver2 tab580.00
molasses ver3 tab600.00
morning bell btab710.00
morning bell crd520.00
morning bell tab570.00
morning bell ver2 tab670.00
morning bell ver3 tab780.00
morning bell ver4 tab830.00
morning milord crd620.00
morning mr magpie btab680.00
motion picture soundtrack accoustic tab520.00
motion picture soundtrack crd480.00
motion picture soundtrack intro tab700.00
motion picture soundtrack ver2 crd640.00
motion picture soundtrack ver3 crd610.00
motion picture soundtrack ver4 crd490.00
motion picture soundtrack ver5 crd580.00
my iron lung btab730.00
my iron lung crd490.00
my iron lung drum tab680.00
my iron lung intro tab700.00
my iron lung live tab980.00
my iron lung tab560.00
my iron lung ver2 btab570.00
my iron lung ver2 tab580.00
my iron lung ver3 tab590.00
my iron lung ver4 tab570.00
myxamatosis btab770.00
myxomatosis btab620.00
myxomatosis intro tab590.00
myxomatosis judge jury executioner crd650.00
myxomatosis tab760.00
myxomatosis ver2 tab550.00
myxomatosis ver3 tab540.00
myxomatosis ver4 tab630.00


national anthem btab640.00
national anthem crd590.00
national anthem tab680.00
national anthem ver2 btab540.00
national anthem ver2 tab660.00
nice dream crd630.00
nice dream solo tab690.00
nice dream tab710.00
nice dream ver2 crd570.00
nice dream ver3 crd630.00
no surprises acoustic crd530.00
no surprises btab600.00
no surprises crd610.00
no surprises drum tab520.00
no surprises tab580.00
no surprises ver2 crd620.00
no surprises ver2 drum tab590.00
no surprises ver2 tab580.00
no surprises ver3 crd990.00
no surprises ver3 tab530.00
no surprises ver4 crd600.00
no surprises ver4 tab590.00
no surprises ver5 tab620.00
no surprises ver6 tab660.00
nobody does it better cover tab500.00
nobody does it better crd610.00
nude btab610.00
nude crd590.00
nude tab740.00
nude ver2 btab690.00
nude ver2 crd610.00
nude ver2 tab680.00
nude ver3 crd630.00
nude ver4 crd660.00
nude ver5 crd750.00


ok computer album tab750.00
ok computer album ver2 tab640.00
optimistic btab490.00
optimistic crd870.00
optimistic tab530.00
optimistic ver2 btab540.00
optimistic ver2 tab570.00
optimistic ver3 tab630.00
optimistic ver4 tab640.00


packt like sardines in a crushd tin box btab660.00
packt like sardines in a crushd tin box tab680.00
packt like sardines in a crushd tin box ver2 btab610.00
palo alto crd700.00
palo alto tab670.00
paperbag writer btab570.00
paranoid android acoustic tab540.00
paranoid android btab590.00
paranoid android crd600.00
paranoid android drum tab690.00
paranoid android intro tab630.00
paranoid android tab1400.00
paranoid android ver2 btab560.00
paranoid android ver2 crd570.00
paranoid android ver2 tab640.00
paranoid android ver3 btab500.00
paranoid android ver3 crd610.00
paranoid android ver3 tab470.00
paranoid android ver4 tab560.00
paranoid android ver5 tab560.00
pearly crd730.00
pearly drum tab720.00
pearly tab550.00
permanent daylight btab510.00
permanent daylight tab620.00
planet telex crd600.00
planet telex intro tab610.00
planet telex tab710.00
planet telex ver2 tab590.00
polyethylene btab600.00
polyethylene crd620.00
polyethylene part 2 drum tab700.00
polyethylene solo tab590.00
polyethylene tab580.00
polyethylene ver2 tab680.00
pop is dead crd560.00
pop is dead tab730.00
pop is dead ver2 crd590.00
prove yourself crd620.00
punchdrunk lovesick singalong tab620.00
punchdrunk lovesick singalong ver2 tab500.00
pyramid song crd550.00
pyramid song drum tab610.00
pyramid song tab620.00
pyramid song ver2 crd560.00
pyramid song ver3 crd580.00


rabbit in your headlights tab590.00
reckoner acoustic crd630.00
reckoner acoustic ver2 crd1250.00
reckoner crd680.00
reckoner tab650.00
reckoner ver2 tab610.00
reckoner ver3 tab600.00
reminder crd670.00
reminder drum tab560.00
reminder tab630.00
ripcord btab650.00
ripcord crd470.00
romeo and juliet tab710.00
romeo and juliet ver2 tab610.00


