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Sepultura (Portuguese pronunciation: [se.puw.ˈtu.ɾɐ], "grave") is a Brazilian heavy metal band from Belo Horizonte. Formed in 1984 by brothers Max and Igor Cavalera, the band was a major force in the thrash metal and groove metal genres during the late 1980s and early 1990s, with their later experiments drawing influence from alternative metal, world music, nu metal, hardcore punk and industrial metal. Sepultura has had several changes in its lineup since its formation, with Max and Igor Cavalera departing in 1996 and 2006, respectively. Sepultura's current line up consists of vocalist Derrick Green, guitarist Andreas Kisser, bassist Paulo Jr. and drummer Eloy Casagrande. Since Igor Cavalera's departure in 2006, there have been no original members left in the band. Paulo Jr. and Kisser, who joined Sepultura in 1985 and 1987 respectively, are the only members to appear on every album, although the first one featured Jairo Guedz on guitar instead of Kisser. Sepultura has released...
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a lex ii tab772.20
a hora e a vez cabelo nascer tab593.20
a hora e a vez do cabelo nascer tab624.00
a look at tomorrow tab653.50
against btab623.00
against tab763.40
altered state tab852.40
altered state ver2 tab1052.80
ambush btab763.70
ambush drum tab643.80
ambush tab612.10
amen btab622.60
amen drum tab942.50
amen tab843.00
amen ver2 tab562.10
antichrist tab683.10
antichrist ver2 tab572.50
antichristanticop tab613.20
arise btab954.00
arise crd802.00
arise drum tab1182.10
arise tab673.50
arise ver2 tab933.80
arise ver3 tab852.30
attitude btab803.00
attitude tab622.10
attitude ver2 btab722.90


beneath the remains tab653.50
beneath the remains ver2 tab653.20
bestial devastation album tab773.60
bestial devastation tab813.80
biotech is godzilla btab623.80
biotech is godzilla tab793.00
biotech is godzilla ver2 btab702.80
bodies tab893.60
border wars tab764.00
born stubborn btab642.30
born stubborn tab792.30
born stubborn ver2 tab683.70
boycott tab723.60
breed apart btab772.80
breed apart tab774.00
bullet the blue sky tab932.40


choke tab753.10
city of dis tab734.00
ciucriminals in uniform tab613.00
clenched fist btab623.30
clenched fist tab944.00
convicted in life btab703.60
convicted in life tab643.30
crucificados pelo sistema tab543.70
crucifixtion tab652.90
cut throat btab682.60
cut throat tab622.00
cutthroat btab912.00


dark wood of error btab553.10
dark wood of error tab633.30
dead embrionic cells drum tab472.50
dead embryonic cells tab592.50
dead embryonic cells ver2 tab793.30
death embryonic cells tab672.20
desperate cry btab702.10
desperate cry tab1222.90
dictatorshit btab633.90
dictatorshit tab692.90
drug me drum tab753.80
drug me tab702.20
dusted btab712.50
dusted tab674.00
dusted ver2 tab763.30


empire of the damned tab652.10
endangered species btab472.70
escape to the void tab593.40


false tab573.10
fighting on tab802.90
from the past comes the storms tab602.30
funeral rites tab592.60


hungry solo tab622.70
hungry tab562.60


infected voice tab802.00
infected voice ver2 tab663.60
inhuman nature tab782.00
inner self btab1002.40
inner self drum tab732.70
inner self tab613.10
inner self ver2 tab712.30
inner self ver3 tab662.30
intro btab652.50
intro tab562.30
intro ver2 tab583.70
iquisition symphony tab544.00
itsari tab932.30


jasco tab862.40
jasco ver2 tab942.10


kaiowas tab603.60
kaiowas ver2 tab592.50
kaiowas ver3 tab752.00
kamaitachi btab873.00
kamaitachi tab623.10


lobotomy tab682.80
look away btab663.80
lookaway btab883.30


manifest tab732.30
mass hypnosis tab583.80
mayhem tab573.50
meaningless movements btab734.00
meaningless movements tab573.40
messiah tab712.00
mind war tab603.40
mind war ver2 tab732.90
mind war ver3 tab642.40
mindwar tab574.00
mine btab712.00
mine tab742.80
mongoloid tab552.70
morbid vision album tab673.30
morbid visions tab612.90
mountain song tab702.50
murder tab832.40


necromancer tab613.90
no mad tab743.80
nomad tab643.40
nuclear seven tab672.10


old earth tab683.00
orgasmatron btab1093.50
orgasmatron tab832.30
orgasmatron ver2 tab553.30
ostia tab742.30


policia btab723.30
policia drum tab902.40
policia tab682.80
policia ver2 drum tab662.30
primitive future tab682.30
procreation of the wicked btab532.90
procreation of the wicked tab593.10
procreation of the wicked ver2 tab602.70
propaganda btab712.60
propaganda tab744.00
propaganda ver2 tab623.40
propaganda ver3 tab1022.10


ratamahatta btab732.80
ratamahatta tab862.80
refuse resist btab902.80
refuse resist tab673.30
refuse resist ver2 tab662.20
refuse resist ver3 tab552.00
refuse resist ver4 tab683.50
refuse resist ver5 tab602.80
repeating the horror tab593.30
rest in pain tab662.50
reza tab572.50
rip rest in pain tab423.30
rip tab713.20
rise above tab943.90
roorback btab712.10
roots bloody roots btab583.50
roots bloody roots drum tab812.60
roots bloody roots tab642.90
roots bloody roots ver2 btab683.40
roots bloody roots ver2 tab663.60
rumors tab694.00
rumours btab712.70
rumours tab832.10


sarcastic existance tab813.20
sarcastic existence tab723.20
screams behind the shadows tab493.90
septic schizo tab692.90
sepulnation tab602.90
show me the wrath tab522.30
slave new world btab622.70
slave new world tab632.90
slave new world ver2 btab723.40
slave new world ver2 tab672.60
slave new world ver3 tab442.90
slaves of pain drum tab512.60
slaves of pain tab663.60
slaves of pain ver2 tab712.10
spit btab722.00
spit tab623.80
spit ver2 tab763.70
straight hate tab602.80
straighthate btab682.70
stronger than hate tab592.60
stronger than hate ver2 tab553.90
subtraction btab632.40
subtraction tab923.40
symptom of the universe btab702.80
symptom of the universe tab802.80
symptom of the universe ver2 btab553.10
symptoms of the universe btab733.50
symptoms of the universe tab852.20


territory btab592.20
territory tab663.40
territory ver2 btab922.60
territory ver2 tab1073.40
territory ver3 btab632.10
territory ver3 tab683.80
territory ver4 tab682.00
the abyss solo tab722.40
the abyss tab1023.20
the hunt tab862.40
troops of doom btab582.10
troops of doom tab783.40
troops of doom ver2 btab832.70
troops of doom ver2 tab552.60
troops of doom ver3 tab712.10


unconcious tab793.20
under siege tab753.20
under siege ver2 tab712.60


war btab993.70
war tab872.00
warrior of death tab762.30
warriors of death tab632.60
we who are not as others btab662.00
we who are not as others tab512.10
we who are not as others ver2 tab533.90
we who are not as others ver3 tab883.90
weve lost you btab543.90
weve lost you tab853.00