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Red Hot Chili Peppers, also sometimes shortened to "The Chili Peppers" or abbreviated as "RHCP", are an American funk rock band formed in Los Angeles in 1983. The group's musical style primarily consists of rock with an emphasis on funk, as well as elements from other genres such as punk rock and psychedelic rock. When played live, their music incorporates elements of jam band due to the improvised nature of much of their performances. Currently, the band consists of founding members Anthony Kiedis (vocals) and Flea (bass), longtime drummer Chad Smith; and guitarist Josh Klinghoffer. Red Hot Chili Peppers are one of the best-selling bands of all time with over 80 million records sold worldwide, have been nominated for sixteen Grammy Awards, of which they have won six and are the most successful band in alternative rock radio history currently holding the records for most number one singles (13), most cumulative weeks at number one (85) and most top-ten songs (25) on the Billboard...
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21st century btab570.00
21st century crd480.00
21st century tab580.00
21st century ver2 btab520.00
21st century ver3 btab510.00


a certain someone crd480.00
aeroplane btab590.00
aeroplane crd540.00
aeroplane tab580.00
aeroplane ver2 btab540.00
aeroplane ver2 crd610.00
aeroplane ver3 btab590.00
after hours crd510.00
american ghost dance btab560.00
american ghost dance tab510.00
american ghost dance ver2 btab670.00
animal bar btab520.00
animal bar solo tab560.00
animal bar tab540.00
animal bar ver2 btab640.00
animal bar ver2 tab600.00
animal bar ver3 btab620.00
animal bar ver4 btab500.00
animal bar ver5 btab560.00
annie wants a baby btab490.00
annie wants a baby crd640.00
annie wants a baby intro tab560.00
annie wants a baby tab630.00
annie wants a baby ver2 btab580.00
annie wants a baby ver2 crd540.00
annie wants a baby ver2 tab440.00
annie wants a baby ver3 btab520.00
annie wants a baby ver3 tab490.00
annie wants a baby ver4 tab630.00
apache rose peacock btab540.00
apache rose peacock drum tab570.00
apache rose peacock tab530.00
apache rose peacock ver2 tab560.00
apache rose peacock ver3 tab480.00
areoplane btab550.00
around the world btab620.00
around the world crd620.00
around the world drum tab630.00
around the world tab700.00
around the world ver2 btab550.00
around the world ver2 tab560.00
around the world ver3 btab610.00
around the world ver3 tab530.00
around the world ver4 tab500.00


baby appeal btab540.00
baby appeal tab600.00
baby appeal ver2 btab480.00
baby appeal ver2 tab490.00
backwoods btab620.00
backwoods tab550.00
backwoods ver2 btab500.00
backwoods ver2 tab510.00
battle ship btab750.00
behind the sun btab600.00
behind the sun tab580.00
behind the sun ver2 btab570.00
behind the sun ver2 tab500.00
behind the sun ver3 tab490.00
bicycle song btab560.00
bicycle song crd490.00
bicycle song tab570.00
bicycle song ver2 tab520.00
bicycle song ver3 tab500.00
black cross live btab560.00
black cross tab580.00
black cross ver2 tab570.00
blackeyed blonde btab560.00
blackeyed blonde tab570.00
blackeyed blonde ver2 btab540.00
blackeyed blonde ver3 btab490.00
blood sugar sex magik album btab710.00
blood sugar sex magik album tab580.00
blood sugar sex magik btab470.00
blood sugar sex magik intro drum tab590.00
blood sugar sex magik tab640.00
blood sugar sex magik ver2 tab480.00
blood sugar sex magik ver3 tab650.00
blood sugar sex magik ver4 tab540.00
blue monday tab560.00
blues for meister btab490.00
bob btab540.00
bob tab500.00
body of water btab550.00
body of water tab510.00
body of water ver2 tab490.00
brandy btab560.00
brandy crd550.00
brandy live tab590.00
brandy tab610.00
brandy ver2 crd590.00
breaking the girl btab510.00
breaking the girl crd510.00
breaking the girl tab550.00
breaking the girl ver2 btab590.00
breaking the girl ver2 crd530.00
breaking the girl ver2 tab630.00
breaking the girl ver3 btab610.00
breaking the girl ver3 crd520.00
breaking the girl ver3 tab530.00
breaking the girl ver4 crd510.00
breaking the girl ver4 tab700.00
brendans death song crd600.00
brendans death song intro tab710.00
brendans death song intro ver2 tab620.00
brendans death song tab530.00
brendans death song ver2 crd530.00
brendans death song ver2 tab640.00
brendans death song ver3 crd540.00
brendans death song ver3 tab700.00
brendans death song ver4 crd650.00
brendans death song ver4 tab560.00
brendans death song ver5 crd560.00
brendans death song ver5 tab530.00
brendans death song ver6 crd600.00
brendans death song ver7 crd590.00
brothers cup btab470.00
brothers cup tab540.00
brothers cup ver2 btab490.00
brothers cup ver2 tab600.00
brothers cup ver3 btab660.00
buckle down btab640.00
buckle down tab710.00
buckle down ver2 btab460.00
buckle down ver2 tab660.00
buckle down ver3 btab650.00
bullet proof btab590.00
bunker hill btab600.00
bunker hill tab560.00
bunker hill ver2 btab620.00
by the way album btab670.00
by the way album tab480.00
by the way btab530.00
by the way crd570.00
by the way drum tab600.00
by the way intro tab480.00
by the way live solo tab530.00
by the way live tab600.00
by the way tab460.00
by the way ver2 btab590.00
by the way ver2 crd670.00
by the way ver2 tab650.00
by the way ver3 btab560.00
by the way ver3 crd530.00
by the way ver3 tab500.00
by the way ver4 btab490.00
by the way ver4 crd500.00
by the way ver4 tab600.00
by the way ver5 btab560.00
by the way ver5 tab550.00
by the way ver6 btab570.00
by the way ver7 btab630.00
by the way ver8 btab550.00
by the way ver9 btab570.00
by the way video lesson490.00


