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Switchfoot is an American alternative rock band from San Diego, California. The band's members are Jon Foreman (lead vocals, guitar), Tim Foreman (bass guitar, backing vocals), Chad Butler (drums, percussion), Jerome Fontamillas (guitar, keyboards, backing vocals), and Drew Shirley (guitar, backing vocals). After early successes in the Christian rock scene, Switchfoot first gained mainstream recognition with the inclusion of four of their songs in the 2002 movie A Walk to Remember. This recognition led to their major label debut, The Beautiful Letdown, which was released in 2003 and featured the hits "Meant to Live" and "Dare You to Move". It went on to sell over 2.6 million copies. They have since been noted for their energetic live shows, and their seventh studio album Hello Hurricane received a Grammy award in 2011 for Best Rock or Rap Gospel Album. According to Jon Foreman, the name "Switchfoot" comes from a surfing term. "We all love to surf and have been surfing all our lives so...
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24 crd600.00
24 tab540.00
24 ver2 crd460.00
24 ver2 tab450.00
24 ver3 crd440.00
24 ver4 crd430.00
24 ver5 crd570.00


412 btab530.00
412 crd450.00
412 tab430.00
412 ver2 tab330.00


adding to the noise btab500.00
adding to the noise crd400.00
adding to the noise intro tab390.00
adding to the noise tab410.00
adding to the noise ver2 crd410.00
adding to the noise ver2 tab400.00
adding to the noise ver3 tab400.00
adding to the noise ver4 tab470.00
afterlife btab430.00
afterlife crd510.00
afterlife tab450.00
afterlife ver2 crd470.00
afterlife ver2 tab510.00
afterlife ver3 tab400.00
afterlife ver4 tab1400.00
against the voices crd430.00
against the voices ver2 crd450.00
always acoustic btab440.00
always btab490.00
always crd410.00
always something crd420.00
always tab440.00
always ver2 crd420.00
always ver2 tab360.00
always ver3 crd420.00
amateur lovers btab400.00
amateur lovers crd350.00
amateur lovers tab470.00
american dream acoustic album crd330.00
american dream acoustic crd420.00
american dream acoustic tab420.00
american dream btab310.00
american dream crd390.00
american dream tab380.00
ammunition btab510.00
ammunition crd350.00
ammunition intro tab440.00
ammunition tab420.00
ammunition ver2 crd380.00
ammunition ver2 tab440.00
ammunition ver3 tab460.00
amys song crd360.00
awakening acoustic crd470.00
awakening acoustic tab400.00
awakening btab430.00
awakening crd490.00
awakening tab430.00
awakening ver2 btab360.00
awakening ver2 crd330.00
awakening ver2 tab360.00
awakening ver3 btab390.00
awakening ver3 crd330.00
awakening ver3 tab310.00
awakening ver4 crd420.00
awakening ver4 tab380.00


beautiful letdown album tab370.00
beautiful letdown btab390.00
beautiful letdown crd320.00
beautiful letdown solo tab380.00
beautiful letdown tab410.00
beautiful letdown ver2 btab330.00
beautiful letdown ver2 crd340.00
betrayal crd310.00
blinding light btab680.00
blinding light crd410.00
blues acoustic crd360.00
blues acoustic tab420.00
blues crd330.00
blues tab440.00
bomb btab500.00
bomb tab370.00
bomb ver2 btab480.00
bullat soul intro tab550.00
bullet soul btab440.00
bullet soul intro tab310.00
bullet soul tab500.00
bullet soul ver2 tab420.00
burn out bright acoustic crd410.00
burn out bright crd390.00
burn out bright tab510.00
burn out bright ver2 crd390.00


chem 6a btab390.00
chem 6a crd410.00
chem 6a intro tab560.00
chem 6a tab370.00
chem 6a ver2 crd400.00
chem 6a ver2 tab430.00
circles btab530.00
circles crd390.00
circles tab670.00
circles ver2 crd470.00
cmon cmon acoustic crd310.00
cmon cmon crd410.00
cmon cmon tab330.00
come home tab410.00
company car acoustic tab380.00
company car btab440.00
company car crd330.00
company car tab360.00
company car ver2 crd460.00
concrete girl crd430.00
concrete girl tab460.00
concrete girl ver2 tab400.00
connect with the spine crd380.00
crazy in love crd410.00
crazy in love ver2 crd370.00


