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Stone Temple Pilots (sometimes abbreviated as STP) are an American rock band from San Diego, California, that originally consisted of Scott Weiland (lead vocals), brothers Dean (guitar) and Robert DeLeo (bass, backing vocals), and Eric Kretz (drums). Since the band's formation in 1989, its line-up remained unchanged until the firing of Weiland in 2013, who was replaced by Linkin Park vocalist Chester Bennington. In 2015, Bennington left the band to focus solely on Linkin Park. On December 3, 2015, Weiland was found dead on his tour bus prior to a performance with his band The Wildabouts. In 2016, the band launched an online audition for a new lead vocalist. After forming in 1989 under the name Mighty Joe Young, the band signed with Atlantic Records and changed its name to Stone Temple Pilots. The band found immediate success in 1993 upon releasing their debut album, Core (1992), and went on to become one of the most commercially successful bands of the 1990s. The band released four...
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about a fool tab500.00
adhesive btab400.00
all in the suit that you wear tab480.00
all in the suit that you wear ver2 tab390.00
and so i know btab480.00
and so i know solo tab550.00
and so i know tab650.00
and so i know ver2 btab420.00
andy warhol btab530.00
andy warhol tab460.00
army ants btab470.00
army ants drum tab420.00
army ants intro tab490.00
army ants tab520.00
army ants ver2 btab370.00
army ants ver2 tab470.00
art school girl btab520.00
art school girl drum tab590.00
art school girl tab460.00
art school girl ver2 tab440.00
art school girl ver3 tab480.00
atlanta btab480.00
atlanta tab550.00


bagman btab530.00
bagman tab390.00
bagman ver2 tab550.00
bagman ver3 tab420.00
between the lines btab450.00
between the lines tab420.00
between the lines ver2 btab450.00
between the lines ver2 tab420.00
bi polar bear tab460.00
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big bang baby btab470.00
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big empty btab430.00
big empty crd410.00
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big empty ver2 tab560.00
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bipolar bear tab400.00
black again btab520.00
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black again ver3 tab490.00


church on tuesday tab410.00
cinnamon tab330.00
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coma btab610.00
coma tab570.00
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core album tab500.00
core album ver2 tab430.00
crackerman acoustic intro tab540.00
crackerman btab480.00
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crackerman ver2 tab520.00
creep btab480.00
creep crd430.00
creep drum tab600.00
creep tab380.00
creep ver2 btab450.00
creep ver2 crd430.00
creep ver2 tab440.00
creep ver3 tab420.00


daisy tab370.00
dancing days tab430.00
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dare if you dare tab550.00
days of the week btab480.00
days of the week crd460.00
days of the week tab440.00
days of the week ver2 tab560.00
dead and bloated btab460.00
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down btab430.00
down drum tab430.00
down solo tab610.00
down tab390.00
down ver2 tab480.00
down ver3 tab390.00
dumb love btab500.00
dumb love intro tab510.00
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fast as i can tab490.00
first kiss on mars tab460.00
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glide tab380.00


hazy daze tab420.00
heaven and hot rods btab560.00
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hello its late tab430.00
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hickory dichotomy btab470.00
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hollywood bitch btab580.00
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huckleberry crumble btab440.00
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i got you crd470.00
i got you tab470.00
interstate love song btab490.00
interstate love song crd500.00
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interstate love song video lesson600.00


kitchen ware and candy bars crd470.00
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lady picture show btab450.00
lady picture show drum tab490.00
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long way home tab410.00
lounge fly btab490.00
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maver tab600.00
mc5 btab590.00
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meat plow btab530.00
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no memory btab570.00
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peacoat tab430.00
piece of pie btab480.00
piece of pie tab510.00
piece of pie ver2 btab560.00
piece of pie ver2 tab500.00
plush acoustic crd530.00
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plush btab460.00
plush crd370.00
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plush tab660.00
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plush video lesson430.00
poopoo tab470.00
pops love suicide tab710.00
press play btab470.00
press play tab600.00
pretty penny tab490.00
pruno btab350.00
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purple tab460.00
purple album tab370.00
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regeneration btab480.00
regeneration tab350.00
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regeneration ver3 tab460.00
ride the cliche btab360.00
ride the cliche tab460.00
ride the cliche ver2 tab470.00


samba nova tab510.00
seven caged tigers btab400.00
seven caged tigers crd430.00
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sex and violence btab460.00
sex and violence tab530.00
sex type thing btab560.00
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shangri la dee da album tab490.00
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sin btab540.00
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song for sleeping tab590.00
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sour girl btab420.00
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sour girl tab680.00
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still remains btab460.00
still remains crd510.00
still remains tab550.00
still remains ver2 tab430.00
still remains ver3 tab430.00
still remains ver4 tab540.00


take a load off tab540.00
take a load off ver2 tab430.00
tiny music songs from the vatican giftshop album tab390.00
tiny music songs from the vatican giftshop tab380.00
too cool queenie tab540.00
transmissions from a lonely room btab550.00
transmissions from a lonely room tab480.00
trippin in a hole in a paper heart tab480.00
trippin on a hole in a paper heart btab450.00
trippin on a hole in a paper heart tab500.00
trippin on a hole in a paper heart ver2 btab440.00
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tumble in the rough btab480.00
tumble in the rough drum tab470.00
tumble in the rough tab450.00
tumble in the rough ver2 tab440.00
tumble in the rough ver3 tab460.00


unglued btab630.00
unglued drum tab560.00
unglued tab450.00
unglued ver2 btab450.00
unglued ver2 tab440.00


vasoline btab520.00
vasoline tab650.00
vasoline ver2 btab520.00
vasoline ver2 tab520.00


wet my bed tab600.00
where the river flows btab450.00
where the river flows tab390.00
where the river goes solo tab560.00
where the river goes tab690.00
where the river goes ver2 tab450.00
wicked garden btab420.00
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wonderful btab550.00
wonderful crd460.00
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