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Rise Against is an American melodic hardcore band from Chicago, Illinois, formed in 1999. The band's current line-up comprises vocalist/rhythm guitarist Tim McIlrath, lead guitarist Zach Blair, bassist Joe Principe and drummer Brandon Barnes. Former members are guitarists Dan Wlekinski, Kevin White, Todd Mohney and Chris Chasse, and drummers Toni Tintari and Dan Lumley. The band spent its first four years signed to the independent record label Fat Wreck Chords, on which it released two studio albums, The Unraveling (2001) and Revolutions per Minute (2003). Both the albums met with considerable underground success, and in 2003 the band signed with the major label Geffen. Their major label debut Siren Song of the Counter Culture (2004) brought the band mainstream success, producing several successful singles. Their next two albums, The Sufferer & the Witness (2006) and Appeal to Reason (2008), were also successful and peaked at number ten and number three on the Billboard 200 chart,...
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1000 good intentions btab470.00
1000 good intentions intro tab340.00
1000 good intentions tab320.00
1000 good intentions ver2 btab520.00
1000 good intentions ver2 tab340.00
1000 good intentions ver3 btab290.00
1000 good intentions ver4 btab360.00
1000 good intentions ver5 btab500.00


3 day weekend btab310.00
3 day weekend tab460.00
3 day weekend ver2 btab310.00


401 kill btab420.00
401 kill tab450.00
401 kill ver2 btab350.00


a gentlemens coup btab280.00
a gentlemens coup tab400.00
alive and well btab380.00
alive and well tab440.00
alive and well ver2 tab390.00
amber changing btab350.00
amber changing tab330.00
amber changing ver2 btab380.00
any way you want it solo tab370.00
any way you want it solo ver2 tab290.00
anyway you want it btab420.00
anyway you want it solo tab350.00
anyway you want it tab320.00
anyway you want it ver2 btab350.00
anyway you want it ver2 tab350.00
anyway you want it ver3 tab310.00
anyway you want it ver4 tab310.00
anyway you want it ver5 tab270.00
anyway you want it ver6 tab400.00
anywhere but here acoustic crd310.00
anywhere but here acoustic tab330.00
anywhere but here acoustic ver2 crd370.00
anywhere but here acoustic ver3 crd280.00
anywhere but here btab490.00
anywhere but here tab500.00
anywhere but here ver2 tab360.00
anywhere but here ver3 tab410.00
anywhere but here ver4 tab360.00
anywhere but here ver5 tab400.00
appeal to reason album btab380.00
approaching curve btab300.00
approaching curve tab310.00
approaching curve ver2 tab380.00
architects btab360.00
architects crd350.00
architects tab280.00
architects ver2 tab280.00
art of losing btab440.00
art of losing tab350.00
art of losing ver2 btab330.00
art of losing ver2 tab420.00
audience of one btab340.00
audience of one crd460.00
audience of one tab490.00
audience of one ver2 btab380.00
audience of one ver2 crd430.00
audience of one ver2 tab440.00
audience of one ver3 btab320.00
audience of one ver3 crd430.00
audience of one ver3 tab300.00
audience of one ver4 btab380.00
audience of one ver4 crd270.00


