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Six Feet Down Under is a limited edition commemorative live EP by the American heavy metal band Metallica. It was released in Australia and New Zealand only on September 20, 2010 through Universal Music. It has been sold by Trans-Tasman record stores, Metallica online store and iTunes only. The EP contains eight songs recorded by fans, and live recordings from the band's archive that were never released (being two of each year the band performed in Australia). Track listing Personnel James Hetfield - lead vocals, rhythm guitar Lars Ulrich - drums Kirk Hammett - lead guitar, backing vocals Jason Newsted - bass, backing vocals on tracks 1 to 6 Robert Trujillo - bass, backing vocals on tracks 7-8 References
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4 20 tab290.00


a journey into darkness tab320.00
alive and dead album tab320.00
amerika the brutal btab240.00
amerika the brutal tab300.00
amerika the brutal ver2 btab370.00
animal instinct tab330.00
as i die tab300.00


beneath a black sky btab280.00
beneath a black sky tab310.00
bonesaw btab270.00
bonesaw tab320.00
born to the bone tab320.00
braindead tab360.00
bringer blood tab340.00
burning blood btab330.00


caged and disgraced tab350.00


day the dead walked tab410.00
day the dead walked ver2 tab350.00
day the dead walked ver3 tab380.00
death or glory btab320.00
death or glory tab360.00
death or glory ver2 tab300.00
decomposition of the human race tab240.00
die motherfucker die tab310.00
doomsday btab390.00
doomsday tab360.00
doomsday ver2 tab330.00
doomsday ver3 tab350.00
drowning tab310.00


enemy inside tab400.00


feasting on the blood of the insane btab270.00
feasting on the blood of the insane tab330.00
feisting on the blood of the insane tab290.00


ghosts of the undead btab280.00
ghosts of the undead tab260.00
grinder tab270.00


haunted tab310.00
holocaust tab260.00
human target btab380.00
human target tab300.00
human target ver2 btab360.00


impulse of disembowel tab250.00
insect tab390.00
involuntary movement of dead flesh tab260.00


journey into darkness tab310.00


knife gun axe btab240.00


lycanthropy btab290.00
lycanthropy tab290.00


murderers tab310.00
my hatred btab260.00


night visions btab260.00
night visions drum tab350.00
no warning machine tab280.00
no warning shot btab360.00
no warning shot tab350.00
nonexistence btab280.00
nonexistence tab270.00


one bullet left tab420.00


poison hand tab460.00


remains of you btab340.00
remains of you tab400.00
rest in pieces tab350.00
revenge of the zombie btab360.00
revenge of the zombie tab370.00
revenge of the zombies btab340.00


seed of filth tab430.00
seed of filth ver2 tab270.00
shadow of the reaper intro tab380.00
shadow of the reaper tab320.00
shadow of the reaper ver2 tab330.00
shortcut to hell tab370.00
sick and twisted btab370.00
sick twisted tab280.00
silent violence btab340.00
silent violence tab380.00
snakes tab320.00
somewhere in the darkness tab360.00
son of a bitch btab370.00
still alive tab330.00
stump tab360.00
suffering in ecstasy btab340.00
suffering in ecstasy tab320.00


the art of headhunting tab310.00
the day the dead walked btab280.00
the day the dead walked tab360.00
the enemy inside btab340.00
the enemy inside tab360.00
this graveyard earth btab300.00
this graveyard earth tab290.00
this suicide tab390.00
tnt btab410.00
tnt tab350.00
tnt ver2 tab380.00
tomerrows victim tab350.00
tomorrows victim tab350.00
torn to the bone tab280.00
torture killer btab300.00
torture killer tab400.00


victim of the paranoid btab270.00
victim of the paranoid tab320.00


waiting for decay tab290.00
war is coming btab500.00
war is coming tab360.00
war machine btab450.00
war machine tab340.00
war machine ver2 btab320.00
war machine ver2 tab400.00
when skin turns blue btab360.00
wormfood tab260.00


zombie executioner tab330.00