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Rasmus may refer to: Rasmus (given name), a short form of Erasmus (includes list of people holding the name) The Rasmus, a Finnish band formerly called Rasmus The Rasmus (album), self-titled studio album by the Finnish rock band The Rasmus People with surname Rasmus Colby Rasmus, American professional baseball player (Astros) Cory Rasmus, American professional baseball player (Angels) Ingolf E. Rasmus, American lawyer and politician Pete Rasmus, American discus thrower See also Rasmussen ("Rasmus' Son"), family name derived from "Rasmus" Erasmus (disambiguation) All pages with titles containing Rasmus All pages beginning with "Rasmus"
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back in the picture crd280.00
back in the picture tab320.00
blue tab420.00
bullet btab400.00
bullet crd430.00
bullet tab440.00
bulletlive tab400.00


cant stop me crd330.00
cant stop me ver2 crd340.00
chill crd460.00
chill tab360.00
chill ver2 tab360.00
chillin at the grotto tab300.00
city of the dead tab380.00
crazy shit tab390.00


dancer in the dark crd320.00
dancer in the dark intro tab350.00
dangerous kind crd370.00
dangerous kind tab340.00
days crd440.00
days tab420.00
days ver2 crd380.00
dead letters album tab280.00
dead letters intro tab370.00
dead promises tab330.00
dead promises ver2 tab350.00
dont let go crd520.00
dont let go tab370.00
dont let go ver2 crd410.00
dont shut the door crd390.00


every day btab400.00
everyday intro btab410.00
everyday tab390.00
everyday ver2 tab290.00
everyday ver3 tab310.00
everyday ver4 tab300.00
everything you say tab300.00


f f f falling crd360.00
f f f falling tab360.00
f f f falling ver2 crd430.00
f f f falling ver2 tab410.00
first day of my life crd340.00
first day of my life tab310.00
first day of my life ver2 crd290.00
first day of my life ver2 tab340.00
first day of my life ver3 tab330.00
fool tab360.00
frog tab380.00
funeral song btab380.00
funeral song crd300.00
funeral song tab450.00
funeral song ver2 crd440.00
funeral song ver2 tab250.00
funeral song ver3 crd350.00


ghost of love btab420.00
ghost of love crd360.00
ghost of love tab350.00
guilty acoustic crd360.00
guilty btab380.00
guilty crd380.00
guilty tab370.00
guilty ver2 crd370.00
guilty ver2 tab370.00
guilty ver3 crd390.00
guilty ver3 tab390.00
guilty ver4 tab310.00


heart of misery tab330.00
heart of misery ver2 tab310.00
heart of misery ver3 tab240.00
heartbreaker crd330.00
heartbreaker tab330.00
heartbreaker ver2 tab340.00
help me sing crd520.00
hide from the sun album tab370.00


ice crd480.00
ice intro tab370.00
ice tab440.00
if you ever crd360.00
if you ever tab370.00
if you ever ver2 crd350.00
im a mess crd320.00
im a mess ver2 crd310.00
im a mess ver3 crd340.00
immortal intro tab420.00
immortal intro ver2 tab520.00
immortal tab370.00
in my life btab380.00
in my life crd370.00
in my life tab460.00
in my life ver2 crd360.00
in my life ver2 tab390.00
in the shadows btab360.00
in the shadows crd270.00
in the shadows intro tab380.00
in the shadows tab360.00
in the shadows ver2 btab320.00
in the shadows ver2 tab370.00
in the shadows ver3 btab400.00
in the shadows ver3 tab320.00
in the shadows ver4 btab330.00
in the shadows ver4 tab320.00
in the shadows ver5 tab350.00
in the shadows ver6 tab350.00
in the shadows ver7 tab370.00
in the shadows video lesson300.00
its your night crd350.00


jailer tab340.00
justify btab350.00
justify crd370.00
justify tab490.00


keep your heart broken intro tab280.00
keep your heart broken tab320.00
keep your heart broken ver2 tab340.00
keep your heart broken ver3 tab310.00
kola tab490.00


last generation crd420.00
last generation tab280.00
last generation ver2 crd340.00
last generation ver2 tab330.00
last waltz crd440.00
last waltz ver2 crd340.00
life 705 crd380.00
liquid crd490.00
liquid tab710.00
liquid ver2 crd390.00
liquid ver2 tab290.00
liquid ver3 crd410.00
live forever acoustic crd470.00
live forever btab360.00
live forever crd350.00
live forever tab330.00
live forever ver2 crd420.00
living in a world without you crd290.00
living in a world without you tab320.00
living in a world without you ver2 crd390.00
lost and lonely crd290.00
lost and lonely tab420.00
luciferes angel crd560.00
lucifers angel crd400.00
lucifers angel tab400.00


madness crd410.00
madness tab340.00
myself intro btab360.00
myself solo tab450.00
myself tab390.00
myself ver2 tab320.00


night after night out of the shadows tab460.00
night after night out of the shadows ver2 tab320.00
no fear acoustic tab300.00
no fear btab300.00
no fear crd440.00
no fear tab380.00
no fear ver2 btab380.00
no fear ver2 crd340.00
no fear ver2 tab290.00
no fear ver3 tab390.00
not like the other girls crd290.00
not like the other girls intro tab240.00
not like the other girls tab350.00
not like the other girls ver2 tab310.00


october and april crd310.00
one and only crd350.00
one and only tab410.00
one i love crd340.00
one i love tab370.00
open my eyes acoustic intro tab360.00
open my eyes crd460.00
open my eyes tab300.00
open my eyes ver2 crd310.00


pa pa crd400.00
pa pa ver2 crd350.00
peep btab440.00
peep tab530.00
peep ver2 tab390.00
play dead crd400.00
play dead tab350.00
playboys crd430.00
ps crd450.00


raggatip crd400.00
rakkauslaulu crd320.00
rakkauslaulu solo tab360.00
rakkauslaulu tab370.00
rakkauslaulu ver2 tab380.00
run to you crd420.00
run to you tab360.00


sail away acoustic tab380.00
sail away btab380.00
sail away crd370.00
sail away final crd460.00
sail away live solo tab360.00
sail away solo tab350.00
sail away tab350.00
sail away ver2 crd340.00
sail away ver3 crd310.00
save me once again crd300.00
save me once again ver2 crd380.00
shame tab360.00
shot btab510.00
shot crd370.00
shot tab370.00
shot ver2 tab370.00
since youve been gone crd620.00
since youve been gone tab380.00
small crd600.00
smash tab530.00
sold tab460.00
somebody else crd390.00
someone else crd380.00
someone else tab400.00
someone else ver2 crd380.00
someone else ver3 crd370.00
somewhere crd370.00
somewhere ver2 crd370.00
sophia btab280.00
sophia crd360.00
sos crd390.00
sos tab430.00
still standing crd370.00
still standing tab320.00
still standing ver2 crd300.00
stranger crd390.00
stranger tab350.00
stranger ver2 crd360.00
stranger ver3 crd360.00
swimming with the kids crd330.00


tempo tab400.00
tempo ver2 tab350.00
ten black roses crd350.00
ten black roses tab350.00
the fight tab520.00
the fight ver2 tab330.00
time to burn btab400.00
time to burn crd390.00
time to burn tab260.00
time to burn ver2 crd350.00
tonight tonight btab260.00
tonight tonight tab290.00
trigger tab320.00


ufolaulu crd520.00
ufolaulu tab310.00
used to feel before tab280.00
used to feel before ver2 tab280.00


well well tab370.00
wicked moments tab350.00


you got it wrong crd310.00
your forgiveness tab290.00