behind closed doors btab360.00
behind closed doors tab430.00
behind closed doors ver2 btab310.00
behind closed doors ver2 tab290.00
behind closed doors ver3 btab410.00
behind closed doors ver3 tab370.00
behind closed doors ver4 btab400.00
behind closed doors ver4 tab390.00
behind closed doors ver5 tab290.00
ben werbz tab320.00
black masks and gasoline acoustic crd440.00
black masks and gasoline btab350.00
black masks and gasoline tab370.00
black masks and gasoline ver2 tab330.00
black masks and gasoline ver3 tab370.00
black masks and gasoline ver4 tab390.00
blind crd560.00
blind solo tab390.00
blood red white and blue btab250.00
blood red white and blue crd290.00
blood red white and blue tab290.00
blood red white and blue ver2 btab270.00
blood red white and blue ver2 tab380.00
blood red white and blue ver3 tab320.00
blood red white and blue ver4 tab380.00
blood to bleed acoustic tab350.00
blood to bleed btab390.00
blood to bleed crd360.00
blood to bleed drum tab350.00
blood to bleed intro tab370.00
blood to bleed solo tab400.00
blood to bleed solo ver2 tab340.00
blood to bleed tab370.00
blood to bleed ver2 btab390.00
blood to bleed ver2 tab370.00
blood to bleed ver3 btab320.00
blood to bleed ver3 tab350.00
boys no good tab360.00
break free tab270.00
break me up tab310.00
bricks btab430.00
bricks drum tab580.00
bricks tab490.00
bricks ver2 btab390.00
bricks ver2 tab300.00
broken english btab370.00
broken english tab290.00
broken english ver2 btab420.00
broken english ver2 tab350.00
broken english ver3 btab410.00
broken english ver3 tab420.00
broken mirrors btab360.00
broken mirrors crd300.00
broken mirrors tab310.00
broken mirrors ver2 tab400.00
broken mirrors ver3 tab350.00
broken mirrors ver4 tab360.00
broken mirrors ver5 tab470.00
built to last tab320.00
but tonight we dance btab370.00
but tonight we dance crd310.00
but tonight we dance solo tab260.00
but tonight we dance solo ver2 tab310.00
but tonight we dance solo ver3 tab360.00
but tonight we dance solo ver4 tab310.00
but tonight we dance solo ver5 tab360.00
but tonight we dance tab340.00
but tonight we dance ver2 crd420.00
but tonight we dance ver2 tab250.00
but tonight we dance ver3 crd420.00
but tonight we dance ver3 tab520.00
but tonight we dance ver4 crd410.00


chamber the cartridge btab380.00
chamber the cartridge intro tab370.00
chamber the cartridge live tab370.00
chamber the cartridge tab320.00
chamber the cartridge ver2 btab300.00
chamber the cartridge ver2 tab490.00
chamber the cartridge ver3 tab340.00
chamber the cartridge ver4 tab570.00
chambers the cartridge tab420.00
collapse btab350.00
collapse crd310.00
collapse tab490.00
collapse ver2 tab330.00
collapse ver3 tab290.00
collapse ver4 tab310.00


dance for rain btab340.00
dancing for rain btab380.00
dancing for rain crd380.00
dancing for rain drum tab580.00
dancing for rain intro tab340.00
dancing for rain intro ver2 tab400.00
dancing for rain tab390.00
dancing for rain ver2 btab370.00
dancing for rain ver2 tab360.00
dancing for rain ver3 btab410.00
dancing for rain ver3 tab350.00
dancing for rain ver4 tab290.00
dancing for rain ver5 tab260.00
dead ringer btab380.00
dead ringer tab260.00
dead ringer ver2 tab320.00
death blossoms btab310.00
death blossoms tab350.00
death blossoms ver2 tab380.00
death blossoms ver3 tab390.00
death blossoms ver4 tab340.00
diabolic tab330.00
diaspora crd340.00
diaspora intro tab360.00
dirt and roses btab270.00
dirt and roses tab340.00
dirt and roses ver2 tab460.00
dirt and roses ver3 tab440.00
disparity by design btab360.00
disparity by design tab430.00
disparity by design ver2 btab400.00
disparity by design ver2 tab430.00
drones btab350.00
drones crd400.00
drones tab420.00
drones ver2 btab450.00
drones ver2 tab480.00
drones ver3 btab400.00
drones ver3 tab500.00


elective amnesia tab290.00
endgame album btab370.00
endgame btab450.00
endgame tab390.00
endgame ver2 btab400.00
endgame ver2 tab450.00
endgame ver3 btab470.00
entertainment btab350.00
entertainment crd360.00
entertainment tab380.00
entertainment ver2 btab360.00
entertainment ver2 crd290.00
entertainment ver2 tab290.00
entertainment ver3 tab330.00
entertainment ver4 tab350.00
envy is dangerous tab500.00
everchanging acoustic crd350.00
everchanging acoustic tab320.00
everchanging acoustic ver2 tab360.00
everchanging acoustic ver3 tab390.00
everchanging btab310.00
everchanging crd370.00
everchanging tab340.00
everchanging ver2 btab400.00
everchanging ver2 tab350.00
everchanging ver3 tab340.00
everchanging ver4 tab280.00


faint resemblance btab310.00
faint resemblance tab410.00
faint resemblance ver2 btab400.00
faint resemblance ver2 tab350.00
first drop tab340.00
first drop ver2 tab370.00
fix me btab420.00
fix me tab450.00
fix me ver2 tab440.00
for what its worth tab350.00
from heads unworthy btab400.00
from heads unworthy crd340.00
from heads unworthy intro tab420.00
from heads unworthy tab330.00


