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System of a Down is the eponymous debut studio album by the Armenian-American rock band System of a Down, released on June 30, 1998 by American Recordings and Columbia Records. The album was later certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America on February 2, 2000. Two years later, after the success of System of a Down's next album, Toxicity, the album was certified platinum. Artwork The cover artwork is from an anti-fascist, World War II-era poster designed by the artist John Heartfield for the Communist Party of Germany, which was contemporary with and directly against the Third Reich. The text on the original poster is: "A hand has 5 fingers! With these 5 grab the enemy!" This slogan inspired part of the text contained on the back of the System of a Down album: "The hand has five fingers, capable and powerful, with the ability to destroy as well as create". Later, it is written in bold letters: "Open your eyes, open your mouths, close your hands and make a fist"...
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36 btab440.00
36 tab310.00
36 ver2 tab250.00
36 ver3 tab420.00
36 ver4 tab410.00


add btab310.00
add drum tab390.00
add tab440.00
add ver2 btab350.00
add ver2 tab380.00
add ver3 tab260.00
add ver4 tab370.00
add ver5 tab340.00
add ver6 tab340.00
aerials btab370.00
aerials crd290.00
aerials drum tab310.00
aerials intro tab350.00
aerials live tab310.00
aerials tab400.00
aerials ver2 btab320.00
aerials ver2 drum tab390.00
aerials ver2 tab260.00
aerials ver3 btab370.00
aerials ver3 drum tab310.00
aerials ver3 tab380.00
aerials ver4 btab350.00
aerials ver4 tab330.00
aerials ver5 btab380.00
aerials ver5 tab530.00
aerials ver6 tab610.00
aerials ver7 tab560.00
attack btab490.00
attack tab380.00
attack ver2 tab370.00
attack ver3 tab390.00
atwa btab400.00
atwa crd320.00
atwa drum tab380.00
atwa intro tab420.00
atwa live tab330.00
atwa solo tab500.00
atwa tab380.00
atwa ver10 tab400.00
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atwa ver12 tab380.00
atwa ver13 tab400.00
atwa ver14 tab320.00
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atwa ver2 tab440.00
atwa ver3 btab420.00
atwa ver3 tab310.00
atwa ver4 tab290.00
atwa ver5 tab400.00
atwa ver6 tab430.00
atwa ver7 tab380.00
atwa ver8 tab390.00
atwa ver9 tab440.00


b y o b btab340.00
ballad of kurt cobain tab430.00
blue btab360.00
blue tab440.00
boom btab400.00
boom tab400.00
boom ver2 btab360.00
boom ver2 tab360.00
boom ver3 btab330.00
boom ver3 tab560.00
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bounce btab330.00
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bounce ver5 tab460.00
bring your own bombs tab320.00
bubbles btab440.00
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bubbles ver3 btab410.00
bubbles ver3 tab380.00
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byob btab330.00
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byob tab330.00
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byob ver3 tab340.00
byob ver4 tab310.00


cherry tab280.00
chic n stu btab500.00
chic n stu tab310.00
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chic n stu ver2 tab380.00
chic n stu ver3 tab380.00
chic n stu ver4 tab460.00
chic n stu ver5 tab410.00
chop suey acoustic crd470.00
chop suey acoustic tab390.00
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chop suey crd380.00
chop suey drum tab320.00
chop suey live tab370.00
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chop suey video lesson430.00
cigaro btab490.00
cigaro drum tab340.00
cigaro tab370.00
cigaro ver2 btab330.00
cigaro ver2 tab390.00
cigaro ver3 btab410.00
cigaro ver3 tab360.00
cigaro ver4 tab460.00
cigaro ver5 tab360.00
cubert btab290.00
cubert crd390.00
cubert drum tab370.00
cubert tab510.00
cubert ver2 btab330.00
cubert ver2 tab370.00
cubert ver3 btab410.00
cubert ver3 tab440.00


