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The Smashing Pumpkins are an American alternative rock band from Chicago, Illinois, formed in 1988. Formed by frontman Billy Corgan (lead vocals, guitar) and James Iha (guitar), the band included D'arcy Wretzky (bass guitar) and Jimmy Chamberlin (drums) in its original incarnation. It has undergone many line-up changes over the course of its existence, with the current lineup being Corgan and rhythm guitarist Jeff Schroeder. Disavowing the punk rock roots of many of their alt-rock contemporaries, the Pumpkins have a diverse, densely layered, and guitar-heavy sound, containing elements of gothic rock, heavy metal, dream pop, psychedelic rock, progressive rock, shoegazing, and electronica in later recordings. Corgan is the group's primary songwriter—his grand musical ambitions and cathartic lyrics have shaped the band's albums and songs, which have been described as "anguished, bruised reports from Billy Corgan's nightmare-land". The Smashing Pumpkins broke into the musical mainstream...
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17 tab560.00
1979 btab510.00
1979 crd530.00
1979 drum tab500.00
1979 intro tab580.00
1979 intro ver2 tab400.00
1979 tab470.00
1979 ver2 btab480.00
1979 ver2 crd540.00
1979 ver2 tab460.00
1979 ver3 btab490.00
1979 ver3 crd530.00
1979 ver3 tab430.00
1979 ver4 crd560.00
1979 ver4 tab490.00


7 shades of black tab440.00


99 floors tab420.00


a certain kind of change tab400.00
a dogs prayer tab430.00
a night like this btab500.00
a night like this crd600.00
a song for a son tab530.00
a stitch in time tab470.00
adore album crd460.00
adore album tab480.00
aeroplane flies high btab530.00
aeroplane flies high crd540.00
aeroplane flies high tab470.00
aeroplane flies high ver2 tab460.00
again again again the crux crd370.00
age of innocence btab490.00
age of innocence crd500.00
age of innocence intro tab470.00
annie dog btab420.00
annie dog tab470.00
apathys last kiss crd450.00
appels oranjes btab510.00
appels oranjes crd500.00
appels oranjes tab460.00
astral planes tab490.00
astral planes ver2 tab560.00
autumn tab510.00
ava adore btab570.00
ava adore crd520.00
ava adore live intro tab410.00
ava adore live tab510.00
ava adore tab520.00
ava adore ver2 btab520.00
ava adore ver2 crd530.00
ava adore ver2 tab500.00
ava adore ver3 crd440.00
ava adore ver4 crd440.00
ava adore ver5 crd470.00


beautiful crd430.00
beautiful live tab500.00
beautiful tab580.00
beautiful ver2 crd500.00
behold the night mare tab480.00
behold the night mare ver2 tab440.00
behold the night mare ver3 tab470.00
believe btab670.00
believe tab460.00
believe ver2 tab450.00
blank page btab490.00
blank page crd410.00
blank page tab470.00
blank page ver2 btab410.00
blank page ver2 tab450.00
blank tab460.00
blank ver2 tab450.00
blast tab490.00
bleeding the orchid tab490.00
blew away btab480.00
blew away crd340.00
blew away tab430.00
blew away ver2 tab370.00
blissed and gone crd410.00
blissed and gone ver2 crd430.00
blue btab420.00
blue skies bring tears crd440.00
blue tab420.00
bodies btab510.00
bodies crd400.00
bodies tab340.00
bodies ver2 btab410.00
bodies ver2 tab420.00
bodies ver3 btab460.00
bodies ver3 tab490.00
bodies ver4 btab450.00
bring the light btab470.00
bring the light tab420.00
bring the light ver2 tab440.00
bullet train to osaka btab520.00
bullet train to osaka tab490.00
bullet with butterfly wings acoustic crd550.00
bullet with butterfly wings btab520.00
bullet with butterfly wings crd450.00
bullet with butterfly wings drum tab390.00
bullet with butterfly wings live tab510.00
bullet with butterfly wings tab500.00
bullet with butterfly wings ver2 btab410.00
bullet with butterfly wings ver2 crd700.00
bullet with butterfly wings ver2 tab520.00
bullet with butterfly wings ver3 btab400.00
bullet with butterfly wings ver3 tab450.00
bullet with butterfly wings ver4 btab500.00
bullet with butterfly wings ver4 tab400.00
bullet with butterfly wings ver5 btab510.00
bullet with butterfly wings ver5 tab420.00
bullet with butterfly wings ver6 btab410.00
bullet with butterfly wings ver6 tab480.00
bullet with butterfly wings ver7 btab530.00
bury me btab480.00
bury me tab410.00
bury me ver2 tab480.00
by starlight btab500.00
by starlight crd490.00
by starlight tab400.00
bye june crd450.00