cabron btab570.00
cabron crd560.00
cabron intro tab600.00
cabron tab670.00
cabron ver2 btab620.00
cabron ver2 crd580.00
cabron ver2 tab650.00
cabron ver3 btab560.00
cabron ver3 crd590.00
cabron ver3 tab530.00
cabron ver4 crd570.00
cabron ver4 tab540.00
californication acoustic crd430.00
californication acoustic tab590.00
californication acoustic video lesson500.00
californication album tab770.00
californication btab550.00
californication crd560.00
californication drum tab520.00
californication intro tab580.00
californication intro video lesson540.00
californication live intro tab690.00
californication live tab560.00
californication live ver2 tab620.00
californication solo tab690.00
californication solo ver2 tab640.00
californication solo ver3 tab710.00
californication tab510.00
californication ver10 tab540.00
californication ver2 btab530.00
californication ver2 crd540.00
californication ver2 drum tab540.00
californication ver2 tab450.00
californication ver2 video lesson500.00
californication ver3 btab500.00
californication ver3 crd500.00
californication ver3 tab420.00
californication ver3 video lesson610.00
californication ver4 btab660.00
californication ver4 tab500.00
californication ver4 video lesson560.00
californication ver5 btab550.00
californication ver5 tab530.00
californication ver6 btab470.00
californication ver6 tab540.00
californication ver7 tab540.00
californication ver8 tab520.00
californication ver9 tab560.00
californication video lesson430.00
cant stop btab510.00
cant stop crd490.00
cant stop drum tab660.00
cant stop live tab500.00
cant stop tab590.00
cant stop ver2 btab560.00
cant stop ver2 tab590.00
cant stop ver2 video lesson550.00
cant stop ver3 btab460.00
cant stop ver3 tab710.00
cant stop ver3 video lesson500.00
cant stop ver4 btab550.00
cant stop ver4 tab690.00
cant stop ver5 btab680.00
cant stop ver5 tab570.00
cant stop ver6 btab580.00
cant stop ver6 tab620.00
cant stop ver7 btab570.00
cant stop ver7 tab520.00
cant stop ver8 tab610.00
cant stop ver9 tab500.00
cant stop video lesson590.00
castles made of sand btab490.00
castles made of sand crd610.00
castles made of sand tab610.00
castles made of sand ver2 btab640.00
catholic school girls rule btab530.00
catholic school girls rule tab500.00
catholic school girls rule ver2 btab600.00
catholic school girls rule ver2 tab500.00
charlie btab520.00
charlie drum tab560.00
charlie solo tab550.00
charlie tab630.00
charlie ver2 btab560.00
charlie ver2 tab590.00
charlie ver3 btab550.00
charlie ver3 tab510.00
charlie ver4 tab590.00
charlie video lesson560.00
city of angels intro tab580.00
cmon girl btab550.00
cmon girl crd590.00
cmon girl tab500.00
cmon girl ver2 btab510.00
cmon girl ver2 tab540.00
coffee shop btab640.00
coffee shop tab510.00
coffee shop ver2 tab580.00
crosstown traffic btab610.00


dance dance dance btab550.00
dance dance dance intro btab500.00
dance dance dance tab580.00
dani caifornia btab620.00
dani caifornia drum tab540.00
dani california btab550.00
dani california crd580.00
dani california drum tab670.00
dani california solo tab510.00
dani california solo ver2 tab660.00
dani california solo ver3 tab580.00
dani california tab570.00
dani california ver2 btab590.00
dani california ver2 crd530.00
dani california ver2 tab620.00
dani california ver2 video lesson640.00
dani california ver3 btab550.00
dani california ver3 tab540.00
dani california ver4 tab540.00
dani california ver5 tab440.00
dani california video lesson550.00
death of a martian btab640.00
death of a martian crd530.00
death of a martian intro tab550.00
death of a martian intro video lesson660.00
death of a martian tab600.00
death of a martian ver2 tab620.00
death of a martian ver2 video lesson520.00
death of a martian ver3 tab590.00
death of a martian video lesson540.00
decretacion smile tab520.00
deep kick btab550.00
deep kick ver2 btab550.00
desecration smile btab490.00
desecration smile crd690.00
desecration smile tab640.00
desecration smile ver2 btab540.00
desecration smile ver2 crd520.00
desecration smile ver2 tab400.00
desecration smile ver3 btab540.00
desecration smile ver3 crd600.00
desecration smile ver3 tab600.00
desecration smile ver4 crd550.00
desecration smile ver5 crd580.00
desecration smile video lesson690.00
did i let you know btab510.00
did i let you know crd550.00
did i let you know intro tab570.00
did i let you know solo tab560.00
did i let you know tab570.00
did i let you know ver2 crd520.00
did i let you know ver2 tab520.00
did i let you know ver3 tab600.00
dont forget me btab530.00
dont forget me crd530.00
dont forget me live intro tab660.00
dont forget me live intro ver2 tab830.00
dont forget me live tab630.00
dont forget me live ver2 tab490.00
dont forget me live ver3 tab650.00
dont forget me live ver4 tab650.00
dont forget me tab590.00
dont forget me ver2 btab550.00
dont forget me ver2 tab540.00
dont forget me ver3 btab570.00
dont forget me ver3 tab660.00
dont forget me video lesson590.00
dosed btab680.00
dosed crd550.00
dosed intro tab550.00
dosed intro ver2 tab590.00
dosed tab550.00
dosed ver2 btab580.00
dosed ver2 crd510.00
dosed ver2 tab610.00
dosed ver3 btab500.00
dosed ver3 crd520.00
dosed ver3 tab390.00
dosed ver4 btab500.00
dosed ver4 tab510.00
dosed ver5 tab540.00
dosed ver6 tab540.00
dr funkenstein tab590.00