generation lost btab370.00
generation lost tab380.00
generation lost ver2 tab330.00
generation lost ver3 tab460.00
get over yourself btab410.00
gethsemane btab390.00
gethsemane intro tab400.00
gethsemane tab290.00
gethsemane ver2 btab420.00
gethsemane ver2 tab390.00
give it all btab430.00
give it all crd330.00
give it all drum tab420.00
give it all tab380.00
give it all ver2 btab360.00
give it all ver2 crd450.00
give it all ver2 drum tab340.00
give it all ver2 tab420.00
give it all ver3 btab520.00
give it all ver3 crd350.00
give it all ver3 drum tab340.00
give it all ver3 tab420.00
give it all ver4 tab410.00
give it all ver5 tab380.00
give it all ver6 tab480.00
good left undone acoustic crd300.00
good left undone btab340.00
good left undone solo tab390.00
good left undone tab400.00
good left undone ver2 btab340.00
good left undone ver2 tab410.00
good left undone ver3 btab430.00
good left undone ver3 tab360.00
good left undone ver4 btab410.00
good left undone ver5 btab370.00
good left undone ver6 btab320.00
good left undone ver7 btab440.00
grammatizator btab400.00
grammatizator tab300.00
great awakening btab400.00
great awakening tab400.00
great awakening ver2 btab340.00


hairline fracture btab330.00
hairline fracture intro tab330.00
halfway there btab320.00
halfway there tab400.00
halfway there ver2 tab390.00
halfway there ver3 tab400.00
heaven knows btab350.00
heaven knows drum tab470.00
heaven knows tab320.00
heaven knows ver2 btab320.00
heaven knows ver2 drum tab470.00
heaven knows ver2 tab430.00
heaven knows ver3 btab450.00
heaven knows ver3 tab540.00
help is on the way btab430.00
help is on the way crd430.00
help is on the way tab420.00
help is on the way ver2 btab350.00
help is on the way ver2 crd360.00
help is on the way ver2 tab340.00
help is on the way ver3 btab330.00
help is on the way ver3 tab340.00
help is on the way ver4 btab500.00
hero of war btab400.00
hero of war crd470.00
hero of war live tab400.00
hero of war tab390.00
hero of war ver2 crd510.00
hero of war ver2 tab380.00
hero of war ver3 crd420.00
hero of war ver3 tab420.00
hero of war ver4 crd420.00
hero of war ver4 tab420.00
hero of war ver5 crd400.00
hero of war ver6 crd390.00
historia calamitatum tab330.00


injection btab430.00
injection crd350.00
injection tab380.00
injection ver2 btab280.00
injection ver2 tab360.00
injection ver3 btab320.00
injection ver3 tab390.00
injection ver4 tab360.00


join the ranks btab380.00
join the ranks tab330.00


kotov syndrome btab310.00
kotov syndrome crd300.00
kotov syndrome tab400.00
kotov syndrome ver2 btab370.00


lanterns btab510.00
lanterns tab400.00
last chance blueprint btab390.00
last chance blueprint crd380.00
last chance blueprint tab500.00
last chance blueprint ver2 tab400.00
last drop btab350.00
life less frightening acoustic crd420.00
life less frightening btab340.00
life less frightening tab320.00
life less frightening ver2 tab560.00
life less frightening ver3 tab460.00
life less frightening ver4 tab370.00
life less frightening ver5 tab420.00
like the angel btab330.00
like the angel crd320.00
like the angel drum tab400.00
like the angel intro btab310.00
like the angel solo tab360.00
like the angel tab330.00
like the angel ver2 btab380.00
like the angel ver2 crd320.00
like the angel ver2 tab400.00
like the angel ver3 crd410.00
like the angel ver3 tab400.00
like the angel ver4 crd390.00
like the angel ver4 tab390.00
like the angel ver5 tab320.00
like the angel ver6 tab400.00
little boxes intro tab360.00
long forgotten sons btab480.00
long forgotten sons drum tab380.00
long forgotten sons tab370.00
long forgotten sons ver2 btab310.00
long forgotten sons ver2 tab410.00
long forgotten sons ver3 btab300.00
long forgotten sons ver4 btab280.00