dam crd430.00
dam tab390.00
dam ver2 tab350.00
dammit acoustic crd360.00
dammit acoustic tab350.00
darts btab320.00
darts tab390.00
darts ver2 btab380.00
darts ver2 tab330.00
darts ver3 tab460.00
days are never coming back tab370.00
ddevil btab380.00
ddevil crd360.00
ddevil tab390.00
ddevil ver2 btab370.00
ddevil ver2 tab340.00
ddevil ver3 btab410.00
ddevil ver3 tab470.00
ddevil ver4 btab380.00
ddevil ver4 tab410.00
ddevil ver5 tab330.00
dead is in my room tab460.00
deer dance btab410.00
deer dance drum tab410.00
deer dance tab360.00
deer dance ver2 btab460.00
deer dance ver2 drum tab550.00
deer dance ver2 tab460.00
deer dance ver3 btab390.00
deer dance ver3 tab350.00
deer dance ver4 btab310.00
deer dance ver4 tab420.00
deer dance ver5 tab410.00
defy you tab340.00
dreaming btab510.00
dreaming crd330.00
dreaming tab440.00
dreaming ver2 tab370.00
drugs btab480.00
drugs live tab370.00
drugs tab360.00


ego brain btab400.00
ego brain drum tab410.00
ego brain intro tab420.00
ego brain tab370.00
ego brain ver2 btab400.00
ego brain ver2 tab420.00


forest btab370.00
forest drum tab300.00
forest tab340.00
forest ver2 btab300.00
forest ver2 drum tab320.00
forest ver2 tab440.00
forest ver3 tab400.00
forest ver4 tab420.00
forest ver5 tab420.00
forest ver6 tab340.00
forever outer space tab310.00
freeway song tab360.00
friik tab420.00
fuck the system btab350.00
fuck the system crd420.00
fuck the system tab330.00
fuck the system ver2 btab350.00
fuck the system ver2 tab380.00
fuck the system ver3 tab360.00
fuck the system ver4 tab360.00
fuck the system ver5 tab370.00


ginger aka missing song demo tab310.00
goodbye blue sky tab400.00


hey ms hilton tab370.00
highway song btab290.00
highway song tab350.00
highway song ver2 tab330.00
highway song ver3 tab480.00
highway song ver4 tab420.00
highway song ver5 tab300.00
holy mountain btab370.00
holy mountain live tab390.00
holy mountain tab360.00
holy mountain ver2 btab440.00
holy mountain ver2 tab310.00
holy mountain ver3 btab390.00
holy mountain ver3 tab350.00
holy mountains btab620.00
holy mountains crd420.00
holy mountains drum tab450.00
holy mountains tab790.00
holy mountains ver2 btab490.00
holy mountains ver2 crd370.00
honey tab460.00
hypnotize album tab490.00
hypnotize album ver2 tab360.00
hypnotize album ver3 tab660.00
hypnotize btab390.00
hypnotize crd490.00
hypnotize drum tab340.00
hypnotize intro tab300.00
hypnotize tab440.00
hypnotize ver2 btab530.00
hypnotize ver2 tab400.00
hypnotize ver3 btab380.00
hypnotize ver3 tab490.00
hypnotize ver4 btab470.00
hypnotize ver4 tab310.00
hypnotize ver5 btab490.00


i e a i a i o btab390.00
i e a i a i o drum tab460.00
i e a i a i o tab340.00
i e a i a i o ver2 tab440.00
i e a i a i o ver3 tab370.00
im nazelis tab280.00
innervision btab360.00
innervision drum tab490.00
innervision tab300.00
innervision ver2 btab420.00
innervision ver2 drum tab320.00
innervision ver2 tab460.00
innervision ver3 tab520.00
innervision ver4 tab310.00
innervision ver5 tab460.00


jet pilot btab490.00
jet pilot tab470.00
jet pilot ver2 tab490.00
jet pilot ver3 tab430.00
jet pilot ver4 tab400.00
johnny btab520.00
johnny tab300.00
julieta tab450.00


kill rock n roll btab410.00
kill rock n roll crd400.00
kill rock n roll drum tab340.00
kill rock n roll live tab360.00
kill rock n roll tab410.00
kill rock n roll ver2 btab340.00
kill rock n roll ver2 tab460.00
kill rock n roll ver3 tab410.00
kill rock n roll ver4 tab380.00
kill rock n roll ver5 tab380.00
know btab580.00
know tab530.00
know ver2 btab380.00
know ver2 tab580.00
know ver3 tab450.00
know ver4 tab370.00
know ver5 tab370.00
know ver6 tab350.00


