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Robbie Seay Band (aka RSB) is a Christian rock/worship band located in Houston, Texas. The band led worship at a church in the Neartown area of Houston for many years. Currently, Robbie and several band members help lead worship at a church in Northwest Houston called Bayou City Fellowship where Robbie also serves on staff. Many of the songs on RSB's albums are inspired by events and people within their church and community. After releasing several independent albums, the band was signed to Sparrow Records in 2005 and retooled their last indie album, Better Days, for re-release on their new label. Their second album, Give Yourself Away, was released on August 28, 2007. The track "Song of Hope (Heaven Come Down)" from the album has received substantial attention on Christian radio, and charted at No. 7 on Billboard magazine's Hot Christian Songs chart. History In 1997, lead singer Robbie Seay formed a band with three others at the time— Seth Woods (bass), and Dan Hamilton...
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beautiful scandalous night crd90.00


come ye sinners crd130.00


hallelujah god is near crd80.00
hallelujah god is near ver2 crd70.00


jesus savior pilot me crd60.00


kingdom and a king crd90.00


let our faith be not alone crd90.00
love invades crd80.00
love wins crd80.00


new day crd120.00


o great love crd140.00


peace crd90.00


rise crd130.00


shine your light on us crd80.00
shine your light on us tab60.00
shine your light on us ver2 crd100.00
song of hope btab70.00
song of hope come down acoustic crd110.00
song of hope come down crd80.00
song of hope come down tab110.00
song of hope come down ver2 crd70.00
song of hope crd90.00
song of hope ver2 crd90.00
song of hope ver3 crd140.00


you are good tab100.00