easily btab570.00
easily crd550.00
easily drum tab560.00
easily live tab520.00
easily tab540.00
easily ver2 btab480.00
easily ver2 crd460.00
easily ver2 tab540.00
easily ver3 btab570.00
easily ver3 tab530.00
easily ver4 btab550.00
emit remmus btab530.00
emit remmus tab620.00
emit remmus ver2 btab620.00
emit remmus ver2 tab600.00
eskimo intro tab590.00
especially in michigan btab540.00
especially in michigan crd510.00
especially in michigan solo tab580.00
especially in michigan tab530.00
especially in michigan ver2 btab490.00
especially in michigan ver2 crd560.00
especially in michigan ver2 tab500.00
especially in michigan ver3 btab530.00
especially in michigan ver3 tab620.00
especially in michigan ver4 btab480.00
especially in michigan ver4 tab560.00
ethiopia btab480.00
ethiopia crd570.00
ethiopia solo tab660.00
ethiopia tab710.00
ethiopia ver2 btab520.00
ethiopia ver2 tab490.00
ethiopia ver3 btab630.00
ethiopia ver3 tab510.00
even you brutus btab570.00
even you brutus crd470.00
even you brutus intro tab1390.00
even you brutus tab620.00
even you brutus ver2 crd590.00
even you brutus ver3 crd580.00


f u btab560.00
f u tab570.00
factory of faith acoustic crd540.00
factory of faith btab520.00
factory of faith tab560.00
factory of faith ver2 btab560.00
factory of faith ver2 tab490.00
factory of faith ver3 btab620.00
factory of faith ver4 btab620.00
falling into grace btab550.00
falling into grace tab400.00
falling into grace ver2 btab510.00
falling into grace ver3 btab550.00
falling into grace ver4 btab480.00
fat dance btab600.00
felas cock btab510.00
felas cock tab560.00
felas cock ver2 tab630.00
fight like a brave btab600.00
fight like a brave crd570.00
fight like a brave solo btab660.00
fight like a brave tab540.00
fight like a brave ver2 btab490.00
fight like a brave ver2 tab520.00
fight like a brave ver3 btab640.00
fight like a brave ver3 tab500.00
fight like a brave ver4 tab500.00
fire btab580.00
fire tab550.00
fire ver2 btab550.00
fire ver2 tab520.00
fire ver3 tab710.00
flea btab530.00
flea from rhcp solo btab580.00
fortune faded btab510.00
fortune faded crd710.00
fortune faded tab530.00
fortune faded ver2 btab500.00
fortune faded ver2 tab500.00
fortune faded ver3 btab600.00
fortune faded ver3 tab630.00
fortune faded ver4 btab650.00
fortune faded ver4 tab530.00
fortune faded ver5 tab530.00
fortune faded ver6 tab470.00
fortune faded ver7 tab620.00
foxy lady live btab450.00
freaky styley btab550.00
freaky styley tab530.00
fu tab520.00
funky crime btab530.00
funky crime tab520.00
funky monks btab590.00
funky monks crd480.00
funky monks tab580.00
funky monks ver2 btab610.00
funky monks ver2 tab460.00
funky monks ver3 btab490.00
funky monks ver3 tab580.00
funky monks ver4 tab550.00
funny face btab570.00
funny face crd470.00
funny face tab620.00
funny face ver2 tab630.00


get on top btab720.00
get on top solo tab550.00
get on top tab530.00
get on top ver2 btab510.00
get on top ver2 tab590.00
get on top ver3 tab520.00
get on top ver4 tab560.00
get up and jump btab540.00
get up and jump intro tab600.00
get up and jump live tab510.00
get up and jump tab480.00
get up and jump ver2 btab590.00
get up and jump ver2 tab490.00
get up and jump ver3 btab640.00
get up and jump ver3 tab490.00
give it away btab500.00
give it away drum tab540.00
give it away intro tab490.00
give it away live tab530.00
give it away live ver2 tab550.00
give it away tab470.00
give it away ver2 btab590.00
give it away ver2 tab490.00
give it away ver3 btab460.00
give it away ver3 tab580.00
give it away ver4 btab510.00
give it away ver4 tab510.00
give it away ver5 btab570.00
give it away ver5 tab690.00
give it away video lesson460.00
gong li btab530.00
gong li crd600.00
gong li tab520.00
good time boys btab550.00
good time boys tab600.00
good time boys ver2 btab420.00
good time boys ver3 btab530.00
good time boys ver4 btab500.00
goodbye hooray btab530.00
goodbye hooray crd450.00
goodbye hooray solo btab460.00
goodbye hooray tab590.00
goodbye hooray ver2 btab580.00
goodbye hooray ver2 crd490.00
grand pappy du plenty btab530.00
grand pappy du plenty tab550.00
greatest hits album btab500.00
greatest hits album tab490.00
green heaven btab460.00
green heaven tab410.00
green heaven ver2 tab480.00