la isla bonita tab450.00
la isla bonita ver2 tab550.00
la isla bonita ver3 tab510.00
la isla bonita ver4 tab510.00
legend of zelda tab350.00
lonely day acoustic crd410.00
lonely day acoustic ver2 crd350.00
lonely day btab440.00
lonely day crd470.00
lonely day drum tab350.00
lonely day solo tab550.00
lonely day solo ver2 tab420.00
lonely day solo ver3 tab510.00
lonely day tab480.00
lonely day ver2 btab660.00
lonely day ver2 crd380.00
lonely day ver2 tab410.00
lonely day ver3 btab490.00
lonely day ver3 crd430.00
lonely day ver3 tab450.00
lonely day ver4 crd400.00
lonely day ver4 tab440.00
lonely day ver5 crd430.00
lonely day ver5 tab400.00
lonely day ver6 crd440.00
lost in hollywood btab370.00
lost in hollywood crd530.00
lost in hollywood drum tab370.00
lost in hollywood tab600.00
lost in hollywood ver2 btab380.00
lost in hollywood ver2 tab410.00


marijuana in your brain btab410.00
marmalade btab390.00
marmalade solo tab460.00
marmalade tab410.00
marmalade ver2 btab400.00
marmalade ver2 tab490.00
marmalade ver3 tab470.00
marmalade ver4 tab430.00
marmalade ver5 tab540.00
marmalade ver6 tab440.00
metro btab380.00
metro tab530.00
metro ver2 btab440.00
metro ver2 tab330.00
metro ver3 btab450.00
metro ver3 tab510.00
metro ver4 tab400.00
metro ver5 tab370.00
mezmerize album btab540.00
mezmerize album tab440.00
mezmerize album ver2 tab310.00
mind btab400.00
mind crd420.00
mind tab350.00
mind ver2 tab400.00
mind ver3 tab520.00
mind ver4 tab320.00
mind ver5 tab430.00
mr jack btab510.00
mr jack drum tab400.00
mr jack live tab600.00
mr jack tab480.00
mr jack ver2 btab380.00
mr jack ver2 tab360.00
mr jack ver3 btab530.00
mr jack ver3 tab490.00
mr jack ver4 tab470.00
mr jack ver5 tab490.00
mushroom cult tab650.00
mushroom cult ver2 tab450.00
my beautiful princess tab370.00


needles btab400.00
needles drum tab420.00
needles tab450.00
needles ver2 tab450.00
needles ver3 tab280.00
needles ver4 tab330.00
needles ver5 tab340.00
nuguns btab400.00
nuguns crd390.00
nuguns solo tab490.00
nuguns tab380.00
nuguns ver2 tab410.00


old school hollywood btab350.00
old school hollywood crd310.00
old school hollywood drum tab490.00
old school hollywood tab330.00
old school hollywood ver2 drum tab400.00
old school hollywood ver2 tab430.00
old school hollywood ver3 tab390.00
on my mind tab540.00


peephole btab390.00
peephole drum tab350.00
peephole solo tab430.00
peephole tab420.00
peephole ver2 btab420.00
peephole ver2 tab360.00
peephole ver3 btab470.00
peephole ver3 tab420.00
peephole ver4 btab360.00
peephole ver4 tab440.00
peephole ver5 tab430.00
pictures btab410.00
pictures tab360.00
pictures ver2 btab330.00
pictures ver2 tab380.00
pictures ver3 tab360.00
pig btab480.00
pig tab460.00
pig ver2 tab430.00
plastic jesus tab340.00
pluck btab530.00
pluck crd550.00
pluck drum tab390.00
pluck intro tab460.00
pluck tab560.00
pluck ver2 btab370.00
pluck ver2 tab470.00
pluck ver3 tab450.00
prison song btab780.00
prison song crd520.00
prison song live tab430.00
prison song tab430.00
prison song ver2 btab380.00
prison song ver2 tab590.00
prison song ver3 btab430.00
prison song ver3 tab390.00
prison song ver4 btab370.00
prison song ver4 tab380.00
prison song ver5 tab430.00
prison song ver6 tab350.00
prison song ver7 tab450.00
psycho btab440.00
psycho drum tab380.00
psycho live solo tab460.00
psycho tab340.00
psycho ver2 btab450.00
psycho ver2 tab330.00
psycho ver3 tab400.00
psycho ver4 tab370.00
psycho ver5 tab400.00
purple goose tab450.00


