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Social Distortion is an American punk rock band formed in 1978 in Fullerton, California. The band currently consists of Mike Ness (lead vocals, lead guitar), Jonny Wickersham (rhythm guitar, backing vocals), Brent Harding (bass, backing vocals), David Hidalgo, Jr. (drums), and David Kalish (keyboards). Social Distortion went on a temporary hiatus in the mid-1980s, due to frontman Ness' drug addiction and troubles with the law which resulted in extended stints in various rehabilitation centers that lasted for two years. Since its inception, the band lineup has been a virtual revolving-door of talent with many members coming and going – Ness has been the only constant member. After 38 years of performing, Social Distortion continues to tour and record music. To date, Social Distortion has released seven full-length studio albums, two compilations, one live album, and two DVDs. They released two albums — Mommy's Little Monster (1983) and Prison Bound (1988) — before signing a...
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1945 tab360.00
1945 ver2 tab390.00
1945 ver3 tab410.00


99 to life btab400.00
99 to life tab490.00


a place in my heart intro tab310.00
alone and forsaken crd340.00
angels wings acoustic crd270.00
angels wings btab260.00
angels wings crd540.00
angels wings tab450.00
angels wings ver2 crd380.00
angels wings ver3 crd330.00
another state of mind btab340.00
another state of mind tab410.00
another state of mind ver2 tab300.00
another state of mind ver3 tab390.00
atom bomb btab500.00
atom bomb tab400.00


bad luck acoustic tab400.00
bad luck btab390.00
bad luck crd400.00
bad luck tab390.00
bad luck ver2 tab380.00
bad luck ver3 tab420.00
bakersfield solo tab370.00
bakersfield tab350.00
ball and chain btab410.00
ball and chain crd400.00
ball and chain tab340.00
ball and chain ver2 crd330.00
ball and chain ver2 tab290.00
ball and chain ver3 crd290.00
ball and chain ver4 crd540.00
blank btab360.00
born to lose crd330.00
bye bye baby tab350.00


california hustle and flow crd400.00
cant take it with you tab320.00
charmed life crd360.00
cheating at solitaire crd330.00
cold feelings btab420.00
cold feelings crd340.00
cold feelings ver2 btab370.00
cold feelings ver2 crd420.00
crown of thorns intro tab270.00
crown of thorns tab350.00
crown of thorns ver2 tab320.00


dear lover crd340.00
dear lover tab410.00
death or glory tab390.00
death or glory ver2 tab350.00
diamond in the rough tab310.00
dont drag me down btab290.00
dont drag me down crd320.00
dont drag me down tab300.00
dont drag me down ver2 tab410.00
dont drag me down ver3 tab380.00
dont drag me down ver4 tab280.00
dont drag me down ver5 tab290.00
dont take me for granted btab280.00
dont take me for granted crd360.00
dont take me for granted solo tab370.00
dont take me for granted tab450.00
dont take me for granted ver2 crd310.00
dont take me for granted ver2 tab260.00
down here with the rest of us crd290.00
down here with the rest of us tab250.00
drug train tab380.00


faithless crd350.00
faithless tab460.00
faithless ver2 crd390.00
far behind btab430.00
far behind crd470.00
far behind solo tab430.00
far behind tab410.00
far behind ver2 btab330.00
far behind ver2 tab300.00
far behind ver3 tab440.00
far behind ver4 tab340.00
far side of nowhere crd320.00
footprints on my ceiling btab270.00
footprints on my ceiling crd360.00
footprints on my ceiling intro tab350.00
footprints on my ceiling tab270.00
footprints on my ceiling ver2 crd330.00
footprints on my ceiling ver2 tab260.00


gimme the sweet and lowdown crd320.00
gimme the sweet and lowdown ver2 crd280.00
gotta know the rules btab320.00
gotta know the rules crd340.00
gotta know the rules solo tab330.00


highway 101 btab410.00
highway 101 crd310.00
highway 101 tab390.00
highway 101 ver2 btab310.00
highway 101 ver2 crd320.00
highway 101 ver2 tab360.00
highway 101 ver3 crd370.00
highway 101 ver3 tab340.00


i was wrong btab430.00
i was wrong crd410.00
i was wrong solo tab370.00
i was wrong tab380.00
i was wrong ver2 crd400.00
i was wrong ver2 tab340.00
i was wrong ver3 tab310.00
i wont run no more crd420.00
indulgence intro tab380.00
indulgence intro ver2 tab350.00
it wasnt a pretty picture btab250.00
it wasnt a pretty picture tab300.00


king of fools acoustic crd360.00
king of fools crd300.00


live before you die crd270.00
lost child crd370.00


machine gun blues crd350.00
machine gun blues intro tab420.00
machine gun blues tab370.00
machine gun blues ver2 tab300.00
making believe crd420.00
mass hysteria btab380.00
maybellene tab390.00
mommys little monster album tab320.00
mommys little monster btab390.00
mommys little monster tab340.00
moral threat btab490.00


nickels dimes btab400.00
nickels dimes tab320.00


on my nerves intro tab310.00
on my nerves tab380.00


playpen crd370.00
playpen tab470.00
prison bound acoustic crd300.00
prison bound acoustic ver2 crd410.00
prison bound btab390.00
prison bound crd410.00
prison bound tab360.00
prison bound ver2 btab390.00


reach for the sky btab370.00
reach for the sky crd370.00
reach for the sky intro tab300.00
reach for the sky tab380.00
reach for the sky ver2 btab350.00
reach for the sky ver2 crd390.00
reach for the sky ver2 tab360.00
reach for the sky ver3 crd310.00
reach for the sky ver3 tab310.00
ring of fire btab380.00
ring of fire crd300.00
ring of fire tab380.00
ring of fire ver2 tab330.00
ring of fire ver3 tab390.00
road zombie tab400.00


shes a knockout btab300.00
sick boys btab410.00
sick boys crd340.00
sick boys tab370.00
sick boys ver2 btab450.00
sick boys ver2 tab400.00
so far away tab330.00
sometimes i do tab380.00
still alive tab320.00
story of my life btab360.00
story of my life crd390.00
story of my life tab400.00
story of my life ver2 btab380.00
story of my life ver2 tab340.00
story of my life ver3 btab360.00
story of my life ver3 tab350.00
story of my life ver4 btab370.00
story of my life ver4 tab410.00
story of my life ver5 btab330.00


tainted love tab420.00
telling them btab470.00
telling them tab320.00
the creeps tab340.00
the creeps ver2 tab410.00
the creeps ver3 tab410.00
the creeps ver4 tab300.00
this time darlin btab230.00
this time darlin crd320.00
this time darlin solo tab300.00
through these eyes crd350.00


under my thumb btab290.00
under my thumb tab330.00
under my thumb ver2 tab290.00
under my thumb ver3 tab360.00


when she begins tab320.00
when she begins ver2 tab280.00
when she begins ver3 tab310.00
when the angels sing btab300.00
when the angels sing tab270.00
when the angels sing ver2 tab320.00
winners and losers crd340.00
winners and losers tab310.00
writing on the wall crd320.00
writing on the wall tab300.00
writing on the wall ver2 crd390.00