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Skumdum is a Swedish punk rock band from Skellefteå. Their music is a blend of Skatepunk, hardcore and Swedish trallpunk. The band was formed in 1993 and has released 6 albums, numerous singles and a split album with the American punk band Hero of our time. During the first decade they sang exclusively in Swedish, but in 2003 they switched to English in order to reach more listeners. Skumdum is today one of the biggest punk rock bands in Scandinavia and has also grown a devoted fan base in Europe and Japan. Current members Pierre Pettersson - Vocals, bass (1993–) Patrik Stenman - Guitar, vocals (1998–) Chris Tjärnlund - Drums, vocals (1993–) Nicklas Boman - Guitar, vocala (2012–) Former members Marcus Lindkvist - Guitar, vocals (2002–2007) Peder Evesäter - Guitar (1994–2001) Andreas Nilsson - Drums, vocals (1993–1998) Christian Åhlen - Guitar (1993–1994) Discography Albums 1997 - Demoner 2002 - Kågepunx, folköl 2002 - Det vi kan bäst 2005 - Skum of the...
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