daisy chorus solo tab440.00
daisy crd430.00
daisy intro tab380.00
daisy tab380.00
daisy ver2 crd490.00
daisy ver2 tab340.00
daisy ver3 crd370.00
daisy ver4 crd350.00
daisy ver5 crd390.00
dare you to move acoustic crd380.00
dare you to move acoustic tab500.00
dare you to move btab410.00
dare you to move crd530.00
dare you to move drum tab910.00
dare you to move tab370.00
dare you to move ver2 btab470.00
dare you to move ver2 crd450.00
dare you to move ver2 tab450.00
dare you to move ver3 crd340.00
dare you to move ver3 tab440.00
dare you to move ver4 crd470.00
dare you to move ver4 tab400.00
dare you to move ver5 crd350.00
dare you to move ver5 tab460.00
dare you to move ver6 crd500.00
dare you to move ver6 tab400.00
dare you to move ver7 crd400.00
dare you to move ver7 tab410.00
dare you to move ver8 crd420.00
dare you to move ver8 tab480.00
dark horses acoustic tab370.00
dark horses btab390.00
dark horses crd420.00
dark horses tab450.00
dark horses ver2 btab310.00
dark horses ver2 crd330.00
dark horses ver2 tab350.00
daylight to break tab400.00
daylight to break ver2 tab380.00
daylight to break ver3 tab480.00
daylight to break ver4 tab450.00
dirty second hands crd320.00
dirty second hands tab420.00
dirty second hands ver2 tab680.00
dirty second hands ver3 tab390.00
dont be there crd400.00
dont be there ver2 crd340.00


easier than love crd490.00
easier than love tab380.00
economy of mercy crd410.00
economy of mercy tab440.00
economy of mercy ver2 tab400.00
edge of my seat tab320.00
edge of my seat ver2 tab440.00
enough to let me go btab390.00
enough to let me go crd360.00
enough to let me go intro tab430.00
enough to let me go intro ver2 tab510.00
enough to let me go intro ver3 tab440.00
enough to let me go ver2 crd460.00
enough to let me go ver3 crd370.00
enough to let me go ver4 crd370.00
enough to let me go ver5 crd360.00
erosion tab420.00
evergreen crd300.00
evergreen ver2 crd360.00
evergreen ver3 crd380.00


fatal wound crd420.00
fatal wound tab400.00
fatal wound ver2 crd430.00
fatal wound ver2 tab420.00
fatal wound ver3 tab400.00
faust midas and myself crd440.00
faust midas and myself tab560.00
faust midas and myself ver2 crd380.00
faust midas and myself ver2 tab430.00
free acoustic crd460.00
free acoustic tab380.00
free btab400.00
free crd430.00
free tab380.00
free ver2 crd490.00


god on his side crd410.00
god only knows tab400.00
golden crd470.00
golden tab480.00
golden ver2 crd400.00
golden ver3 crd400.00
golden ver4 crd500.00
gone crd400.00
gone tab420.00
gone ver2 crd460.00
gone ver2 tab510.00
gone ver3 crd350.00
gone ver3 tab440.00
gone ver4 tab410.00


happy is a yuppie word btab430.00
happy is a yuppie word crd320.00
happy is a yuppie word tab410.00
happy is a yuppie word ver2 btab340.00
happy is a yuppie word ver2 crd450.00
happy is a yuppie word ver2 tab350.00
happy is a yuppie word ver3 crd350.00
head over heels acoustic tab490.00
head over heels btab450.00
head over heels crd420.00
head over heels in this life tab350.00
hello hurricane album btab330.00
hello hurricane album crd360.00
hello hurricane btab330.00
hello hurricane crd320.00
hello hurricane drum tab380.00
hello hurricane tab450.00
hello hurricane ver2 btab470.00
hello hurricane ver2 crd370.00
hello hurricane ver2 tab410.00
hello hurricane ver3 crd420.00
hello hurricane ver4 crd430.00
home btab460.00
home intro tab370.00
home intro ver2 tab400.00
home tab470.00


i turn everthing over crd390.00
i turn everything over tab460.00
i turn everything over ver2 tab360.00
incomplete btab450.00
incomplete crd400.00
incomplete tab330.00
innocence again btab420.00
innocence again tab420.00
innocence again ver2 btab500.00
it might have ben hur tab430.00


learning to breathe album tab310.00
learning to breathe btab550.00
learning to breathe crd500.00
learning to breathe tab380.00
learning to breathe ver2 btab380.00
learning to breathe ver2 crd470.00
learning to breathe ver2 tab400.00
learning to breathe ver3 crd300.00
learning to breathe ver4 crd520.00
let that be enough crd340.00
let that be enough tab350.00
let that be enough ver2 crd440.00
let that be enough ver2 tab480.00
let that be enough ver3 tab430.00
let your love be strong crd390.00
let your love be strong intro tab440.00
let your love be strong tab440.00
let your love be strong ver2 crd360.00
let your love be strong ver2 tab430.00
let your love be strong ver3 crd480.00
let your love be strong ver3 tab560.00
life and love and why btab460.00
life and love and why crd400.00
life and love and why tab330.00
life and love and why ver2 crd360.00
life and love and why ver2 tab360.00
living is simple btab420.00
lonely nation acoustic crd350.00
lonely nation btab390.00
lonely nation crd440.00
lonely nation tab440.00
lonely nation ver2 tab360.00
lonely nation ver3 tab400.00
loser crd390.00
loser tab500.00
loser ver2 tab390.00
love is a movement btab340.00
love is the movement btab400.00
love is the movement crd310.00
love is the movement tab380.00