make it stop semptembers children crd360.00
make it stop septembers children btab320.00
make it stop septembers children tab370.00
make it stop septembers children ver2 btab370.00
make it stop septembers children ver2 tab440.00
make it stop septembers children ver3 btab330.00
make it stop septembers children ver3 tab470.00
make it stop septembers children ver4 btab420.00
make it stop septembers children ver4 tab280.00
make it stop septembers children ver5 btab410.00
make it stop tab400.00
making christmas tab480.00
midnight hands btab370.00
midnight hands intro tab410.00
midnight hands intro ver2 tab570.00
midnight hands tab340.00
midnight hands ver2 tab370.00
my life inside your heart btab520.00
my life inside your heart crd330.00
my life inside your heart tab420.00
my life inside your heart ver2 btab360.00
my life inside your heart ver2 tab350.00


nervous breakdown tab320.00


obstructed view tab340.00


paper wings acoustic crd370.00
paper wings acoustic tab460.00
paper wings btab330.00
paper wings crd460.00
paper wings intro tab470.00
paper wings tab370.00
paper wings ver2 btab350.00
paper wings ver2 crd390.00
paper wings ver2 tab370.00
paper wings ver3 crd450.00
paper wings ver3 tab410.00
paper wings ver4 tab430.00
prayer of a refugee btab280.00
prayer of the refugee acoustic crd360.00
prayer of the refugee acoustic tab350.00
prayer of the refugee acoustic ver2 crd310.00
prayer of the refugee btab460.00
prayer of the refugee crd440.00
prayer of the refugee drum tab400.00
prayer of the refugee tab420.00
prayer of the refugee ver2 btab410.00
prayer of the refugee ver2 crd350.00
prayer of the refugee ver2 tab520.00
prayer of the refugee ver3 btab360.00
prayer of the refugee ver3 crd390.00
prayer of the refugee ver3 tab430.00
prayer of the refugee ver4 btab380.00
prayer of the refugee ver4 crd370.00
prayer of the refugee ver4 tab420.00
prayer of the refugee ver5 crd450.00
prayer of the refugee ver5 tab360.00
prayer of the refugee ver6 tab410.00
prayer of the refugee ver7 tab410.00


re education btab330.00
re education crd470.00
re education drum tab550.00
re education tab420.00
re education through labor drum tab410.00
re education through labor tab380.00
re education ver2 btab400.00
re education ver2 crd410.00
re education ver2 drum tab460.00
re education ver2 tab450.00
re education ver3 btab350.00
re education ver3 tab370.00
re education ver4 btab420.00
ready to fall btab430.00
ready to fall crd360.00
ready to fall drum tab450.00
ready to fall tab310.00
ready to fall ver2 btab370.00
ready to fall ver2 crd320.00
ready to fall ver2 tab420.00
ready to fall ver3 btab380.00
ready to fall ver3 tab380.00
ready to fall ver4 btab370.00
ready to fall ver4 tab370.00
reception fades btab370.00
reception fades tab370.00
reception fades ver2 btab450.00
reception fades ver3 btab410.00
remains of summer memories btab300.00
remains of summer memories tab350.00
roadside acoustic crd380.00
roadside btab350.00
roadside crd460.00
roadside tab360.00
roadside ver2 btab440.00
roadside ver2 crd390.00
roadside ver2 tab290.00
roadside ver3 crd330.00
roadside ver3 tab380.00
roadside ver4 crd400.00
roadside ver4 tab320.00
roadside ver5 crd370.00
roadside ver6 crd260.00
rumors of my demise have been greatly exagerated btab340.00
rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated btab360.00
rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated crd340.00
rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated intro tab420.00
rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated tab530.00
rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated ver2 tab330.00
rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated ver3 tab440.00
rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated ver4 tab360.00
rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated ver5 tab360.00


