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Screeching Weasel is an American punk rock band originally from the Chicago suburb of Prospect Heights, Illinois. The band was formed in 1986 by Ben Weasel and John Jughead. Since their formation, Screeching Weasel have broken up and reformed numerous times with numerous line-up changes. Ben Weasel has been the only constant member, though Jughead was present in every incarnation of the band until 2009. Other prominent members include guitarist/bassist Dan Vapid and drummer Dan Panic, who have each appeared on six of the band's studio albums, and Green Day bassist Mike Dirnt who was briefly a member of the band. Screeching Weasel recorded 13 studio albums, splitting time between a number of famous independent record labels such as Lookout! Records and Fat Wreck Chords. Despite never achieving mainstream success, a number of largely popular acts cite them as influential. History Early years (1986–1989) The band originally called themselves All Night Garage Sale but changed their name...
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21 months btab270.00


7 11 tab360.00


99 tab430.00


a new tomorrow btab330.00
a new tomorrow crd480.00
a new tomorrow tab420.00
american dream tab330.00
american suicide tab370.00
amy saw me looking at her boobs tab550.00
around on you crd600.00
ashtray tab390.00
automatic rejector crd370.00


blitzkrieg bop tab480.00
boogadaboogadaboogada album tab300.00
bottom of the 9th btab370.00
bottom of the 9th crd400.00
breaking point tab370.00
burnout girl crd350.00


california sucks tab410.00
celena btab460.00
celena tab340.00
cindys on methadone tab450.00
compact disc crd370.00
cool kids btab380.00
cool kids crd380.00
cool kids tab340.00
cool kids ver2 crd410.00
cool kids ver2 tab410.00
crawl tab360.00


degenerate tab380.00
dingbat btab320.00
dingbat crd380.00
dingbat tab400.00
dingbat ver2 tab430.00
dirty needles btab400.00
dirty needles tab290.00
diy crd410.00
diy tab440.00
dont touch my car tab440.00
dont turn out the lights tab380.00
dummy up tab360.00


el mozote tab480.00
every night btab340.00
every night crd450.00
every night tab400.00


falling apart btab360.00
falling apart crd280.00
fathead btab300.00
fathead tab330.00
first day of autumn btab320.00
first day of summer btab350.00
first day of summer tab340.00
first day of summer ver2 tab420.00
fred is dead tab450.00


girl next door tab330.00
good morning btab480.00
good morning tab360.00
good morning ver2 btab530.00
gotta girlfriend btab300.00
guest list btab300.00
guest list tab400.00
guestlist crd470.00


hanging around tab310.00
hey asshole crd580.00
hey suburbia btab540.00
hey suburbia crd380.00
hey suburbia tab370.00
hey suburbia ver2 tab370.00
holy hardcore tab340.00
hunter tab340.00


i can see clearly btab400.00
i can see clearly tab450.00
i can see clearly ver2 tab350.00
i dont care anymore crd370.00
i dont give a fuck tab320.00
i hate led zeppelin btab360.00
i hate led zeppelin tab400.00
i love you btab390.00
i love you tab340.00
i need therapy tab360.00
i think were alone now tab330.00
i wanna be a homosexual btab330.00
i wanna be a homosexual tab340.00
i wanna be a homosexual ver2 tab290.00
i wanna be a homosexual ver3 tab380.00
i wanna be naked btab320.00
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i wanna be with you tonight crd350.00
i wanna be your boyfriend tab260.00
i wanna fuck tab410.00
i want your brain tab350.00
i was a highschool psychopath tab340.00
i will always be there tab300.00
i will always do tab320.00
i wrote holden caulfield tab310.00
ill stop the rain btab360.00
ill stop the rain tab440.00
im gonna strangle you btab380.00
im gonna strangle you crd350.00
im not in love tab470.00
insanity btab410.00
insanity crd420.00
inside out btab310.00
inside out tab430.00
its all in my head tab520.00


jeannies got a problem crd470.00
jeannies got a problem tab410.00
joanie loves johnny tab310.00
johnny are you queer tab320.00


kamalas too nice btab560.00
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kamalas too nice tab320.00
kathys on the roof tab400.00
kathys on the roof ver2 tab400.00


linger tab400.00
love btab380.00
love crd480.00
love tab300.00


mad at the paper boy btab340.00
major label debut album crd280.00
making you cry crd350.00
mary was an anarchist btab380.00
mary was an anarchist tab380.00
message in a beer bottle crd490.00
message in a beer bottle tab340.00
molecule btab260.00
murder in the brady house tab450.00
my brain hurts tab440.00
my right btab440.00
my right tab360.00
my right ver2 btab390.00
my song tab360.00


nicaragua tab400.00
nightbreed crd350.00
nothing matters tab350.00
now i wanna sniff some glue tab380.00


omw btab360.00
one step beyond tab420.00
only a test tab360.00
outside of you tab390.00


panic tab330.00
pauline tab380.00
peter brady crd360.00
phasers on kill btab390.00
pinkhouse tab290.00
planet of the apes btab310.00
planet of the apes tab430.00
pretty girls dont talk to me solo tab390.00
pretty girls dont talk to me tab380.00
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psychiatrist btab320.00
psychiatrist crd390.00
psychiatrist tab350.00
punk rock explained tab440.00
punkhouse btab290.00
punkhouse tab310.00


racist society crd320.00
raining needles tab380.00
rubber room tab370.00
runaway btab360.00
runaway tab360.00


shes giving me the creeps tab360.00
shut the hell up tab380.00
six am tab440.00
slogans tab290.00
slomotion tab450.00
soap opera tab430.00
society btab340.00
someday tab330.00
something wrong btab340.00
something wrong tab360.00
speed of mutation tab450.00
stupid girl btab430.00
stupid girl tab390.00
sunshine btab420.00
sunshine tab320.00
supermarket fantasy btab330.00
supermarket fantasy tab410.00
surf goddess crd290.00
surf goddess tab280.00
suspect device tab330.00


talk to me summer tab490.00
teenage freakshow crd280.00
teenage freakshow tab340.00
teenage freakshow ver2 tab370.00
the girl next door tab450.00
the last janelle crd370.00
the science of myth crd450.00
the science of myth tab530.00
this aint hawaii btab350.00
this aint hawaii tab340.00
this buds for me tab440.00
thrift store girl tab310.00
too worked up btab450.00
totally tab410.00


veronica hates me btab480.00
veronica hates me crd400.00
veronica hates me tab360.00
video tab310.00


wavin gerbs btab490.00
waving gerbs btab420.00
we are the generation x tab290.00
we skate btab340.00
we skate tab370.00
what we hate crd500.00


yeah baby tab410.00
you are my sunshine tab470.00
youll be in my dreams today btab400.00
youll be in my dreams today tab280.00
your name is tattooed on my heart crd430.00
youre the enemy tab450.00


zombie tab540.00