meant to leave tab400.00
meant to live acoustic crd430.00
meant to live acoustic tab560.00
meant to live acoustic ver2 tab480.00
meant to live btab500.00
meant to live crd510.00
meant to live drum tab590.00
meant to live tab320.00
meant to live ver2 btab360.00
meant to live ver2 crd500.00
meant to live ver2 drum tab500.00
meant to live ver2 tab540.00
meant to live ver3 btab460.00
meant to live ver3 crd340.00
meant to live ver3 tab380.00
meant to live ver4 btab490.00
meant to live ver4 tab430.00
meant to live ver5 tab380.00
meant to live ver6 tab520.00
meant to live ver7 tab530.00
meant to live ver8 tab520.00
ment to live tab390.00
mess of me acoustic btab410.00
mess of me acoustic tab420.00
mess of me btab440.00
mess of me crd430.00
mess of me tab290.00
mess of me ver2 btab370.00
mess of me ver2 tab550.00
mess of me ver3 tab460.00
might have ben hur crd340.00
might have ben hur tab430.00
monday comes around crd410.00
monday comes around tab350.00
more than fine btab350.00
more than fine crd360.00
more than fine tab410.00
more than fine ver2 crd390.00
more than fine ver3 crd370.00
more than fine ver4 crd320.00
my coffin crd360.00
my coffin live tab380.00


needle and haystack life btab370.00
needle and haystack life crd320.00
needle and haystack life intro tab410.00
needle and haystack life intro ver2 tab380.00
needle and haystack life intro ver3 tab410.00
needle and haystack life tab430.00
needle and haystack life ver2 btab330.00
needle and haystack life ver2 crd370.00
needle and haystack life ver3 crd340.00
needle and haystack life ver4 crd480.00
new way to be human album tab400.00
new way to be human btab500.00
new way to be human crd430.00
new way to be human tab400.00
new way to be human ver2 crd370.00
new way to be human ver2 tab410.00
new way to be human ver3 tab390.00
nothing is sound album tab390.00


ode to chin crd420.00
ode to chin tab560.00
ode to chin ver2 crd340.00
oh album crd330.00
oh gracity intro tab390.00
oh gravity acoustic tab420.00
oh gravity album crd510.00
oh gravity album tab430.00
oh gravity btab440.00
oh gravity crd400.00
oh gravity tab420.00
oh gravity ver2 crd380.00
oh gravity ver2 tab310.00
oh gravity ver3 tab520.00
old borego crd370.00
old borego ver2 crd420.00
on fire btab470.00
on fire crd440.00
on fire live tab330.00
on fire tab480.00
on fire ver2 crd430.00
on fire ver2 tab390.00
on fire ver3 crd430.00
on fire ver3 tab380.00
on fire ver4 crd340.00
on fire ver4 tab480.00
on fire ver5 crd400.00
on fire ver6 crd430.00
on fire ver7 crd430.00
only hope acoustic tab400.00
only hope acoustic ver2 tab450.00
only hope acoustic ver3 tab400.00
only hope btab450.00
only hope crd330.00
only hope tab370.00
only hope ver10 tab480.00
only hope ver2 btab360.00
only hope ver2 crd410.00
only hope ver2 tab530.00
only hope ver3 tab420.00
only hope ver4 crd370.00
only hope ver4 tab360.00
only hope ver5 tab370.00
only hope ver6 tab400.00
only hope ver7 tab460.00
only hope ver8 tab440.00
only hope ver9 tab420.00
overthrow crd430.00


playing for keeps crd350.00
playing for keeps tab400.00
playing for keeps ver2 tab400.00
politicians btab320.00
politicians crd380.00
politicians tab460.00
politicians ver2 tab430.00
politicians ver3 tab460.00
politicians ver4 tab550.00
poparazzi tab480.00


rebuild crd430.00
rebuild tab360.00
red eyes btab390.00
red eyes crd340.00
red eyes tab480.00
red eyes ver2 crd410.00
redemption btab430.00
redemption crd420.00
redemption intro tab450.00
redemption tab430.00
redemption ver2 crd380.00
redemption ver2 tab360.00
redemption ver3 tab490.00
restless crd370.00
restless intro tab390.00
restless ver2 crd420.00
restless ver3 crd370.00
revenge tab360.00
rise above it btab410.00
rise above it crd370.00


