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Sponge Cola (sometimes spelled Spongecola) is a Filipino rock band formed in 1998. The band is composed of Yael Yuzon on vocals, Gosh Dilay on bass, Erwin Armovit on guitars and drummer T-Mac Cruz. One of the most popular rock bands in the Philippines, the band produced many hit songs including Jeepney, KLSP, Gemini, Bitiw, Tuliro, Di Na Mababawi, Tambay, Kay Tagal Kitang Hinintay, and XGF. To date, the band have released several albums that went successful. Formation and early years The band formed between 1998 and 2002, Ysmael "Yael" Yuzon and Reynaldo "Gosh" Dilay (both from Ateneo de Manila High School) met through the school's theatre guild, Teatro Baguntao. Yuzon decided to form a band with Dilay and two other members of Teatro Baguntao. They named the group Sponge after R.S. Surtees' Mr. Sponge Sporting Tour, and the band won in several high school competitions boosting their popularity on campuses and in other schools. After a couple of lineup changes, drummer Christopher...
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22 intro tab470.00
22 tab560.00


a tear crd350.00
a tear intro tab370.00
a tear tab350.00
ala ala crd430.00
all the time crd380.00
all the time ver2 crd480.00
all we need crd350.00
all we need tab430.00
araw oras tagpuan crd420.00
aty crd460.00
ayt crd410.00


bitiw crd730.00
bitiw tab380.00
bitiw ver2 tab350.00


cigarette crd360.00
cigarette tab430.00
cigarette ver2 tab470.00
closer you and i btab360.00
closer you and i crd310.00
closer you and i intro tab490.00
closer you and i solo crd410.00
closer you and i tab410.00
closer you and i ver2 crd340.00
closer you and i ver2 tab430.00
closer you and i ver3 crd320.00
closer you and i ver3 tab490.00
closer you and i ver4 crd440.00
closure crd500.00
closure tab430.00
cola 7 crd450.00
crazy for you crd380.00
crazy for you tab410.00
crazy for you ver2 crd360.00
crazy for you ver2 tab300.00
crazy for you ver3 crd380.00
crazy for you ver4 crd460.00
crazy for you ver5 crd370.00
cry crd380.00
cry ver2 crd480.00


day trip crd350.00
di na mababawi acoustic crd710.00
di na mababawi crd420.00
di na mababawi tab450.00
di na mababawi ver2 crd380.00
di na mababawi ver2 tab360.00
di na mababawi ver3 crd900.00
di na mababawi ver3 tab460.00
di na mababawi ver4 crd390.00
di na mababawi ver4 tab450.00
di na mababawi ver5 tab460.00
di na mababawi ver6 tab380.00
di na mababawi ver7 tab410.00
di na mababawi ver8 tab360.00
do you know the feeling crd520.00
do you know the feeling tab370.00
do you know this feeling tab340.00
dont leave this place crd360.00
dragonfly btab500.00
dragonfly crd340.00
dragonfly intro tab320.00
dragonfly solo tab460.00
dragonfly tab360.00
dragonfly ver2 btab460.00
dragonfly ver2 tab450.00


eto na naman crd400.00
ez as pi crd390.00
ez as pi ver2 crd380.00


gemini acoustic crd500.00
gemini acoustic tab380.00
gemini btab460.00
gemini crd400.00
gemini tab410.00
gemini ver2 tab340.00
gemini ver3 tab300.00
gkt crd500.00
gkt tab570.00
gkt ver2 crd280.00
gunita crd300.00
gunita tab400.00
gunita ver2 crd450.00
gunita ver3 crd350.00
gunita ver4 crd380.00


halina crd420.00
harapin crd420.00
harapin tab340.00
harapin ver2 tab390.00


in another crd420.00
in another life crd340.00
in another life ver2 crd410.00


jeepney acoustic crd570.00
jeepney btab480.00
jeepney crd420.00
jeepney tab380.00
jeepney ver2 btab440.00
jeepney ver2 crd390.00
jeepney ver2 tab340.00
jeepney ver3 tab290.00
jeepney ver4 tab240.00
jeepney ver5 tab400.00
jillian crd330.00
jillian tab380.00


kat tagal kitang hintay crd320.00
kay tagal kang hinintay crd400.00
kay tagal kitang hinintay acoustic crd440.00
kay tagal kitang hinintay crd370.00
kay tagal kitang hinintay tab350.00
kay tagal kitang hinintay ver2 crd360.00
kay tagal kitang hinintay ver2 tab460.00
kay tagal kitang hinintay ver3 crd340.00
kay tagal kitang hinintay ver3 tab430.00
kay tagal kitang hinintay ver4 crd500.00
kay tagal kitang hinintay ver4 tab330.00
kay tagal kitang hinintay ver5 tab320.00
kay tagal kitang hinintay ver6 tab430.00
kay tagal kitang hinintay ver7 tab280.00
keep the fire burning crd340.00
keep the fire burning ver2 crd440.00
klsp btab320.00
klsp crd450.00
klsp tab530.00
klsp ver10 crd340.00
klsp ver2 crd470.00
klsp ver2 tab440.00
klsp ver3 crd460.00
klsp ver3 tab560.00
klsp ver4 crd460.00
klsp ver5 crd380.00