q bert tab330.00
question btab300.00
question crd410.00
question drum tab250.00
question tab480.00
question ver2 btab430.00
question ver2 tab310.00
question ver3 tab330.00
question ver4 tab370.00


radio video btab400.00
radio video crd380.00
radio video drum tab490.00
radio video tab430.00
radio video ver2 btab410.00
radio video ver2 tab330.00
radio video ver3 btab440.00
radio video ver3 tab430.00
raven tab330.00
revenga btab480.00
revenga drum tab390.00
revenga tab380.00
revenga ver2 btab400.00
revenga ver2 tab400.00
revenga ver3 tab350.00
revenga ver4 tab390.00
revenga ver5 tab370.00
revenga ver6 tab310.00
roulette btab360.00
roulette crd480.00
roulette tab460.00
roulette ver10 tab380.00
roulette ver11 tab280.00
roulette ver12 tab440.00
roulette ver2 btab480.00
roulette ver2 crd300.00
roulette ver2 tab380.00
roulette ver3 tab390.00
roulette ver4 tab450.00
roulette ver7 tab340.00
roulette ver8 tab380.00
roulette ver9 tab460.00


sad statue btab390.00
sad statue drum tab460.00
sad statue tab400.00
sad statue ver2 tab460.00
sad statue ver3 tab370.00
sartarabad tab440.00
science btab400.00
science intro tab360.00
science tab480.00
science ver2 btab440.00
science ver2 tab350.00
science ver3 tab410.00
science ver4 tab340.00
science ver5 tab300.00
send the children to the desert tab400.00
shame btab400.00
shame on a nigga tab510.00
shame on a nigga ver2 tab330.00
shame tab450.00
shame ver2 tab320.00
shame ver3 tab470.00
shes like heroin btab290.00
shes like heroin intro tab320.00
shes like heroin tab270.00
shimmy btab280.00
shimmy drum tab220.00
shimmy tab260.00
shimmy ver2 btab360.00
shimmy ver2 tab270.00
shimmy ver3 tab330.00
shimmy ver4 tab340.00
shimmy ver5 tab290.00
side of the freeway intro tab320.00
snowblind btab360.00
snowblind crd350.00
snowblind drum tab440.00
snowblind live tab270.00
snowblind tab520.00
snowblind ver2 tab430.00
snowblind ver3 tab310.00
soil btab300.00
soil crd300.00
soil drum tab330.00
soil solo tab430.00
soil tab330.00
soil ver2 tab320.00
soil ver3 tab350.00
soldier side btab300.00
soldier side crd290.00
soldier side tab370.00
soldier side ver2 tab250.00
soldier side ver3 tab360.00
soldier side ver4 tab340.00
soldier side ver5 tab390.00
soldier side ver6 tab260.00
soldier side ver7 tab380.00
spiders acoustic tab290.00
spiders btab290.00
spiders drum tab280.00
spiders live tab280.00
spiders tab270.00
spiders ver2 drum tab310.00
spiders ver2 tab290.00
spiders ver3 drum tab340.00
spiders ver3 tab360.00
spiders ver4 tab270.00
spiders ver5 tab300.00
spiders ver6 tab300.00
spiders ver7 tab210.00
spiders ver8 tab350.00
starlit eyes tab300.00
steal this album album tab270.00
steal this album album ver2 tab240.00
stealing society tab300.00
stealing society ver2 tab320.00
storaged btab310.00
storaged tab350.00
storaged ver2 tab420.00
streamline btab390.00
streamline solo tab710.00
streamline solo ver2 tab350.00
streamline tab310.00
streamline ver2 btab330.00
streamline ver2 tab360.00
streamline ver3 tab340.00
streamline ver4 tab280.00
streamline ver5 tab320.00
streamline ver6 tab250.00
sugar btab330.00
sugar drum tab340.00
sugar tab400.00
sugar ver2 btab290.00
sugar ver2 tab320.00
sugar ver3 btab380.00
sugar ver3 tab330.00
sugar ver4 btab280.00
sugar ver4 tab350.00
sugar ver5 btab400.00
sugar ver5 tab370.00
sugar ver6 tab370.00
sugar ver7 tab430.00
suggestion tab270.00
suggestions btab440.00
suggestions crd340.00
suggestions live tab380.00
suggestions tab430.00
suggestions ver2 btab390.00
suggestions ver2 tab300.00
suggestions ver3 btab370.00
suggestions ver3 tab330.00
suggestions ver4 btab310.00
suggestions ver4 tab300.00
suggestions ver5 tab260.00
suggestions ver6 tab260.00
suggestions ver7 tab390.00
suite pee btab350.00
suite pee drum tab360.00
suite pee solo tab390.00
suite pee tab330.00
suite pee ver2 btab390.00
suite pee ver2 tab410.00
suite pee ver3 tab370.00
suite pee ver4 tab420.00
suite pee ver5 tab390.00
suite pee ver6 tab330.00
suite pee ver7 tab400.00
suite pee ver8 tab460.00
suitpee btab420.00
suitpee crd360.00
sultans of swing tab440.00
sweet pea tab300.00
system of a down album tab380.00
system of a down album ver2 tab350.00
system of a down album ver3 tab220.00