happiness loves company crd530.00
hard to concentrate btab420.00
hard to concentrate crd550.00
hard to concentrate tab410.00
hard to concentrate ver2 btab610.00
hard to concentrate ver2 tab510.00
hard to concentrate ver3 btab570.00
hard to concentrate ver3 tab540.00
hard to concentrate ver4 tab530.00
havana affair acoustic crd520.00
havana affair btab580.00
havana affair crd490.00
havana affair tab600.00
havana affair ver2 btab540.00
havana affair ver2 tab670.00
havana affair ver3 tab500.00
havana affair ver4 tab720.00
havana affair ver5 tab490.00
hey btab570.00
hey tab560.00
hey ver2 tab520.00
hey ver3 tab550.00
hey video lesson460.00
higher ground btab490.00
higher ground crd470.00
higher ground intro video lesson480.00
higher ground tab490.00
higher ground ver2 btab550.00
higher ground ver2 tab530.00
higher ground ver3 btab540.00
higher ground ver3 tab660.00
higher ground ver4 btab460.00
higher ground ver4 tab630.00
higher ground ver5 btab530.00
hollywood btab460.00
how strong btab490.00
how strong tab530.00
hump de bump btab1240.00
hump de bump tab610.00
hump de bump ver2 btab540.00
hump de bump ver2 tab480.00
hump de bump ver3 btab580.00
hump de bump ver3 tab670.00
hump de bump ver4 btab550.00
hump de bump ver4 tab620.00
hyde park solo tab420.00


i could die for you btab510.00
i could die for you crd500.00
i could die for you tab570.00
i could die for you ver2 crd590.00
i could die for you ver2 tab460.00
i could die for you ver3 crd520.00
i could die for you ver3 tab760.00
i could have lied btab550.00
i could have lied crd550.00
i could have lied drum tab520.00
i could have lied intro tab640.00
i could have lied live btab490.00
i could have lied solo tab500.00
i could have lied solo ver2 tab540.00
i could have lied solo ver3 tab570.00
i could have lied tab590.00
i could have lied ver2 btab590.00
i could have lied ver2 crd580.00
i could have lied ver2 tab630.00
i could have lied ver3 btab530.00
i could have lied ver3 tab540.00
i could have lied ver4 tab510.00
i could have lied ver5 tab580.00
i could have lied ver6 tab590.00
i could have lied ver7 tab540.00
i feel love btab620.00
i feel love live btab440.00
i found out btab560.00
i found out crd480.00
i found out tab610.00
i like dirt btab620.00
i like dirt tab460.00
i like dirt ver2 btab510.00
i like dirt ver2 tab450.00
if btab620.00
if crd580.00
if tab510.00
if ver2 btab510.00
if ver2 tab530.00
if ver3 btab530.00
if you got funk you got soul btab550.00
if you have to ask btab560.00
if you have to ask tab550.00
if you have to ask ver2 btab640.00
if you have to ask ver2 tab600.00
if you want me to stay btab490.00
if you want me to stay ver2 btab570.00
if you want me to stay ver3 btab490.00
if you want me to stay ver4 btab670.00
ill be your domino btab520.00
ill be your domino tab420.00
instrumental no 1 btab640.00
intro tab480.00
ive been down tab560.00


joe btab560.00
joe tab530.00
johnny kick hole in the sky btab540.00
johnny kick hole in the sky intro tab520.00
johnny kick hole in the sky ver2 btab580.00
jungle man btab580.00
jungle man tab460.00
jungle man ver2 btab540.00


knock me down btab540.00
knock me down crd510.00
knock me down tab600.00
knock me down ver2 btab600.00
knock me down ver2 tab1460.00


lately btab470.00
lately crd620.00
lets make evil btab550.00
lets make evil tab550.00
leverage of space btab620.00
leverage of space live btab510.00
leverage of space live ver2 btab510.00
leverage of space tab540.00
leverage of space ver2 btab540.00
leverage of space ver2 tab520.00
long progression btab610.00
long progression crd510.00
long progression ver2 btab470.00
look around btab530.00
look around intro tab580.00
look around tab620.00
love of your life tab380.00
love of your life ver2 tab550.00
love rollercoaster btab530.00
love rollercoaster intro tab550.00
love rollercoaster tab580.00
love rollercoaster ver2 btab460.00
love rollercoaster ver3 btab550.00
love trilogy btab490.00
lovin and touchin btab550.00
lovin and touchin ver2 btab510.00


magic johnson btab610.00
magic johnson tab540.00
magic johnson ver2 btab520.00
magic johnson ver2 tab600.00
make you feel better btab610.00
make you feel better crd470.00
make you feel better tab540.00
make you feel better ver2 crd510.00
make you feel better ver2 tab680.00
make you feel better ver3 tab620.00
make you feel better ver4 tab490.00
maybe crd510.00
maybe tab570.00
me and my friends btab580.00
me and my friends intro btab500.00
me and my friends tab500.00
me and my friends ver2 tab590.00
meet me at the corner btab670.00
meet me at the corner crd520.00
meet me at the corner tab570.00
meet me at the corner ver2 tab710.00
melancholy mechanics tab550.00
mellowship slinky in b major btab470.00
mellowship slinky in b major intro tab560.00
mellowship slinky in b major tab620.00
mellowship slinky in b major ver2 btab520.00
mellowship slinky in b major ver2 tab530.00
mellowship slinky in b major ver3 btab470.00
mellowship slinky in b major ver3 tab420.00
mellowship slinky in b major ver4 btab600.00
mercy mercy btab500.00
mercy mercy tab530.00
mercy mercy ver2 tab610.00
midnight btab520.00
midnight crd590.00
midnight drum tab470.00
midnight tab570.00
midnight ver2 btab690.00
midnight ver2 tab650.00
million miles of water btab510.00
million miles of water crd560.00
million miles of water fill solo tab600.00
million miles of water tab480.00
million miles of water ver2 tab400.00
millionaires against hunger btab470.00
millionaires against hunger tab490.00
mini epic btab590.00
mini epic tab620.00
minor thing btab510.00
minor thing crd570.00
minor thing solo tab550.00
minor thing tab720.00
minor thing ver2 btab600.00
minor thing ver2 tab580.00
minor thing ver3 tab490.00
minor thing ver4 tab680.00
mommy wheres daddy btab640.00
mommy wheres daddy tab540.00
mommy wheres daddy ver2 btab450.00
mommy wheres daddy ver2 tab570.00
mommy wheres daddy ver3 tab620.00
monarchy of roses btab560.00
monarchy of roses crd530.00
monarchy of roses tab600.00
monarchy of roses ver2 tab580.00
my friends btab430.00
my friends crd570.00
my friends intro tab460.00
my friends intro ver2 tab560.00
my friends tab510.00
my friends ver2 btab510.00
my friends ver2 crd520.00
my friends ver2 tab510.00
my friends ver3 btab540.00
my friends ver3 tab560.00
my friends ver4 tab600.00
my lovely man btab560.00
my lovely man tab580.00
my lovely man ver2 btab550.00
my lovely man ver2 tab590.00
my lovely man ver3 btab560.00
my lovely man ver4 btab530.00