cherry btab450.00
cherry tab600.00
cherry ver2 btab520.00
cherry ver2 tab420.00
cherry ver3 tab550.00
cherub rock acoustic tab560.00
cherub rock btab490.00
cherub rock drum tab470.00
cherub rock tab490.00
cherub rock ver2 btab480.00
cherub rock ver2 tab470.00
cherub rock ver3 tab410.00
cherub rock video lesson480.00
chewing gum tab400.00
christmas time crd520.00
circular change crd430.00
clones btab440.00
clones were all tab440.00
cmon tab380.00
come on lets go intro tab360.00
come on lets go tab580.00
crash car star btab530.00
crestfallen btab500.00
crestfallen crd460.00
crestfallen live tab410.00
crestfallen ver2 crd520.00
crush btab450.00
crush tab440.00
crush ver2 btab440.00
crush ver3 btab530.00
cupid de locke btab440.00
cupid de locke intro btab460.00
cupid de locke tab450.00
czarina btab460.00
czarina tab490.00


dancing in the moonlight btab490.00
dancing in the moonlight crd410.00
dancing in the moonlight tab500.00
dancing in the moonlight ver2 crd440.00
dancing in the moonlight ver2 tab510.00
daphne descends btab440.00
daphne descends live tab420.00
daphne descends tab430.00
daughter tab520.00
daydream btab460.00
daydream crd580.00
daydream tab400.00
daydream ver2 crd440.00
daydream ver2 tab500.00
daydream ver3 tab380.00
depresso tab440.00
disarm btab510.00
disarm crd500.00
disarm tab540.00
disarm ver2 btab480.00
disarm ver2 crd500.00
disarm ver2 tab490.00
disarm ver3 crd490.00
disarm ver3 tab470.00
disarm ver4 tab560.00
disarm violin and cello tab470.00
do you close your eyes crd490.00
doomsday clock btab630.00
doomsday clock crd550.00
doomsday clock tab450.00
doomsday clock ver2 tab450.00
doomsday clock ver3 tab410.00
dreaming crd480.00
dreaming ver2 crd520.00
drown btab440.00
drown tab480.00


east btab520.00
east crd660.00
everlasting gaze tab440.00
eye btab650.00
eye drum tab580.00
eye intro tab560.00
eye live tab440.00
eye tab540.00
eye ver2 tab510.00


farewell and goodnight crd540.00
fol btab490.00
fol tab410.00
fol ver2 tab460.00
for god and country tab490.00
for martha intro tab490.00
for martha tab400.00
for martha ver2 tab450.00
frail and bedazzled btab390.00
frail and bedazzled tab380.00
frail and bedazzled ver2 btab510.00
frail and bedazzled ver2 tab410.00
freak crd390.00
freak intro tab480.00
fuck you an ode to no one btab480.00
fuck you an ode to no one crd330.00
fuck you btab390.00
fuck you tab560.00
fucky fucky crd430.00


galapogos btab540.00
galapogos crd450.00
galapogos tab490.00
galapogos ver2 btab360.00
galapogos ver2 tab450.00
galapogos ver3 btab530.00
galapogos ver3 tab470.00
geek usa btab490.00
geek usa tab510.00
geek usa ver2 tab450.00
girl named sandoz btab470.00
girl named sandoz tab490.00
girl named sandoz ver2 tab420.00
gish album tab520.00
glass and the ghost children btab420.00
glass and the ghost children crd590.00
glass and the ghost children ver2 crd520.00
glass and the ghost children ver3 crd500.00
glow btab440.00
glow tab450.00
glow ver2 btab500.00
glynis btab550.00
glynis tab500.00
go crd480.00
go tab460.00
god btab530.00
god crd510.00
god tab480.00
god ver2 tab420.00
gossamer intro tab440.00
gossamer tab460.00


heavy metal machine btab380.00
heavy metal machine tab440.00
hello kitty kat btab400.00
hello kitty kat tab390.00
hello kitty kat ver2 btab500.00
hello kitty kat ver2 tab690.00
hello kitty kat ver3 tab480.00
here is no why btab460.00
here is no why tab480.00
here is no why ver2 tab550.00
here is no why ver3 tab400.00
here is no why ver4 tab440.00
home crd440.00
honey spider btab570.00
honey spider tab420.00
hope tab540.00
hummer btab490.00
hummer tab450.00
hummer ver2 tab470.00


