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Radja is an Indonesian rock band. The band formed in Jakarta on 17 March 2001, and originally consisted of lead vocalist Ian Kasela, guitarist Moldy Mulyadi, bassist Shuma, and drummer Adit. The band is currently based in Bogor. The band's name is the Indonesian word for "king". The band's debut album in 2001 was Lepas Masa Lalu which was not very popular. After this, the bassist and drummer left the band and were replaced by bassist Indra Riwayat and drummer Seno Wibowo. The next album, Manusia Biasa ("Ordinary Man"), released in 2003, sold only 60,000 copies. Their third album Langkah Baru ("New Step"), was a "repackaging" of tracks from the previous album plus three new tracks, which was released in 2004 and sold 1.2 million copies, going platinum. In 2006, the band released 1000 Bulan ("1,000 Months"), an Islam-themed album, producing 75,000 copies which were only available during Ramadhan. The band's next album was launched in April 2008, titled Membumi. Discography Lepas Masa...
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