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Smile Empty Soul is an American hard rock band from Santa Clarita, California, United States. History Beginnings (1998-2003) Smile Empty Soul formed in 1998, while its original members were attending different high schools in the Santa Clarita area. The band, originally a three-piece group, consisted of vocalist and guitarist Sean Danielsen, bassist Ryan Martin and drummer Derek Gledhill. After playing numerous hometown gigs, Smile Empty Soul ventured to the Sunset Strip, and later gave a demo to John Parker of Los Angeles indie label, ThroBack Records, which led later on to a record deal with Jason Flom's Lava Records. Self-titled debut album (2003-2005) On May 27, 2003, the band released their self-titled debut album Smile Empty Soul. The album was produced by John Lewis Parker, and mixed by David J. Holman. Three singles, "Bottom of a Bottle", "Nowhere Kids" and "Silhouettes", were released via the recording. In March 2005, the album was certified gold with sales in excess of...
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adjustments tab280.00
afterlife tab420.00
all my problems tab300.00
alone tab390.00
anywhere but down tab340.00
atoll tab290.00


ban nuys intro tab370.00
better off alone btab280.00
better off alone tab370.00
better off alone ver2 tab360.00
bottom of a bottle btab370.00
bottom of a bottle drum tab350.00
bottom of a bottle tab330.00
bottom of a bottle ver2 btab300.00
bottom of a bottle ver2 tab240.00
bottom of a bottle ver3 tab230.00
bottom of a bottle ver4 tab270.00
bottom of a bottle ver5 tab330.00
bottom of a bottle ver6 tab360.00
bright side btab310.00
bright side tab370.00
bright side ver2 btab330.00


californias lonely crd230.00
californias lonely tab300.00
californias lonely ver2 tab350.00
compromise tab380.00
compromise ver2 tab290.00


disease tab270.00
disease ver2 tab290.00
dont ever leave btab310.00
dont ever leave crd300.00
dont ever leave tab380.00
dont ever leave ver2 tab330.00
dont ever leave ver3 tab270.00
dont ever leave ver4 tab360.00
dont need you tab360.00


end of the world tab370.00
end of the world ver2 tab310.00
eraser tab330.00
eraser ver2 tab310.00
eraser ver3 tab450.00
every sunday intro tab290.00
every sunday tab320.00
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faceless tab330.00
faker tab430.00
fight of a suburban couple tab320.00
fight of a suburban couple ver2 tab350.00
finding myself tab330.00
finding myself ver2 tab260.00
finding myself ver3 tab300.00
finding myself ver4 tab290.00
for you tab420.00
for you ver2 tab380.00
for you ver3 tab370.00
freaks are coming tab270.00


gods army btab330.00
gods army tab330.00
gods army ver2 tab410.00


hecklers veto album tab300.00
heres to another tab310.00
hiding place tab360.00
hiding place ver2 tab310.00
hit tab310.00
hit ver2 tab500.00
holes tab410.00
hollywood tab360.00


i want my life btab370.00
i want my life tab300.00
i want my life ver2 tab360.00
i want my life ver3 tab380.00


jesus is the manager at walmart intro tab320.00
jesus is the manager at walmart tab320.00


la river tab320.00
la river ver2 tab380.00
live forever tab390.00
loser tab250.00
loser ver2 tab320.00


meaningless tab370.00
mechanical rationality tab230.00
morning light crd390.00
morning light tab340.00
morning light ver2 tab320.00


never again tab270.00
not alright tab320.00
not alright ver2 tab390.00
nowhere kids btab280.00
nowhere kids crd310.00
nowhere kids tab270.00
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o lord intro tab370.00
o lord tab270.00
out to sea tab310.00
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proud to be tab370.00


radio in a hole btab290.00
radio in a hole tab310.00
rain tab360.00
refill me intro tab350.00
refill me tab270.00
refill me ver2 tab280.00
reflection tab320.00


saturday tab220.00
self inflicted tab380.00
silhouettes btab250.00
silhouettes crd240.00
silhouettes tab310.00
silhouettes ver2 btab280.00
silhouettes ver2 crd340.00
silhouettes ver2 tab300.00
silhouettes ver3 crd260.00
silhouettes ver4 crd370.00
silhouettes ver5 crd320.00
smile empty soul album tab320.00
stay alive tab300.00


the other side btab310.00
the other side tab260.00
the other side ver2 tab290.00
therapy btab270.00
therapy intro tab410.00
therapy tab350.00
therapy ver2 tab310.00
this is war crd360.00
this is war tab290.00
this is war ver2 tab330.00
this is war ver3 tab240.00
to the ground tab330.00


vultrues tab240.00
vultures tab280.00


were through tab350.00
who i am btab260.00
who i am tab360.00
who i am ver2 tab360.00
with a knife intro tab350.00
with this knife crd270.00
with this knife intro tab280.00
with this knife tab270.00
with this knife ver2 tab250.00
with this knife ver3 tab270.00


your way btab320.00
your way tab320.00