selling the news btab470.00
selling the news tab450.00
setting sun btab400.00
setting sun crd290.00
setting sun tab460.00
setting sun ver2 crd420.00
setting sun ver2 tab460.00
shadow proves the sunshine acoustic tab480.00
shadow proves the sunshine crd310.00
shadow proves the sunshine tab330.00
shadow proves the sunshine ver2 crd290.00
shadow proves the sunshine ver2 tab390.00
shadow proves the sunshine ver3 crd360.00
shadow proves the sunshine ver4 crd430.00
shadow proves the sunshine ver5 crd410.00
shadow proves the sunshine ver6 crd380.00
shadows prove the sunshine live acoustic tab300.00
shadows prove the sunshine tab320.00
she says black eye blues crd380.00
sing it out btab480.00
sing it out crd400.00
sing it out ver2 crd370.00
sing it out ver3 crd380.00
sing it out ver4 crd490.00
sombodys baby tab400.00
something more btab380.00
something more drum tab440.00
something more tab760.00
something more ver2 tab520.00
sooner or later tab410.00
sooner or later ver2 tab370.00
sound in my mouth crd360.00
sound in my mouth tab400.00
souvenirs acoustic intro tab540.00
souvenirs crd390.00
souvenirs intro tab450.00
souvenirs tab530.00
souvenirs ver2 crd320.00
souvenirs ver3 crd390.00
souvenirs ver4 crd440.00
spirit crd400.00
spirit tab410.00
stars acoustic tab420.00
stars acoustic ver2 tab440.00
stars btab440.00
stars crd460.00
stars tab460.00
stars ver2 crd420.00
stars ver2 tab430.00
stars ver3 crd510.00
stars ver3 tab430.00
stars ver4 tab1260.00
stitches crd480.00
stitches tab350.00
stitches ver2 crd460.00
summer tab530.00


the beatiful letdown album crd410.00
the best yet album crd490.00
the best yet album tab490.00
the early years 1997 2000 album tab500.00
the legend of chin album tab410.00
the legend of chin album ver2 tab390.00
the original crd380.00
the original live tab460.00
the original tab440.00
the original ver2 tab530.00
the setting sun tab440.00
the shadow proves the sunshine crd390.00
the sound acoustic crd440.00
the sound btab480.00
the sound crd570.00
the sound solo tab420.00
the sound tab420.00
the sound ver2 btab460.00
the sound ver2 tab500.00
the sound ver3 tab360.00
the sound ver4 tab440.00
the waco song crd400.00
the war inside crd440.00
the war inside tab460.00
the war inside ver2 tab470.00
this is home crd400.00
this is home tab430.00
this is home ver2 crd440.00
this is home ver3 crd480.00
this is home ver4 crd400.00
this is home ver5 crd370.00
this is your life acoustic tab330.00
this is your life btab430.00
this is your life crd320.00
this is your life intro tab430.00
this is your life tab470.00
this is your life ver2 btab430.00
this is your life ver2 crd350.00
this is your life ver3 crd470.00
thrive acoustic tab440.00
thrive acoustic ver2 tab420.00
thrive crd380.00
thrive tab310.00
throwing chairs crd330.00


under the floor tab350.00
underwater btab550.00
underwater tab460.00
underwater ver2 tab400.00


vice verses album crd400.00
vice verses crd450.00
vice verses tab490.00
vice verses ver2 crd410.00
vice verses ver2 tab340.00
vice verses ver3 tab310.00


we are bound crd340.00
we are one tonight acoustic tab490.00
we are one tonight btab360.00
we are one tonight crd350.00
we are one tonight drum tab350.00
we are one tonight tab650.00
we are one tonight ver2 btab410.00
we are one tonight ver2 crd470.00
we are one tonight ver2 tab360.00
we are one tonight ver3 btab400.00
we are one tonight ver3 crd330.00
we are one tonight ver3 tab390.00
where i belong crd310.00
where i belong intro tab430.00
where i belong intro ver2 tab320.00
where i belong tab370.00
where i belong ver2 crd550.00


yesterdays btab450.00
yesterdays crd390.00
yesterdays tab400.00
yesterdays ver2 btab460.00
yesterdays ver2 crd290.00
yesterdays ver2 tab370.00
yesterdays ver3 crd420.00
yesterdays ver3 tab420.00
yesterdays ver4 tab390.00
yet btab490.00
yet crd410.00
yet ver2 crd330.00
you already take me there crd310.00
you already take me there tab400.00
you always something crd490.00
you crd400.00
you ver2 crd430.00
you ver3 crd330.00
you ver4 crd430.00
your love is a song btab360.00
your love is a song crd320.00
your love is a song tab380.00
your love is a song ver2 btab460.00
your love is a song ver2 crd500.00
your love is a song ver2 tab430.00
your love is a song ver3 crd480.00
your love is a song ver3 tab380.00
your love is a song ver4 crd360.00
your love is a song ver4 tab380.00
your love is a song ver5 tab380.00