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Semisonic was an American alternative rock band formed in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1995. The band had three members: Dan Wilson (lead vocals, guitar), John Munson (bass guitar, backing vocals, keyboard), and Jacob Slichter (drums, percussion, keyboard). They are best known for their 1998 single "Closing Time". Career Formation and debut album After the breakup of Trip Shakespeare, Dan Wilson and John Munson joined up with drummer Jacob Slichter to form Semisonic in 1995. An EP, Pleasure, was released that year on Boston indie label CherryDisc, and the studio full-length Great Divide in 1996 on MCA. Breakthrough and international success Semisonic's breakthrough came two years later in 1998 when their second album, Feeling Strangely Fine, reached the Top 50 chart on the strength of the hit single "Closing Time", their biggest hit in the United States. In a 2008 performance at Harvard's Sanders Theatre, Wilson made it known that it was originally written about the birth of his first...
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brand new baby crd130.00


california tab140.00
chemistry crd120.00
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closing time btab140.00
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fnt crd110.00
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get a grip crd110.00
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if i run crd110.00
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made to last crd120.00
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never you mind crd150.00


one true love crd150.00
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sculpture garden crd140.00
secret smile btab130.00
secret smile crd100.00
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shes got my number crd140.00
singing in my sleep btab140.00
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sunshine and chocolate btab160.00


temptation crd200.00
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this could be my year crd90.00
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youre perfect intro tab160.00