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The Rainbow Serpent or Rainbow Snake is a common deity, often a creator god, in the mythology and a common motif in the art of Aboriginal Australia. It is named for the obvious identification between the shape of a rainbow and the shape of a snake. Some scholars believe that the link between snake and rainbow suggests the cycle of the seasons and the importance of water in human life. When the rainbow is seen in the sky, it is said to be the Rainbow Serpent moving from one waterhole to another, and the divine concept explained why some waterholes never dried up when drought struck. There are innumerable names and stories associated with the serpent, all of which communicate the significance and power of this being within Aboriginal traditions. It is viewed as a giver of life, through its association with water, but can be a destructive force if angry. The rainbow serpent is one of the most common and well known Aboriginal stories, very important to their society. The Rainbow Serpent is...
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16th century greensleeves tab250.00


a light in the black tab270.00
all night long btab280.00
all night long crd330.00
all night long tab280.00
anybody there tab320.00
ariel btab310.00
ariel tab320.00


black masquerade crd290.00
black masquerade tab340.00
black masquerade ver2 tab340.00
black sheep of the family btab290.00
bye bye baby crd310.00


cant happen here tab290.00
cant let you go crd340.00
cant let you go tab350.00
catch the rainbow btab300.00
catch the rainbow crd480.00
catch the rainbow solo tab370.00
catch the rainbow tab250.00
catch the rainbow ver2 crd370.00
cold hearted woman tab240.00


death alley driver tab280.00
difficult to cure tab320.00
do you close your eyes intro tab240.00
do you close your eyes tab380.00


freedom fighter tab290.00


gates of babylon btab270.00
gates of babylon ver2 btab290.00


hall of the mountain king tab310.00


i surrender btab380.00
i surrender crd510.00
i surrender tab320.00
ill never cry crd310.00


jealous lover tab230.00
jealous lover ver2 tab270.00


kill the king tab320.00
kill the king ver2 tab260.00


la connection intro tab310.00
la connection intro ver2 tab300.00
la connection tab290.00
lady of the lake tab290.00
long live rock n roll btab390.00
long live rocknroll tab320.00
lost in hollywood intro tab300.00
loves no friend intro tab320.00


man on the silver mountain btab300.00
man on the silver mountain crd310.00
man on the silver mountain tab370.00
man on the silver mountain ver2 tab270.00
man on the silver mountain ver3 tab310.00
maybe next time btab330.00
maybe next time tab280.00
maybe next time ver2 tab300.00
miss mistreated btab290.00


rainbow eyes crd340.00
rainbow eyes intro tab320.00
rainbow eyes tab320.00
rainbow eyes ver2 crd300.00
rainbow eyes ver2 tab330.00


self portrait tab280.00
sensitive to light tab330.00
since you ve been gone btab260.00
since youve been gone btab350.00
since youve been gone crd300.00
since youve been gone intro tab290.00
since youve been gone intro ver2 tab300.00
since youve been gone intro ver3 tab300.00
since youve been gone solo tab330.00
since youve been gone solo ver2 tab290.00
since youve been gone tab330.00
since youve been gone ver2 btab320.00
since youve been gone ver2 crd320.00
since youve been gone ver3 btab270.00
since youve been gone ver4 btab370.00
sixteenth century greensleeves tab310.00
sixteenth sentury greensleeves btab310.00
southborder tab360.00
star gazer tab320.00
stargazer tab250.00
starstruck tab350.00
still im sad tab310.00
stone cold tab290.00
street of dreams btab270.00
street of dreams crd330.00
street of dreams ver2 crd340.00


tarot woman tab350.00
temple of the king solo tab270.00
temple of the king tab330.00
temple of the king ver2 tab340.00
too late for tears tab280.00


wolf to the moon btab290.00
wolf to the moon intro tab390.00
wolf to the moon solo tab270.00