naked in the rain btab510.00
naked in the rain tab610.00
naked in the rain ver2 btab620.00
naked in the rain ver3 btab540.00
naked in the rain ver4 btab520.00
never is a long time crd500.00
nevermind btab460.00
nevermind tab490.00
nevermind ver2 tab500.00
no chump love sucker btab500.00
no chump love sucker tab430.00
no chump love sucker ver2 btab520.00
no head no backstage pass tab700.00
nobody weird like me btab520.00
nobody weird like me tab520.00
nobody weird like me ver2 btab620.00
nothing to lose tab530.00


on mercury btab500.00
on mercury crd470.00
on mercury tab630.00
on mercury ver2 btab590.00
on mercury ver3 btab590.00
on murcury btab480.00
one big mob btab550.00
one big mob crd500.00
one big mob tab610.00
one hot minute album tab570.00
one hot minute btab530.00
organic anti beat box band tab470.00
organic anti beat box band ver2 tab440.00
organic anti beat box band btab480.00
other side drum tab560.00
otherside acoustic crd470.00
otherside acoustic tab430.00
otherside acoustic video lesson530.00
otherside btab540.00
otherside crd570.00
otherside drum tab520.00
otherside live intro tab590.00
otherside live tab530.00
otherside tab590.00
otherside ver2 btab600.00
otherside ver2 crd620.00
otherside ver2 tab490.00
otherside ver3 btab550.00
otherside ver3 crd530.00
otherside ver3 tab490.00
otherside ver4 btab510.00
otherside ver4 tab530.00
otherside ver5 btab620.00
otherside ver5 tab460.00
otherside ver6 tab440.00
otherside ver7 tab500.00
otherside ver8 tab500.00
otherside ver9 tab570.00
otherside video lesson450.00
out in la btab560.00
out in la tab450.00
out of range crd470.00
over funk btab540.00
over funk tab520.00
over funk ver2 btab480.00
over funk ver2 tab460.00


parallel universe btab480.00
parallel universe crd580.00
parallel universe drum tab530.00
parallel universe live solo tab670.00
parallel universe tab510.00
parallel universe ver2 btab490.00
parallel universe ver2 crd450.00
parallel universe ver2 tab730.00
parallel universe ver3 btab560.00
parallel universe ver3 tab640.00
parellel universe tab540.00
pea btab630.00
pea live btab540.00
pea ver2 btab670.00
permutation btab520.00
permutation tab550.00
phat dance btab560.00
police helicopter btab530.00
police helicopter ver2 btab600.00
police helicopter ver3 btab490.00
police station btab640.00
police station crd510.00
police station solo tab630.00
police station ver2 btab540.00
police station ver2 crd460.00
police station ver3 crd500.00
police station ver4 crd530.00
police station ver5 crd530.00
porcelain btab500.00
porcelain crd460.00
porcelain tab510.00
porcelain ver2 btab460.00
porcelain ver2 tab490.00
power of equality btab500.00
power of equality tab460.00
power of equality ver2 btab510.00
power of equality ver3 btab580.00
pretty little ditty btab510.00
pretty little ditty tab620.00
pretty little ditty ver2 btab500.00
pretty little ditty ver2 tab560.00
pretty little ditty ver3 btab530.00
pretty little ditty ver4 btab460.00
prince of sadness tab600.00
punk rock classic btab540.00
punk rock classic tab600.00
punk rock classic ver2 tab580.00
purple stain btab460.00
purple stain drum tab550.00
purple stain tab600.00
purple stain ver2 btab470.00
purple stain ver2 tab520.00
purple stain ver3 btab620.00
purple stain ver4 btab540.00
purple stain ver5 btab480.00


quixoticelixer btab510.00
quixoticelixer crd470.00
quixoticelixer tab530.00
quixoticelixir btab470.00
quixoticelixir tab500.00
quixoticelixir ver2 tab510.00


rare bass solo btab650.00
ready made btab930.00
ready made tab680.00
ready made ver2 btab550.00
ready made ver2 tab530.00
ready made ver2 video lesson690.00
ready made ver3 btab520.00
ready made ver3 tab470.00
ready made ver4 btab630.00
ready made video lesson580.00
religion btab460.00
right on time btab570.00
right on time live intro tab480.00
right on time tab570.00
right on time ver2 btab600.00
right on time ver2 tab580.00
right on time ver3 btab670.00
righteous and the wicked tab540.00
rivers of avalon crd430.00
rivers of avalon tab500.00
rivers of avalon ver2 tab510.00
rivers of avalon ver3 tab480.00
road trippin btab630.00
road trippin crd750.00
road trippin intro btab520.00
road trippin tab650.00
road trippin ver2 btab590.00
road trippin ver2 crd630.00
road trippin ver2 tab600.00
road trippin ver2 video lesson520.00
road trippin ver3 btab710.00
road trippin ver3 tab550.00
road trippin ver4 btab480.00
road trippin ver4 tab620.00
road trippin ver5 btab440.00
road trippin ver5 tab540.00
road trippin ver6 tab550.00
road trippin ver7 tab540.00
road trippin video lesson640.00
roller coaster of love btab750.00
roller coaster of love intro tab590.00
rolling sly stone btab610.00
rolling sly stone live btab600.00
rolling sly stone live solo tab480.00
rolling sly stone live tab550.00
rolling sly stone tab560.00
rolling sly stone ver2 btab450.00
rolling sly stone ver2 tab560.00
runaway crd580.00
runaway tab590.00