sail to the moon tab520.00
sail to the moon ver2 tab520.00
sail to the moon ver3 tab730.00
sail to the moon ver4 tab640.00
scatterbrain tab640.00
scatterbrain ver2 tab610.00
scatterbrain ver3 tab650.00
separator acoustic crd720.00
separator btab510.00
separator crd560.00
separator ver2 crd540.00
sit down stand up btab650.00
sit down stand up tab640.00
sit down stand up ver2 tab560.00
spooks intro tab760.00
staircase crd610.00
staircase tab580.00
steet spirit tab620.00
stop whispering tab610.00
street spirit btab570.00
street spirit crd660.00
street spirit fade out btab520.00
street spirit fade out crd510.00
street spirit fade out tab560.00
street spirit tab720.00
street spirit ver2 btab630.00
street spirit ver2 tab570.00
street spirit ver3 tab600.00
stupid car crd680.00
subterranean homesick alien acoustic tab600.00
subterranean homesick alien btab540.00
subterranean homesick alien crd560.00
subterranean homesick alien tab670.00
subterranean homesick alien ver2 tab520.00
sulk crd510.00
sulk tab850.00
super collider crd610.00


talk show host acoustic crd610.00
talk show host btab770.00
talk show host crd730.00
talk show host tab760.00
talk show host ver2 btab650.00
talk show host ver2 tab640.00
talk show host ver3 btab600.00
talk show host ver3 tab710.00
the amazing sounds of an orgy tab630.00
the bends acoustic crd530.00
the bends album crd590.00
the bends album tab590.00
the bends album ver2 crd690.00
the bends btab550.00
the bends crd630.00
the bends tab670.00
the bends ver2 btab680.00
the bends ver2 crd600.00
the bends ver2 tab610.00
the bends ver3 tab560.00
the butcher btab660.00
the butcher crd730.00
the daily mail crd620.00
the daily mail tab630.00
the gloaming acoustic crd610.00
the gloaming btab590.00
the gloaming ver2 btab550.00
the present tense crd510.00
the tourist btab670.00
the tourist crd650.00
the tourist tab570.00
the tourist ver2 crd510.00
the tourist ver3 crd650.00
the trickster btab520.00
the trickster drum tab530.00
the trickster tab630.00
there there acoustic tab510.00
there there acoustic ver2 tab490.00
there there btab730.00
there there crd690.00
there there live crd510.00
there there tab610.00
there there ver2 crd540.00
there there ver2 tab470.00
there there ver3 tab610.00
there there ver4 tab520.00
these are my twisted words tab490.00
these are my twisted words ver2 tab650.00
thinking about you crd590.00
thinking about you non acoustic drum tab560.00
thinking about you solo tab790.00
thinking about you tab620.00
thinking about you ver2 crd550.00
thinking about you ver2 tab530.00
thinking about you ver3 crd600.00
transatlantic drawl tab610.00
treefingers crd590.00
true love waits crd590.00
true love waits tab530.00
true love waits ver2 crd560.00


up on the ladder acoustic tab500.00


vegetable btab520.00
vegetable crd520.00
vegetable tab500.00
videotape acoustic tab560.00
videotape acoustic ver2 tab670.00
videotape crd560.00
videotape tab570.00
videotape ver2 tab680.00
videotape ver3 tab570.00


we suck young blood crd520.00
weird fishes arpeggi btab600.00
weird fishes arpeggi crd590.00
weird fishes arpeggi intro tab550.00
weird fishes arpeggi tab630.00
weird fishes arpeggi ver2 crd650.00
where i end and you begin btab620.00
where i end and you begin crd550.00
where i end and you begin tab560.00
where it ends and you begin crd450.00
wicked child btab610.00
wish you were here crd560.00
wolf at the door btab640.00
wolf at the door crd570.00
wolf at the door tab650.00
wonderwall crd540.00
worrywort crd600.00
worrywort tab650.00


yes i am tab600.00
you acoustic crd560.00
you and whos army btab470.00
you and whose army crd610.00
you and whose army tab700.00
you and whose army ver2 crd470.00
you btab580.00
you crd600.00
you never wash up after yourself crd530.00
you never wash up after yourself tab570.00
you never wash up after yourself ver2 tab620.00
you never wash up tab590.00
you tab550.00
you ver2 btab640.00
you ver2 tab540.00