tawaves tab280.00
temper btab410.00
temper tab290.00
temper ver2 tab260.00
temper ver3 tab290.00
tentative btab290.00
tentative intro tab340.00
tentative tab460.00
tentative ver2 tab360.00
tentative ver3 tab330.00
tentative ver4 tab230.00
the metro btab340.00
the metro drum tab440.00
the metro tab270.00
the metro ver2 tab350.00
thetawaves btab300.00
thetawaves tab240.00
thetawaves ver2 tab310.00
thetawaves ver3 tab320.00
this cocaine makes me feel like im on this song btab310.00
this cocaine makes me feel like im on this song tab250.00
this cocaine makes me feel like im on this song ver2 btab280.00
this cocaine makes me feel like im on this song ver2 tab230.00
this cocaine makes me feel like im on this song ver3 tab200.00
this cocaine makes me feel like im on this song ver4 tab240.00
this cocaine makes me feel like im on this song ver5 tab280.00
time alone solo tab260.00
toast tab300.00
toxicity acoustic crd300.00
toxicity acoustic ver2 crd410.00
toxicity album btab300.00
toxicity album tab260.00
toxicity album ver2 tab310.00
toxicity btab380.00
toxicity crd310.00
toxicity drum tab270.00
toxicity live tab510.00
toxicity live ver2 tab250.00
toxicity tab410.00
toxicity ver10 tab250.00
toxicity ver11 tab320.00
toxicity ver12 tab400.00
toxicity ver13 tab430.00
toxicity ver14 tab280.00
toxicity ver2 btab470.00
toxicity ver2 drum tab340.00
toxicity ver2 tab400.00
toxicity ver3 btab440.00
toxicity ver3 drum tab510.00
toxicity ver3 tab320.00
toxicity ver4 btab310.00
toxicity ver4 drum tab380.00
toxicity ver4 tab280.00
toxicity ver5 tab290.00
toxicity ver6 tab390.00
toxicity ver7 tab480.00
toxicity ver8 tab340.00
toxicity ver9 tab540.00
tuning tip crd400.00


u fig tab330.00
u fig ver2 tab370.00


vicinity of obscenity btab410.00
vicinity of obscenity tab330.00
vicinity of obscenity ver2 btab340.00
vicinity of obscenity ver3 btab330.00
vicinity of obscenity video lesson300.00
violent pornography btab330.00
violent pornography drum tab360.00
violent pornography tab290.00
violent pornography ver2 btab380.00
violent pornography ver2 tab370.00
violent pornography ver3 tab350.00
violent pornography ver4 tab330.00
violent pornography ver5 tab350.00
violent pornography ver6 tab350.00
virginity tab320.00
voilent pornography btab270.00


war btab370.00
war crd540.00
war tab630.00
war ver2 btab300.00
war ver2 tab400.00
war ver3 tab340.00
war ver4 tab410.00
we dont give a tab460.00
were on drugs tab310.00
when the smoke is going down live tab420.00
when the smoke is going down tab330.00
will they die for you btab280.00
will they die for you tab250.00


x btab330.00
x tab370.00
x ver2 btab330.00
x ver2 tab290.00
x ver3 tab380.00