salute to kareem btab540.00
salute to kareem tab660.00
salute to kareem ver2 btab560.00
save the popilation crd530.00
save the population btab480.00
save the population intro tab510.00
save the population intro ver2 tab620.00
save the population tab630.00
save the population ver2 btab430.00
save the population ver2 tab640.00
save the population ver3 tab510.00
save the population ver4 tab490.00
save the population ver5 tab440.00
save this lady btab500.00
save this lady intro crd500.00
save this lady tab440.00
savior btab580.00
savior crd610.00
savior tab550.00
savior ver2 btab530.00
savior ver2 tab450.00
scar tissue btab570.00
scar tissue crd650.00
scar tissue drum tab520.00
scar tissue intro tab540.00
scar tissue live tab430.00
scar tissue part 2 video lesson480.00
scar tissue solo tab820.00
scar tissue solo ver2 tab580.00
scar tissue tab570.00
scar tissue ver2 btab450.00
scar tissue ver2 tab500.00
scar tissue ver2 video lesson490.00
scar tissue ver3 btab590.00
scar tissue ver3 tab530.00
scar tissue ver3 video lesson510.00
scar tissue ver4 tab500.00
scar tissue ver5 tab470.00
scar tissue ver6 tab540.00
scar tissue ver7 tab470.00
scar tissue video lesson590.00
search and destroy btab530.00
search and destroy tab490.00
search and destroy ver2 tab510.00
sex rap btab670.00
sex rap tab490.00
sex rap ver2 btab570.00
sexy mexican maid btab550.00
sexy mexican maid live btab510.00
sexy mexican maid tab640.00
shallow be thy game btab530.00
shallow be thy game solo tab550.00
shallow be thy game tab550.00
she looks to me btab520.00
she looks to me crd560.00
she looks to me intro tab550.00
she looks to me intro ver2 tab650.00
she looks to me tab590.00
she looks to me ver2 btab480.00
she looks to me ver2 crd550.00
she looks to me ver2 tab520.00
she looks to me ver3 crd500.00
she looks to me ver3 tab550.00
she looks to me ver4 tab490.00
she looks to me ver5 tab550.00
shes only 18 btab550.00
shes only 18 crd610.00
shes only 18 intro tab650.00
shes only 18 solo tab580.00
shes only 18 solo ver2 tab460.00
shes only 18 tab490.00
shes only 18 ver2 btab580.00
shes only 18 ver2 crd510.00
shes only 18 ver2 tab470.00
shes only 18 ver3 tab670.00
shes only 18 ver4 tab430.00
shes only 18 ver5 tab490.00
shes only 18 video lesson540.00
show me your soul btab500.00
show me your soul tab550.00
sikamikanico btab620.00
sikamikanico tab520.00
sikamikanico ver2 btab500.00
sikamikanico ver2 tab420.00
sir psycho sexy btab460.00
sir psycho sexy tab460.00
sir psycho sexy ver2 btab490.00
sir psycho sexy ver2 tab490.00
sir psycho sexy ver3 btab580.00
skinny sweaty man btab530.00
skinny sweaty man tab510.00
skinny sweaty man ver2 btab570.00
skinny sweaty man ver2 tab520.00
skinny sweaty man ver3 btab570.00
skinny sweaty man ver4 btab550.00
skinny sweaty man ver5 btab530.00
skinny sweety man tab550.00
slane castle intro btab470.00
slane castle intro tab520.00
slow cheetah btab590.00
slow cheetah crd600.00
slow cheetah solo tab540.00
slow cheetah solo ver2 tab630.00
slow cheetah tab500.00
slow cheetah ver2 btab540.00
slow cheetah ver2 crd510.00
slow cheetah ver2 tab530.00
slow cheetah ver3 btab480.00
slow cheetah ver3 tab600.00
slow cheetah ver4 tab560.00
slow cheetah ver5 tab510.00
snow hey oh btab530.00
snow hey oh crd470.00
snow hey oh intro tab560.00
snow hey oh intro ver2 video lesson510.00
snow hey oh intro video lesson530.00
snow hey oh tab590.00
snow hey oh ver2 btab680.00
snow hey oh ver2 crd500.00
snow hey oh ver2 tab550.00
snow hey oh ver3 btab550.00
snow hey oh ver3 crd540.00
snow hey oh ver3 tab480.00
snow hey oh ver4 btab530.00
snow hey oh ver4 crd530.00
snow hey oh ver4 tab550.00
snow hey oh ver5 btab530.00
snow hey oh ver5 tab680.00
snow hey oh ver6 tab470.00
snow hey oh ver7 tab500.00
snow hey oh video lesson700.00
so much i btab580.00
so much i crd530.00
so much i tab520.00
so much i ver2 btab560.00
so much i ver2 tab520.00
someone crd540.00
someone tab560.00
soul to squeeze btab480.00
soul to squeeze crd520.00
soul to squeeze drum tab650.00
soul to squeeze live solo tab520.00
soul to squeeze tab550.00
soul to squeeze ver2 btab490.00
soul to squeeze ver2 crd550.00
soul to squeeze ver2 tab530.00
soul to squeeze ver3 btab510.00
soul to squeeze ver3 tab580.00
soul to squeeze ver4 btab650.00
soul to squeeze ver4 tab470.00
soul to squeeze ver5 btab560.00
soul to squeeze ver5 tab620.00
soul to squeeze ver6 tab600.00
soul to squeeze video lesson500.00
special secret song inside btab520.00
special secret song inside crd540.00
special secret song inside intro btab500.00
special secret song inside tab570.00
stadium arcadium jupiter album btab620.00
stadium arcadium jupiter album tab540.00
stadium arcadium mars album btab500.00
stadium arcadium btab540.00
stadium arcadium crd550.00
stadium arcadium intro tab510.00
stadium arcadium tab590.00
stadium arcadium ver2 btab460.00
stadium arcadium ver2 crd440.00
stadium arcadium ver2 tab530.00
stadium arcadium ver3 tab590.00
stadium arcadium ver4 tab470.00
stadium arcadium video lesson590.00
stone cold bush btab450.00
stone cold bush intro tab490.00
stone cold bush tab520.00
stone cold bush ver2 btab550.00
stone cold bush ver2 tab570.00
stone cold bush ver3 btab580.00
stone cold bush ver3 tab510.00
stone cold bush ver4 btab580.00
stone cold bush ver5 btab510.00
stone cold bush ver6 btab480.00
storm in a teacup btab510.00
storm in a teacup tab460.00
storm in a teacup ver2 btab560.00
storm in a teacup ver2 tab550.00
storm in a teacup ver3 btab560.00
storm in a teacup ver3 tab500.00
storm in a teacup ver4 btab530.00
storm in a teacup ver4 tab550.00
strange man tab510.00
strip my mind btab590.00
strip my mind crd600.00
strip my mind solo tab570.00
strip my mind tab500.00
strip my mind ver2 btab590.00
strip my mind ver2 crd520.00
strip my mind ver2 tab540.00
strip my mind ver3 tab590.00
strip my mind video lesson620.00
subterranean homesick blues btab680.00
subterranean homesick blues solo tab610.00
subterranean homesick blues tab660.00
subterranean homesick blues ver2 btab450.00
subterranean homesick blues ver2 tab560.00
subway to venus btab560.00
subway to venus solo tab490.00
subway to venus tab580.00
subway to venus ver2 btab500.00
subway to venus ver2 tab440.00
suck my kiss btab580.00
suck my kiss crd680.00
suck my kiss drum tab700.00
suck my kiss intro video lesson620.00
suck my kiss tab1010.00
suck my kiss ver2 btab710.00
suck my kiss ver2 crd560.00
suck my kiss ver2 tab600.00
suck my kiss ver3 btab630.00
suck my kiss ver3 crd610.00
suck my kiss ver3 tab540.00
suck my kiss ver4 tab590.00
sweet home alabama live tab600.00