satellite btab440.00
satellite crd420.00
satellite tab310.00
satellite ver2 btab360.00
satellite ver2 crd380.00
satellite ver2 tab390.00
satellite ver3 btab560.00
satellite ver3 crd460.00
satellite ver3 tab450.00
satellite ver4 tab550.00
savior acoustic tab240.00
savior btab570.00
savior crd420.00
savior drum tab360.00
savior intro tab340.00
savior intro ver2 tab340.00
savior tab500.00
savior ver2 crd440.00
savior ver2 tab350.00
savior ver3 crd460.00
savior ver3 tab440.00
savior ver4 tab380.00
sight unseen crd350.00
sight unseen intro tab350.00
sight unseen tab360.00
siren song of the counter culture album btab360.00
siren song of the counter culture album tab330.00
six ways till sunday btab360.00
six ways till sunday tab320.00
six ways till sunday ver2 btab300.00
sometimes selling out is giving up btab360.00
sometimes selling out is giving up tab400.00
stained glass and marble btab310.00
stained glass and marble tab380.00
stained glass and marble ver2 btab310.00
state of the union btab380.00
state of the union intro tab360.00
state of the union tab320.00
state of the union ver2 tab380.00
state of the union ver3 tab520.00
state of the union ver4 tab510.00
state of the union ver5 tab570.00
state of the union ver6 tab410.00
strong reaction tab310.00
survive acoustic crd440.00
survive btab450.00
survive intro tab390.00
survive tab460.00
survive ver2 btab480.00
survive ver2 tab490.00
survivor guilt btab370.00
survivor guilt tab450.00
survivor guilt ver2 btab410.00
survivor guilt ver2 tab410.00
swing life away acoustic crd430.00
swing life away acoustic tab400.00
swing life away acoustic ver2 crd570.00
swing life away acoustic ver2 tab420.00
swing life away acoustic ver3 crd360.00
swing life away btab420.00
swing life away crd700.00
swing life away tab460.00
swing life away ver2 btab440.00
swing life away ver2 crd460.00
swing life away ver2 tab530.00
swing life away ver3 btab390.00
swing life away ver3 crd350.00
swing life away ver3 tab380.00
swing life away ver4 crd440.00
swing life away ver4 tab400.00
swing life away ver5 crd350.00
swing life away ver5 tab380.00
swing life away ver6 crd460.00
swing life away ver6 tab380.00
swing life away ver7 crd340.00
swing life away ver7 tab430.00
swing life away ver8 crd400.00
swing life away ver8 tab510.00
swing life away video lesson330.00


the approaching curve btab330.00
the dirt whispered btab370.00
the dirt whispered crd560.00
the dirt whispered tab470.00
the dirt whispered ver2 crd610.00
the first drop btab360.00
the first drop tab370.00
the good left undone btab410.00
the good left undone solo tab390.00
the good left undone tab490.00
the strength to go on btab370.00
the strength to go on crd390.00
the strength to go on tab550.00
the strength to go on ver2 btab410.00
the strength to go on ver2 tab400.00
the strength to go on ver3 tab560.00
the sufferer the witness album btab350.00
the unraveling btab410.00
the unraveling tab570.00
the unraveling ver2 btab390.00
this is letting go btab410.00
this is letting go crd460.00
this is letting go intro tab380.00
this is letting go tab370.00
this is letting go ver2 btab400.00
this is letting go ver2 tab340.00
this is letting go ver3 btab500.00
tip the scales acoustic crd390.00
tip the scales btab450.00
tip the scales tab330.00
to the core btab400.00
to the core tab370.00
to the core ver2 tab480.00
to them the streets belong tab350.00
to them these streets belong btab340.00
to them these streets belong tab380.00
to them these streets belong ver2 tab340.00
torches btab340.00
torches intro tab370.00
torches tab460.00
torches ver2 tab480.00
torches ver3 tab400.00
torches ver4 tab480.00
tour song acoustic crd410.00
tour song tab580.00


under the knife btab350.00
under the knife tab530.00
under the knife ver2 tab410.00
under the knife ver3 tab380.00
unknown song tab510.00


voices off camera btab450.00
voices off camera tab330.00
voices off camera ver2 tab370.00


wait for me btab420.00
wait for me intro tab330.00
wait for me tab380.00
wait for me ver2 tab490.00
we give it all btab370.00
weight of time btab540.00
weight of time tab400.00
weight of time ver2 btab410.00
whereabouts unknown btab380.00
whereabouts unknown crd330.00
whereabouts unknown intro tab320.00
whereabouts unknown tab300.00
whereabouts unknown ver2 btab380.00
whereabouts unknown ver2 tab380.00
whereabouts unknown ver3 tab320.00
wholl stop the rain tab400.00
wholl stop the rain ver2 tab350.00
worth dying for acoustic crd390.00
worth dying for btab420.00
worth dying for crd620.00
worth dying for tab440.00
worth dying for ver2 btab320.00
worth dying for ver2 crd400.00
worth dying for ver2 tab420.00
worth dying for ver3 btab350.00
worth dying for ver3 tab390.00
worth dying for ver4 tab430.00
worth dying for ver5 tab420.00