i am one btab460.00
i am one drum tab420.00
i am one tab550.00
i am one ver2 btab590.00
i am one ver2 tab420.00
i of the mourning crd400.00
if all goes wrong crd410.00
if there is a god crd530.00
if there is a god ver2 crd410.00
im doing the best i can crd440.00
in the arms of sleep btab490.00
in the arms of sleep crd470.00
in the arms of sleep tab500.00
infinite sadness tab640.00
infinite sadness ver2 tab440.00
inkless tab410.00
innosense crd360.00
isolation btab560.00


jackie blue btab460.00
jackie blue tab530.00
jealousy crd410.00
jellybelly btab470.00
jellybelly tab500.00
jellybelly ver2 tab430.00
jellybelly ver3 tab400.00
jennifer ever btab450.00
jennifer ever tab440.00
jersey shore tab460.00
joker tab460.00
jupiters lament crd520.00
jupiters lament tab520.00
jupiters lament ver2 crd480.00


la dolly vita btab540.00
la dolly vita tab570.00
la dolly vita ver2 tab620.00
landslid tab390.00
landslide crd530.00
landslide tab510.00
landslide ver2 crd510.00
landslide ver2 tab680.00
landslide ver3 tab540.00
landslide ver4 tab410.00
laugh crd420.00
let me give the world to you btab490.00
let me give the world to you crd500.00
let me give the world to you tab420.00
lightning strikes crd560.00
lightning strikes ver2 crd480.00
lily btab500.00
lily crd430.00
love btab430.00
love crd380.00
love tab510.00
love ver2 btab510.00
love ver2 tab450.00
love ver3 tab450.00
lucky 13 tab520.00
luna btab380.00
luna crd430.00
luna drum tab440.00
luna tab690.00
luna ver2 crd470.00


ma belle tab480.00
marquis in spades btab450.00
marquis in spades tab590.00
marquis in spades ver2 btab450.00
marquis in spades ver2 tab440.00
marquis in spades ver3 tab500.00
marquis in spades ver4 tab380.00
mayonaise acoustic crd480.00
mayonaise acoustic ver2 crd470.00
mayonaise acoustic ver3 crd440.00
mayonaise btab520.00
mayonaise crd520.00
mayonaise solo tab530.00
mayonaise tab490.00
mayonaise ver2 crd520.00
mayonaise ver2 tab450.00
mayonaise ver3 tab470.00
mayonaise ver4 tab470.00
mcis tab420.00
medellia of the gray skies tab530.00
medellia of the grey skies crd420.00
meladori magpie crd420.00
meladori magpie tab440.00
mellon collie and the infinite sadness tab440.00
melon collie and the infinite sadness album tab540.00
mother tab470.00
mouths of babes btab530.00
mouths of babes tab420.00
mouths of babes ver2 tab460.00
muzzle btab460.00
muzzle crd500.00
muzzle drum tab380.00
muzzle tab450.00
muzzle ver2 crd460.00
muzzle ver2 tab400.00
my love is winter crd630.00
my love is winter solo tab410.00
my mistake crd470.00


never let me down again crd500.00
never let me down again tab610.00
never let me down btab510.00
never let me down intro tab430.00
never let me down intro ver2 tab400.00
neverlast tab450.00
neverlast ver2 tab640.00
neverlost tab490.00
not worth asking tab440.00
not worth asking ver2 tab390.00
nothing and everything btab520.00


obscured btab470.00
obscured crd410.00
obscured tab440.00
once in a while btab450.00
once in a while crd450.00
once upon a time btab520.00
once upon a time tab570.00
out of focus tab410.00
owata tab420.00
owata ver2 tab570.00


pale horse crd490.00
pale horse tab430.00
panopticon intro tab440.00
panopticon tab830.00
panopticon ver2 tab400.00
pastichio medley tab350.00
pastichio medley ver2 tab350.00
peace love crd530.00
pennies btab440.00
pennies tab510.00
pennies ver2 tab480.00
pennies ver3 tab360.00
perfect acoustic tab500.00
perfect btab460.00
perfect crd430.00
perfect live acoustic tab360.00
perfect ver2 btab510.00
perfect ver2 crd490.00
pissant btab500.00
pissant tab420.00
plume btab580.00
plume crd440.00
plume tab400.00
plume ver2 btab540.00
plume ver2 tab520.00
plume ver3 tab500.00
porcelina of the vast oceans btab400.00
porcelina of the vast oceans crd390.00
porcelina of the vast oceans tab440.00
pox tab440.00
psychedelic btab510.00
pug btab410.00
pug crd440.00
pug tab630.00
pug ver2 tab400.00
pug ver3 tab460.00
pulseczar crd540.00
purr snickety tab480.00
purr snickety ver2 tab420.00