taste the pain btab490.00
taste the pain tab570.00
tear btab790.00
tear crd580.00
tear solo tab540.00
tear solo ver2 tab620.00
tear solo ver3 tab510.00
tear tab670.00
tear ver2 btab590.00
tear ver2 crd650.00
tearjerker btab510.00
tearjerker crd600.00
tearjerker tab570.00
tearjerker ver2 tab490.00
tearjerker ver3 tab500.00
teatro jam tab530.00
teenager in love btab540.00
teenager in love crd590.00
teenager in love ver2 crd550.00
tell me baby btab630.00
tell me baby crd650.00
tell me baby drum tab520.00
tell me baby tab490.00
tell me baby ver2 btab550.00
tell me baby ver2 tab590.00
tell me baby ver3 btab500.00
tell me baby ver3 tab640.00
tell me baby ver4 btab530.00
tell me baby ver4 tab540.00
tell me baby ver5 tab550.00
the abbey road album tab560.00
the adventures of rain dance maggie btab530.00
the adventures of rain dance maggie crd540.00
the adventures of rain dance maggie intro btab640.00
the adventures of rain dance maggie tab630.00
the adventures of rain dance maggie ver10 crd480.00
the adventures of rain dance maggie ver11 crd510.00
the adventures of rain dance maggie ver2 btab460.00
the adventures of rain dance maggie ver2 crd580.00
the adventures of rain dance maggie ver2 tab480.00
the adventures of rain dance maggie ver3 btab550.00
the adventures of rain dance maggie ver3 crd490.00
the adventures of rain dance maggie ver3 tab500.00
the adventures of rain dance maggie ver4 btab590.00
the adventures of rain dance maggie ver4 crd490.00
the adventures of rain dance maggie ver5 btab500.00
the adventures of rain dance maggie ver5 crd790.00
the adventures of rain dance maggie ver6 btab550.00
the adventures of rain dance maggie ver6 crd450.00
the adventures of rain dance maggie ver7 btab530.00
the adventures of rain dance maggie ver7 crd600.00
the adventures of rain dance maggie ver8 crd460.00
the adventures of rain dance maggie ver9 crd620.00
the adventures of rain dance maggie video lesson570.00
the brothers cup btab570.00
the brothers cup ver2 btab530.00
the coffee shop btab530.00
the coffee shop tab540.00
the greeting song btab530.00
the greeting song tab500.00
the greeting song ver2 btab500.00
the greeting song ver3 btab520.00
the greeting song ver4 btab480.00
the greeting song ver5 btab550.00
the greeting song ver6 btab510.00
the power of equality btab440.00
the power of equality crd470.00
the power of equality tab620.00
the power of equality ver2 btab580.00
the power of equality ver3 btab490.00
the righteous and the wicked btab520.00
the righteous and the wicked ver2 btab540.00
the righteous and the wicked ver3 btab510.00
the sunset sleeps tab660.00
the uplift mofo party plan album btab550.00
the zephyr song btab480.00
the zephyr song crd880.00
the zephyr song drum tab560.00
the zephyr song part 1 video lesson580.00
the zephyr song part 2 video lesson560.00
the zephyr song solo tab560.00
the zephyr song tab590.00
the zephyr song ver2 btab500.00
the zephyr song ver2 tab600.00
the zephyr song ver3 btab600.00
the zephyr song ver3 tab720.00
the zephyr song ver4 btab550.00
the zephyr song ver4 tab560.00
the zephyr song ver5 tab610.00
the zephyr song ver6 tab490.00
the zephyr song ver7 tab520.00
the zephyr song ver8 tab520.00
theyre red hot btab510.00
theyre red hot tab550.00
theyre red hot ver2 tab530.00
this is the place btab540.00
this is the place tab530.00
this is the place ver2 btab510.00
this is the place ver2 tab530.00
this is the place ver2 video lesson520.00
this is the place ver3 btab450.00
this is the place video lesson440.00
this velvet glove btab590.00
this velvet glove tab540.00
this velvet glove ver2 tab520.00
this velvet glove ver3 tab520.00
this velvet glove ver4 tab460.00
this velvet glove ver5 tab490.00
throw away your television btab490.00
throw away your television solo tab1640.00
throw away your television solo ver2 tab1560.00
throw away your television tab540.00
throw away your television ver2 btab520.00
throw away your television ver3 btab520.00
throw away your television ver4 btab580.00
throw away your television video lesson490.00
time btab500.00
time tab630.00
time ver2 btab520.00
time ver3 btab490.00
tiny dancer btab520.00
tiny dancer tab530.00
torture me btab550.00
torture me crd490.00
torture me solo tab530.00
torture me tab620.00
torture me ver2 btab550.00
torture me ver2 tab550.00
torture me ver3 tab530.00
touture me btab530.00
transcending btab480.00
transcending tab530.00
transcending ver2 tab570.00
true men dont kill coyotes btab650.00
true men dont kill coyotes crd550.00
true men dont kill coyotes tab510.00
true men dont kill coyotes ver2 btab470.00
true men dont kill coyotes ver3 btab540.00
true men dont kill coyotes ver4 btab560.00
turn it again btab510.00
turn it again tab580.00
turn it again ver2 btab530.00
turn it again ver2 tab520.00


