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Slash's Snakepit was an American rock supergroup from Los Angeles, California, formed by then-Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash in 1993. Though often described as a solo or side project, Slash stated that Snakepit was a band with equal contributions by all members. The first lineup of the band consisted of Slash, two of his Guns N' Roses band mates— drummer Matt Sorum and guitarist Gilby Clarke— as well as Alice in Chains bassist Mike Inez and former Jellyfish live guitarist Eric Dover on lead vocals. Their debut album, It's Five O'Clock Somewhere, was released in 1995. For the supporting tour, Slash enlisted James LoMenzo and Brian Tichy, of Pride and Glory, in place of Inez and Sorum who had other commitments. They played shows in the US, Europe, Japan and Australia before Geffen Records pulled their financial support for the tour, with Slash returning to Guns N' Roses and Slash's Snakepit disbanding. Following his departure from Guns N' Roses in 1996, Slash formed the cover band...
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aint life grand btab273.00
aint life grand tab243.10
aint life grand ver2 tab263.30
alien tab302.60


back and forth again crd282.80
back and forth again solo tab322.60
back and forth again solo ver2 tab403.30
back and forth again tab333.20
back and forth again ver2 tab313.40
back to the moment tab392.10
back to the moment ver2 tab382.70
be the ball tab303.00
be the ball ver2 tab393.50
been their lately tab403.50
been there lately btab352.10
been there lately tab342.40
been there lately ver2 tab402.30
beggars and hangers on btab363.60
beggars and hangers on intro tab323.40
beggars and hangers on intro ver2 tab473.00
beggars and hangers on intro ver3 tab403.60
beggars and hangers on intro ver4 tab754.00
beggars and hangers on solo tab382.00
beggars and hangers on tab343.50
beggars and hangers on ver2 tab313.00
beggars and hangers on ver3 tab632.40
beggers and hangers on tab312.40


dime store rock tab263.50
dime store rock ver2 tab463.20
doin fine tab332.70
doin fine ver2 tab333.00


fix tab462.60


give in to me tab312.60
give into me solo tab303.00
good to be alive tab222.40


i hate everybody but u tab242.20
i hate everybody tab323.80


jizz da pit tab282.90
jizz da pitt tab353.30
jizz tab323.20
just like anything btab312.00
just like anything tab333.90
just like anything ver2 tab253.20


landslide btab262.50
landslide tab352.30
lifes sweet drug tab533.80
lower tab322.30
lower ver2 tab252.70


mean bone btab252.60
mean bone solo tab332.90
mean bone tab493.90
monkey chow tab242.90


neither can i solo tab283.30
neither can i tab313.30


obsession confession tab372.30


serial killer tab262.80
serial killer ver2 tab392.10
shine btab292.90
shine tab372.00
shine ver2 tab263.70
soma city ward tab442.60
soma city ward ver2 tab303.90
some city ward tab293.80
something about ur love tab293.90
speed parade btab422.30
speed parade crd373.40
speed parade tab433.90
speed parade ver2 tab263.80


take it away tab362.10
take it away ver2 tab283.70
taman astakona crd353.60
truth btab412.80
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what do you want to be tab263.10
wild horses tab363.10