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The Suicide Machines is an American punk rock band formed in March 1991 in Detroit, Michigan and disbanded in May 2006. Since 2009, the band has occasionally played reunion shows. During the course of their career the band released six full-length albums on the labels Hollywood Records and Side One Dummy Records. Though they experienced several lineup changes over the years, founding members Jason Navarro and Dan Lukacinsky remained regular fixtures. The band's musical style initially blended elements of punk rock, ska, and hardcore into a genre popularly known as ska punk or "ska-core," which characterized their first two albums. During the middle of their career they shifted gears, moving away from this sound and producing two albums with a heavy pop rock influence. Their final two albums moved back towards their mid-1990s style, bringing back heavy ska punk and hardcore elements. Despite being signed to a major record label for their first four albums, The Suicide Machines did not...
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17 18 25 btab240.00


95 percent of the world is third world btab150.00
95 percent of the world is third world tab120.00


all my people tab150.00
all systems fail btab260.00


beat my head against the wall btab150.00
bender tab190.00
black white world tab220.00
bleeding heart btab210.00
bone to ashes crd190.00
bones to ashes crd170.00
bonkers btab190.00
break the glass btab150.00


ddt btab310.00
destruction album crd230.00
did you ever get a feeling of dread btab190.00
did you ever get the feeling of dread tab220.00


face values btab200.00
face values tab190.00
friends are hard to find crd190.00


give btab200.00
give crd260.00
give tab240.00
goodbye for now tab170.00
green tab310.00
green world album crd160.00
green world btab170.00
green world crd180.00


hands tied btab180.00
hands tied tab210.00
hating hate crd160.00
hey btab210.00
hey tab200.00
hey ver2 btab260.00
hey ver2 tab170.00
hey ver3 tab210.00
high anxiety btab230.00
high anxiety tab200.00
high anxiety ver2 tab250.00
high society btab220.00
high society tab250.00
honor among thieves tab200.00


i dont wanna hear it btab240.00
i dont wanna hear it crd180.00
i dont wanna hear it ver2 btab180.00
i hate everything tab220.00
i hate everything ver2 tab190.00
i never promised you a rose garden btab130.00
in the end crd180.00
insecurities btab190.00
insecurities crd160.00
inside outside tab230.00
islands btab200.00
islands crd170.00
islands tab240.00
its the end of the world as we know it tab170.00


kaleidoscope btab190.00
keep it a crime tab180.00
killing blow tab220.00


middle way tab240.00


new girl btab170.00
new girl crd160.00
new girl drum tab220.00
new girl tab200.00
no face btab240.00
no face tab230.00
no face ver2 btab190.00
numbers btab240.00


off the cuff tab150.00
our time btab150.00
our time drum tab170.00


permanent holiday tab170.00
politics of humanity tab670.00


real you btab210.00
red flag tab140.00


scares tab160.00
seized up tab200.00
shes not worth it tab110.00
skachoo btab180.00
skachoo crd210.00
smile tab210.00
so long btab250.00
so long tab250.00
someone btab290.00
someone intro tab200.00
someone ver2 btab200.00
sometimes i dont mind btab180.00
sos btab210.00
sos crd210.00
sos tab190.00
sos ver2 tab160.00
speak no evil btab210.00
stay crd230.00


the change btab180.00
the politics of humanity tab150.00
the real you crd130.00
the real you tab180.00
too much btab210.00
too much crd190.00
twelve years on tour and all i got was this lousy t shirt btab150.00


unbreakable tab240.00


vans song btab200.00
vans song tab230.00


war profiteering is killing us all tab160.00
what i like about you solo tab170.00
what i like about you tab180.00
what you say tab180.00
with sunshine btab180.00


your silence btab170.00
your silence tab190.00
your silence ver2 tab200.00


zero crd240.00