lights crd320.00
lunes acoustic crd370.00
lunes acoustic tab290.00
lunes btab430.00
lunes crd400.00
lunes tab540.00
lunes ver2 btab570.00
lunes ver2 crd400.00
lunes ver2 tab410.00
lunes ver3 btab450.00
lunes ver3 tab450.00
lunes ver4 tab440.00
lunes ver5 tab400.00


mahaba pa ang gabi crd470.00
makapiling ka crd450.00
makapiling ka tab250.00
makapiling ka ver2 crd380.00
makapiling ka ver2 tab390.00
makapiling ka ver3 crd440.00
makapiling ka ver3 tab380.00
makapiling ka ver4 crd320.00
makapiling ka ver4 tab470.00
makapiling ka ver5 crd370.00
makapiling ka ver6 crd490.00
meteor shower crd420.00
movie btab700.00
movie crd320.00
movie tab410.00
movie ver2 crd330.00
movie ver2 tab430.00
my self in you tab390.00
myself in you crd310.00


nakakapagtaka crd390.00
nakapagtataka btab370.00
nakapagtataka crd490.00
nakapagtataka tab230.00
nakapagtataka ver2 crd360.00
nakapagtataka ver2 tab380.00
nakapagtataka ver3 tab440.00
neon crd390.00
neon tab470.00
neon ver2 tab330.00
neon ver3 tab380.00
neon ver4 tab420.00
neon ver5 tab370.00
next in line album crd430.00
nocturne crd450.00
nocturne tab420.00
nocturne ver2 crd430.00
nocturne ver3 crd470.00


on the floor tab360.00
on the floor ver2 tab450.00


paraluman crd350.00
pare ko crd320.00
pare ko solo tab480.00
pare ko solo ver2 tab450.00
pare ko ver2 crd320.00
partisan crd360.00
partisan intro tab890.00
partisan tab410.00
partisan ver2 crd460.00
pasubali acoustic tab400.00
pasubali crd480.00
pasubali tab490.00
pasubali ver2 tab430.00
pasubali ver3 tab430.00
pasubali ver4 tab420.00
puso crd520.00
puso tab440.00
puso ver2 crd370.00
puso ver2 tab410.00
puso ver3 crd350.00


regal crd530.00
regal tab450.00
regal ver2 crd400.00
regal ver3 crd360.00
regal ver4 crd480.00


sa bingit ng isang paalam crd460.00
sa bingit ng isang paalam ver2 crd360.00
sa bingit ng isang paalam ver3 crd350.00
saan na nga bang barkada crd410.00
saan na nga bang barkada tab390.00
saan ng nga bang barkada crd370.00
saturn crd360.00
saturn ver2 crd480.00
saturn ver3 crd410.00
she dont crd490.00
she dont ver2 crd340.00
she wants you to crd290.00
silent night crd360.00
sponge cola album crd360.00
stargazer crd390.00
step back crd400.00
step back ver2 crd500.00
stones throw crd350.00
stones throw intro tab470.00
stones throw solo tab340.00
stones throw tab400.00
stones throw ver2 crd430.00


tambay acoustic crd540.00
tambay crd520.00
tambay tab310.00
tambay ver2 crd340.00
tambay ver3 crd390.00
to the sly and cunning crd320.00
to the sly and cunning tab480.00
transit album crd460.00
transit album tab420.00
transit album ver2 tab420.00
tuliro acoustic tab320.00
tuliro btab420.00
tuliro crd420.00
tuliro solo tab450.00
tuliro tab640.00
tuliro ver2 btab410.00
tuliro ver2 crd470.00
tuliro ver2 tab320.00
tuliro ver3 crd360.00
tuliro ver3 tab370.00
tuliro ver4 crd320.00
tuloy pa rin crd450.00
tuloy pa rin tab520.00
tuloy pa rin ver2 tab370.00


una crd540.00
una intro tab440.00
una tab400.00
una ver2 crd440.00


wala kang katulad crd390.00
wala kang katulad tab410.00
wala kang katulad ver2 crd440.00
wala kang katulad ver3 crd380.00
wala kang katulad ver4 crd350.00
wala kang katulad ver5 crd410.00
wala kang katulad ver6 crd390.00
walang wakas crd420.00
wandering crd380.00
wandering tab340.00


xgf tab510.00
xgf ver2 tab470.00