quasar intro tab510.00
quiet btab480.00
quiet crd410.00
quiet drum tab500.00
quiet tab410.00
quiet ver2 tab470.00


raindrops and sunshowers crd470.00
rat in a cage tab460.00
real love btab540.00
real love tab380.00
rhinoceros btab410.00
rhinoceros crd520.00
rhinoceros tab510.00
rocket acoustic crd490.00
rocket acoustic ver2 crd470.00
rocket btab510.00
rocket live tab430.00
rocket tab500.00
rocket ver2 btab520.00
rocket ver2 tab480.00
rocket ver3 btab470.00
rotten apples btab430.00
rotten apples tab540.00
rotten apples ver2 btab580.00
rudolph the red nosed reindeer tab470.00


sacred and profane tab400.00
sad peter pan btab420.00
sad peter pan tab480.00
said sadly btab420.00
said sadly crd450.00
said sadly tab580.00
satellites crd510.00
saturnine tab500.00
saturnine ver2 tab510.00
set the ray to jerry btab450.00
set the ray to jerry tab530.00
set the ray to jerry ver2 tab420.00
set the ray to jerry ver3 tab510.00
shame btab390.00
shame live tab540.00
shame tab450.00
shame ver2 btab520.00
shame ver2 tab520.00
she crd530.00
she tab450.00
siamese dream album btab480.00
siamese dream album tab490.00
siamese dream tab440.00
silverfuck btab520.00
silverfuck tab540.00
silverfuck ver2 tab580.00
siva btab460.00
siva crd530.00
siva solo tab550.00
siva tab450.00
siva ver2 btab470.00
siva ver2 tab440.00
siva ver3 tab450.00
siva ver4 tab520.00
slow dawn crd430.00
slow dawn tab530.00
slunk btab510.00
slunk tab600.00
smiley btab450.00
smiley tab460.00
smiley ver2 tab590.00
snail btab450.00
snail tab490.00
snap tab530.00
so so pretty tab500.00
soma btab560.00
soma tab480.00
soma ver2 tab490.00
soma ver3 tab480.00
song for a son btab410.00
song for a son crd480.00
song for a son tab440.00
song for a son ver2 tab490.00
soot and stars crd500.00
soot and stars tab610.00
soothe crd490.00
soothe tab560.00
soothe ver2 tab410.00
soothe ver3 tab600.00
spaceboy btab400.00
spaceboy crd580.00
spaceboy intro tab470.00
spaceboy tab460.00
spaceboy ver2 btab380.00
spaceboy ver2 tab430.00
spaced btab450.00
spaced tab510.00
spaced ver2 tab400.00
spangled tab540.00
spangled ver2 tab550.00
sparrow tab540.00
speed kills acoustic tab380.00
speed kills btab410.00
speed kills tab430.00
stand inside your love acoustic tab400.00
stand inside your love btab460.00
stand inside your love tab470.00
stand inside your love ver2 tab450.00
starla btab450.00
starla tab380.00
starla ver2 tab520.00
starz tab490.00
starz ver2 tab490.00
starz ver3 tab510.00
stellar tab440.00
stubleine tab390.00
stumbleine crd440.00
stumbleine live tab510.00
stumbleine tab390.00
stumbleine ver2 tab440.00
stumbleine ver3 tab360.00
suffer btab550.00
suffer tab540.00
summer crd520.00
sun btab490.00
sunkissed tab430.00
superchrist tab490.00
sweet sweet btab490.00
sweet sweet crd690.00
sweet sweet tab410.00