under the bridge acoustic crd450.00
under the bridge acoustic tab500.00
under the bridge acoustic ver2 tab580.00
under the bridge btab460.00
under the bridge crd540.00
under the bridge drum tab640.00
under the bridge intro tab590.00
under the bridge intro ver2 tab590.00
under the bridge intro ver3 tab600.00
under the bridge intro video lesson450.00
under the bridge live btab540.00
under the bridge live tab520.00
under the bridge tab560.00
under the bridge ver2 btab510.00
under the bridge ver2 crd500.00
under the bridge ver2 tab640.00
under the bridge ver2 video lesson560.00
under the bridge ver3 btab560.00
under the bridge ver3 crd540.00
under the bridge ver3 tab560.00
under the bridge ver4 btab580.00
under the bridge ver4 crd540.00
under the bridge ver4 tab510.00
under the bridge ver5 tab510.00
under the bridge ver6 tab590.00
under the bridge ver7 tab540.00
under the bridge ver8 tab540.00
under the bridge video lesson690.00
universally speaking btab640.00
universally speaking crd510.00
universally speaking drum tab540.00
universally speaking solo tab570.00
universally speaking solo ver2 tab470.00
universally speaking solo ver3 tab500.00
universally speaking tab610.00
universally speaking ver2 btab470.00
universally speaking ver2 tab510.00
universally speaking ver3 tab670.00
universally speaking ver4 tab500.00


velvet glove tab430.00
venice queen btab520.00
venice queen crd530.00
venice queen live btab420.00
venice queen tab520.00
venice queen ver2 btab560.00
venice queen ver2 crd470.00
venice queen ver2 tab500.00
venice queen ver3 btab580.00
venice queen ver3 tab420.00
venice queen ver4 tab660.00


walkabout btab490.00
walkabout tab510.00
walkabout ver2 btab560.00
walkabout ver2 tab460.00
walkabout ver3 btab470.00
walkin on down the road btab540.00
walkin on down the road tab520.00
wannabe tab530.00
warlocks btab470.00
warlocks tab580.00
warlocks ver2 btab510.00
warlocks ver2 tab480.00
warlocks ver3 btab530.00
warm tape btab520.00
warm tape crd530.00
warm tape ver2 btab500.00
warped btab620.00
warped tab690.00
warped ver2 btab610.00
warped ver2 tab540.00
we believe btab490.00
we believe solo tab540.00
we believe tab530.00
we believe ver2 btab570.00
we believe ver2 tab520.00
wet sand btab500.00
wet sand crd500.00
wet sand intro tab500.00
wet sand solo tab510.00
wet sand solo ver2 tab590.00
wet sand solo ver3 tab560.00
wet sand solo ver4 tab580.00
wet sand tab600.00
wet sand ver2 btab600.00
wet sand ver2 crd500.00
wet sand ver2 tab650.00
wet sand ver3 crd500.00
wet sand ver3 tab550.00
what is soul btab630.00
what is soul intro tab590.00
what is soul tab460.00
what it is btab570.00
what it is ver2 btab570.00
whatever we want btab510.00
whatever we want tab550.00
whatever we want ver2 tab570.00
why dont you love me btab510.00
why dont you love me tab510.00
why dont you love me ver2 btab490.00
woodstock bass solo btab720.00


yertle the turtle btab490.00
yertle the turtle tab680.00
yertle the turtle ver2 btab660.00
yertle the turtle ver2 tab580.00
yertle the turtle ver3 btab560.00
yertle trilogy intro tab670.00
yertle trilogy tab640.00
you got stuck with me crd540.00
your gonna get yours tab460.00


zephyr song tab570.00