take me down crd540.00
tales of a scorched earth btab420.00
tarantula btab460.00
tarantula tab480.00
tarantula ver2 tab600.00
tarantula ver3 tab470.00
tear btab480.00
tear intro tab510.00
tear live tab430.00
tear tab460.00
thats the way my love is crd440.00
thats the way my love is tab480.00
thats the way my love is ver2 crd450.00
thats the way my love is ver2 tab490.00
thats the way my love is ver3 tab500.00
the aeroplane flies high btab470.00
the aeroplane flies high tab450.00
the airplane flies highturns left looks right tab440.00
the beginning is the end is the beginning crd480.00
the beginning is the end is the beginning ver2 crd320.00
the boy btab500.00
the boy crd390.00
the boy tab440.00
the boy ver2 btab440.00
the celestials crd440.00
the celestials ver2 crd480.00
the celestials ver3 crd470.00
the celestials ver4 crd430.00
the crying tree of mercury crd550.00
the crying tree of mercury tab450.00
the end is the begining is the end crd440.00
the end is the beginning is the end btab510.00
the end is the beginning is the end crd420.00
the end is the beginning is the end live tab560.00
the end is the beginning is the end tab400.00
the end is the beginning is the end ver2 crd430.00
the end is the beginning is the end ver2 tab520.00
the end is the beginning is the end ver3 tab420.00
the ethers tragic tab530.00
the everlasting gaze btab360.00
the everlasting gaze tab420.00
the fellowship crd550.00
the fellowship intro tab470.00
the groover btab590.00
the imploding voice tab490.00
the last song crd370.00
the rose march crd560.00
the rose march intro tab430.00
the rose march tab450.00
the rose march ver2 tab360.00
the sound of silence tab510.00
the tale of dusty and pistol pete crd520.00
there it goes crd550.00
there it goes tab480.00
thirty three btab520.00
thirty three crd470.00
thirty three btab00.00
thirty three crd00.00
thirty three tab480.00
this time crd450.00
this time tab530.00
this time ver2 tab470.00
thru the eyes of ruby btab510.00
thru the eyes of ruby tab400.00
to forgive btab450.00
to forgive crd510.00
to forgive tab520.00
to forgive ver2 tab460.00
to forgive ver3 tab530.00
to sheila btab500.00
to sheila crd490.00
to sheila tab450.00
today acoustic crd480.00
today acoustic tab460.00
today acoustic ver2 crd460.00
today btab500.00
today crd450.00
today drum tab410.00
today live btab420.00
today tab410.00
today ver2 btab420.00
today ver2 crd410.00
today ver2 drum tab470.00
today ver2 tab480.00
today ver3 btab500.00
today ver3 crd470.00
today ver3 tab510.00
today ver4 btab430.00
today ver4 tab470.00
today ver5 tab400.00
today ver6 tab380.00
tom tom intro tab450.00
tom tom tab530.00
tonight tonight btab500.00
tonight tonight crd440.00
tonight tonight tab380.00
tonight tonight ver2 crd460.00
tonight tonight ver2 tab430.00
tonight tonight ver3 crd400.00
tonight tonight ver3 tab540.00
tonite reprise tab440.00
transformer btab420.00
transformer tab410.00
transformer ver2 btab430.00
tribute to johnny btab520.00
tribute to johnny tab470.00
tribute to johnny ver2 tab430.00
tristessa btab480.00
tristessa tab460.00
try try try crd380.00
try try try ver2 crd530.00


ugly btab530.00
ugly tab520.00
ugly ver2 tab480.00
united states live intro tab500.00
united states tab510.00
united states ver2 tab600.00
united states ver3 tab410.00
unknown tab460.00
unknown ver2 tab500.00
untitled tab510.00


vanilla crd430.00
vanilla tab440.00
vanity tab430.00
vanity ver2 tab410.00
violet rays tab530.00
viper tab420.00


we only come out at night btab500.00
we only come out at night crd480.00
we only come out at night tab510.00
were all clones drum tab570.00
west coast crd480.00
where boys fear to thread solo tab440.00
where boys fear to thread tab380.00
where boys fear to tread btab400.00
where boys fear to tread intro tab490.00
where boys fear to tread tab470.00
where boys fear to tread ver2 btab480.00
where boys fear to tread ver2 tab560.00
where boys fear to tread ver3 tab530.00
where boys fear to tread ver4 tab480.00
where the boys fear to thread tab400.00
whir btab450.00
whir crd500.00
whir tab580.00
white spyder tab520.00
why am i so tired btab400.00
widow wake my mind crd430.00
window paine btab440.00
window paine crd520.00
windowpaine tab380.00
wishing you were crd460.00
wishing you were ver2 crd420.00
with every light crd370.00
with every light ver2 crd360.00
with you btab420.00
without you cool as ice cream tab490.00
wound acoustic crd480.00
wound crd480.00
wound tab490.00


xyu btab450.00
xyu crd570.00
xyu tab640.00
xyu ver2 tab480.00


youre all i got tonight btab410.00
youre all ive got tonight tab620.00
youre all ive got tonight ver2 tab420.00


zeitgeist album tab530.00
zeitgeist crd590.00
zero btab570.00
zero crd510.00
zero drum tab400.00
zero tab470.00
zero ver2 btab470.00
zero ver2 crd450.00
zero ver2 drum tab420.00
zero ver2 tab410.00
zero ver3 btab490.00
zero ver3 crd490.00
zero ver3 drum tab450.00
zero ver3 tab530.00
zero ver4 btab500.00
zero ver4 tab430.00
zero ver5 btab530.00